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CHECK IT OUT: Chihuahua Mexican Grill on Makati Avenue
Step into Chihuahua, home to Tex-Mex style tacos, burritos, margaritas and the Michelada.
Published on: Jun 3, 2011 - 11:25pm


Chihuahua is home to Tex-Mex style tacos, nachos, burritos, margaritas and the Michelada. Click for more.


Chihuahua Mexican Grill
7838 Makati Avenue (across from A-Venue)
Makati City
Tel. Nos. 897-0087, (0916) 373-7308
Open 11 a.m.. - 3 a.m. (weekdays); 11 a.m.. - 5 a.m. (Saturdays); 11 a.m. - 12 midnight (Sundays)


The menu at Chihuahua is decidedly straightforward: tacos, burritos, salads  and burrito bowls (P295 each) can be ordered with steak, chicken, pulled pork or veggies. "We serve Tex-Mex food," shares DJ-turned-restaurateur Elian Habayeb. "We don't even try to say we're serving authentic Mexican fare." Habayeb, who lived in Texas before moving to the Philippines, co-owns Chihuahua with wine expert and Sugi general manager, Ines Cabarrus.


Chihuahua is currently in "soft opening" mode but curious foodies have been hightailing to this Makati Avenue spot for the tacos, the huge burritos and side orders such as the Nacho Grande, which by itself, is fit for a mini-Mexican fiesta. The nacho chips come topped with fresh salsa, chili, guacamole, cheddar cheese, jalapeńos, and drizzled with sour cream.


Chihuahua also boasts of an eat-all-you-can salsa bar that includes salsa choices like tongue-scorching habanero, chipotle sauce with milder flavors and tomatillo jalapeno sauce. Right by the salsa bar is Chihuahua's "sauce library," a collection of bottles of hot sauce from all over the world, including bottles with quirky names like "Blair's Beyond Death sauce" and "Crazy Mother Pucker's hot sauce." Habayeb says only a few bottles are open at a time and diners may grab an open bottle and bring it to their table.


Margaritas, are of course, a Tex-Mex menu staple and Chihuahua serves them their way—frozen and unsweetened. For adventurous folks who like their brews with a kick, Chihuahua’s Michelada is a must-try: draft beer on the rocks is mixed with a dash of Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce and Knorr seasoning. Also on the beverage list are imported beers (all at P160 each whether you order the Portuguese brew Super Bock or go for the Stella Artois) and hard-to-find drinks like Coke Cherry.


All orders are prepared fresh, healthy and fast.  "We don't have a fryer and everything is grilled," Habayeb said. "We also use light sour cream and USDA-certified beef. And we try to serve your food in three minutes."


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  • Rob K
    Went after reading these posts... Was as reported. Woman cleaning the tables with a damp dirty cloth took my order, handled the money and began prepared my order. I told her to wash her hands and she refused, so I left...

    The salsa looked good.
    Feb 18 2013 @ 09:42pm     Reply  
  • @huh @grammar police
    Ahahah mga bobo nga naman talaga oo! Grammar ba topic? So What? WTF! Mo mukha mo TANgA! Lalo kana grammar police! Hanggang grammar ka na lang bwahahahah!
    Sep 14 2012 @ 05:25pm     Reply  
  • Unanimus
    @The Manager

    No actions required. People will avoid Piggy Grill.
    Sep 14 2012 @ 01:49pm     Reply  
  • Unanimus
    The point is the place is filthy (baboy sa tagalog). Eat there at your risk. The place should be called Piggy Grill. Army Navy have better food, cleaner and better service.
    Sep 14 2012 @ 01:44pm     Reply  
  • Jao-Jao
    @Jao, sana nag-tagalog ka na lang rather than die with embarassment. and you ain't tagalog-speaker? then what do you speak then? swardspeak? other than mali-mali grammar mo, pati spelling mali-mali din.
    Sep 11 2012 @ 10:48am     Reply  
  • The Manager

    No action for you, until you improve your Communication Skills! Capisce?
    Sep 10 2012 @ 11:34pm     Reply  
  • Grammar Police

    Magkaibigan ba jayo ni JAO? pag uumpugin ko mga ulo niyo eh! paano kayo pumasa sa English Communication Skills ninyo?
    Sep 10 2012 @ 11:30pm     Reply  
  • huh
    anong engot dun, eh wrong grammar nman talaga? "most fluent language is american english" FTW! hahaha
    Sep 10 2012 @ 11:01pm     Reply  
  • Ako
    @starfishnet @grammar police
    Ahahah ang eengot nyo! Basahin nyo ulit pinagsasabi nyo!
    Wew! Walang utak!
    Sep 10 2012 @ 09:29pm     Reply  
  • primalskreem
    Unsanitary food preparation, that's food poisoning in the making.
    Aug 06 2012 @ 10:46am     Reply  
  • @JAO
    Your "most fluent language is American English"? Gosh. It doesn't show.
    Aug 06 2012 @ 09:15am     Reply  
  • JAO
    @Starfishnet: Sorry if my review just around 350 words was too long for you... I am not a tagalog speaker. My most fluent language is American English, sorry if you're not able to comprehend that as easily. My words seem perfectly coherent.

    @Grammar Police: If you don't have the attention span or the time to read something that should only take you less than 30 seconds, don't read it. This is my action so that the general managers of this establishment know how they can improve.

    @DJElian & Inés: I hope you don't take my words personally, I simply wanted to share my disappointment in this restaurant I can see potential for this establishment to become very successful in satisfying all of it's customers, and making them all feel valued. I would really liked to see more professionalism on your part towards your customers and from your staff. I do hope you make some improvements so that others won't have the same experience that I have had, and no one else will have to share memories like mine with others.
    Aug 06 2012 @ 01:18am     Reply  
  • Grammar Police

    Oo nga! obviously, hindi naturuan ito ng BREVITY, sa Communication Skills subject niya.Mabubuwisit ang babasa nito, at malamang WALANG ACTION ang reklamo niya...
    Aug 05 2012 @ 01:55pm     Reply  
  • Starfishnet
    Ang haba ng english novela mo, wrong grammar naman. Sana nag tagalog ka na lang. Try mo basahin ang review mo kung may maintindihan ka. Simple lang naman ang reklamo mo: disorganizd, dirty and bad customer service.
    Aug 05 2012 @ 03:07am     Reply  
  • JAO
    Without a doubt, eating at this Restaurant would have to be one of my WORST dining experiences to date. To start, the cashier in upon asking weather they accept credit card responds with "We will try" then urging us to order. The cashier no mater how new, should be knowledgeable enough to know weather they accept credit card, not a good start. Upon taking our order and paying for the soon to be meal, we ask for the receipt and are responded with "The machine doesn't give receipts." Having already ordered we brush it of sit and wait for our meal. Being a busy night, we wait around thirty minutes for our food to be served to us. Bewildered, I see two of the people preparing the food, preparing and serving the food without the use of gloves. They had their bare hands inside of the food they were about to serve, who knows where their hands have been, and the last time they had washed them? Upon commenting to the, assumed, manager who was one of the people without gloves serving and preparing food, that they were not using gloves she has the audacity to respond by saying "my hands are pretty clean." She is preparing food, serving food, and cleaning up the tables previously used by other patrons. How am I to be comfortable with her hands being in the food I am about to consume. She later asks the other worker who was not using gloves to put some on. That same worker later took her gloves back off and continued to prepare food without the use of gloves. Finally eating our food, two with burritos, one with tacos, and all sharing nachos we realize that the burritos are composed of 75% rice while the beef is similar to a paste injected with flavoring. We also received a dirty fork in their basket of self serve forks. There is a silver lining though, we did finally receive our receipt after asking the manager to give us one, having the cashier write one out for us.

    Over all; This restaurant was disorganized, dirty, and lacked the high quality service and food desired in a sit down dining experience. I would not recommend this place to a friend and will not be returning.

    (Greenbelt Branch)

    Food: 4/10
    Service: 0/10
    Cleanliness: 0/10
    Aug 05 2012 @ 12:38am     Reply  
  • DJElian
    Our new phone number is 0916-3737-308
    Dec 14 2011 @ 11:58pm     Reply  
  • ines
    Just to correct some information:rnrnOn Saturdays we are open 11am-5amrnSundays 11am- 12 midnightrnrnContact numbers: 890-3192rnChihuaphone: 09163737308rnrnTHANK YOU!
    Sep 29 2011 @ 01:37pm     Reply  
  • joke
    I totally did not enjoy my food there.. didnt taste very good.. lousy service, poor wrap quality.. sorry, i prefer other burrito spots!
    Sep 22 2011 @ 12:02pm     Reply  
  • rickyfo
    so many bad comments, parang sayang pera.
    Aug 29 2011 @ 07:46pm     Reply  
  • j
    ...and you have to pay extra 90 bucks for the sour cream. Boo. Sour cream was depressingly sparse on the tacos.
    Aug 27 2011 @ 12:54pm     Reply  
  • j
    We git the steak taco... The meat wasn't tender enough but the nacho grande was great.
    Aug 27 2011 @ 12:52pm     Reply  
  • sunday
    I've tried two new burrito spots in town. Chihuahua in Makati and Orale in Fort. Orale's definitely has the better Burrito? Chihuahuas tortillas = FAIL
    Aug 21 2011 @ 04:29pm     Reply  
  • ginnie
    saw it on newstv just now and visited fb and other sites. there are more disappointed comments than praise ones. This could be made constructive on the owners part. Probably a call to improve service and quality. kudos anyway.rn
    Aug 15 2011 @ 12:20pm     Reply  
  • fair judge
    I was looking forward to trying their place after all the hype, and left quite depressed. The chicken and steak could use more flavor, the burrito simply wasn't good. I'm glad that they offered varieties of hot sauces, otherwise it would have been a bigger disappointment. Using USDA does not mean the steak will taste better. I don't think they make their own tortillas or nacho chips, either way i expected better quality. and the white cheese, not yummy. There are better burritos around, and I also had a problem with their limes. They were all dried up, obviously not fresh. They should also consider switching out of the metals bowls. big turn off. An article came out about chihuahua, the blogger seemed to be more pleased than me. everyone has their own opinions, i just didn't like it very m much
    Aug 03 2011 @ 05:39pm     Reply  
  • bigboss
    We didn't find the food tasty. Requested a special order for a burrito and it came out wrong and the server wanted to argue about it. The GM is not very friendly. She acted like an Ice Princess when trying to talk to her and didn't seem to care about our concerns. The chips for the Nacho Grande were stale and the salsa not very palatable.
    Aug 01 2011 @ 06:11pm     Reply  
  • g0rgy
    Can you pls give me the site of Los Hermanos or any posh Mexican restaurant in Makati? Thanks!
    Jun 27 2011 @ 09:18pm     Reply  
  • djac
    IMO: best tacos is Hermanos, best burritos is Chihuahua. Orale is 2nd best in burritos but they offer authentic tongue burrito which some foodies say is to die for which I have to try!
    Jun 27 2011 @ 07:50pm     Reply  
  • james cruz
    Los Hermanos is the best mexican restaurant, Chihuahua has the best drinks, Ristras is the worst.
    Jun 11 2011 @ 11:30am     Reply  
  • james cruz
    It is not the best mexican food i have tasted here, Los Hermanos at Gilmore is better, but Chihuahua has nice beer, nice michelada, nice margarita! The food is far better than ristras, just a commercial crap that made me vomit the 1st and only time i went there!!! Bad luck? My friends always say they feel pain in the stomach after eating there...
    Jun 11 2011 @ 11:18am     Reply  
  • marianne
    it's tex-mex food, not mexican food. even the owners make a distinction. rnrni'm checking this out soon!
    Jun 11 2011 @ 09:48am     Reply  
  • jalisco babe
    That is one amazing hot sauce gallery.
    Jun 07 2011 @ 05:35pm     Reply  
  • james ramos
    @ristrasrnrnYou're right, it's not good. It's F#@%NG GREAT!!! Just tried them yesterday and going back! rnrnAre you familiar with mexican food?!rnrn
    Jun 07 2011 @ 05:23pm     Reply  
  • salsafiend
    Their Fb page has some great reviews...will check it out...rnrn
    Jun 07 2011 @ 12:40pm     Reply  
  • ristras
    its not that good
    Jun 07 2011 @ 09:46am     Reply  
  • david
    i didn't like the cheese that they used... this is far from an authentic burrito...
    Jun 06 2011 @ 06:17pm     Reply  
  • trick or tweet
    Some 35 years ago, Aztec on Timog Ave. in QC fronting the International Pub, was the only Mexican restaurant in metro-Manila. They charged 5 pesos for a good sized burrito with chips and salsa. I think a bottle of coke was only 25 cents then. I remember a big sized bilao of pansit malabon was only 25 pesos. The late 70's was really a good time to remember.
    Jun 04 2011 @ 04:59am     Reply  
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