If you're a beer lover, you'll feel right at home at The Bottle Shop

The Undercover Eater finds only the best craft beers from Rogue Ales & Spirits and Stone Brewing Company at Jim Araneta's joints.

This is what Adam Richman ate in the Philippines

The Lechon Diva has a new degustation menu and The Undercover Eater tells us why it might just be her best one yet.

It's about time you met Pedro

The Undercover Eater makes a new drinking buddy.

Kenyan cuisine is more similar to Pinoy food than you think

The Undercover Eater "crosses cultures" with Cheryl Tiu.

Smoked lengua should be a Christmas staple

The Undercover Eater sneaks into The Plaza's 50th anniversary. Turns out, they have more than ham.

This roast pork belly leaves me speechless...and quite smitten

The Undercover Eater is in love yet again. And this is looking like a most bizarre love triangle

This Lechon is a Carnivore's Dream

The Undercover Eater's heart is beating fast over this roasted pig.

This is Banana Bread You Eat By the Loaf

It's not loaf-all-you-can, but the Undercover Eater seems to think it is.

These are The Sexiest Cakes in Metro Manila...So Get Ready For Some Food Porn

The Undercover Eater is totally lusting after these naked cakes.

Why You Can't Eat the Best Chocolate Crinkles in Manila

The Undercover Eater infiltrates the Asian Development Bank just for a taste of this revered treat.

Bow down to the Don of Churros

The Undercover Eater confirms the magic of these fried treats.

Cacao and flax seeds make a surprisingly tasty snack

The Undercover Eater can't stop munching on these crispy things.

This is how you can eat ribs every day

The Undercover Eater unleashes his inner caveman with these classic ribs.

These sausages will take you around the world

The Undercover Eater shows you your "links" to Poland, Canada, Mexico, and more.

How does one top a lobster roll?

The Undercover Eater is giving a lesson on sandwiches.


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