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Charice on her haters: "They pull me down but give me strength"
Know what keeps the worldwide sensation going before she tours Asia and guest-stars in Glee.
Published on: Jul 16, 2010 - 3:14pm

Little girl no more

Clad in high-waisted blue shorts, a boyfriend jacket and platforms--far from her frilly dresses and neneng look of yesteryear--and using a glittery Hannah-Montana-esque microphone, she dominated the stage with her thunderous voice. She even had some of the well-heeled crowd of Resorts World Manila, located at the posh Newport City in Pasay, gamely gesturing the Pyramid hand sign.

She addressed the audience in a mix of Filipino and English with a slight American twang. In between songs, she playfully announced her need for air or water, and even once quipped, "Nagutom ako 'dun," after seemingly effortlessly belting out songs. She performed only six numbers--our trip to the venue from Mandaluyong actually took longer than the entire duration of her set. To appease the clamoring crowd at the end of the show, she sang Justin Bieber's "Baby," which she previously covered on Perez Hilton, acapella.

Charice Pempengco performs "Pyramid" at Resorts World Manila on July 15.

Busy as a singing bee

With the overwhelming turn of events in her life, Charice, who turned 18 in May, says that she doesn't quite feel like her age. "I'm 18 years old but I feel much younger and much older at the same time. I have time for play but I also feel mature for my age because of my past," Charice told at the press conference on July 15 for her concert series in Manila from July 15 to 17.

These days, she considers dealing with criticisms her greatest challenge but she also draws strength from them. "May mga taong nagta-try na hilahin ka pababa. 'Yun ang pinakamahirap and at the same time, nagpapalakas sa akin. 'Pag negative sila, dapat mapakitang mas positive ka sa kanila," she said at the July 15 press conference.

It sure looks like her strategy is working. She's certainly come a long way from those small-town singing tilts.

Charice will country-hop for her first solo Asian tour starting with the concert at Resorts World Manila on July 15, followed by performances at The Venice Piazza on July 16 and Eastwood Mall Open Park on July 17. Afterwards, she will fly to Japan, Malaysia and Thailand, and then back to the US. Later this year, she'll be part of the David Foster and Friends tour.

Charice has also come a long way from her first win of P7,500 cash with groceries, a cassette player and a trophy, as reported by YES!--but not quite the alleged $100,000 per show talent fee. Charice said, "Wala akong alam talaga sa talent fee. Pero I think sobra naman 'yung $100,000. Nagsa-start pa lang naman ako."

Curtain call

Despite the good fortune brought by her singing, Charice admitted at the press conference that she didn't want to be a singer forever. She reiterated that she would like to take up law, as previously reported. Skeptics might raise an eyebrow at her dream but she might just prove them wrong. Currently studying BA Communications at an Massachusetts-based online international university, she also reads law books. "It's like my relaxation," she told Reuters Television, as reported by

She said at the press con, "Gusto ko pa rin pong may marating talaga ako. Not as an artist pero ibang posisyon. Lawyer--ang taas ng pangarap ko (laughs). Kahit na matagal po 'yun, magsisikap talaga ako."

Catch Charice live at The Venice Piazza on July 16, 8 p.m. and at the Eastwood Mall Open Park on July 17, 8 p.m. For tickets, call 709-1111 local 142 and look for Ian Frayco.


Photos by Jean Natividad.

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  • win
    ginamit ni dra, belo si charice, yan ang nakakalungkot..pareho sila ni kho, gusto parating nasa news..
    Jul 23 2010 @ 11:31pm     Reply  
  • love what you are
    it IS sick. I like dra. belo enough, I think she is an intelligent, ambitious woman, but some things should be left alone. Her business is dependent on insecurity and making you feel like your looks could be better.... so what's wrong with a little tweaking?

    Charisse might not look like Miley Cyrus but that's not the point. Charisse looks like Charisse - leave it at that and let the wonderful talent do what she does best.
    Jul 20 2010 @ 08:39pm     Reply  
  • voice of reason
    the haters come with the territory. if she wants to be a star, she has to be strong enough for it. and NOT let people like her manager and vicki belo take advantage of her!! an 18yo getting botox to look "fresh" on cam? wtf?! messed up!
    Jul 20 2010 @ 03:51pm     Reply  
  • cardcrusher
    I can't be proud of a person who has to get botox just to fit in. I have higher standards.
    Jul 20 2010 @ 12:28pm     Reply  
  • bpvx
    Botox treatment?wow! gravity will always win..
    Jul 20 2010 @ 11:33am     Reply  
  • *****


    Jul 20 2010 @ 03:24am     Reply  
  • berto


    Jul 19 2010 @ 11:00pm     Reply  
  • Boy Malibog
    @Maria Malibog, date tayo, sweetie!
    Jul 19 2010 @ 08:34pm     Reply  
  • bluepiranha
    Charice has talent and luck going for her right now - the important thing is she's capitalizing on both while the opportunities are ripe for the picking. That's all that matters really.

    She may not be the best, but she's pretty damn good at what she does, and she does rank up there. As long as she takes care of her throat and lungs she'll keep afloat of all the hatemongering.
    Jul 19 2010 @ 11:49am     Reply  
  • Marie
    @ Maria Malibog

    If you think Charice looks like 'pataygutom', then I'd rather be a 'pataygutom' with dignity and honor than be like you - a bitter and classless individual. I wonder what kind of upbringing you had. Remember the old saying that goes "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all". Or maybe not. You might have been raised in a jungle, for all I know.
    Jul 19 2010 @ 11:07am     Reply  
  • danevillaluz
    I've never thought she would be a very big star. Stellar talaga! I was relieved to see Charice in a different light. Who would've thought that this young talent known singing songs that required belting would become a pop singer? I'm glad she is being handled reasonably because she has so much potential and she deserves it. Kudos to you, Charice!
    Jul 18 2010 @ 06:03pm     Reply  
  • Tita Aida
    @ robert, I agree. Our culture is not dying naman. We are rich in culture and it is always there. It just needs to be nurtured and appreciated more. More power to Charice.
    Jul 18 2010 @ 01:45pm     Reply  
  • robertz25
    Charice haters admit it, magaling talaga siya! and I hope na tayong mga Pinoy would support yung mga kapwa nating nagtatagumpay. Wag na nating ipamukha sa mundo ang bulok nating paguugali na talangka! Let us be proud that once again we are given a chance to show kung gano talaga tayo kagaling na lahi! And may Charice become an inspiration sa DYING culture natin, lets be proud of who we are!!! We are at par with the rest of people in the world (thats coming from someone who works as an OFW), kaya dapat tayong magtulungan... MABUHAY!!!
    Jul 18 2010 @ 01:11pm     Reply  
  • Marj
    @ Maria Malibog, I know we have a new government in place. While it is true that we want to be as inclusive as possible, could you please verify that you really wanted to be in spot and not in PEP?
    Jul 18 2010 @ 02:34am     Reply  
  • Maria Malibog
    Whatever! mukha pa din syang patay gutom na performer. Pang Youtube lang talaga sya.
    Jul 17 2010 @ 09:17pm     Reply  
  • lurker
    In another website, it was reported that Charice had a botox treatment right before her concert at the Venice Piazza. Botox for someone as young as she is? What on earth for??? Does she want to look like a plastic doll?
    Jul 17 2010 @ 07:26pm     Reply  
    Dear vomit,

    You are absolutely correct! We have rectified our oversight. Thanks for pointing that out twice! What would we do without you? Thank you for always reading We appreciate your love and support.

    Jul 17 2010 @ 02:46pm     Reply  
  • vomit
    I don't think "contemplating murder," as written by Ausiello, is similar to "plots to kill Charice's character." Is it?
    Jul 17 2010 @ 10:22am     Reply  
  • vomit
    I don't think "contemplating murder" is similar to "plots to kill Charice's character." Unless you know something that we don't and you're absolutely sure that Rachel Berry will really plot to kill Charice's character.
    Jul 17 2010 @ 10:20am     Reply  
  • Von Al
    I have very high respect for hardworking yet humble people like you, Charice. You're truly an inspiration to all especially to the youngsters nowadays. Heaven will always beam shinning light to all your dreams and the angels will always guide your path. Don't mind the haters because they don't matter actually. What matters most is that you have touched millions of young hearts and you have shown perfect examples for others to pursue their dreams. Back to the time when you were guesting in a particular show in Italy, that Italian singing contest-judge was right when he told you that you have not only received a gift from God which is your beautiful voice, but you are also a gift from God for others to look up to. You're truly phenomenal and inspirational.
    Jul 17 2010 @ 04:56am     Reply  
  • Ann
    Congrats to her! When I saw the amonut of hate she was getting on some local websites, I couldn't believe...hatred is such an *gly thing to see. I'm looking forward to her appearance on Glee. Please people, let's stop tearing each other down. We'll never get ANYWHERE if we don't.
    Jul 17 2010 @ 02:10am     Reply  
  • MiahChat
    Kaya mo iyan Charice. You are a phenomenonal singer. Ilang beses mo ng pinatunayan iyan. Like my husband always say dahil tuwang tuwa at ipinagmamalaki ka niya kahit na hindi siya Pinoy eh isang beses lang mangyari sa buhay ang napakagandang nangyari sa buhay mo kaya make the most of it.

    Iyong dream mo na maging lawyer eh maabot mo iyan because that is your dream. Keep reaching for the stars but keep you feet on the ground. Best wishes for you Charice.
    Jul 16 2010 @ 10:24pm     Reply  
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