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Profiling Carlos Celdran: 10 Reasons He Rocks...the Boat plays pop profiler to figure out what makes Carlos Celdran tick--and dare.
Published on: Oct 4, 2010 - 2:30pm

Dubbed the "Pied Piper of Manila," "the original culture vulture," and "Manila's biggest fan, John Charles P. Celdran, better known as Carlos Celdran, is arguably one of Manila's best ambassadors. Though he's more popularly known as an out-of-the-box Manila tour guide, Celdran is also an artist and a very influential netizen. From the start, he has been a staunch advocate of the Reproductive Health Bill. On September 30, 2010, Celdran was arrested and detained for protesting at the Manila Cathedral. As the Philippine Online Chronicles reported, "Dressed as national hero Jose Rizal, Celdran approached the altar and held up a sign that read 'Damaso' in protest of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines' stand on the controversial reproductive health (RH) bill, which is still pending in Congress. Celdran also shouted at the bishops, 'Stop getting involved in politics.'" Needless to say, Celdran's move ruffled some holy feathers and prompted heated debates. plays pop profiler to figure out why Celdran rocks (the boat).


Carlos Celdran talks about spending 24 hours in jail--and what made him do what he did.


1. He is a Scorpio. Born on November 1o, Celdran is a Scorpion. According to, he is expected to be "intense, dramatic, and wise beyond their years." Moreover, Scorpions often "march to a different beat." In a country where speaking one's mind is not the norm and most people have parochial perpectives, Celdran certainly seems out of place.


2. He's liberal. It goes without saying that Celdran has very liberal outlook in politics and life in general. He says as much in his Facebook profile, where he tags himself as a "Lapsed Cafeteria Catholic," with "Left of Bourgeoise" political views.


3. He's an information junkie. Celdran loves to know anything and everything--from profound to profane information. In fact, in "On the Spot: Carlos Celdran," he refers to scandalous shenanigans in the lobby of a popular hotel. Information junkies like Celdran are people who get restless when their minds are not stimulated.


Carlos Celdran makes history hot.


4. His forehead is wide and distinctive. According to the Feng Shui Times, the forehead represents "fame and fire" and that "we can be assured that if the forehead is auspicious recognition will come our way." Despite not having his face on billboards, Celdran is popular. Case in point: 4,980 people are connected to him on Facebook and he has 17,309 Twitter followers.


5. He's not a whiner. In an interview on ANC's Headstart, Celdran said that he only spend 24 hours in jail and that it was "practically nothing." While it would have been easy for him to get hysterical, he just laughed off his experience and took it like a man.

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  • newbie
    nag-comment na po sya..please read previous comments. and again, the issue is not about his sexuality.
    Oct 14 2010 @ 04:38am     Reply  
  • curlygurl3
    Sa mga nagsasabign gay/bakla daw si Carlos: Sa tingin ko po di po bakla si Carlos. Sana may makapagpatunay na di nga sya bakla... Mrs Carlos Celdran any comments? :)
    Oct 13 2010 @ 06:09pm     Reply  
  • curlygurl3
    We need people like Carlos to champion the truth regarding the RH Bill. The Church, ie the clergy, think they know best, but have they done anything to really educate the masses on the effects of over-population? Heck, most of them don't have families of their own and dont need to feed their own families. Yet a few of them have children of their own born illegitimately and some are homos, makes me wonder where they get the money to support them? the coffers of their parish??? Hypocrites! They don't know the travails of looking for work and feeding their own children. All they know is shout from their pulpits. rnrnRight, Carlos, the DAMASO issue since the time of Rizal has not changed at all.rnrnMabuhay ka Carlos!
    Oct 13 2010 @ 06:03pm     Reply  
  • Ambo
    Salamat naman at kahit isa ay may naliwanagan. Ang totoo niyan dalawa talaga ang major major na kalaban. Natatandaan mo pa ba ang mga isinisigaw ng mga aktibista noong Dekada Sisenta (60s)?rnIBAGSAK ANG BUROKRATANG-KAPITALISTA !rnIBAGSAK ANG KLERIKO-PASISMO !rnrnItong dalawa ang sanhi ng mga paghihirap natin. Itong dalawa rin ang mi gustong lumobo ang dami ng populasyon dahil pabor sa mga agenda nila, at wala silang pakialam sa National Interest.rnrnYung una, ito yung mga trapong pulitiko na nasa burukrasya ,na mi kani-kaniyang negosyo. Ginagamit ang pulitika para ma farther ang mga negosyo/pagaari/assets at iba pang yaman na galing din naman sa mamayan. Gusto nilang dumami ang masang t*ng* dahil diyan nanggaling ang pwersa ng boto nila. Mas t*ng* at gutom, madaling paikutin....rnrnYung pangalawa eh yung organized religion nga composed of clerics at kasama na diyan ang CBCP. Gusto din nila ng mga masang Tanga dahil in desperation at destitution eh maraming nagsisimba at syempre dagdag sa coffers ng simbahan. Ang gimmick nila, magpasensiya na lang daw muna dito sa lupa dahil mi kaluwalhatian namang naghihintay sa kanila sa langit pag namatay sila....At milyon -milyon ang naniniwala dito! Paano mo babaguhin ang equation?
    Oct 09 2010 @ 12:54pm     Reply  
  • damaso
    tama ka ambo. lahat ng comment mo tama at realistic talaga. rn@elias sana lahat ng simbahan maliit man o malaki may shelter or center na regular nag papakain sa mga mahihirap para naman maibsan ng gobyerno ang mga pasanin. total ang simbahan naman ang may gusto na lumubo ang population natin dapat may responsibilidad rin sila.rn
    Oct 09 2010 @ 12:20pm     Reply  
  • RobertDinero
    @irene,rnrnThe balance is defective. It has gotta to be repaired, otherwise, it will lead us on the road to perdition. And I'm afraid it already has. 100 million rambunctious, unruly, undisciplined, ungovernable,vociferous,violent prone Filipinos looks like a major major disaster. How about you? you will just pray?
    Oct 06 2010 @ 10:33am     Reply  
  • Linda
    @ Irene, there is no need for a perfect balance. My body, my choice. Moral or immoral, don't mess with my uterus. It is mine. End of story.
    Oct 06 2010 @ 10:12am     Reply  
  • Irene
    Though I admire his passion in trying to make a strong stand on what he believes. I honestly found his manner of expressing himself very unconventional. I admit I would not do anything like that even if I am a Scorpio and could sometimes be offbeat. rnrnThis is a very controversial topic. If he thinks rocking the boat and making things change in the Philippine Catholic Church in the 20th century then it is being hopeful. rnrnI personally believe in the sacredness of marriage and preserving that freedom of choice given by God but at the end of the day it is between the couple and the family how they want to plan their family. The couple should make a wise and informed decision without going against their personal and religious beliefs. For me, it is abstinence and natural methods. But what works for me may not work for others that is why I respect freedom of choice as long as it is not causing one to sin. rnrnOur Church is still very traditional. One may think we have come a long way from the Spanish times but the Church still holds on to very old fashioned and tradional viewpoints. We just have to remain objective at the same time morally upright. Is it possible to strike a perfect balance?rn
    Oct 06 2010 @ 02:20am     Reply  
  • Lala
    @ anonymous, don't you think this issue requires any attention? Whatever it is, it worked! Look at all the publicity and the outpour of support. Clearly, NO MORE DAMASO!
    Oct 05 2010 @ 10:56pm     Reply  
  • senyong
    e ano ngayon?? hindi naman si celdran ang issue dito.
    Oct 05 2010 @ 07:26pm     Reply  
  • anonymous
    She also added that Celdran once "swallowed mayonnaise by the spoonfuls just to gross us out" and "shaved off our girl friend's hair on stage, for art's sake."rnrnExplains so much of his obnoxious, attention-hogging behavior.
    Oct 05 2010 @ 06:45pm     Reply  
  • Satan
    Celdran shall be prosecuted accordingly but the Church shall stop interfering with the government. End of story!
    Oct 05 2010 @ 02:31pm     Reply  
  • kuks
    it was not in the right place but then he wants to make a point the best way he can. and he suceeded kaya nga nanggagalaiti ang mga sagrado katoliko sa kanya. kumbaga kung tatapik ka ng tao pwedeng kang isnabin so ang ginawa niya, nanghugot siya ng pubic hair! yun na!
    Oct 05 2010 @ 01:14pm     Reply  
  • Marj
    Great job Carlos. Like what you just said we should just FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS on the real issue. If we don't follow this RH issue carefully and if these friggin' Bishops will be successful in trashing this bill, later on these Bishops will focus on other issues like gay rights. Later on, these Bishops will ban gay personalities during prime time. That is not a remote possibility. RH Supporters, failure is not an option. Mabuhay!
    Oct 05 2010 @ 09:36am     Reply  
  • carlosceldran
    SIGH.rnrnI'm openly bisexual - the missus knew this the moment we met. Hello. I hope that settles that issue. rnrnIt's even on Wikipedi and it's not like I don't support LGBT issues. rnrnSigh.. Dang. Are bisexuals/queers like unicorns? Do we not really exist? Is it not possible to be attracted to both men and women in varying degrees? rnrnAnd Jeez. FOCUS. The issues here are RH, Human Rights, and Freedom of Speech. Not my sex life. rnrnI hope this answers Everyone's questions finally...rnrnAnd ya know what I find most tragic here is that the most homophobic/snarky comments I've gotten are from gay people themselves. So sad.rnrn
    Oct 05 2010 @ 08:05am     Reply  
  • JayEm
    @Ophelia it looks like your criticizing the gay sexuality in your first comment, could you just please understand us. Kaming gay community ay hindi naman nanggugulo instead were helping our country to be vigilant and have freedom.
    Oct 05 2010 @ 08:01am     Reply  
  • En
    @Ophelia Baroni:rnrnHes not even gay, what are you talking about? Hes married, please do some research before accusing someones gender.
    Oct 05 2010 @ 05:48am     Reply  
  • treve
    He's also a tisoy - half breed Filipino with Spanish blood. I don't know of any pure pinoy who would do the thing he did without evoking a lot of primal guts. Spanish people are always known for their "hot bloodedness" - for lack of a better term.
    Oct 05 2010 @ 05:19am     Reply  
  • gigolo
    thats true that we need daring people but not to the extent that you dishonor the place of worship. I am all for the RH Bill.. I just don't understand why catholic priests misunderstood this RH Bill. It gives people choices. It doesnt mean that this is what they will choose but still they have options, catholics or not. I guess as Filipinos we should be informed and keep on reading what RH Bill is all about. If there are loose ends that needs to be tied, then revise it for the good of the FIlipinos. We should not be swayed by hype. We should be informed and debate about this.
    Oct 05 2010 @ 03:41am     Reply  
  • Cynthia
    I love Carlos Celdran's ingenuity & unabashed attitude towards beautiful & *gly things that comes his way, especially towards the Filipino culture and history. Carlos, you are truly an artist with a lot of convictions and I support you 100%. Continue what you have to do. You're getting more & more recognized because of the "notoriety" of the protest against the Catholic church in the Philippines against the RH Bill. We need more daring Filipinos like you! Mabuhay!
    Oct 05 2010 @ 02:37am     Reply  
  • totoy
    asan si neneng wala yat syang comment dito...sabgay puro me sense ang sinasabi nyo dito kaya wala si neneng hahahah
    Oct 05 2010 @ 12:45am     Reply  
  • RobertDinero
    @marj,rnrnI know you were not born yesterday and you easily got my drift. We are not trying to drag race and class status here, just stating the obvious stark reality of what's happening. The church wants to oppose social change to preserve their status quo. But change is inevitable.rnYeah, everytime you make a comment, it's like stirring a hornet's nest, but I perfectly understand you!
    Oct 04 2010 @ 11:18pm     Reply  
  • Marj
    @RobertDinero, Carlos coming from the burgis sector is only accidental. However, in the Philippine setting, that is huge. In this country, nobody will listen to you if you belong to the middle class or lower. His U.S. education is a big plus. Folks who studied in U.S. schools are trained to say it as it is and that certainly results in controversy in this country. I should know that better when I receive a hurricane of comments the moment I speak my mind. Carlos actually supports the poor sector. Rich people have access to condoms or pills by just going to the nearest drug stores. The poor do not have access to that and this RH bill will plug those holes. Carlos deserves a Ramon Magsaysay Award.
    Oct 04 2010 @ 10:51pm     Reply  
  • newbie
    @ elias - pag inihalo mo ang kontraseptib, nawawala o nayuyurakan ang grasyang nakapaloob sa pagtatalik. at pag wala ang grasya or pagpapala, nagiging imoral ito.rnrnang ibig mo bang sabihin, sa twing magtatalik ang mag-asawa ng walang kontraseptib e moral sila at sa twing magtatalik naman sila ng may kontraseptib eh imoral na???rnrn
    Oct 04 2010 @ 10:38pm     Reply  
  • Elias
    @erick:rn"Yung mga mahihirap at latak ng lipunan na nanganak na wala namang pampalamon sa mga anak nila eh ITAMBAK na lang nila sa Roman Catholic Church whether they like it or else."rnrnmatagal na pong ginagawa ng simbahan ang pagkalinga sa mga itinakwil ng lipunan. kung lilibutin mo po ang metro manila, makikita po natin ang mga bahay ampunan, mga homes for the aged, shelters for those in need (unwed mothers, unwanted children) na itinataguyod ng mga madre at mga kongregasyon nang walang TV coverage at press releases eka nga. rnrnGanito rin po ang makikita sa iba pang mga bahagi ng pilipinas.
    Oct 04 2010 @ 10:16pm     Reply  
  • Elias
    @ambo:rnrntotoo nga na ang libido o sa mas kilalang bansag na libog ay natural na bahagi ng pagkatao. pero hindi wasto na sabihing ito lamang ang nagpapaandar ng kaisipan at kamalayan ng mga tao. ay tao ay nilikha (kung naniwala ka dito) o naging tao (kung mas panig ka sa ebolusyon) na may pag-iisip. kahit ang mga tinatawag ng lipunan na "kulang sa pag-iisip" ay may kakayahang (kahit medyo kulang) magnilaynilay at makabuo ng desisyon o pagpapasya. mas higit na may kakayahang mag-isip ang mga tinatawag na "normal."rnrnkahit yung mga kapos at naghihikahos sa buhay, sila man ay may ganap na pag-iisip at kakayahang magpasya. ang kailangan nila ay tamang pagkakataon at sapat na ayuda upang maiahon ang mga sarili mula sa kahirapan.
    Oct 04 2010 @ 10:09pm     Reply  
  • Anak
    Wala sanang problema kung magsiping ng magsiping. 'Wag lang mag-anak (lalo na yung wala nang mapakain sa pamilya nila!) Hindi na kakayanin ng binabayad na tax ng mga manggagawa ngayon para matustusan ang pangangailan ng mga mamamayan. Mas malaking populasyon, eh mas malaking gastusin para sa ibat ibang serbisyong pang-publiko. Maawa naman kayo sa mga susunod na henerasyon ng Pilipino! Hindi man tayo magugutom pero matitiis mo bang makita sa araw-araw yun mga bata sa kalye na hinahayaan ng magulang dahil walang mapakain? Makakaya mo ba ang mga batang nagnanakaw dahil walang makain? Ngayon pa lang di na makaya ng gobyerno matustusan pangangailangan ng mahihirap, dadagdan pa?
    Oct 04 2010 @ 09:14pm     Reply  
  • igeramos
    Because of Celdran, the RH Bill issue is now being carried by the major wire services like AP, Al Jazeera and the BBC. Celdran's unique manner of activism may not be acceptable to some and commendable to others. It may have polarized people, but at least it generated positive results. We must remember that the real issue here is the "RH Bill" and not Carlos Celdran vs the Catholic Church. Now that the dust has settled, we must not confuse the characters from the plot. Carlos was a major tipping point in this discussion and it opened avenues for intelligent debates. I'm sure, with Carlos at the helm, there will be more tipping points, if not toppling dominoes in the days to come. I've know Carlos Celbran for many years as a visual and performance artist and I've always admired his nonchalance and propensity for the new, the untried and the untested. And please stop dragging class and race issues here. It's not his fault if he was born burgis. His heart is alway in the right place. Even if he had an American education, he chose to remain here and serve our country in his own unique, inimitable way.
    Oct 04 2010 @ 08:47pm     Reply  
  • Ambo
    @Elias,rnrnMasyado mong ni-roromanticize ang pagtatalik. Ang libido ng tao ay likas dahil ito ay programmed na ng nature. Dahil nga tao tayo, dapat gumawa tayo ng paraan para hindi magbunga yung pagtatalik na iyan dahil kung pababayaan mo ang average size ng isang masang pamilya eh 20 anak! ang nanay eh labandera, ang tatay eh tricycle driver, papaano nila pakakainin ng matino at mapagaral ang mga ito? ang simbahan eh hindi est*p*do, alam nila ang paglobo ng populasyon pero gusto nila yun dahil pabor sa kanila. Mas desperate at destitute ang mga tao mas gusto nila dahil in desperation, maraming nagsisimba, at naglilimos. Ateto ay hindi pagmamaliit, ito ang STARK REALITY, ng sitwasyon, Gumising kayo!
    Oct 04 2010 @ 08:15pm     Reply  
  • Erick
    Ganito na lang, para wala masyadong argument about the RH Bill (which is the only rational solution to massive population explosion). rnrnYung mga mahihirap at latak ng lipunan na nanganak na wala namang pampalamon sa mga anak nila eh ITAMBAK na lang nila sa Roman Catholic Church whether they like it or else.
    Oct 04 2010 @ 08:05pm     Reply  
  • Elias
    @ambo: sobra mo namang minamaliit ang masa. sobra mo rin iniinsulto ang simbahan. sa usapang mahinahon, ang turo ng simbahan ay ganito: ang pagtatalik ay nilikha ng diyos hindi lamang para sa sarap or pagpaparaos ng libog. nakapaloob sa pagtatalik ng mag-asawa ang pagpapalalim ng kanilang relasyon at pagiging isa. gayundin naman, kalakip nito at hindi pwedeng ihiwalay ang pagiging isang pamamaraan nito upang makalikha ng bagong buhay -- ang mga anak. masasabi natin na sa pamamagitan ng pagtatalik, ang mag-asawa ay nakikiisa sa mapanlikhang kapangyarihan ng diyos. pag inihalo mo ang kontraseptib, nawawala o nayuyurakan ang grasyang nakapaloob sa pagtatalik. at pag wala ang grasya or pagpapala, nagiging imoral ito.
    Oct 04 2010 @ 06:52pm     Reply  
  • Boo Rat!
    Kung gusto nila magsiping ng magsiping, wala na kayong pakelam dun. Baket, kayo ba ang nagugutom?
    Oct 04 2010 @ 06:10pm     Reply  
  • toyang
    @ 4leaf: teh, para mas makatulong ka, bakit hindi mo ilagay kung ano exactly ang ayaw mo sa rh bill at nang ma-enlighten kami sa punto mo? that's the best thing to do instead of accusing people who support the rh bill as immoral at hindi napag-aralan ang opinyon. asus.
    Oct 04 2010 @ 06:07pm     Reply  
  • Ambo
    Ikaw ba naiintindihan mo? o heto ang puno't dulo ng RH BILL. Kaya binalangkas iyan dahil nababahala na ang ating gobyerno sa paglobo ng ating populasyon, na sa kasalukuyan eh naglalaro sa 94.5 milyones. At the rate nagbubuntis ang ating lumpen/masa sector na kada segundo eh mi nanganganak wala pang limang taon eh 100 Million na tayo! Ang Tanong: Kaya ba ng Pilipinas mag pakain, mag pa skwela, mag pagamot, mag bigay ng trabaho, magpa libig sa 100 million na unproductive na tao? alam mo naman na hindi maasahan ang ating mga trapong pulitiko, at lalo na ang simbahan, dahil walang pakialam iyan gusto lang nila dumami ang limos sa kanila ng tao...Ang morality eh abstract concept sa masa iyan, mas naiintindihan ang gutom, yung kumakalam na sikmura.Direct yun,sa tiyan ang tama at hindi sa ulo...ang dapat sana sa atin eh 50 million laang para maluwag-luwag ang buhay pero andiyan na....
    Oct 04 2010 @ 06:03pm     Reply  
  • 4leaf
    bakit ba naglipana ang mga immoral sa panahon na ito? naiintindihan nyo ba talaga ang nilalaman ng RH Bill? marami pa ang dapat baguhin at tanggalin sa RH Bill. Huwag sana tayong magpadala sa hype, sa mga nangyayari at sa mga impluwensya ng iba. Magisip muna sana tayo ng mabuti.
    Oct 04 2010 @ 05:43pm     Reply  
  • RobertDinero
    @marj.rnrnI think the church has met a formidable antagonist.Celdran doesn't come from the masa, and what the masa represents.He represents the young Burgis sector.Waddaya think?
    Oct 04 2010 @ 05:42pm     Reply  
  • Bam
    Ophelia Baroni, I notice express yourself very well too, like how bigoted people tend to.
    Oct 04 2010 @ 05:06pm     Reply  
  • iheartcarlosceldran
    i really really loved how he express himself. way to go!
    Oct 04 2010 @ 04:35pm     Reply  
  • Ophelia Baroni
    @Marj, Magaling po siya magpahayag ng kanyang nararamdaman at hindi ko po direktang binangit ang tungkol sa kanyang kasarian datapwat inihantulad ko lang siya sa mga gay people kasi po sila po ay may malakas na loob na ihayag ang kanilang mga saloobin kaya po sila po ay hinahangaan ko. Kelangan nga natin ng mga taong tulad niya na matapang at walang takot na labanan kahit pa ang simbahan. Mabuhay ka Carlos Celdran at ang mga taong katulad mo
    Oct 04 2010 @ 04:23pm     Reply  
  • monocle
    @rockdavote, hindi sila magkapatid.
    Oct 04 2010 @ 04:22pm     Reply  
  • rockdavote
    kapatid ba nya si david celdran?
    Oct 04 2010 @ 04:14pm     Reply  
  • Marj
    I salute you Carlos Celdran. This country needs somebody like you. @Ophelia, I don't understand what you are talking about. Why do you have to highlight someone else's sexual orientation?
    Oct 04 2010 @ 03:21pm     Reply  
  • Ophelia Baroni
    He express himself very well like how the gay people do
    Oct 04 2010 @ 02:59pm     Reply  
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