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Our blogger dissects what he called "Packaged Patriotism" and asks: "Does it really inspire a genuine sense of nationalism?"
By: Lourd de Veyra  |   Published on: Jun 16, 2011 - 2:12pm


It's better than nothing. It’s better than stupid, oversized logos and pointlessly abstract prints. And it’s one of the most fascinating things to happen to Philippine RTW in years. The question is: why didn’t they think of this earlier?


I’m referring to the recent proliferation of nationalistic and literary references in—I say the word with trepidation— fashion. I mean those T-shirts with colors of the Philippine flag, ironic images of Rizal with shades and oversized headphones, blouses and dresses emblazoned with quotes from the works of our National Artists for Literature.


They span the vast iconography of Philippine culture—everything from the Propagandistas of the 1800s to manggang hilaw with bagoong, from Rico J. Puno to tokwa’t baboy and logos of beloved consumer products like Choc Nut, from snippets of classic OPM lyrics to Marcos-Tolentino campaign posters. All these on a shirt, on a bag, on a dress, or a trucker’s cap. All these striking a charming note of familiarity that evokes smiles among people of a certain generation. Like when you say ‘Tom Babauta” or “Pagoda Cold Wave Lotion.” Symbols and signifiers—from the sublime to the pedestrian—you can wear. Never mind if most of the materials were most likely imported from China (Tell me: what in this ecosphere isn’t from China, anyway? That and the call for boycott of products is another story).


So how did Fashionalism start?


Beats me, though it is curious to note that this recent development may have unmistakably foreign roots. I refer, of course, to the commodification of the images of Mao and Che Guevarra (who, according to some very well-read jologs, is the lead vocalist of Rage Against the Machine). The Che shirts became very popular because of the aforementioned rap-metal band. The Mao arrived via Hong Kong, where a certain Mao craze swept the tourist souvenir market i.e. Micky Mao watches, messenger bags, pendants, bracelets. Before that, the only pieces of clothing that had the faces of Rizal and Bonifacio were usually worn by aktibistas or die-hard cultists. Or sold as souvenirs by museum shops. Maybe some wiseass thought, “Hey, if we can print Mao, why not… you know…. Rizal?” Or maybe why not Joma Sison?


Enter the polo shirts with the Philippine map emblazoned on the upper right side where a horse and a mallet-wielding rider used to be. Enter the hiphop heads, with the late Francis Magalona and his clothing line persistently adorned with the three stars and the sun. Then came the multinational sports brands flattering us with tracksuits and shirts printed with “PILIPINAS.” Then came the T-shirt brands specializing in contemporary Filipiniana— soundbites and punchlines treated with unmistakably stylish fonts like Helvetica and solarized photographs. Rizal with aviator shades? Rizal with DJ headphones? Once upon a time, that would have been considered sacrilegious. But ours is a postmodern consumerist universe where Rizal collides with Justin Bieber, where Aguinaldo poses with Ninoy Aquino, where Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is portrayed with horns and a pitchfork (Oh, wait, that’s the province of the rabid Left), where the once lowly image of the dirty-ice cream cart or the taho assumes a iconic graphic status. The power of the image and the soundbite—with an unmistakably Pinoy sentiment.


But the seeds of “sacrilege” have been with us ever since. We’ve always been cheeky. It began as early as people chanting “Andres Bonifacio, a-tapang a-ato… a-putol a-titi…” or when they started turning Emilio Aguinaldo into Randy Santiago on the five-peso bill.


Does all this patriotic garb inspire a genuine sense of nationalism? I don’t know. But it’s a lot better than “Boy London” or “I Love NYC.” These shirts serve as massive public advertisements for nationalistic sentiments or whatever you might want to call it.  Stuck for hours inside the train or the bus, a quote from Jose Garcia Villa better than staring at a blank shirt. Meditating on the image of Rizal is better than gazing at some silly crocodile logo. It’s the best way to arouse curiosity in a populace whose only source of history are the period telenovelas on primetime. Speaking of which, such ambitious production attempts are definitely a vast improvement over the usual komiks superhero crap.


Perhaps appreciation begins on the surface level. In the television programs I work in, we usually do man-on-the-street interviews and I tell you: you’ll be shocked by how abysmally uninformed people are—from vegetable vendors to even students—in terms of matters historical. Maybe from this surfeit of visual information, real, heartfelt knowledge might arise. Did that just make sense? Well, if local politicians could attempt the same strategy their tarpaulins and billboards…. But I’m pretty sure that the image of Rizal, with or without the aviator shades, would still come across as more trustworthy than your average councilor.


Which brings us to Rizal—still, after 150 years, the uber-Filipino. Screw the retraction issue. We excite ourselves over such never-ending controversies. Of course, Rizal is very much in right now. All the television networks are scrambling for the obligatory historical documentary, with strikingly funky visuals and the contemporary soupcon of irreverence. This has been an intensely busy week for historians and Rizal scholars whose monastic dormancy has been invaded by camera crews and interviewers, as well as invitations to the public affairs talk shows.


Certainly we’ve grown tired of hearing about Rizal the superhuman so we try to pull him down to earth by talking about his love life and stuff that is the usual discourse of weekend gossip shows. But let me repeat: talking about Rizal is better than talking about the dating developments of Phil Younghusband and Angel Locsin.


This is a Crazy Planets is available in newsstands, bookstores and supermarkets nationwide for only P195. For more information, click here.


Artwork by Warren Espejo.

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  • soprettynicole
    Nice shirts! :) I hope to see Filipino's be proud of our country.
    Apr 19 2012 @ 01:55pm     Reply  
  • threadstone
    There is another fashionalismo statement for Lourd. Lourd can be the undisputed icon of the RH Bill. You read right - the RH Bill. You see, Lourd can be the model of a man's prick. He looks like one sans the veins . And the way he wears his beret can be the incorrectly placed condom. There you are Lourd, take it away.rn
    Nov 19 2011 @ 09:03am     Reply  
  • genuine
    All i want is a retro crispa redmanizer t-shirt or a retro no.44 jerry west t-shirt. The older spotters know what i'm talking about
    Nov 17 2011 @ 12:07pm     Reply  
  • pranki
    God Bless America!!! b*tch! tuta tayo ng kano! puyeta
    Nov 17 2011 @ 11:57am     Reply  
  • elcheguevara
    sana magkaroon uli tayo ng mga bagong mukhang pwedeng mailagay sa T Shirts tulad ni Rizal at Ninoyrn
    Nov 09 2011 @ 08:54am     Reply  
  • ugat
    Talagang malikhain ang pinoy pagdating sa mga ganyang bagay bagay siguro nga proud tayo sa katapangan at kahusayan ng ating mga bayani kaya ikinakabit natin sila sa ilang kagamitan tulad ng damit at kaya naka shade siguro si Dr.Rizal eh sinadya cguro un para padilimin ang paningin nya at naka headset para mag soundtrip nalang? kasi nga naman kung makikita niya lang ang Pilipinas ngayon at ikukumpara sa noon eh mas gugustuhin nya talaga na mabaril na, kusa na siyang papabaril sa luneta. Pwede ring nasa damit ang mukha niya para bigyan ng pagkilala, o para maalala siya ng mga kabataang nag kacutting classes na tuwing pag-aaralan na ang mga libro niya. Depende nalang sa atin siguro kung paano natin bibigyan ng pananaw ang mga kagamitang my picture ng ating mga bayani na na photoshop (para maging gwapo?) pagiging makabayan? o pang porma lang kasi uso nga naman? trip trip lang sabi nga ng iba. Malay mo Gat Lourd sa susunod mukha mo naman ang makikita namin sa mga damit. :) \m/
    Sep 06 2011 @ 10:03am     Reply  
  • @psyote
    sa klase ng tanong mo eh mukhang nag-iisip ka naman. pero hindi ko alam kung saang palda ka nakatago noong nagsabog si Lord ng simpleng logic sa sangkatauhan.
    Aug 18 2011 @ 04:57pm     Reply  
  • ronster
    good read, more so because lourd does not easily find something in our society to be positive about.
    Aug 18 2011 @ 04:52pm     Reply  
  • psyote
    Off topic pero medyo relevant to. Ba't marami galit kay mideo cruz gayong ganun din ginawa sa mukha ni rizal at ang malupet pa ay ibinebenta at pinagkakakitaan?
    Aug 16 2011 @ 12:52pm     Reply  
  • shin oh
    i think "Fashionalism" started when Francis M died.
    Aug 06 2011 @ 02:50pm     Reply  
  • mang kulas
    pkiramdam ko,nbabastos si Rizal pag nilalagay sa shirt..tas kung ano-ano pa inilalagay..
    Jul 22 2011 @ 07:08pm     Reply  
  • ako
    nakakatawa kasi sating mga Pinoy, kung sinu-sino ang gusto nating ginagaya... pinipilit sumabay sa ibang mga banyagang akala ng karamihan ay ang superyor... di marunong tumangkilik sa sariling gawa o ideya... iniisip na walang binatbat sa iba... napakatalamak ng ganyan sa atin ngayon... kelan ka lang ba bibili ng produktong pinoy o susuporta sa ideyang Pinoy? kapag nagbakasyon ka sa mga lugar gaya ng boracay o iba pang mga sosyal na pasyala sa pilipinas... o kapag pinuri na ng ibang bansa saka ka lang susuporta... tsk. rnrntama! -- talking about Rizal is better than talking about the dating developments of Phil Younghusband and Angel Locsin
    Jul 21 2011 @ 03:00pm     Reply  
  • psyote
    isa talaga sa mga nakakahiyang topic na nacover ni sir lourd sa wotl eh yung mga estudyante na ininterview anghehenyo pagdating sa ating pambansang bayani... nasa puso talaga natin si rizal
    Jul 20 2011 @ 12:28pm     Reply  
  • astrobotz
    Naku, Pinoy talaga. Kaya lang naman sila nagsusuot ng mga ganyan kasi suot ng paborito nilang artista or musician kaya nakikisabay sa uso. Si Dr.Jose Rizal naka-Aviator shades, mga kabataan nyan eh unahan pa sa pagbili para lang masabi na 'Wow! Astig!' o in short eh 'gustong magpapansin sa classroom'. Mahilig pumorma at magmukhang matalino pero kung kaalaman lang naman tungkol kay Rizal. May ma-isagot kaya?
    Jul 18 2011 @ 01:26pm     Reply  
  • florencio
    ang galing po... vocalist pala ng rage against the machine si che hehehe.. naging vocalist ang revolutionary
    Jul 15 2011 @ 04:55pm     Reply  
  • dog style
    hahyz.. mga di marunong mag basa! di nman sinabi na si Che Guevarra ng lead vocalist nang RAM... sinabi nang malinaw ni boss Lourd na un ang naging simula nung sinuot nang lead vocalist nila yung damit na may mukha ni Che Guevarra , nagpasikat anng FASHIONALISM.. mga boplaks..
    Jul 14 2011 @ 03:59pm     Reply  
  • psyote
    mukhang kahit ilang pepe rizal shirt pa isuot ng mga tao mananatili pa rin sa kamalayan ng kabataan na ang nanay ni dr. pepe ay si melchora aquino at ang mga akda nya ay noli at florante...
    Jul 09 2011 @ 08:17pm     Reply  
  • redhood
    i would love to see Lourd wearing a kris aquino shirt wearing aviators please!! c:rnrnrnhey Lourd, any insight about FLIPTOP, SUNUGAN and alikes? i think they are misleading the youth..
    Jul 08 2011 @ 11:53am     Reply  
  • samapguita
    Che Guevarra - lead vocalist of Rage Against the Machine rnrnLOL!
    Jul 06 2011 @ 06:10pm     Reply  
  • menthodex dm
    120 years later, siguro kasali na ang mga Ampatuan at Arroyo sa Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas. Hindi na tayo magugulat pa kung meron na ring naka-printang larawan ni Andal at GMA sa mga t-shirt nang mga jologs na anak-sa-anak-sa-anak-sa-anak natin. Who knows? Baka kasali na ang mukha nila sa 5000 peso bill?
    Jul 01 2011 @ 12:48pm     Reply  
  • punkrocker
    magkaisa hindi bilang Pilipino.Magkaisa bilang TAO :)
    Jun 30 2011 @ 09:44pm     Reply  
  • lennon redux
    @punkrocker,rnrnNakuha mo ang spirit ng globalismo! tingnan mabuti lyrics ng IMAGINE...
    Jun 29 2011 @ 07:41pm     Reply  
  • punkrocker
    Nationalism? isang bagay lang yan na nagpapagulo sa mundo...hindi ba't ang nationalism ay medyo hawig sa racism?hmmm naisip ko lang..hindi ba't mas maganda kung kahit anong lahi eh irerespeto mo gaya ng pagrespeto mo sa iyong sarili?hindi ko kinahihiya ang pagiging Pilipino ngunit hindi ko rin ipinagmamalaki na Pilipino ako..Nakatira lang tau sa iisang mundo.bakit pa kelangan maghatian...sabi nga sa kanta "No color, no race, no religion, no creed, no reason to hate" may tama naman di ba..Peace ya'll
    Jun 29 2011 @ 06:41pm     Reply  
  • renan gatdula
    @ espilehiyo; indio bravo you two can both suck my d*ck you cunt for wearing those team manila crap!rnrn@ filam go back to america and die! - yes! this is my email address, you can drop me a message if you got problems with my post!
    Jun 29 2011 @ 02:55pm     Reply  
  • renan gatdula
    Harcore Pride! Keepin' it real!
    Jun 29 2011 @ 02:49pm     Reply  
  • sethdangel
    One of the pioneers of this Fashinalismo is HAPPY DAYS shirt... Still remember the BAGETS t-shirt first worn by Chito of PNE?
    Jun 27 2011 @ 02:26pm     Reply  
  • the watcher
    @ ron onarnrnEven a well educated Filipino have no clue what nationalism is. What you said about love and respect for countrymen or fellowmen is something not ingrained in Filipinos.
    Jun 25 2011 @ 09:19am     Reply  
  • anonymous
    Perhaps tama po kayo, having nationalist and patriotic images (sacrilegious or not) on shirts, hats, or what have you may spark some sort of curiosity and lead some interests on our nation's history. Kaya lang po, ang masama kapag nanatiling 'surface level' na nga lang ang interest ng mga tao at naging produkto na nga lang ng konsumerismo ang mga imahe na dapat ay binibigyan ng halaga. Kumbaga maging 'commodity' or 'brand' na lang ang pagsusuot ng mga ito. Sa kalagayan po ngayon (politika, media at edukasyon) mahirap paniwalaan na ang proliferation ng mga ganitong kasuotan ay magdudulot ng masmalalim na kaalaman at kahulugan kay Rizal the super-Filipino o sa historya ng bansang Pilipinas. Although ang masasabi ko po, in certain cases like para sa mga nasa labas ng Pilipinas, ang pagsusuot ng ganitong mga tshirt ay nagiging act nga ng patriotism dahil sa pagsusuot nito ay itinataas nila ang bandera ng nga lang, wag mo na lang sila tanungin kung ano ang nakontribute ni Rizal para saten o kung gano na nga ba katindi ang estado ng kahirapan sa Pilipinas. Pero tanungin mo kung anong naging ending ng Mara Clara at alam na alam!
    Jun 25 2011 @ 08:10am     Reply  
  • lelouch
    pwede bang paki-tagalog lahat ng nasa itaas?!?
    Jun 23 2011 @ 05:47pm     Reply  
  • espilehiyo
    I never considered myself a "fashionista," although, I must admit, I own a couple of Team Manila shirts (OK, at least five shirts--and a hoodie). I guess I like Rizal's "preppy" look, with the shades and all. And as you've said, it's better than "Boy London." However,just like a quote I remember from one of your WOTL episodes, "Familiarity breeds contempt." I want a Macario Sacay shirt, para maiba naman.
    Jun 23 2011 @ 02:49pm     Reply  
  • lolame
    i love this word,fashionalismo!
    Jun 23 2011 @ 01:04pm     Reply  
  • ron ona
    that's exactly it... "commodity-zation" of perceived nationalism. the shirt sells but the thought sinks. the reality is, filipinos do not understand what nationalism is all about. its not about wearin' the filipino flag or jumpin up n down for pacquiao or charice! nationalism is about love & respect for countrymen & not necessarily the flag. just go outside & see how filipinos throw disrespect at one another at a rate of thousands a minute. just go to edsa, look at the cars & buses, the cusses & fu's... you won't see a speck of countrymen throwin respect at one another.
    Jun 21 2011 @ 11:52am     Reply  
  • ikelbee
    "But let me repeat: talking about Rizal is better than talking about the dating developments of Phil Younghusband and Angel Locsin." LOL! Soo true! :D
    Jun 21 2011 @ 10:20am     Reply  
  • olats
    i think the various pacquiao shirts (authorized nikes tees and numerous non authorized shirts) are nationalistic too.rnrn I also saw Brandon Vera shirts with the official Pilipinas Seal and alibatas being worn here in NY
    Jun 21 2011 @ 03:28am     Reply  
  • roel quejada
    Ang Team Manila ata ang nagpa-uso ng paglalagay ng shades kay Ingkong Pepe e.
    Jun 20 2011 @ 10:21pm     Reply  
  • kidlat
    heto na naman tayo...basta bebenta sa masa ipapalabas yan sa TV..for almost a week puro tungkol kay Rizal ang ipinapalabas sa telebisyon..ang tanong,tumatatak ba talaga sa isipan ng tao ang pinalabas sa TV tungkol kay Rizal?siguro, kung araw2 nating ipapalabas yun sa loob ng isang dekada eh tatatak talaga..pero kung tuwing kaarawan lang niya eh napakalabo naman siguro nun..not unless si John Loyd o si Piolo ang gaganap na Rizal..yan kasi ang problema sa atin, short attention span..may maghihiwalay lang na artista nyan,sigurado makakalimutan na natin si Rizal...
    Jun 20 2011 @ 03:45pm     Reply  
  • xtian
    Mainam na nagkaroon ng pagkahilig ang mga tao sa mga damit at kagamitang may palamuting Pilipino at makabayan subalit pagakatapos ano na? Kapag nagsawa ang mga tao sa pagsusuot ng mga damit galing Team Manila at Three Stars and a Sun ano na ang susunod na uso? Ang pangit isipin na nauuso lang ang pagiging makabayan ngayon ngunit iyon ang totoo. Kapag bukas nauso ang bahag karamihan ng tao iyon na ang isusuot.
    Jun 19 2011 @ 03:27pm     Reply  
  • jan
    naalala ko lang dati may tinanong kung sino yung taong nakalagay sa damit (che guevara was the correct answer) the dude said, "Bob Marley"
    Jun 19 2011 @ 02:39pm     Reply  
  • indio bravo
    @surg702,rnrnThat's really the way of the world. Australia's forebears were also felons & convicts from Engand. Even in America, poor immigrants from Europe came and tamed the West and exterminated the native Indians and carved the country for their own interests. It was just tough luck for Pinoys like us, there are no longer new frontiers to conquer, naunahan na tayo nitong mga empire builders na galing din sa wala sa lugar nila...Ang kapital tapang at lakas ng loob saka syempre mi utak din sila kasi kung wala hindi sila makaka speculate for a ong term wealth acqusition....
    Jun 19 2011 @ 10:44am     Reply  
  • filam
    I was born and raised in the United States and I am proud of my Fillipino roots. When I went home to Philippines last year, I felt a little bit alienated though not because of language, customs or culture but the mindset of the people. You could feel how conscious people are regarding their social status by the way they dress and speak and how everybody wants to be what they see on Hollywood cause they always refer to styles and even name brands. I admit that I was not even aware with some of them These guys know a lot about America and Europe better than me I guess and I'm not kidding. rnrnI was like, oh really?
    Jun 19 2011 @ 04:06am     Reply  
  • surg702
    @ pinoyrnrnThe Zobels, the Ayalas, Elizaldes, Aranetas were decendants from poor families from Spain who were either sailors or soldiers that served during the colonization. Henry Sy and other Chinese billionaires came to the Philippines as illegal aliens. They were poor and made their fortune selling bote - dyaryo, taho etc., now they own our f**king country. rnrnThe Philippines, prior to colonization was a Muslim nation whose heritage decended from the Royal family of Brunei. So the Philippines, which was originally called by its ancestors as Maharlika and Brunei, came from the same family and also related to the people from Indonesia, Sabah and Malaysia. Magulo ang history ng Pinas because Spain destroyed official documents.
    Jun 19 2011 @ 02:09am     Reply  
  • indio bravo
    Pausuhin naman ang Bakya imbes na Havaiianas kaya?rnAng Tibay Mocassins imbes topsiders? Accel imbes na Adidas?
    Jun 19 2011 @ 12:57am     Reply  
  • kurdapya
    @ pinoy, up to now feeling pa rin ng family ni First Gentleman ay espanyoles sila. Eh noong unang panahon nga eh sila ang mga Intsik na discriminated. Nag asal Espanyol lang sila para "we belong" sila sa high society noong unang panahon. Walang pinag iba sa mga Pacquiao ngayon.
    Jun 18 2011 @ 11:49pm     Reply  
  • pinoy
    @ surg702, good to know that. What I learned duringCarlos' tour was that Chinese immigrants were discriminated so these people tried to blend with the Spanish crowd by changing their name and acted, dressed, and talked like the Spanish authorities. Example: Tua Tuason (the former First Gentleman's family).
    Jun 18 2011 @ 09:44pm     Reply  
  • surg702
    @ pinoyrnrnDid you know that during the colonization period under Spain, the term FILIPINO referred only to those decendants of the colonizers that were born in the Philippines, and the Filipinos as we know it today were called indios. The reason why the decendants of families like the Zobels, the Ayalas, the Elizaldes etc. chose to stay in the Philippines at the end of colonization, because SPANIARDS born overseas did not have the same privileges given to those that were born in SPAIN. In other words, our version of our history as we know it today is different from the history that were written by historians from Spain.
    Jun 18 2011 @ 01:58pm     Reply  
  • pinoy
    "why didn’t they think of this earlier?" It is because generally, Filipinos think of themselves as inferior to others. There is no pride of country. Sa abroad, you will hear them say "Huwag kang titira doon, maraming Pilipino doon". Eh ano? I see Filipinos wear USA or United Kingdom shirts when in the tourist spots or shopping malls abroad. Do you see them wear Filipinas, Philippines, or Manila shirts? Hell no. Only foreign artists like Julio Iglesias wear them. Why is our tourism receipt quite low compared to our neighbors in spite of world class tourism products like El Nido? Kasi Filipinos love to throw mud at their own country. "Don't go there, lot of pickpockets and cheaters", they say to foreigners. Huwag na tayong lumayo, sino ang nag publish ng US State Department Travel Alert - yes, the Philippine media. It is never mentioned in the international press.
    Jun 18 2011 @ 10:07am     Reply  
  • surg702
    Because we are a nation of vanquished people, a colonized people, an exploited people, that a Pacquiao conquest of a much superior foe had, in a metaphorical sense given a country and its people some pride and nationalism, thus the birth of Fashionalismo which Manny proudly wears in his fights.
    Jun 18 2011 @ 09:01am     Reply  
  • enteng
    shetttttttt...! si rizal may shades shetttt..! napakalaking kalapastanganan...!! shettttttttt!!..!
    Jun 18 2011 @ 08:55am     Reply  
  • surg702
    Your question: why didn't they think of this earlier is because Filipino pride was non-existent until Manny Pacquiao beat Oscar de la Hoya in that memorable fight where a David whom nobody gave a chance to win, beat a Goliath of modern boxing. Manny's victory have made him in a contemporary way, a Filipino hero whose feat has placed that lost or missing pride in our conciousness. Filipino nationalism did not happen because GOD snapped His fingers at us. It happened because of an event although insignificant to events in our country, but was significant enough, that a David, conquering a Goliath, has awakened a nation's consciousness about a pride they all needed.
    Jun 18 2011 @ 04:51am     Reply  
  • isprikitik
    Che Guevarra as vocalist of RATM? lolrnrnWish ko lang sa mga nagusuoot ng ganung shirts (like JPR / ninoy / phil islands) e totoo sila sa sarili nila. Hindi dahil uso. Nice post Lourd!
    Jun 18 2011 @ 01:52am     Reply  
  • wendel_14
    tamang lagyan ng shade ang pangbansang bayani di pa parang panggag*g* ito sa isang bayani sino ba nag design nito sheeeeeeeeet ......nag aral ba sya ng paggag*g*oo shetttttttttttttttttttt talaga.? but ill give it to lourd ano ang tama magkabagong panahon para kabataan walang magagawa kundi mag facebook at mag online games? shettttttttttttttttttt? history o dota?rn
    Jun 17 2011 @ 05:01pm     Reply  
  • kk
    sana lang magkaroon nga ng interes sa history ang mga tao na nagsusuot ng mga shirt na ganon. rnrnbukod don, sana naman isipin nila na commitment ang magsuot ng mga ganun kasi proud sila na pinoy sila, ibig sabihin dapat maayos ang kilos, kahit sa pinaka simpleng paraan gaya ng pagtatapon ng basura sa trash can.
    Jun 17 2011 @ 02:30pm     Reply  
  • shaun
    ang kulit talaga ng mga jologs. si Che na pala ang vocalist ng RATM... sabagay magkahawig naman sila ni Zach eh... ako din napapangite kapag nakakakita ng mga fashionalistang tao.
    Jun 17 2011 @ 12:59pm     Reply  
  • jepong
    Jun 17 2011 @ 09:33am     Reply  
  • popu
    Tanang gamit made in chinaaaaaa...!! rnrnTo quote the word of the lourd...rn rnRelevant pa b c rizal sa mga panahon ng charice pempengco, arnel pineda at manny pacquiao...
    Jun 16 2011 @ 11:01pm     Reply  
  • bluepiranha
    Good read. If so-called "fashionalismo" becomes an avenue toward fostering a real sense of nationalism in us Pinoys, then hey why not? The way I see it we could certainly use a lot more of it. If we had enough real love for our country, we'd stop succumbing to corruption and actually think of ways to pay back our homeland...but maybe that's for another column.
    Jun 16 2011 @ 10:40pm     Reply  
  • mpcat
    Jun 16 2011 @ 09:40pm     Reply  
  • tonyo
    nice. i have that san miguel beer tshirt scored from megamall myself hehehe!
    Jun 16 2011 @ 06:58pm     Reply  
  • weeeee

    i didn't know that che's the vocalist of rage against the machine! (who said that, by the way?) i even watched the 2-part movie! i've been living under a rock for all these years then..heehee :)

    Jun 16 2011 @ 06:50pm     Reply  
  • meow_meow

    i didn't know that che's the vocalist of rage against the machine! (who said that, by the way?) i even watched the 2-part movie! i've been living under a rock for all these years then..heehee :)

    Jun 16 2011 @ 06:49pm     Reply  
  • jun pyo
    che guevarra => lead vocalist of Rage Against the Machine. classic! LOL! for info purposes, its zack dela rocha. the lourd rocks!
    Jun 16 2011 @ 06:26pm     Reply  
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