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Who Are the People in Your Facebook Neighborhood?
A quick guide to the different kinds of Facebook friends, each with a unique way of answering that all-important question: What's on your mind?
By: Marla Miniano  |   Published on: Oct 9, 2009 - 8:00am

tagger8. The Compulsive Tagger You know how some photos should not, under any circumstances, be uploaded? The Compulsive Tagger does not understand this unspoken rule. Not only will she dutifully upload pictures of your wild drunken night, she will also tag you in each and every one of them, including the ones where you're hugging the toilet and the ones where your mouth is open wide enough to accommodate a speeding train. She will also tag you in videos, illustrations, and notes that have absolutely nothing to do with you.

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  • baklangrubi
    dapat meron din yung Mr. and MS. quotes...uin uing puro quotes ang pinopost dapat meron din jan uing mga etchuserang palaka na pag may kaaway sa Status pinapatamaan haha
    Apr 15 2010 @ 01:58am     Reply  
  • human
    number 10 may tama ka! arent we all the same at some point?
    Dec 09 2009 @ 03:55pm     Reply  
  • human
    i was once an fb user but now?! sh*t! delete! i hate facebook!
    Dec 09 2009 @ 03:50pm     Reply  
  • human
    oh and not forget the jealous type na halos lahat ng post mo ginagaya gaya. kakahiya!
    Dec 09 2009 @ 03:46pm     Reply  
  • human
    arent just not pleased with all the bee-yotches out there! so sick and tired of them!
    Dec 09 2009 @ 03:43pm     Reply  
  • nico
    i was about to post this on my wall, then i read number 10... hehe... guilty of number 10...
    Nov 13 2009 @ 08:45pm     Reply  
  • ian
    i am kinda a bit of all of these, hehehe
    Oct 15 2009 @ 12:17am     Reply  
  • kabet
    good bye wala kayong katorya toryang
    Oct 13 2009 @ 05:40am     Reply  
  • kabet
    oi kayong GMA famiy dun nga kayo sa mlacanyang wala kayong maitutulong dito..pwaaaaaaaaaa lol
    Oct 13 2009 @ 05:38am     Reply  
  • kabet
    @ astc anong pinagsasabi mo?
    Oct 13 2009 @ 05:37am     Reply  
  • kabet
    add nyo ko para marami akong kabet
    Oct 13 2009 @ 05:34am     Reply  
  • economist05
    but come to think of it, FB seems to be the haven for those people who are bored and has nothing to do but sit and stare.. the applications (though most of them are non-sense esp the quizzes) are addicting.

    ang galing ng concept. You cant help it, everytime you turn your PC on and log-in, facebook agad. other social networking sites are becoming obsolete nowadays such as multipy and friendster because of their limited features.

    this is the trend. virtual connections make this world a small place to live in.
    Oct 11 2009 @ 10:19pm     Reply  
  • jvc
    i'm not a big on this social networking thing but not against it either, in fact I have one and glad I did not do any on the list...but I just thought if everything is like criticized (like what you've written)..I wonder what would be the "appropiate" thing to do when you sign-up Facebook. Say nothing? I mean it's there to reveal one's personality and they can do it however they like it because it's their "virtual life", maybe inexact reflection of themselves in real life but at least that shows up.
    So, what's "cool" and not annoying, appropriate to do in Facebook? Write something in the wall like a sensible person even if a person is not? C'mon? Friends flocks together and they are friends because they like each other no matter how uncool is it.

    P.S. The article made me smile though!
    Oct 11 2009 @ 01:17am     Reply  
  • astc
    I know and I admit I committed a mistake and I suffer for that really I am, Im just human, bit for you to take revenge by what you are doing is not the right revenge. Its yu who will loose nt him.
    Think of that Nel
    Oct 11 2009 @ 12:33am     Reply  
  • astc
    I just dont understand people on this site, what ever you are doing is wromg think about yur children not your husband. But I tell you what ever you are doing is wrong, your married and to commit mistake is not the solution.
    Think of that before you stuck on the mud like what you are doing now.

    Oct 11 2009 @ 12:31am     Reply  
  • Acris
    Ay! Tinamaan ako sa txt spkr. Gamit ko kc cp ko pra mkpg log in s fb. Kya prang txt ako mgupdate ng status at mgcomment. Hahaha. Ok lng un, db?
    Oct 10 2009 @ 10:42pm     Reply  
  • Gloria Arroyo
    hi anak! bakit di mo naman ako niyaya dito? kayong dalawa talagang mag-ama busy kayo mag-bonding nakalimutan nyo naman ako isama... tampo tuloy ako hmmp!
    Oct 10 2009 @ 06:16pm     Reply  
  • Mikey Arroyo
    the bloggers should also busy themselves helping their countrymen who are still reeling from the effects of the worst natural calamity the country had experienced in decades.

    BTW thanks dad! I miss you! muah! TC! hugz hugz!!
    Oct 10 2009 @ 05:16pm     Reply  
  • FB
    11. The Stalker - The one who doesn't... err never posted an update--No Avatars, Photos, Info--nothing. He/She doesn't even use any of FB's applications. He/She just created an account to stalk someone. The scary part is when your supposed "Stalker" sent you a message like "I'll be watching you..." LOL

    12. The Flamer - Sh*t, A**h**e, M***erF**ker, and other unacceptable and provocative words are what you found on their status/posts. Don't even try to reply unless you are a flaming afficionado!
    Oct 10 2009 @ 04:44pm     Reply  
  • mommy
    nice article
    Oct 10 2009 @ 10:43am     Reply  
  • annery10
    Mike Arroyo I like you, I'll add you in my Facebook.
    Oct 10 2009 @ 03:27am     Reply  
  • johnny_midnight

    dont forget the "add me" friend requests for those apps!

    "add me!!" ..rofl
    Oct 09 2009 @ 07:20pm     Reply  
  • gecko
    So how do we unlike Mike Arroyo's post? Delete?
    Oct 09 2009 @ 07:15pm     Reply  
  • garden gnome
    love the on! Farm town is one of my guilty pleasures but I do skip the updates (i hate those updates)

    lmao @Mike arroyo...if you are who you say you are, you're definitely putting the spotlight on yourself. :-P and this is why I hate politicians
    Oct 09 2009 @ 06:29pm     Reply  
  • Mike Arroyo
    This is the last time you "freedom of speech" abusers hurt my son!

    He has the right to buy liquor be it in waist-deep water or waist-deep in manure.
    Oct 09 2009 @ 05:30pm     Reply  
  • red_rabbit
    I am number 4! If you object, I'll add you to my hitlist! :D
    Oct 09 2009 @ 05:22pm     Reply  
  • Mikey Arroyo

    That's what I'm talking about people! Annoying diba?! I really hate facebook.

    My picture posted at Facebook with a caption saying I was busy shopping for wine at the height of Typhoon Ondoy is another malicious attack at my personality. It is so depressing.

    I hope that Facebook and other like mediums be regulated so they can never be subjected to abuse by some scrupulous people. Facebook is easily susceptible to abuses as people can easily hide their identities.
    Oct 09 2009 @ 03:30pm     Reply  
  • Gelo
    regarding no. 9 (the chatterbox), di ba may offline option sa chat box?
    Oct 09 2009 @ 03:01pm     Reply  
  • Peeing Tomas
    ..Dapat diyan meron "The Mr.Mrs Update.". These are the people who updates there status on every little thing they do : example, Maria is awake, Maria just had coffee, Maria just went to the bathroom, Maria is na-alimpungatan hehehehehe
    Oct 09 2009 @ 02:32pm     Reply  
  • gecko
    Oct 09 2009 @ 02:06pm     Reply  
  • gecko
    Good post. *like*

    Btw, I hid all quizzes and apps already, waste of time. And then I also hate the tagger. I delet all tags whenever somebody tags me.

    And aren't we all "The Friend Who’s Not Exactly A Friend" in some way or the other?
    Oct 09 2009 @ 02:06pm     Reply  
  • ditoname
    as for the txt spkr, i'm guilty of this only because my twitter updates is sync'd with facebook, hence the 140 character limit.
    Oct 09 2009 @ 01:52pm     Reply  
  • roseprincess
    what about "the elitist"? ;) that's another stereotype. ;)
    Oct 09 2009 @ 01:45pm     Reply  
  • anne02
    can think of a person or two in my list matching each of the 10! :D
    Oct 09 2009 @ 01:15pm     Reply  
  • self-confessed hater
    at wag natin kalumutan ang:

    the hater

    mga puro reklamo tungkol sa quiz takers, jetsetters, games at applications, lyrics-quoters, lovers, taggers at lahat yata ng post ng ibang tao. what's on your mind daw e, kung yun gusto nila post e. walang karapatan mag reklamo kasi friends mo nasa news feed mo e, di naman sila lalabas dun kung di ka nag-accept ng friend request nila. at isa pa, may settings button, bigyan mo lang ng oras intindihin at magugulat sa kung gaano ka detalyado ang settings na pwede mo gawin. o kung tinatamad o busy sobra may mas simpleng paraan, gamitin mo yung "hide button" na makikita sa tabi ng mga post, sigurado 80% ng kinaiinisian mo di mo na makikita. friendster nalang kaya? walang apps dun.
    Oct 09 2009 @ 01:13pm     Reply  
  • karl_bustamante
    Karl likes this
    Oct 09 2009 @ 12:25pm     Reply  
  • Crabbypatty
    What's a Facebook?
    Oct 09 2009 @ 12:00pm     Reply  
  • self-confessed semi-jetsetter
    *insert thumbs up Facebook icon here*
    Oct 09 2009 @ 11:58am     Reply  
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