10 Gifts for 10 Controversial Celebs

SPOT.ph gives out (imaginary) Christmas treats to 10 controversial celebrities of 2009.

hayden-pineapple1. Hayden Kho
The gift: Canned pineapple chunks
Why: So he can get all the goodness of pineapples without the wounds from allegedly rubbing his face against pineapple leaves.

maricar-trophy2. Maricar Reyes
The gift: A trophy
Why: For coming out on top with projects left and right after the Hayden Kho sex video scandal. Indeed, there is no bad publicity.

jinkee-gloves3. Jinkee Pacquiao
The gift: Boxing lessons
Why: So she can knock out fighters (or players) who hit below the belt.

krista-security4. Krista Ranillo
The gift: A security team
Why: So she doesn't have to use Enchanted Kingdom's security to ward off the press. The amusement park's patrons need protection too, you know.

kris-aid5. Kris Aquino
The gift: A hearing aid
Why: Because we've always wondered if she can hear herself speak.

marian-speech6. Marian Rivera
The gift: Speech lessons. Maybe the Berlitz Language Center offers gift certificates…
Why: Because saying "beautiful" for a TV commercial shouldn't sound so painful.