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Top 10 Pancit in Metro Manila visits pancit places in Metro Manila.
Published on: Aug 3, 2010 - 3:05pm

Introduced by the Chinese, pancit has spawned more than 20 varieties, some of which--like Malabon and Lucban--are named after places where presumably these variations have been invented. The dish was traditionally served during birthdays since long noodles represent long life. But as more variants were introduced, the pancit began to be served on every occasion, whether birthdays or anniversaries. drops in on various panciterias that continue to serve their own versions of pancit, proof once more of Filipino ingenuity and adaptability. After all, anywhere you find any variation of pancit, you'll find a Filipino. Thus, we list 10 pancit dishes that are perfect for celebrations and get-togethers that Pinoys love so much.

No. 25 L.R. Yangco Street, Navotas City
Tel. no. 282-1280
Open from 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily

Aling Norma's Pancit Malabon (P200 for the smallest bilao that's good for two to three people) boasts of thick rice noodles drenched in rich sauce. It's also generously heaped with shelled shrimps, chopped spring onions, sliced hard-boiled eggs, minced garlic, adobong pusit (squid), chopped Chinese cabbage, and crushed chicharon. Those who aren't into pork can ask the cook to skip the chicharon and just add more shrimp. A plateful of this noodle dish is already a sumptuous meal.

Prices: Aling Norma's Pancit Malabon comes in bilaos priced at P200 (for two to three people), P250 (for four to five people), P350 (for six to seven people), and so on--with the biggest bilao at P1,200 (for 17 to 20 people).

No. 122 Maginhawa Street, UP Village, Diliman, Quezon City
Tel. no. 383-9625
Open from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. daily

Pakibalot Panciteria's Pancit Canton (P120 for a plate that can be shared by two) is drenched in sauce and mixed with carrots, cabbage strips, and sliced white onions. You can add P30 if you want lechon added into the mix or P40 if you prefer shelled shrimps. If you don't have any dietary restrictions, add both lechon and shrimp to make your pancit stop a memorable one.

Prices: If you're throwing a party, Pakibalot Panciteria's various pancit dishes come in bilaos priced at P400 (for eight to 10 people), P600 (for 11 to 14 people), and P800 (for 15 to 18 people).

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  • chiching
    Pansit Malabon by Country Noodles...kasi hindi malansa.. best pansit malabon!
    Dec 02 2013 @ 05:43pm     Reply  
  • nilobee
    It's 2am and I just read this article. Now I'm thinking which of these are still open at this time because I have to have some RIGHT NOW!
    Oct 19 2013 @ 02:14am     Reply  
  • BobbyDrake
    Aling Asyang just changed their contact number to (02) 949-1559.... FYI :)
    Sep 22 2013 @ 12:40am     Reply  
  • BobbyDrake
    Please try Aling Asyang authentic Pancit Malabon located at 204 Shaw Boulevard Corner R. Vicencio Street, Hagdang Bato Libis, Mandaluyong City (near Jollibee Accacia Lane and 711 Bonifacio) Telephone number 02 5693211, 63 9272225657.

    Tried it and considered it as one of the best Pancit Malabon in town! :)
    Jun 22 2013 @ 06:39am     Reply   Hide replies
    • fc
      did tried it and it was good! thanks for the info. ;-)
      Sep 27 2013 @ 03:38am     Reply  
  • jhemsky
    nice list! amber is my fave. Tatay Berting's Special Pancit of Taguig is worth a try. promise!
    Nov 21 2012 @ 01:41pm     Reply   Hide replies
  • jhemsky
    nice list! amber is my fave.
    Tatay Berting's Special Pancit of Taguig is worth a try. promise!
    Nov 21 2012 @ 01:40pm     Reply  
  • sumthin
    hi SPOT. Pakibalot is located in Teacher's village not UP Village. Na-lost ako. =( thanks anyway sa post na ito. uber favorite ko ang Pancit. :)
    Jun 28 2012 @ 06:41pm     Reply  
  • mikael
    I won't recommend Ramon Lee's pancit. Dugyot food preparation kasi nung umorder kami just to try it, may langaw! kaya tawag namin dyan Ramon L as in langaw. Eat at your own risk.
    May 29 2012 @ 01:29pm     Reply  
  • 100% Navoteño
    Aling Norma's and Auring's ang legit at pinakamasarap na pansit lug-log sa Navotas and Malabon. Kung ayaw niyo mag halu-halo na lang kayo sa Digman!
    Apr 22 2012 @ 07:28am     Reply  
  • Denden
    Jesus Panciteria at Calumpang Marikina!
    Apr 09 2012 @ 11:38am     Reply  
  • arjay lim
    try Leonings pancit malabon... medyo creepy lang kasi in front sya ng Cinco Estrellas... pero the best... samahan mo pa ng sapin sapin!
    Jul 08 2011 @ 07:31pm     Reply  
  • noel
    sana's panciteria in san pedro ever pancit malabon
    Jun 13 2011 @ 02:03pm     Reply  
  • alas
    oo nga try tabo pancit pagbili nyo kasama tabo! lol!!!
    May 08 2011 @ 06:48pm     Reply  
  • alas
    oo nga try tabo pancit pagbili nyo kasama tabo! lol!!!
    May 08 2011 @ 06:47pm     Reply  
  • jo
    try tabo panceteria Calumpang Marikina!!! 24 hrs open daily
    May 08 2011 @ 06:43pm     Reply  
  • aiks
    vvargas - yes i agree with you ung lola idang restaurant, has a great taste foods, masasarap talaga ang mga foods nila.ung tokwat baboy, kakaiba,sarap.. dito kami kumakain sa may examiner street malapit sa quezon avenue.
    Apr 27 2011 @ 11:21am     Reply  
  • ienne
    I wonder why Ninang's Pansit Malabon is not included in the list. Their pansit is really good and cheap. They have branches at Visayas Avenue, Mindanao Avenue, Balara, and Tandang Sora, if I am not mistaken.
    Mar 20 2011 @ 11:08pm     Reply  
  • mokla
    To eheh: I think the resto or pancitan you're referring to is Lola Helen's. Masarap nga pancit nila dun...
    Jan 04 2011 @ 10:38pm     Reply  
  • bigeater
    Thank you very much Ms. Teresa O. Lugay for sharing your Palabok recipe. I will surely try it. I'm literally a bigeater of pancit Palabok.
    Dec 28 2010 @ 06:38pm     Reply  
  • chicken
    hey spot! kelan kayo gagawa ng top spaghetti sa phils? :D
    Dec 14 2010 @ 12:01am     Reply  
  • sweet salamat
    try the pansit bihon in geraldo's along panay ave., qc. around 90-100 pesos for a plate good for 2. yum!!
    Dec 03 2010 @ 12:14am     Reply  
  • elel973
    Wow....I can't belive number 4 lang ang luyong at may masasarap pa sa luyong pancit sa maraikina. I need to try then the other top 3!!! You know what I need to try all of them. I bet masarap sila lahat.
    Nov 10 2010 @ 01:08am     Reply  
  • bodiddley
    Yes, I agree - Hong Ning sa Aurora Ave., Cubao is one of the all-time best! too bad wala na nga. pati rin Rasa Singapura somewhere in Sct. Area QC. Of course, the original Toho Antigua too from the 70s-80s vintage. God I miss those places. rnrnBut it is a treat to see this list of the current Top10, especially as I just tried out Pakibalot down my street this afternoon - so far, it's the best I have tasted, the closest a restaurant has come to ye olde taste! rnrnHave you guys also tried the crispy noodles of Coral Garden? To die for din yon, and one you will occasionally crave for, once you've tasted it. rnrnBtw, Little Quiapo has another branch in Malakas St, parallel to East Ave. QC. Direct descendant of that "forever na yan diyan" orig resto at the corner of Matalino St and Malakas. Now that's another classic!rnrn
    Oct 29 2010 @ 02:59am     Reply  
  • pancitfanatic
    check out winas pancit malabon. its one the best. to order pls call or text +639222526086.
    Oct 18 2010 @ 04:04am     Reply  
  • oodles
    Hay naku ! if you go farther down south of the metro. make sure you drop by travelers hotel and or rivieras.order the best "pansit lapad special" topped with hipon na swahe and bola bola.the secret is in the home made miki noodles.try it !
    Oct 18 2010 @ 03:59am     Reply  
  • shawie
    Oct 18 2010 @ 02:43am     Reply  
  • shawie
    Oct 18 2010 @ 02:37am     Reply  
  • LittleRiver
    Try Aling Lina's Pancit Malabon. They have branches along Anonas Extension in front of Save More, Kamias Road, and Molave Street, Anonas. Their pancit is really good.
    Sep 19 2010 @ 09:56pm     Reply  
  • Maryland 32
    Normas is the best pansit. walang tatalo
    Sep 15 2010 @ 11:38pm     Reply  
  • shutang inaklamers sa sarap
    Try PILAR'S located near SM Fairview.
    Sep 01 2010 @ 07:51pm     Reply  
  • marina 10
    ang sarap naka-kamis ang pansit sa pinas gutom tuloy ako!!!!!!!!!
    Aug 31 2010 @ 07:28pm     Reply  
  • chi
    I think Aling Lina's Pancit Malabon should be on top of the list. :)
    Aug 23 2010 @ 06:28pm     Reply  
  • Gu2m
    Tried the one at Maginhawa. Masarap nga. I hope you also rate of metro manila's best siopao and mami house places. I vote Ma Mon Luk's asado siopao and their chicken mami.
    Aug 21 2010 @ 11:43pm     Reply  
  • py
    i will vote for ADO'S panciteria.... still walang kupas. ...been there for ages! can't wait to go home to pasig.
    Aug 21 2010 @ 12:27pm     Reply  
  • teresa o. lugay
    easy lang to make palabok here 's my recipe
    A.Boiled eggs,boiled shrimp with teasp. butter, boiled cleaned squid with teasp calamansi juice
    take shells out,sliced them all.set aside .
    B.Cook pansit noodles and drain and mix with toasted brown garlic,toss a cup of slice cobbage, sliced greenh onions,half cup of powdered chicharon ,add patis to your taste.
    C. mix them on a platter and serve .Put desired toppings :lechon manok or pork lechon . try it my friends.
    Aug 20 2010 @ 12:19pm     Reply  
  • Chelsea
    Where is Pansit King/Leoning's/Razon's? These are the names I grew up with... The idea of eating pansit makes me think of these places.
    Aug 18 2010 @ 10:15pm     Reply  
  • yummy
    serye's pancit canton is the best! Try it!
    Aug 18 2010 @ 10:11pm     Reply  
  • beth
    HONG NING .........hayzzzzzzzzzzzzz yan ang masarap na pansit yung original na hong ning sa cubao.....kaso wala na
    Aug 18 2010 @ 12:44pm     Reply  
  • madaboutfood
    for me, classic savory has one of the best pancit canton (that's available in a bilao) in manila. after all, savory started out as a panciteria.
    Aug 16 2010 @ 09:42am     Reply  
    I agree with eatonop. Tonang's Pancit Palabok should be in top 3 (if not #1).
    Aug 15 2010 @ 08:18pm     Reply  
  • Monique
    Lola Helen's Pancit Lomi sarap.
    I agree with Luyong's. Should also include Aling Salud's pinagulong (San Roque, Marikina), Jesus Panciteria's and Victory's Bihon con Lechon (both in Calumpang, Marikina)
    Aug 13 2010 @ 04:43pm     Reply  
  • Mike
    I think Best Friends in Monumento and Rizal Ave (5th Ave) should be included in the list.
    Aug 10 2010 @ 05:01pm     Reply  
  • kalabongski
    yep, i love ado's pancit in pasig, well there is another one you should try, but dunno if they sell in bilao as well, i grew up in Pateros and Dos Hermanas pancit bihon is worth trying and also the panciteria san jacinto there is one in pasig near tiendesitas.
    Aug 10 2010 @ 10:00am     Reply  
  • foodtripmode
    would you guys know the phone number of lola helen's panciteria and what sets them apart from the other panciterias? thanks!
    Aug 10 2010 @ 09:06am     Reply  
  • mommy
    Aristocrat's Pancit Canton
    Panciteria Toho
    ....should be added in the list.
    Aug 09 2010 @ 07:59am     Reply  
  • pear56
    'Just wondering. Why include Ramon Lee's in the top 10 and then complain about it. LOL! I like Lido's pancit canton too eaten with their pork asado luto sa pugon. By the way, would anybody know where I can find a restaurant serving good bam-ee, you know that visayan pancit which uses tainga ng daga as one of its ingredients?
    Aug 08 2010 @ 10:53pm     Reply  
  • anj
    great list! pero you're missing Pancit sa Bilao in Cavite & Lola Helen's
    Aug 08 2010 @ 08:36am     Reply  
  • toyang
    i so agree with ingrid-lawyer. sa super dami ng klase ng pancit, there should've been different lists. it doesn't seem right to compare pansit palabok to pansit canton, kasi iba naman yung luto nila. parang short cut ang list tuloy.
    Aug 07 2010 @ 02:41pm     Reply  
  • probinciano
    Bakit wala pancit canton?
    Aug 06 2010 @ 10:13pm     Reply  
  • vvargas
    i remember we used to frequent aling idangs in visayas avenue and always ordered tokwat baboy along with their pancit malabon.we are now in another country but the memory of aling idangs pancit evoke memories of good old days in pinas.
    Aug 06 2010 @ 07:00am     Reply  
  • pcpelicano
    Puro sosyal karamihan, try nyo yung pancit palabok sa palengke ng Sta Ana, tignan ko kung di kayo umulit!! he he he
    Aug 06 2010 @ 04:12am     Reply  
  • Marissa
    I used to love eating and ordering from Little Quiapo but I stopped about 2 years ago coz there was a piece of PUBIC HAIR in my Halo-Halo! This happend in the BF Homes branch. So even if the palabok was good, I just cant eat anything there anymore coz I always remember that hair in my halo-halo!
    Aug 06 2010 @ 12:43am     Reply  
  • pattyburger
    I agree with aling Norma's Pancit malabon! sarap talaga... also with Ramon Lee's... mejo luma na nga lng yung place pero the pancit is the best!! samahan mo pa ng chicken... hehehe!!!
    Aug 05 2010 @ 11:50pm     Reply  
  • Rjee
    mas-masarap ang falapel dyan...
    Aug 05 2010 @ 10:23pm     Reply  
  • john
    iisa lang yung may ari ng orchids drive at bermuda. kaya wag magtaka kung bakit parehong masarap pancit canton nila.
    Aug 05 2010 @ 04:21pm     Reply  
  • Ellie
    LSS Pancit Puti in Santillan St. Makati also rocks!
    Aug 05 2010 @ 03:25pm     Reply  
  • Rohn
    I agree with the first post. While I have yet to taste the other offerings on the list aside from Amber's, I believe the miki-bihon and chami of Delicious restaurant near Sta. Cruz Church in Manila is superior to the same product of Amber's.
    Aug 05 2010 @ 09:13am     Reply  
  • joe
    My fave is Bermuda's Hotel Pancit in Mandaluyong. And you don't even need to check in, just like Orchid's. It's not dyahe to order at all, kasi kilala na sya dun.
    @eatonap, parang nag-iba na quality ng Tonangs sa Boni. I don't know if it's just me o natiyempuhan ko na disappointing sya that day. Basta hindi ganun yung naaalala kong original na lasa nya.
    Aug 05 2010 @ 08:20am     Reply  
  • ai80
    oo nga you forgot six ladies at the basement of divisoria mall. yummy!!!!
    Aug 05 2010 @ 06:56am     Reply  
  • TriPulante
    sarap naman!!!naman naman!!!
    otchenta'y singkong mga araw pa ang bibilangin ko bago makauwe ng Pinas! haaayyyy...buhay
    Aug 05 2010 @ 05:51am     Reply  
  • nobody
    ambers sucks!!!
    Aug 05 2010 @ 05:31am     Reply  
    Aug 04 2010 @ 10:47pm     Reply  
  • usernamekoito
    And the palabok of Six Ladies at Divisoria Mall!
    Aug 04 2010 @ 10:43pm     Reply  
  • Malabon Gurl
    Norma's is definitely the best. Dinadayo siya dito ng mga taga Makati. Walang tatalo talaga!
    Aug 04 2010 @ 10:43pm     Reply  
  • usernamekoito
    I looooooove Buddy's Pancit!
    Aug 04 2010 @ 10:41pm     Reply  
  • ingrid-lawyer
    hi guys from you should have separated the list of pancit from egg noodles pancit(canton, bihon) and rice-noodle pancit (malabon or palabok). :) for egg noodle pancit, Max's pancit canton is my favorite and for rice-noodle pancit aling norma's and the commercialized razon's luglug.
    Aug 04 2010 @ 10:05pm     Reply  
  • Sisa_AUH
    hi,how can I go to Amber's? I am going to have my vacation na and I want to visit Amber's pag-uwi ko. Thank you po.
    Aug 04 2010 @ 08:10pm     Reply  
  • HungryOFW
    walanghiya ka aling norma's pansit malabon! dahil sa picture ng pansit malabon mo gusto ko ng umuwi ng pilipinas! ahhhhhhh!
    Aug 04 2010 @ 08:03pm     Reply  
  • eatonop
    you should check out Tonang's Pancit Palabok located in Boni Ave. and heir main branch near Gabbys-Kalentong.
    Aug 04 2010 @ 06:53pm     Reply  
  • defiantgurl
    Since Orchid's made the cut, how about Mahal Kita in Baclaran. They have yummy pancit too. My officemates would often order delivery from there.
    Aug 04 2010 @ 05:08pm     Reply  
  • Blackwidow
    What about Rosy's Pansit Malabon? And Aristocrat's? And Max-Greenbelt?
    Aug 04 2010 @ 02:48pm     Reply  

    Yes, we added Amber. Please see our previous comment above: Hi, everyone! We've tweaked the list to include only pancit places that serve pancit by bilao. Thanks for reading Please let us know where you get your pancit fix. We're always looking for great food places we haven't checked out yet.

    Aug 04 2010 @ 10:45am     Reply  
  • Jean
    what do you mean where's amber's?

    meron naman ah. or has it just been added?
    Aug 04 2010 @ 10:38am     Reply  
  • Tita Aida
    Is Panciteria Wa Pak still open?
    Aug 04 2010 @ 09:06am     Reply  
  • Misty
    Orchid's delivers so okay na rin.
    Aug 04 2010 @ 08:30am     Reply  
  • Jersey
    Meron namang Amber's ah. :)

    Ang sarap ng Buddy's! Tapos lalagyan ng suka. Yumyum!
    Aug 04 2010 @ 01:58am     Reply  
  • ricky
    Aling Banang's in San Juan.
    Aug 03 2010 @ 10:17pm     Reply  
    Hi, everyone! We've tweaked the list to include only pancit places that serve pancit by bilao. Thanks for reading Please let us know where you get your pancit fix. We're always looking for great food places we haven't checked out yet.
    Aug 03 2010 @ 07:16pm     Reply  
  • sachi
    amber's and delicious restaurant! yumyum!
    Aug 03 2010 @ 05:50pm     Reply  
  • u8mypinkcookies
    I love Buddy's, Lola Idang's and Little Quiapo.

    I agree, Amber's should be on the list.. also Panciteria Manosa! The pancit in North park isn't bad too.
    Aug 03 2010 @ 05:13pm     Reply  
  • u8mypinkcookies
    I love Buddy's, Lola Idang's and Little Quiapo.

    I agree, Amber's should be on the list.. also Panciteria Manosa! The pancit in North park isn't bad too.
    Aug 03 2010 @ 05:13pm     Reply  
  • Helluva
    Lola Helen's Panciteria in Marikina should also be included!
    Aug 03 2010 @ 05:08pm     Reply  
  • rosa
    i agree. amber's should have been included in the list.
    Aug 03 2010 @ 04:54pm     Reply  
  • eheh
    there's a pancitan in marikina, better than luyong. resto inside a family residence, in a small street, malapit sa otto shoes. super sarap ng pansit. sorry i forgot the name.
    Aug 03 2010 @ 04:40pm     Reply  
  • Sarah
    Yes! Where's Amber's?
    Aug 03 2010 @ 04:31pm     Reply  
  • pancit
    you forgot amber's
    Aug 03 2010 @ 03:55pm     Reply  
  • purpleesh
    I think you should include Delicious Restaurant for their sumptuous Miki Bihon :)
    I grew up with their Pancit and it is priceless.

    check out the blogs that featured this resto:
    Aug 03 2010 @ 03:52pm     Reply  
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