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10 Must-Try Buffets Under P600
Eat like a king even when penny-pinching.
Published on: Aug 25, 2011 - 5:36am


( Big buffet-eaters know that a spread of sumptuous food rarely comes cheap. Fortunately for us, Metro Manila is spoilt for choice when it comes satisfying eat-all-you-can feasts. From brunch to hot pot and do-it-yourself Mongolian bowls, rounds up a list of binge-worthy buffets under P600:

Eat like a king at these spots. Click for more.

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  • lynn
    louie love lynn
    8 months ago     Reply  
  • KBM
    Your title is wrong. Buffet doesn't mean eat all you can.. a buffet is the actual table where the food is laid out and serve yourself. So when you said that Zensho's was "ala carte buffet" that was actually a contradiction. "a la carte" means from a menu, which means you order the food item each separately. If you notice, Zensho advertises theirs as "eat all you can ala carte" since the food is unlimited, but it is to order, not self service from a buffet. FYI.
    Sep 27 2012 @ 05:36pm     Reply  
  • marielle
    MATSURI shouldve been included here... great choices, and i appreciate that it ala carte buffet so food comes out fresh...
    Sep 26 2011 @ 07:59pm     Reply  
  • 56n8
    Kumain na ako sa Tramway once sa QC. Ang pagkain don parang pagpag sa itsura. Nakakwalang-gana. Parang madumi pa ang dating ng paligid.
    Sep 17 2011 @ 12:05pm     Reply  
  • angelina
    How come Tramway is not included here? Try their newest branch at Shaw Boulevard!
    Sep 06 2011 @ 04:41pm     Reply  
  • late bloomer in qc
    @ jlocee......Thanks for your quick response. Never heard of Wagyu beef so I Googled and found out that it is high grade like Kobe beef, but a little fatty. P600 is a dent on my budget so I want to make sure I'm not getting beef jerky, you know what I mean. BTW, what's the Tipping rule on buffets ?
    Sep 02 2011 @ 04:53pm     Reply  
  • jlocee
    @late bloomer in qcrnrnAs far as I know, Laudico Breakfast serves Angus beef tapa and tocino while Sambokojin serves Wagyu beef.
    Sep 02 2011 @ 04:12pm     Reply  
  • jlocee
    @tom bradyrnrnLook who's talking! Really now! You're nothing but a pot calling the kettle black. In other words, nagmamagaling pero papansin lang naman!rnrnAbsent ka ba nung tinuturo sa school mo ang ibig sabihin ng OPINION? For your benefit, let me state that it is a person's view or judgment formed about something and not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. Nor is it necessarily imposing oneself as an expert on the matter. So let us just agree to disagree. I just hope that is clear enough to an Internet troll like you.
    Sep 02 2011 @ 04:04pm     Reply  
  • late bloomer in qc
    @ jlocee......I'm not a huge eater and have not gone to any of these buffets but before I do, I'd like to know if the meats they're serving are high grade quality.
    Sep 02 2011 @ 01:56am     Reply  
  • tom brady
    @jloceernrnKung ayaw na mabasag ang trip, wag magsalita as if expert ka, as if mataas na level ang taste, as if credible..rnrn
    Sep 01 2011 @ 11:32pm     Reply  
  • jlocee
    Love Laudico Breakfast the most among the listed establishments - real value for money!rnrnI tried Somethin' Fishy several times - can't complain about the quality vis-ŕ-vis the price.rnrnOh well, to each his own. Walang basagan ng trip, pwede?
    Sep 01 2011 @ 10:48am     Reply  
  • kookay
    i can also see only photo 1 of 10 :(
    Sep 01 2011 @ 08:04am     Reply  
  • naomi
    Try Vikings, you'll have lots of choices!
    Aug 31 2011 @ 11:19am     Reply  
  • cheska
    Hi. I think I know the reason why Something Fishy isn't hear. Tried their morning buffet few times already and I was never satisfied with the foods. Parang left-overs ng lunch. Ganun.rnrnI hope Don Day was included in the list! :)rnThere is also one cheap but superb eat-all-you-can resto btu it is in Baguio. Brod Pitt it is!
    Aug 26 2011 @ 10:42am     Reply  
  • tom brady
    sige, i-helera mo yung Somethin' Fishy dyan, pati na rin Kamay Kainan... You'll know why wala sila dyan..
    Aug 25 2011 @ 11:57pm     Reply  
  • nika
    Kamay Kainan or Ral's at Techno Hub :bd
    Aug 25 2011 @ 10:15pm     Reply  
  • whyhello
    Don Day Korean Restaurant!
    Aug 25 2011 @ 05:54pm     Reply  
  • blind_sight
    is it just me or something pero di ko cya mabuksan ng maayos :'(
    Aug 25 2011 @ 04:36pm     Reply  
  • t-rex rules
    Why no mention whatsoever of Somethin' Fishy? It was my top of mind when I read the title of this article. Their midnight to morning buffet alone at P149 with 20+ dishes to choose from can't be beat as it is.
    Aug 25 2011 @ 09:05am     Reply  
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