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The Guide to Healthy Eating Options in Manila
No excuses! But these won’t make you feel deprived, anyway.
By: Sasha Lim Uy  |   Published on: Jul 17, 2013 - 7:30am

( If your post-Christmas, pre-summer "healthy lifestyle" resolution didn't pan out (ours sure didn't), don't fret. You get a second chance this July. While not technically a holiday, we like recognizing Nutrition Month as a chance for us to accomplish unfulfilled health requirements. We've made it easy with a list of 10 tips and trips to get you on that path.




Promise: Juice Jab isn't so much about losing weight as it is about detoxifying and over-all wellness. The aesthetic results such as a better complexion and a smaller waistline are just bonuses.

Method: The idea is to replace a meal with two bottles of Juice Jab, which have specific flavors, depending on purpose. The Jabs can be taken from mild (replacing one meal for three days), moderate (replacing two), and strong (replacing three). Single Jabs may also be taken to lighten up after a day's binge or as a simple supplement to your daily diet. Pre- and post-Jab meals have to be light and simple to ease the stomach to the changes. There are no preservatives nor artificial sweeteners.

Shell out: P1,500 to P1,700 (mild), P3,000 to P3,200 (moderate), P4,500 to P4,700 (strong); single jabs cost P260 each

Celebrities who've been hooked: Bianca King, Solenn Heussaff, Ellen Adarna

Visit for more details.

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Promise: Consider it a personal chef who has a special interest in your health and wellness. NUIU has programs for weight and health management, as well as blood analysis. They cater meal plans and nutrition guidelines specific to your needs. They have a roster of dieticians, lifestyle coaches, and nutrition specialists available for consultation.

Method: The packages include a two-hour nutritional assessment with a meal plan, monitoring sessions, and phone support. Their flexible five-meal-per-day plans come in four calorie levels: 1,200, 1,400, 1,600, and 1,800. In an article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Erica Paredes notes that you may also make requests based on specific requirements. In her case, she asked for a the light 1,200-calorie-a-day diet on top of her rigid workouts. All meals are delivered fresh nightly.

Shell out: Unless you're an actual potential client, NUIU is coy about their prices. However, with an advocacy to give people easier access to a healthy lifestyle, they have meal plans for as low as P890 per day.

Celebrities who've been hooked: Nicole Hernandez, Patty Laurel, Anne Curtis, Liz Uy, Solenn Heussaff

Visit for more details.

Cohen Lifestyle - shrimp & mushroom saute

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Promise: Weight. Loss. The Cohen Diet delivers fast and noticeable results, the kind that make people go, "Wow!" through a healthy and scientific eating program specifically designed to for an individual's needs.

Method: According to Cohen's website, Dr. Rami Cohen discovered that a healthy body weight may be achieved through a balance of insulin, serotonin and the human growth hormone; an imbalance may cause metabolic problems. After a test to check which hormone is out of order, meals will be assigned to address that issue and allow the body to burn fat. The whole program is four-fold, beginning with an initial meal plan, a refeeding plan (to slowly introduce more portions), maintenance guidelines, and a six-month support system.

Shell out: P55,000

Celebrities who've been hooked: Judy Ann Santos Agoncillo, Bea Alonzo

Visit for more details.



Promise: Just as its name lets on, this program cleanses the body through a juice-based detox. With the "junk" gone, the body has once again room to absorb much-needed nutrients. A cleaner body also results in better complexion, less stress, renewed energy, and stronger immunity.

Method: In planning for a cleanse, it is encouraged to lessen intake of junk food, processed food, salty dishes, and animal protein. There are three levels in the program, measured in increments for people who are wary about the cleanse (more variety in the juices, from fruit to greens) and those who are used to it (more vegetable-based drinks), and may be taken in one-, three-, or five-day plans. Juju also has Solo Kits designed for specific purposes like a cure for hangovers, kids, energy boosting, immunity, improved complexion, and more. The Juices are delivered every night (also available for pick-up) as they are more effective fresh.

Shell out: P2,300 to P2,500 (one-day), P6,900 to P7,100 (three-day), P11,500 to P11,700 (five-day). Juju Solo Kits are P1,350 while 350-mL bottles are P300 each.

Celebrities who've been hooked: Patty Laurel, Nicole Andersson, Kris Aquino




Promise: Here, you have variety and you're given the option to figure out which weight-loss scheme is right for you. One of the first establishments to cater diet plans in the Philippines, the Sexy Chef started by providing South Beach Diet meals to calorie-conscious Filipinos in 2004. Since then, they've branched out to include several diet programs like the Cohen, as well as some that are their very own.

Method: It's a little more complicated to explain since there are around nine diet programs in their repertoire. However, their years of experience have guaranteed efficient service. E-mail to sign up for one of the programs.

Shell out: Though different per program, Sexy Chef has options costing as little as P500 a day.

Celebrities who've been hooked: Georgina Wilson, Regine Velasquez, Ruffa Gutierrez

Visit for more details.

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  • toma
    Very nice article although the Cohen Lifestyle Diet has nothing to do with Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen who's the creator of the Bon Appétit Diet a simple (and way cheaper) diet based on food balancing and absolutely no restrictions
    more here:
    Jul 23 2013 @ 06:41pm     Reply   Hide replies
      Our apologies. We meant Rami Cohen. The corrections have been made. Thank you for the tip and thank you for reading!
      Jul 24 2013 @ 01:47pm     Reply  
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