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On the Spot: Oli Pettigrew of Cash Cab Asia
The cute and comedic host is taking Asia by storm.
By: Interview, video, and photos by Kate Alvarez  |   Published on: Mar 16, 2012 - 11:49am

Do you have other tattoos?

No, but as soon as our adoptionís complete, Iíll get one for Tia. It will probably be up here [points to his upper right arm].

One of your other TV shows, Sony Lifestyle, lets you try out the latest gadgets. On a scale of 1-10, how techie are you?

(Oli starts whipping out his gadgets from his bag) Kindle, Blackberry, laptop, digital camera, and iPod… all in my bag right now.

So thatís a 10?
Yes. Big time techie!

When we shot Sony Lifestyle here in Manila last year, you ate a lot of street foods, like the balut. What was that like?

I got a lot of messages on Facebook from my Filipino fans, saying that they loved our Manila episode, but that I should have eaten the balut. We didnít show it on the show, because we didnít want anyone to be offended. But I told people, ďDonít worry, I did try the balut off-cam. But now I will not eat it. Itís just not for me. It was a bit feathery for me.

What is your favorite Filipino dish?

I can always go back to chicken adobo. My maid makes it. When sheís making it at home, I go, ďAh, youíre making adobo, arenít you?Ē I like the vinegary taste. I remember when I was here for our wedding 5 years ago, I was eating adobo everyday.

Youíre flying to Hong Kong in a few hours, and then youíll head back home to Singapore. When are you coming back to Manila?

Probably in the next couple of weeks, in April.

Additional photos courtesy of Oli Pettigrew and W Talent Management

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