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Top 10 Most Memorable Pinoy Mermaids
The fairest (mer)maidens of them all

Published on: May 17, 2012 - 7:00am

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A school of mermaids! Click for more.


( Mermaid legends began as early as 1000 B.C. with mermaids (or, for our more politically correct readers, mer-people) described as humans with fish tails instead of legs. Depictions vary with time and tradition. While Splash and A Little Mermaid feature classically beautiful but naïve creatures, literature like Harry Potter and Peter Pan delivered vicious maritime attackers.


In a country surrounded by water, it's not unlikely for us to develop our own mermaid culture, what with the likes of Mars Ravelo and Pablo S. Gomez creating iconic nymphs. But decades and several portrayals later, local mer-lore remains largely unchanged story-wise. With every plot beginning with a curse-whether the mermaid is the salot or she was sentenced to a fishy existence varies. After falling in love with a curious land dweller, the journey to obtain legs begins and she lives happily, "bipedally" ever after.


This begs us to ask the following questions: Is there really no happiness in the sea? No good-looking shokoys to rub elbows with? No other tail color except orange? No life for mer-people except to long for land, battle a vengeful spell, and live in the Dyesebel mold? With our country's obsession with the mermaid legend, shows like Marina, Dyesebel, and the newly aired Aryana have a solid, built-in fan base. The actresses who play the scaly protagonists, however, often get muddled under the semi-recurring plot.


Because it's almost the end of summer and we're starting to miss the beach (and potential mermaid sightings), we listed the country's most memorable mermaid portrayals. Who stood-er, swam-out from the fishy crowd?


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