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10 Tunes to Listen to This Month
Add these picks to your playlist and gear up for the start of the rainy season.

Published on: Jun 2, 2011 - 8:53am

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June playlist


( On our playlist this month: homegrown tunes we love from Imago, Taken By Cars, Kjwan guitarist Boogie Romero, and singer turned Imortal star Rico Blanco, the  latest from J. Lo’s comeback album, a classic song from one of the pioneers of Pinoy rock, plus the newest Death Cab for Cutie track.




Song: "I'll Carry You"
Artist: Boogie Romero

We chanced upon Kjwan guitarist musician Boogie Romero's Facebook band page and we loved what we heard.  Our favorite, "I'll Carry You," is an addicting ditty with a simple melody laced with guitars, an infectious beat, and moving lyrics. Does this mean he's going solo? Certainly not.  "This is just a different vehicle for me to release my work," he shares. Mind you, this cool song is a one-man production-from vocals to guitar and instrument programming.

Listen to his other songs here. Boogie’s songs will be available on iTunes this June.

Fun Fact: Boogie was also part of two other bands, Dicta License, which disbanded in late 2007, and Quadro.





Song: "Someone Like You"
Artist: Adele

Stripped down to just a piano and Adele's powerful voice, "Someone Like You," showcases the young Brit's tremendous talent. Though the lyrics may be a bit too much for someone who's fresh from a breakup, the poignant song is strikingly beautiful because of its simplicity.    

Fun Fact: Part of  her album 21, Adele wrote the song immediately after splitting up with the man she thought she would marry. Shortly after their break up, he got engaged to someone else.


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