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The Family That Brawls Together, Stays Together
Our favorite blogger on the Tulfo-Santiago brawl: "People beat the shit out of other people everyday, but it becomes truly magical when celebrities do it."
By: Lourd de Veyra  |   Published on: May 11, 2012 - 4:30pm


To be human, after all. To remain steadfast and calm after hours of being stuck inside a confined space for hours is to be a joyless robot—or just someone with a nice stash of horse tranquilizers. Off-loaded baggage? I’d blow my top, too. Hell, I myself feel like punching someone if for ten minutes I’m unable to find the hotdog stand.


There is a long history of aviation-related melees involving celebrities and media people. For one, there’s Bjork, who in 1996 beat the shit out of television reporter Julie Kaufman upon arriving at the Bangkok airport. And Kaufman was neither a pesky paparazzi nor a TMZ staffer willfully provoking the subject. What did she do to merit a Bjork going medieval on her ass?


All the reporter said was “Welcome to Bangkok!”



Bjork goes ballistic at the airport.



But that’s Bjork, who likes wearing dresses made from dead swans and who sang songs like “And if you complain once more, you’ll meet an army of me.” However, it was said that the reporter had been trailing Bjork for four days. And if you saw Bjork in that footage, she was pushing her cart with her head down, the universal gesture for “I am so not in the mood.”


Things, however, were different with what happened on that fateful day of May 6, 2012 at the NAIA Terminal 3. We shall no longer go into details. After all the jokes, the punchlines, the threats, the social media comments, after the whirl of speculation as to who really was at fault— after the smoke clears and the dust settles— let us now talk about Celebrities Behaving Badly (badly, in this case, means more than just dancing drunk in Boracay on Holy Week).

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  • Daphne
    Hi! For all the readers of Lourd's blog out there, can you please answer this survey? Thank you!
    Aug 20 2012 @ 01:36pm     Reply  
  • mylourd
    Claudine Barreto = 50% actress, 50% action star. LOL! Lagot, Lourd, dahil nagsabi ka kanina sa Weather or Not na ganun siya baka kakasuhan ka niya. Magkatrabaho kayo kasi ng 3 Tulfo brothers sa TV5.
    Jun 07 2012 @ 07:31pm     Reply  
  • came up
    lourd is lourd , can never ask him to do things
    May 28 2012 @ 12:12am     Reply  
  • vina
    hindi ito maganda. i am reading lourds blog for the humor and satire...
    pls make my day lourd...
    May 22 2012 @ 09:38am     Reply  
  • baguioboy
    Sana nag-Mumbaki nalang si Raymart
    May 21 2012 @ 11:50pm     Reply  
  • thisishazelle
    this is not lourd talking/writing. He is possessed by a TV5 executive.
    May 21 2012 @ 12:10am     Reply  
  • Elf
    st*p*d comments from people who judged the brawl based on the 2nd half of the video.
    e halata naman 2nd half ng vdeo yun. me away bang nagsimula sa bugbugan agad?
    really, guys??
    asan ang mga brains??
    May 20 2012 @ 06:06pm     Reply  
  • Key ef
    May 19 2012 @ 05:24pm     Reply  
  • Key ef
    I was thinking that you will create a topic out of this chaos! So be it and great job in this article. Interesting families indeed.
    May 18 2012 @ 10:45am     Reply  
  • mylourd
    to PITA, pati nga ang ZestAir may problema din at lahat ng locally owned airline companies mas grabe silang magbigay ng serbisyo kaysa sa mga multi-national airline companies. Kawawa na ang Pinas, it's more "fun" nga in the Philippines. :|
    May 16 2012 @ 11:25am     Reply  
  • Bieber_Hater
    Sana lasing alng si Lourd nung sinulat nya to... this is not him..
    May 16 2012 @ 09:01am     Reply  
  • jelathewriter
    kung si raymart santiago na inaming hindi pa siya naturuan nang mga magulang na gumalang sa mga nakakatanda, tulad ng pagmamano sa mga lolo't lola, bakit dehinds gumamit ng malakas na human instinct niya bago man makapatay ng mga matatanda???? ba't ganun? >=(
    May 15 2012 @ 12:03am     Reply  
  • PITA
    kung ikaw ba si lourd, titirahin mo ba ng todo ang mga TULFO dito sa BLOG na to?
    May 14 2012 @ 11:06pm     Reply  
  • PITA
    To paraphrase an old adage: “Magbiro ka na sa lasing, ‘wag lang sa na-bad trip sa Cebu Pacific.” - kaya sa ZEST air na tayo sumakay hehehe
    May 14 2012 @ 11:04pm     Reply  
  • elobrino
    takot din si lourd na me masabi na nakakamock sa kamachohan ng mga Tulfo.
    The Tulfos are savages. They'd come to your door in broad daylight and slaughter your dog infront of you. They're not the guys to mess with.
    May 14 2012 @ 12:27pm     Reply  
  • meow_meow
    I've been a follower of this blog for the longest time, but I admit the writing style of this one's different..waaay too different from the usual style/format Lourd writes his articles. Is there something fishy going on here?
    May 14 2012 @ 11:41am     Reply  
  • Ken
    "• Even serious news programs are not above reporting on the delightfully silly memes spreading throughout social media. It only took less than a day for geniuses to paste the heads of the Tulfos and the Santiagos—including Miriam—onto the bodies of Avengers characters, or on the field of a Mortal Kombat game, or an MMA event poster. But that’s what happens when you’ve got an impeachment trial that’s so excruciatingly boring that it would even put a corpse to sleep."

    If Lourd did write this article, he would definitely know that the game meme was not from Mortal Kombat, it was actually from Street Fighter (Guile's stage to be exact). The writer based this part of the article from the GMA News report from last week.

    Get your facts right ghost writer. Or if ever, get your facts right Lourd.
    May 14 2012 @ 10:48am     Reply  
  • alberto glory project1 cambio are they still around?

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    Yet,the brute fact is that Jesus was often angry,as expressly stated in Jn2:13-25 cleansing of the temple.(not to mention other gospel passages such as Mk3:5;10:14;MT12:34;15:7;16:23;23:13-36). Therefore we must conclude that,in itself, anger is not a sin.On the contrary,as many thinkers tell us, it is merely a human passion which God gave us for a very definite purpose. It is meant to resist, among other threats and dangers,evil and injustice under any form.If it does that without going beyond the limits of justice and charity, it is a just anger--as was Jesus' anger.As the New Catholic Encyclopedia states inequivocally:"Many vexations and the resultant expressions of emotion are entirely without moral objection may occur when only a vigorous display of emotion will secure attention and obedience.Sometimes,as in the classical case of Jesus' driving the burgers and sellers from the Temple,deliberately achieved and discharged rage can be virtuous and worthy of praise"(J.D Fearon,art."Anger," vol.1.p522).

    Notice that,in Jn 2:13-25,Jesus does not use his improvised whip against persons,but only as a crop to shop away the animals(for a technical discussion of this detail,see Nil Guillemente, Lion and Lamb). He achieves the very difficult balance of being nonviolently angry.In this respect,as in all others,he remains our model.As Paul says to the Ephesians:"If you are angry,let it be without sin"(Eph4:26).

    sorry ho sa mga negative comment ko 'bout the Naia issue.nadala ako sa napanood ko eh.

    God cannot be everywhere that's why he created the Mothers-Jewish Saying
    May 14 2012 @ 08:15am     Reply  
  • Controversy
    The Santiagos should be the one sued for child abuse! Any level-headed parent will try to shield his/her kid from b*tchy and violent behaviour but what did they do? Claudine was verbally abusing the CP staff with her kids nearby! Instead of trying to stop her husband and Tulfo from fighting, she joined the fun!

    And by the way, I am not a fan of Tulfo but I was so amazed that the Santiagos could actually lie without batting an eyelash! Raymart was teary eyed saying that he just had to defend Claudine as Mon was kicking her and that the video that was posted in Youtube was taken mid-fight. If that's the case then Claudine was not kicked before the video was taken as her leg was still unsullied! If you look lcosely at the video footage, she was kicked when Mon was struggling to get away from Raymart and friends! So there you go kids....And by the way, enough of the drama Claudine. You don't need a cane. Well, maybe you do... to hit your head with it for exposing your kids to uncouth behaviour! Shame on you!
    May 13 2012 @ 01:26pm     Reply  
  • mylourd
    hmmm... oo, siya ang nagsulat mismo. Akala mo si Mon Tulfo. :D
    May 13 2012 @ 10:52am     Reply  
  • hmmm...
    si lourd ba talaga ang sumulat nito?

    parang nakakapanibago...
    May 12 2012 @ 10:58pm     Reply  
  • abong
    sabi ko na nga ba hindi mo din mapipigilan ang sarili mo na sumulat ng tungkol dito sa away na to...natwa nga ako nung nabasa ko dito din sa spot na may nag tweet sayo kung anung masasabi mo tungkol dito sabi mo "im busy"...hahahhaha..nangaalaska lang lourd...idol pa den kita....hehehe....more blogs pare!!!
    May 12 2012 @ 03:50pm     Reply  
  • Taeng_bayan
    *Siguro kung nagkataon na hindi si Mon Tulfo ang gumawa nun - - - I mean kung hindi ibang columnist ang gumawa ng pagpipicture..hehehe..
    May 12 2012 @ 02:15pm     Reply  
  • Taeng_bayan
    "But why is it when Annabelle Rama threatens Nadia Montenegro the MTRCB doesn’t really do anything?" - tama si Lourd!!! bakit nga ba ganun?
    Siguro kung nagkataon na hindi si Mon Tulfo ang gumawa nun, lets say si Ogie Diaz or Tim Yap or Raymond Gutierrez, magiiba2 pa ang istorya. Baka batuhan lang ng mga patamang tweets sa Twitter yan bago magkasampahan ng kaso.
    At baka sa imbes na sa korte agad ang punta nina Claudine (na nakasaklay) pa para maghain ng kaso, baka sa The Buzz or Showbiz Central muna sila magpunta para duon sila magpaliwanag. At siguro, isang sincere na public apology lang ang katapat, patay na agad ang issue na yan...
    May 12 2012 @ 02:09pm     Reply  
  • taebulate
    mylourd - ang lupit ng ingles mo pre ang sarap mong kunan ng picture habang ginugulpi!
    May 12 2012 @ 01:29pm     Reply  
  • alberto glory
    hindi porke 'di mo kilala.ayos na.dapat matuto ung senior ng martial arts.sorry ha.nakapa jolog nung naka pink na lalaki.sumaw saw.wla ngang black eye sila.
    May 12 2012 @ 10:35am     Reply  
  • emmy3663
    parang mga Santo kung titingnan si Raymart at Claudine sa interview pero sa youtube video ay talagang couples of Animals!!!
    May 12 2012 @ 09:05am     Reply  
  • hannah busy
    yeah lourd, nangagngalawang ka na yata. kulang sa praktis?
    May 12 2012 @ 07:25am     Reply  
  • Genuine
    Both camps contend, "Hindi ko naman siya kilala." Tulfo won't be caught dead watching tapes of Milan and Mula sa Puso. And if the Santiago couple are so dismissive of Tulfo, that only means they don't read the Inquirer.
    May 12 2012 @ 03:43am     Reply  
  • pisara
    WTF happened to Lourd's prose? It's not as snappy and as crisp as before. I think the last article I've read from him, I read a year ago. So does having too many things to do (read: TV5) make your writing tired?
    May 11 2012 @ 08:39pm     Reply  
  • mylourd
    btw, tommorow night watch the special report of Jessica Soho on GMA 7 on her own show and she'll report about this issue and if our people are being unsport and spoiled.
    May 11 2012 @ 07:22pm     Reply  
  • mylourd
    Will this kind of brawl can also be apply to the standoff between Chinese and Philippine navies in the disputed Panatag/Scarborough Shoal? It might unless if the CCTV camera there aren't working and it might not upload it on youtube. And worst, we cannot see their brawl and present the evidence to the UNCLOS court if that'll be the case. :|
    May 11 2012 @ 07:14pm     Reply  
  • Papichulo168
    May 11 2012 @ 05:46pm     Reply  
  • Anon
    Cebu Pac ang pinaka-dahilan ng gulo. Ayusin nila kasi service nila.
    May 11 2012 @ 05:33pm     Reply  
  • Palakang-Tot-ful
    As I see it, each one of them is st*p*d. From Claudine and Raymart, to their friends, to Mon Tulfo and his loudmouth brothers, down to the airport security guards.
    May 11 2012 @ 05:27pm     Reply  
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