Top 10 Radio Shows to Listen To rounds up radio's best-timeless favorites, the most buzzed-about and cringe-worthy guilty pleasures included.

Manila's stand-still traffic ain't pretty, especially when you're on the road between 7 to 10 a.m. or during the equally grueling post-work hours past the 5 p.m. mark. Thankfully, hope comes in the form of top-grade entertainment-when great music and gab-loving DJs help make getting from point A to point B a bit more bearable.

The shows on this list have etched their way into our daily grind, whether we're stuck in traffic, listening at home, or live-streaming from our office desks. Some of them have steadily earned radio royalty status, others continue to push the envelope with eyebrow-raising topics (read: sex) and ball-busting hosts. This list rounds up the radio's best-timeless favorites, the most buzzed about, and cringe-worthy guilty pleasures included.





Photos from official Facebook fan pages and respective websites. Artwork by Warren Espejo

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