Clinton Palanca

The Book Is Dead and Libraries Are Vainglorious

Is it time to say goodbye to the printed word? Clinton Palanca thinks so.

In Defense of Pornography

It feels like we're pedaling backwards.

Well, now what?

What happens after the protests against the Marcos burial? Clinton Palanca takes a look.

Hi-Fi Happiness

Clinton Palanca on the annual Hi-Fi show and all the goodies it brings for audiophiles of Manila.

All we need is...discipline?

Suddenly, everything you thought you knew about riding escalators is wrong.

Simple Things

Clinton Palanca talks about extrajudicial killings and the government's campaign against drugs.

How Brexit Hits Home

Britain leaving the EU isn't as irrelevant to the Philippines as we may think.

Duterte's Witch Hunt

Who can stay safe when there is an unspoken sanctioning of finger-pointing, violence, and murder?

Dear President Duterte

Clinton Palanca writes a very frank letter to the president-elect.

Degrees of Separation

What's the big deal about Roxas and his Wharton degree, anyway? Clinton Palanca takes a look.

Cycling in the City

Using a bicycle is good for the health, good for the environment, and good for traffic...but a bad idea in Manila. Clinton Palanca explains why.
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