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Lourd de Veyra: Video killed the political star
Our blogger on that Villar ad: "When something is played 10,000 times a day, only a corpse would fail to appreciate its 'catchiness'."
By: Lourd de Veyra  |   Published on: Feb 5, 2010 - 7:26pm

It goes without saying that you'll be needing billions for airtime and high-end ad agencies (not to mention surveys bought from Quiapo sidewalks). Beyond nice, wrinkle-and pimple-erasing lighting and musical ditties more contagious than the bubonic plague, here are some of the other elements of an effective ad:

Use artistas. What I could not forgive, however, is when the Old Dolphy is thrown into the muck and placed in an ad that is totally barren of wit and humor. I love Dolphy. But there's a reason why ABS-CBN canned his sitcoms and his last movie was second to the bottom on the list of Metro Manila Filmfest ticket sales. The man says he wants to work. Similarly, there are cardiac patients who pull out their IV tubes just to walk down to the canteen for a greasy bowl of pork adobo. But never fear: Dolphy will outlive us all.

Project yourself as one of them. Which is why Villar intones the word like a goddamned mantra. And which is why, in his ads, you'll hear "mahirap" more frequently than you'll hear "bonggang-bongga!" from Lolit Solis. I remember the last time we–I mean, they (i.e. you mutherf–kers)–bought that schtick from someone. Two years after, he got kicked out of Malacanang and was jailed for plunder.

Don't project yourself as beautiful. Because, in the deepest, darkest recesses of their simple minds, they will hate you. I suspect that this ad had something to do with the dismal slide of Loren's ratings. You can't walk on a ricefield and beam like this:

Be concrete. Just as poetry should have a central image, or an "objective correlative" according to our homeboy T.S. Eliot, so should your ad present something concrete. Enrile's ad–despite the silly choreography and singing–zeroed in the cell phone load issue he had so valiantly tackled in the Senate. But why is it that when he says, "Gusto ko happy ka," it sounds rather… threatening?

Use "accidents" to your advantage. All it takes is just a camera, a microphone, and a man on the street who'll say something unforgettable. I call it the "Pepsodent-bebelgum" model–kids, have someone who has lived through the '80s to explain. In this man's case, the total absence of a Shakespearean diction and human charms worked to his lovably goofy advantage. He certainly gets my vote.

Try to inject subtly snide comments indirectly referring to the competitor. This is from the Rudy Distrito School of political campaigning: throw a few elbows to the defenders' ribs while driving to the hoop. The magic of insinuations: "Hindi ako magnanakaw" vs. "Si Villar lang ang may kakayahang gumawa ng sariling pangalan."

If possible, utilize the element of surprise. The unexpected, the seemingly out-of-place, to make a jarringly potent effect. Check out Gordon's use of a Christmas carol, in what could be one of the few, more dignified campaign ads. Sober and straight to the point. Sometimes it's good to be a Dick.

Never, ever attempt to rap. Gotta have skillz to pay the billz, yo.

Artwork by Warren Espejo.

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  • Daniel
    After reading some of the posts here, the more I was convinced that Gordon is the man most fit to man this country. Prior to this decision, I was heavily considering Noynoy to be the recipient of my invaluable vote. But after juxtaposing the two, it is clear that the man responsible for transforming his hometown into a stalwart community shines in comparison to the man who has a larger-than-life surname.

    My appreciation to all the SPOTters for helping me realize this. Thanks, really, not for making me decide whose 'egg I will shade' but simply for making me think.
    Apr 27 2010 @ 10:35pm     Reply  
  • Mmmm
    it is sad but we don't stop this by just complaining. we should go down to these areas and try to reach out and educate people. us gordon-bayani volunteers try to do just that. we go around with avp and written materials to explain to them who our candidates are and what they can and will do to truly help them and the whole country. they listen and understand and appreciate. i just pray that on may 10, they cast their votes based on their principled choice. :) we hope that we've made them aware and empowered enough to make that stand... if not.. well... at least we tried...
    Apr 23 2010 @ 01:45pm     Reply  
  • jac
    Election in the Philippines is a freak show. When i found out that the sex bomb dancers had a song about how to accomplish the ballot, i knew we were doomed. If you have to explain procedures to a voter in a form of a freaking song, you know you're only bound one place. HELL.

    We don't have enough lucid minds in the population to make informed decisions to finally bring us out of this inherited crap of a system.
    Apr 22 2010 @ 02:19pm     Reply  
  • chiso
    baka mas ok pa kung ipagbawal ang mga ads na yan. I think it would be better kung biographies vs controversies lang ang pede idisplay ng mga nangangampanaya. Para walang ibang pedeng pagbasihan ang masa kundi yung relevant lang. !@#@!% talaga! kapal ng mukha lalo na ni Villar! Even Cayetano who seems to speak so eloquently defending his dream maker makes nothing of the controversy and again stalls the senate with his mud and crap throwing tactics. Sabi nga ng isang senadora, "ginagawang bobo ng mga ads ang mga mamboboto".
    Feb 26 2010 @ 02:38pm     Reply  
  • Pepe B.
    Buti pa ganito na lang gawin ni Villar:

    * Ipa-raffle nya lahat ng bilyones nya at ari-arian, dapat ang consolation prize ay worth P10,000.

    * pagkatapos nya ipa-raffle lahat ng pera nya at ari-arian, mag preach siya sa mgay lansangan ng mabuting balita ng Diyos (wag siyang pwepwesto sa may bandang cubao-aurora blvd, kasi may resident preachers na doon sa lugar na yon).

    * tapos sabit sya (Villar) sa mga estribo ng mga jeep tapos magbigay siya ng love offerings o punasan nya yung mga paa, sapatos at tsinelas ng mga pasahero.

    ----saka siya tumakbo sa presidential elections at kantahin nya yung jingle nya......
    Feb 21 2010 @ 09:36pm     Reply  
  • PCrz
    May bago na yata e... "...PANATA KO, TAPUSIN ANG KAHIRAPAN..." Kindly correct me if Im wrong... ang alam ko sa namamanata ay kinakamatayan na ay ginagawa pa rin ang panata... hindi naman nya siguro ibig sabihin e wala nang katapusan talaga ang kahirapan...! Sabagay pano yayaman pa ang mayaman kung wala na ang mga mahihirap? Kanino ba kumikita ang big companies??? sa palagay ko dun sa mga bumibili ng mga tingi-tingi at sa mga matitiyagang mahirap na hindi umuunlad(tama ba?) Anu kaya sekreto sa pagyaman, sabihin kaya nila, baka sila-sila lang ang totoong may alam, bakit naman ganun kung sakali?
    Back to comm'l... Maganda siguro, idagdag nya ang timeline kung kailan matatapos ang kahirapan para naman may substance (1 yr, 3 yrs, 6 yrs, 20 yrs???)... tapos kung paano mangyayari hehe para masubok di ba...!!!! If its not scientific, hindi totoo!!!

    Mawalang galang na po, actually ngayon pa lang pwede na magpakitang gilas e... wag po natin sayangin sa airtime ang pera...alam na namin sasabihin ninyong lahat!!!!... may naghihirap pong mga farmers...nagsusumamo po ako na mag donate na lang kayo ng maraming water pumps and fuel o kung anu man para mapatubigan ang mga pananim sa bansa... nakatulong na kayo directly...may free airtime pa kayo, Im sure News networks will cover those stories... e di nakalibre pa kayo, siguradong iboboto pa kayo, at least nakatulong kayo sa bansa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let us not lose hope mga kababayan ko, dahil yan ang gusto ng mga mapagsamantala kung meron man... ang mawalan tayo ng ganang maki-isa at maki-alam.
    KAYA sa akin lang po... kung sino po ang karapatdapat na tao sya ang iboto natin kahit alam natin na matatalo sya dahil sa daming commercials ng kalaban etc., ang importante, suportado natin ang mga mabuti at matitinong tao, para ganahan din silang patuloy na maglingkod sa taong bayan....

    MABUHAY PILIPINAS! Mama Mary please pray for our troubled Nation... Good luck to all candidates, may you all become good leaders sa natatanging panahon of uncertainties... nothing is permanent. Serve the People, Serve God! =P
    Feb 18 2010 @ 04:19am     Reply  
  • Bernardo Carpio
    @ Jim Paredes,
    Right On Pards! We need a Cultural, Moral,and Spiritual Revolution. Aside from the Trapo Politicians, we also have to identify the other enemies who are hell-bent on preserving the status quo. And who are they? The Church and other organized Religions. The giant TV Networks, who keeps the masses dull by their daily dose of opiates ( Telenovelas, Game shows, Showbiz garbage ad nauseam), the big broadsheets owned by vested interests and their mercenary op-ed columns, Survey outfits who decieve the public by their supposed " scientific statistics kuno"( FALSE ASIA, WEATHER-WEATHER STATION, NISSINS) Right wing groups who thinks 100 Million Filipinos eh kulang pa, that's why they oppose the RH Bill.KAYA MGA KABABAYAN, GISING KAYO AND TAKE ACTION! It's your Patriotic Duty !
    Feb 16 2010 @ 10:17am     Reply  
  • Lisa
    Dapat siguro may mag-spoof sa ad ni Villar or at least answer what he says in his ads. Like tigilan na natin na maligo sa basura, or mag-christmas sa gitna ng kalsada. Dapat naman kasi wala ng mga bata sa kalsada. At tayo lang ata ang proud na ipagsigawan na 'tunay na mahirap' ka. Only in the Philippines, unfortunately.
    Feb 15 2010 @ 11:46pm     Reply  
  • Lisa
    Hindi pa napapanganak ang matinong presidente natin siguro. Wala ba talagang direct descendant si Rizal? Wala pa kasing kandidato na malapit sa buong bansa as in Luzon, Visayas, at Mindanao. Lahat ng tumatakbo kilala sa Luzon lang. Swing vote ang Visayas at Mindanao. Kung aling party ang malakas dito, yun ang makakakuha ng boto nila. Kahit yung mga 'matatalinong' boto hindi rin united dahil divided kina Gibo, Noynoy, Gordon, at Bro. Eddie. 50/50 pa rin naman na magiging matino c Villar. If not, let's wait another 6 years.
    Feb 15 2010 @ 11:37pm     Reply  
  • ka_fredo
    just read the article. wag na tyo umasa pa na isang tao lang makakaayos sa bansa natin. ang pinoy mismo ang dapat kumilos. dun sa mga alam na kung anung dapat gawin, manguna na tayo pangaralan ang masa kung ano ang tama at maayos. kapag nabago natin ang pinoy, mababago na din ang pamamalakad. at paano natin gagawin to? sa nakikita nating paraan ng mga politiko. tayo na ang lumapit sa mahihirap at sa masa. tayo na mismo ang mag aangat sa pagiisip nila. aksyon at kilos para pataasin ang antas ng pagiisip ng masa ang dapat natin pagtuonan ngayun. Maloloko pa ba ng trapo ang pinoy na marunong kilatisin ang mga patok na patalastas nila?
    Feb 15 2010 @ 09:54pm     Reply  
  • Jim Paredes
    Blame media as well for giving us Wowowee and keeping the show despite a stampede that murdered dozens, and its repeated suspensions for vulgarity and poor taste.

    The bright boys of these networks, graduates of good schools have only utter disdain and contempt for the masses they 'entertain'. I have heard some of them argue that the Pinoy is 'tanga' and that's their justification for producing and coming out with demeaning content.

    I believe that any change in politics must be accompanied by a cultural movement as well. Otherwise, the good guys will NEVER make it against the Marcoses, GMAs and their clones.

    I do believe though that this election is way too important to give up in cynicism. I will fight to the end against the darkness that seems to be impending. Giving up and losing are not options.
    Feb 15 2010 @ 09:12pm     Reply  
  • Marj
    Whether hs is a working class, he is a sosi class, he is a feudal lord, he is a lord of the rings does not matter. These are peripheral issues. The MAJOR issue is he STOLE billions of pesos from the treasury via C5. He is not fit to be a president of the country.
    Feb 14 2010 @ 05:20pm     Reply  
  • Show Me the Money
    @ Marj,

    At ang sabi naman ni NOYNOY, HINDI DAW SIYA MAGNANAKAW ! Okay hindi nga, but watabawt his KAMAGANAK INC. whose depredations during his mother's incumbency were legendary? at saka yung kaso ng HACIENDA LUISITA ,eh hindi pa matapos-tapos, an tagal na niyan ah?
    Sabi ni Loren, mahirap daw talaga sa mga Feudal Lords na gaya ni Noynoy at Mar i give- up ang kanilang feudal land holdings. Hindi raw kapareho nila ni Money na galing daw talaga sila sa WORKING CLASS Sector. Agree ka ba ?
    Feb 14 2010 @ 04:22pm     Reply  
  • Marj
    Not true. He is beholden to his family (especially the Aguilars). But let us not cover up the biggest crime of all: the billions of pesos wasted because of corruption via C5. Only a fool (no offense meant masa) will believe that this C5 brouhaha is unreal.

    In fairness, his ads captured the attention of the masa albeit not truthful. The propaganda material is outstanding.
    Feb 14 2010 @ 03:59pm     Reply  
  • Show Me the Money
    @ Marj,

    I fairness naman sa mga maka- MONEY VILLAROYO, ganito daw ang plataporma ni Money: Since wala daw sinasanto si Money na mga kingmakers at financiers, at sariling bilyones ang ginagasta, therefore, he is not BEHOLDEN to ANYBODY. Wala siyang pinagkaka-utangan ng loob at kwarta, kaya wala siyang babayaran ng pabor o pera.In other words HE IS HIS OWN MAN, at kayang niyang baguhin ang politics dito dahil nga WILD CARD siya....ano sa tingin mo?
    Feb 14 2010 @ 10:43am     Reply  
  • Marj
    Batoush, I chatted at Yahoo and made an informal survey. My unscientific finding: Money Villarroyo ruled.

    After talking to these apparently masa chatters, I convinced them that VILLAR is not the prson to vote for if we want the Philippines to move ahead.

    They asked me who are the better candidates? I told them I will vote for Gordon and Bayani. The will consider.

    Please continue the culture of volunteerism espoused by Gordon. I am not paid in any form for this. I just believe that he is fit to be president.
    Feb 14 2010 @ 03:27am     Reply  
  • Batman

    Yes, good idea! Start the Ball Rolling. Spread the word LOUD & CLEAR, GO for GORDON-FERNANDO !
    Feb 13 2010 @ 05:23pm     Reply  
  • batoush
    i enjoyed the exchange of ideas in this thread, we keep bickering 'bout each of the candidates. we will not achieve nothing. we should take this conversation to a different forum. start talking to your friends in manila, in the middle east, in the u s of a and everywhere, to disseminate the information to the MASA and raise their level of awareness of what is going on. take a poll among your friends of who are they voting for.
    we simply cannot let the FILIPINOS be the VICTIM AGAIN!
    Feb 13 2010 @ 04:50pm     Reply  
  • Hopia
    o, ambagan na ng pantumba ke villar. g@90 yan a.
    Feb 13 2010 @ 12:18am     Reply  
  • Yogi

    Pwede si DUTERTE sa Dept. of Defense.
    Para tipok lahat nang mga private armies at mga kriminal.
    Feb 12 2010 @ 10:43am     Reply  
  • Pong
    In fairness, do not count LACSON out. The rumor going around is GMA and FG are giving him a hard time to get even. There is no motive and his case will be dismissed anyway.

    I will still place him either in DLIG or MMDA.
    Feb 11 2010 @ 10:36pm     Reply  
  • POGI

    Si DUTERTE of Davao City saan mi ilalagay? I like his kick-ass mentality, to put fear in the hearts of criminals.
    Feb 11 2010 @ 11:56am     Reply  
  • Yogi
    Kung ako ang masusunod, ganito ang hitsura nang
    ating political hierarchy:

    Pres : GORDON
    V/Pres: BINAY

    DOJ : Simeon Marcelo
    Ombudsman: Mirriam Santiago
    DENR : Nick Perlas
    Dept.Agri: Arthur Yap
    DOH : Juan Flavier
    Feb 11 2010 @ 10:29am     Reply  
  • TIME

    You could also include the Rabid stance of the Church against Population Control. The reactionary church wants it to burst beyond the seams. In 60s RP's population was extremely manageable at 25-30 million. Now its nearing the 100 million mark! Now you wonder why there is so much MISERY AROUND?

    And what is wrong with debates if it could spur us into positive action like voting for GORDON-FERNANDO?
    Feb 11 2010 @ 10:20am     Reply  
  • Newsweek
    Matatalino kasi ang mga Pinoy. Puro debate walang action. This shows in the comment sections of spot. That is just a reflection of who we are as a people.

    In the January 22, 2010 edition of Newsweek, an article opens with: “The world has passed the Philippines by, literally. Back in 1960, the country had the second highest per capita income in Asia, lagging behind only Japan. But by the following decade, South Korea and Taiwan had surpassed it, and by the 1980s, Malaysia and Thailand had, too. China overtook it in the late 1990s. And now…Indonesia has sailed past the Philippines.” The author Ruchir Sharma ads it’s now called “Asia’s Laggard.” What is not mentioned though is that at a point, even Bangladesh was doing better.

    The article goes on to portray the Philippines as a land of lost opportunity. They use the partially opened Terminal 3 as an example of our in inability to develop new infrastructure. “The controversy surrounding the project again shows that the interpretation of laws is a highly subjective exercise in the Philippines and that the rules can often be changed midway through the game.” Our lack of new and viable infrastructure remains an impediment to any sort of tourism plans, or even economic development plans."
    Feb 11 2010 @ 01:58am     Reply  
  • Santos Matatakutin
    @ Christopher Aquino.

    What's wrong with you? you don't want the Philippines to approximate the development of its SouthEast Asian neighbors like Malaysia @ Singapore? They did it not with the kind of Pinoy Democracy that we have.....
    Feb 10 2010 @ 09:01pm     Reply  
  • Pogi
    @ Yogi,

    Don't be fooled by Rambotito. He has given up his idealism a long time ago. Dating aktibista iyan kaparis nila Joker, Nene,Saguisag, Conrado de Quiroz at iba pang leftist leaning ideologues. Nang nakatikim na ng sarap, ayaw ng bitiwan. Mas mi CHARACTER, at BALLS si Bayani kumpara sa mga ibang presidential wannabees.
    Feb 10 2010 @ 06:53pm     Reply  
  • Christopher Aquino
    Well, no vote is more important than the other. We are all Filipinos here. You aren't any different from the "trapos" and the tyrrants that you despise so much if this is your way of thinking. If you just want an society without the mass then get out of the country and make your own. You are able to voice out your opinions because of democracy.

    I believe that it is a sad fact that the Filipino mass are easily swayed off by such political circus, but I still have hope for our fellowmen that they can still snap out of it. The worst case scenario and the only time I will give up with our kababayans is when Erap wins this election. But if that doesn't it only means that the Filipino masses are starting to have a little sense and logic with their votes, but the question is "would it be enough?".

    I also consider Gibo and Gordon as a more logical choices as leaders (because of their experiences, knowledge of law, and sincerity...ahem!) but I am afraid that they would not win because of the same old mentality most Filipino mass still possess.
    Feb 10 2010 @ 05:56pm     Reply  
  • Yogi
    @ Pogi

    I acknowledge GORDON, but i have some doubts about Bayani.

    For me the most qualified tandem is:

    Imagine SUBIC and MAKATI in one.
    Feb 10 2010 @ 03:19pm     Reply  
  • Hunyango

    Ikaw naman, masyadong trivial. Dahil lang sa pink urinals, nakalimutan mo na ang mga major accomplishments ni Bayani both sa Marikina at Metro Manila. Get your s--t together! OK na si Gordon, mas OK pa si Bayani! Kaya nga TRANSFORMERS sila eh. I-tra-transform ang Pilipinas into a new Singapore! o ano say mo?
    Feb 10 2010 @ 01:09pm     Reply  
    @ Kamote,

    Of kors, magaling ka ngang magsalita dahil MENSA-hero ka lang naman pala eh. Eh ako NINJA WARRIOR, nila Gordon-Bayani eh.
    Kulang pa sa track record si Gibo at bata pa siya. Magpahinog muna siya. At flawed ang pagpili mo ki Rambotito. Siguro taga Makati ka ano? Si Rambotito, tsimoy lang ni Joker at ni Cory noong 1986. Karag-karag lang na beetle ang kotse niya. Fastforward mo sa 2010, at kumustahin mo ang dynasty niya at ang kaniyang yaman. Need I say more?
    Feb 10 2010 @ 12:58pm     Reply  
  • kitiwiti
    lourd for president! you're so spot on, as usual! dammm if only half of the presidentiables were half as smart as you are!

    im glad wala na si lacson, pero bakit pinayagan pa ang pinasipang presidente (ERAP) to run again???? dapat nasa constitution na yan na ipakulong ang bwiset na yan.

    i thought noynoy could make a change... but his platform is kind of empty.

    seriously the only thing pinoys need is discipline. everything else will follow. so im still thinking about gordon (bec subic really is impressive and organized... think about the philippines turning into something like that?!)... kaso im turned off by his choice of running mate BF who made all the st*p*d pink urinals, ridiculous one million u-turns, yellow lanes, ... kanya rin yung bus/jeep fences diba? *sigh* decisions decisions.
    Feb 10 2010 @ 01:47am     Reply  
  • Tita Aida
    Sa true lang, kung talagang talagang mag-iisip ang tao, GORDON at BAYANI ang dapat IBOTO.
    Feb 09 2010 @ 11:18pm     Reply  
  • Kamote

    Siyempre magaling akong magsalita dahil isa akong keyboard warrior at sayang ang pagiging miyembro ko sa Mensa.

    Hindi ko din sasabihin kung sino kandidato ko (Gibo-Binay FTW!)

    Kung type mo sina Gordon at Bayani, Ipagkampanya mo! Gawin mo kung ano magandang paraan para sila ay manalo! huwag maging isang tagapagmasid lang, maging aktibo ka. Sumali sa proseso. Tinitiyak ko mag iiba ang magiging pananaw mo kahit Matalo man ang iyong kandidato.
    Feb 09 2010 @ 10:56pm     Reply  
  • igeramos

    By the way, Gin Pomelo was a song popularized by the Radioactive Sago Project. It was released in 2004. It goes like this:

    Pare sabay tayo
    Gin pomelo Gin pomelo Gin pomelo Gin pomelo Gin pomelo Gin pomelo Gin pomelo Gin pomelo Gin pomelo Gin pomelo Gin pomelo Gin pomelo Gin pomelo Gin pomelo Gin pomelo Gin pomelo Gin pomelo Gin pomelo Gin pomelo Gin pomelo
    Feb 09 2010 @ 06:56pm     Reply  
  • Pogi

    VOTE WISELY PEOPLE? meaning we should vote for the most qualified, Gordon & Fernando?
    Feb 09 2010 @ 06:47pm     Reply  

    Ang galing mong magsalita. At sino naman ang kandidato mo? Ano ang gawing tama nagayong eleksiyon? ang tama sa akin eh maihalal sila GORDON-FERNANDO. Kumporme ka?
    Feb 09 2010 @ 06:40pm     Reply  
  • Kamote
    Ang gagaling.

    Wala ng pag asa ang pilipinas? Magsilayas na lang ang mga matatalino at nag iisip at mag migrate na lang sa ibang bansa? Magsama sama kayo mga sira ulo.

    Kung ikaw ay nag iisip at sinasabing matalino. Dapat naisip mo na ang pag talikod sa isang bagay na hindi mo ma resolba ay isang uri ng kabobohan. Ibig sabihin, isa kang palpak at puro bunganga na nilalang.

    Ang isang bagay na sira ay pwedeng kumpunihin sa pamamagitan ng talino at sikap. Kung gagamitin lamang natin ang ating mga talino at magsumikap para hindi na maulit ang mga kamalian ng nakakatanda sa atin, ito ay magdudulot ng unti unting katuparan sa ating mga gustong mangyari.

    Sabi nga nung isa, "Kayo anong ginawa ninyo para mabago ang situasyon natin?"

    Kaya ngayong eleksyon, gawin natin ang tama. Kung gusto mong manalo ang iyong iboboto, mag volunteer ka iho/iha. Ituro sa mga mangmang at mga walang alam ang kagandahan at kagalingan ng gusto mong manalo sa ngayong halalan. Huwag ka gumilid sa tabi at manood na lang. Kumilos ka para magbago naman ang takbo ng bayan na iyong tinitirhan.

    Gets mo point ko?
    Feb 09 2010 @ 01:14pm     Reply  
  • Yogi
    I am still optimistic about the future of the philippines.

    Medyo seguro matatagalan yun, o di na natin maa-abutan. But i still believe the philippines will outlive all its evils.

    Feb 09 2010 @ 10:22am     Reply  
  • Marie
    Igeramos, apology accepted.

    I know I am out of the loop here when it comes to this Gin Pomelo crap. The deleted commenter was so nasty and he was upset at Lourd and mentioned his Gin Pomelo past. I was just curious what was that, a song or a drink?
    Feb 09 2010 @ 10:10am     Reply  
  • igeramos
    I apologize for jumping the gun. It was just out of context that the Gin Pomelo thing came up. I didn't realize it was deleted before I read it.

    To answer your question, gin pomelo is a kind of a cocktail developed in the early '90s by mixing powdered pomelo juice preferably Tang to gin, preferably ginebra san miguel.

    It became the signature drink of the aspirational and the indifferent kind (i.e. jologs), drank mostly at outdoor gigs, mosh pits and April Boy concerts.


    On 1 liter jar, mix 2 cups gin, 2 cups crushed ice and 3/4 cups powdered pomelo juice. shake well and serve on glasses made from coffee jars. or decant into clean softdrink bottles. enjoy

    I hope I was able to make up for my cruelty. Again. my apologies.
    Feb 09 2010 @ 08:56am     Reply  
  • Miguel
    To be honest nothing scare's me more than the thought of a Presdient Manny Villar or Noynoy Aquino. If that were to happen we would not move forward or regress; we would be stuck in the same deadlock we got ourselves into since the Estrada Administration. Traditional Politics has to end, I refuse to be disillusioned by the polls and I hope that we as a nation will all come to our senses and choose not a good leader, but a great leader who has the guts to put his country before himself. /my two cents.
    Feb 09 2010 @ 03:46am     Reply  
  • Marie
    Hey igeramos, before you point an accusing finger, the comment about Gin Pomelo was deleted before you were able to read it.

    If I do not know about Gin Pomelo, so what? That why I am asking.

    You jumped the gun on this one fag.
    Feb 09 2010 @ 02:38am     Reply  
  • inquisitive
    Villar's pronouncement that he will not enter this fight if he knows he will not win brings chills to my spine..the amount of money he's spending for his campaign is astounding, I cringe at the thought of how he will recover his money once he becomes president...I'll just pray that his fate will be the same as Prospero Pichay who spent the most in the last election and lost
    Feb 09 2010 @ 01:20am     Reply  
  • igeramos
    Hindi na sana kita papatulan. Gin Pomelo? Ano ba? Taga saan ka ba? Burgis ka ba o jologs? Hindi mo alam ang Gin Pomelo? Saang lungga ka ba nagtatatago? Mula Assumption hanggang Zamora alam ang Gin Pomelo. At ang topic ay tungkol sa Political Ads.

    Isa lang. The reason why this country is failing miserably is because of people's indifference. Masyado tayong DeadMa. Puro tayo "turuan" at "sisihan".

    Six years ago FPJ almost won the elections. What if hindi siya namatay? What if siya ang naging presidente? Do you think maraming pagbabago ang mangyayari sa Pilipinas?

    Kayo anong ginawa ninyo para mabago ang situasyon natin?
    Feb 09 2010 @ 12:11am     Reply  
  • Pogi

    Anong 6 years ? eternity ! di mo ba alam ang implications ng rabid opposition ng simbahan at congress sa RH BILL? gusto nilang dumami ang MANGMANG, ILLITERATES, LOWLIFES, sa ating bansa para madali nilang utuin, gaguhin, para ma preserved ang status quo. Imagine 100 million Filipinos na mangmang at gutom, di sila ang HARI !
    Kaya mga KABABAYAN,GUMISING NAMAN KAYO ! GINAGAGO TAYO NG HARAP-HARAPAN NG ATING GOBYERNO AT SIMBAHAN. Huwag kayong matakot sa impyerno, mauuna doon ang simbahan...
    Feb 08 2010 @ 10:23pm     Reply  
  • Yogi
    This time, I agree! tama ka Lourd.
    vicious cycle lang lahat ito.

    Dumadami ang mahihirap dahil sa mga maling lider
    na nananalo sa eleksyon, at nananalo ang mga maling lider dahil sa mga mahihirap na di marunong pumili.

    We deserve it!!!
    Another 6 years of failure!
    Feb 08 2010 @ 06:45pm     Reply  
  • J
    these are the kind of news that makes me want to scream. very frustrating. god help us.
    Feb 08 2010 @ 04:41pm     Reply  
  • akcej
    nakakalungkot talaga :(
    i remember feeling really bad that our country, more beautiful than other Asian countries and with more talents, pero these are all wasted because of the kind of politics/government we have..

    i agree with you Miguel... Gordon and Gibo are amazing candidates but other people don't see them

    what do we expect? this thing already happened remember Miriam (before her i-lied-days) and Roco, they are really great and amazing but they didn't win :(
    Feb 08 2010 @ 12:35pm     Reply  
  • Alice B. Toklas

    Screw your Democracy, & shove it up your *ss !
    U*!@ ka ba? hindi mo ba nakikita na ginagamit lang ang MASA mo ng mga manipulative na trapong politiko? kung manalo si Gordon, maniniwala akong mi democracy.....
    Feb 08 2010 @ 12:13pm     Reply  
  • monocle
    villar will run his government the way he is running his campaign. pay off this, pay off that, spend lots on pr, manipulate the masa with fantasies. this guy is the next marcos or he already has trumped the dead bastard
    Feb 08 2010 @ 11:57am     Reply  
  • Marie
    What is Gin Pomelo? Can somebody please refresh me. Is this a new flavor of a Vodka drink or what?

    For now, just feed the dogs. If human, let them eat cake!
    Feb 08 2010 @ 09:47am     Reply  
  • Perfumed Set
    OMG, am I in Mendiola? Is there a rally of the unwashed? Bayaran na natin para lang manahimik na. Pera pera lang lahat yan.
    Feb 08 2010 @ 09:17am     Reply  
  • Aso ba tingin mo sa akin?
    This post has been edited due to violation of's terms and conditions.
    Feb 08 2010 @ 07:42am     Reply  
  • Amazona
    This is the Philippines. It is an amazing country with an amazing people. Trust me, with all the facts thrown around regarding corruption, Villar will still win this election.
    Feb 08 2010 @ 06:07am     Reply  
  • Miguel
    It's amazing how we have such amazing candidates such as Gibo and Gordon while the two people leading the polls are Villar and Noynoy; let's not waste this opportunity to actually elect a good leader. For the love of God and all that is good I pray that people will come to their senses, especially the masses.
    Feb 08 2010 @ 02:53am     Reply  
  • Sosi
    Shame on the uninformed and nagtatanga tangahan.

    Pinakita na lahat ng kasalanan ni VILLAR sa bayan. Nilabas na ng mga objective analysts ang corruption sa C5.

    Tapos, iboboto pa ninyo? You deserve the kind of government that you have.
    Feb 08 2010 @ 01:10am     Reply  
  • Alta Tan
    Nobody said our vote is more significant than that of the masses. The topic is how to tweak the ads to cater to the masses.

    If they point out that the masses are mangmang, uneducated, and showbiz na showbiz type, then that is the reality. Again, the next step is to revisit the ads.

    Let us end the culture of mendicancy. Tama na ang pa masa masa. Bawal ang tamad dito!
    Feb 08 2010 @ 12:06am     Reply  
  • Zeddy
    This blog and most of those who made comments are bigots and elitists to the highest level. This is democracy, you can't say your vote is more significant than the masses.. SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!
    Feb 07 2010 @ 11:57pm     Reply  
  • gemmo
    democracy is good only for middle-class-dominated societies like the USA and Japan. it is a simple state of mind, not a working reality, for poor countries like RP. no amount of voters education can ever elect the best political managers into positions when only the rich can manage a real nationwide campaigns. come to think of it, in a dictatorship, there's only one man to blame.
    Feb 07 2010 @ 09:53pm     Reply  
  • M
    "Gotta have skillz to pay the billz, yo." - laugh trip! :)

    Seriously? Villar on podcast?
    Feb 07 2010 @ 09:45pm     Reply  
  • lei

    Feb 07 2010 @ 12:53pm     Reply  
  • jonasturias
    What is most frustrating is how the Noynoy lead was supposedly whittled down on the battlefield of advertising. If Noynoy is indeed backed by the "smart set", how come we can't make a better ad?

    I'm not an advertising guy, but it does not take a lot of brains to figure out what Noynoy's next ad should be like: voice over; scenes of poor (but happy) kids and departing OFWs; Noynoy in their midst. "May tiwala ako sa Pilipino; kailangan ko ang tulong niyo..." NO st*p*d jingles, No celebrity endorsements. In other words, it has to be sincere, a direct appeal for change and hope. It has to be positive and it should not pander. The poor are better at smelling bullsh*t than we all think.
    Feb 07 2010 @ 10:14am     Reply  
  • Gina N. Mandin
    Bakit ang masa lang lagi? No. Ang mga mayayaman at may alam, dapat maging tapat lang at wag lang silang mamigay ng pera. Yon lang ang kailangan. Dalawang paraan ng pagbili ng boto. Isa bigyan ng pera ang mamboboto para magboto at yong isa, bigyan ng pera at wag papuntahin sa presinto. At sa lahat ng kandidato si Villar at Gibo lang ang may kakayahang gawin iyon!
    Feb 07 2010 @ 07:59am     Reply  
  • Mama Twisted
    Has anybody watched the Mo Twister interview with Ara Mina?

    She is definitely DUMB, DUMBER, AND DUMBEST.

    She will represent the kind of public official that will run our government affairs if she wins in this election. She is definetly not the sharpest pencil in the drawer.

    Mga kababayan ko, mag-isip isip naman po tayo.
    Feb 07 2010 @ 02:40am     Reply  
  • iHEARTu
    basta ako NOYNOY!

    pagtatyagaan k p c jamby kesa kay villar! ni hndi nga xa mkpg speech ng diretso at walang kodigo! tsk!3 yan b ang next president n gusto natin???????/ pweh
    Feb 07 2010 @ 12:29am     Reply  
  • Yarz
    Thanks to the rules of democracy, we get the candidate the majority votes for.

    The poor get poorer, the middle class tries to escape to other countries and the rich are just plain rich.

    Why are there so many political ads? It is because they know where the votes are. Rather they know that the majority of the Philippine voting populace doesn't care about issues or platforms; what they see is what they believe.
    Feb 06 2010 @ 10:44pm     Reply  
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    Feb 06 2010 @ 08:36pm     Reply  
  • miqo
    My heart palpitates at the thought of the WOWOWEE-fication of not only Philippine Politics, but of all 7,107 islands. I don't know if it's the endless shallow psyche of the so-called MASA or just the fekkin tv host to blame for all this. Try to watch noon time tv on an even numbered channel. Notice your IQ drop 80 points. Or if it's already below that, you'll find yourself diving for it below sea-level. Hopefully in a sea of garbage. (just so you could really experience what the ad is talking about)
    Feb 06 2010 @ 08:27pm     Reply  
  • bigfatmeanie
    DemoCRAZY at its finest. PWE!
    Feb 06 2010 @ 05:09pm     Reply  
  • Damian Sotero
    Dapat bawal ng bumoto ang MASA, kasi nabababoy lang ang eleksiyon. Yung mga legit taxpayers lang dapat. At sa laki ng gastos ni Villar sa Ads, siguradong, babawi iyan pag presidente na, kaya mas lalong lulubog ang Pilipinas. Mas masahol pa sa Haiti, Bangla Desh, Ethiopia, Sudan sa kahirapan. Mabuti pa siguro lumubog na lang itong Pinas sa Pacific Ocean, talagang HOPELESS CASE eh!
    Feb 06 2010 @ 04:40pm     Reply  
  • igeramos
    Clearly Villar is the most advertising savvy of all the candidates. He's ahead of the game [in advertising terms], as his campaign managers are very aggressive leaving no stone unturned. You hear his ads on AM radio, you see it in the Internet, billboards, TVC, komiks, anime, podcast, etc. I would love to be the one giving out the invoice or the billing statement for services rendered. Villar's team even conceived a game show devoted to him in Eat Bulaga without even mentioning his name. But it is so obvious from color scheme and branding, it screams VIllar DNA. I think it's called "Hakot Yaman" or something. It is a game show that no one loses and everybody wins (but of course, he has all the money to give!). Villar has the capacity mount the best dog and pony show in town, killing all the competition. This is pimping in the highest order, the sublime artform that helped raise the standard of the oldest profession in the world.
    Feb 06 2010 @ 11:03am     Reply  
  • Sosi
    Let us face it. Democracy is based on a critical mass.

    Kahit ayaw natin, mas nakararami (called masa) ang tanga, mangmang, showbiz na showbiz, mababa ang pinag-aralan, at walang analytical skills na botante.

    Sa kalakaran ngayon, mas dadami pa sila kasi anak sila ng anak at hindi maipapasa ang Reproductive Health Bill.

    God Bless the Philippines. I give up!
    Feb 06 2010 @ 09:07am     Reply  
  • rieya
    i couldnt agree more!!!! poets should run the government lol!!! i was so sure i will vote for gordon but lost hope in the whole tug of war survey results of villar (c5 at tiyaga) and noynoy (mama and papa) - now, i am left as a bystander in the whole election process despite my (single) voting privilege i have no use of.

    on a side note, never in my 20 years of existence have i encountered a person (family member friend, friend of a friend of a friend) who participated in election-related surveys. either these survey companies whatever you call them has this super random approach or im just a loser with an uninteresting social network.
    Feb 06 2010 @ 04:02am     Reply  
  • Makamasa
    Any tacky ads will do for as long as it captures the unintelligent MASA. Gusto ko si NOYNOY ang manalo hindi ang magnanakaw na si VILLAR.

    Tama na ang pa-sosyal, pa-intellectual, pa-garbo, pa-Ingles Ingles, pa-elitista, atbp. na ad. Hindi ito papasok sa kukote ng working class.

    Mas mababaw mas papatok sa CDE audience.

    I am not politically correct here. At the end of the day, ang MASA nag pipili ng susunod na presidente ng Pilipinas hindi ang mga graduates ng top schools na mahilig sa debate na wala namang pinatutunguhan.
    Feb 05 2010 @ 10:41pm     Reply  
  • Lestat
    I am saddened to see this new Noynoy ad. His straightforward 'di ako magnanakaw' ad, although platformless, was the most decent political ad I've seen. Now he resorts to this. WTF, Noynoy?!
    Feb 05 2010 @ 10:21pm     Reply  
  • Ryan Fernandez
    Villar will win. Either Bong Revilla or Jinggoy Estrada will top the polls.

    No amount of intelligent discussions in spot, Facebook, and other blogs will work.

    The st*p*d voters will rule again.

    Having said that, the Filipinos are not worth dying for. Let us all pack up and leave the Philippines - for good.
    Feb 05 2010 @ 10:11pm     Reply  
  • Asiong Salonga

    I ain't so sure about the effectivity of these tsunamis of ads. As long as the WIZARD OF THE BALLOT ( Ronnie Puno) is still around, no amount of ads can neutralize the wizard's spell....
    Feb 05 2010 @ 09:45pm     Reply  
  • Great Teacher Jopeth
    Well said, Lourd. Not being an elitist, but it's a pity that the supposed-to-be dignified polls that "would decide the future of our country...blah...blah..." have definitely gone to the dogs.

    It's a pity that the presidentiables have to go so low on kissing the masses' *ss just to woo their votes, hence lowering the standards of the already-degraded campaign. It's like giving sweets to a sugar-addicted kid who has a bad case of tooth decay.
    Feb 05 2010 @ 07:47pm     Reply  
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