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Badafinitions: The Hottest Words in Gay Lingo
Never be left in the dark again at your next cocktail party or gay BFF night out with our sampler of the latest chorva for your next chienes.
By: Darwin Chiong, Rachelle Medina and Carlo Vergara  |   Published on: Apr 28, 2009 - 10:32pm


Never be left in the dark again at your next cocktail party or gay BFF night out with our sampler of the latest chorva for your next chienes.


Alicia Mayer. Let's go/alis na. A play on the word alis (alis-ya). Get it? Usage: If you're about to leave a gathering say: "Halika na, Alicia Mayer na tayo."

Bahamas, Bahavia. Flooded. Usage: "Hindi ako puwede today. Bahamas kasi sa labas."

Balur, Balurva. House. Usage: If a friend calls you on your mobile phone and you happen to just be chillin' at home, you can say: "Dito sa balur."

Chuckie Dreyfus. Chaka, ugly. Usage: "Chuckie Dreyfus ng fezticles!" (see definition below)

Dietrich, Diteld. Dito, here. Usage: "Diteld na sa balurva (see definition above)."

Drivam; Tayiz. Driver (Taxi Driver, usually); Tayo. Usage: When in a cab with friends and you want to talk about the creepy or the smelly taxi driver. You can say: "Friend, creepy ang dribam. Baba na tayiz."

Echoserang frog; echoserang horse. One who fabricates stories. From echos, 70s gay slang for a lie. Usage: Without offending a liar of a friend, say "Alam mo, echoserang frog ka." 'Frog" because he has more than a mouthful to say.

Fezticles. Face. Usage: "Ganda ng fezticles!"

Johalia Jackson/Johalia Jackstone. Mahal, expensive. Usage: "Ay, Johalia Jackson naman nitong Sushmita (see definition below)."

Julisima, Julie Andrews, Julie Yap Daza, Julie Vega; Georgia or Erminguard. Huli; Security guard. Usage: If an up-to-no-good friend is about to do something illegal like shoplift or trespass private property, you can say: "Naku, pag na-julisima ka ng georgia, bahala ka sa buhay mo."

Jumujulanis Morisette. Umuulan, raining. Usage: "Naku Jumujulanis Morisette! Baka Bahavia na sa amin!"

Keri. OK, or I can do it depending on the context. Usage: If a friend asks you if it's alright with you to go with her to the mall, you can say "keri" which means OK. Or, if she asks you if you can buy her some false eyelashes the next time you go to SM, say "Ay, keri ko 'yan." This word has also now pervades the everyday language of yuppies and college kids.

Koraz/Korams. Korek, correct. Usage: Use in place of "You're right!"

Portuguesa. Lesbian. Why? Because the capital of Portugal is Lisbon and it sounds like lesbo. Yes, the association of meanings can be as crazy as this one. Usage: If you want to stealthily talk about someone who's rumored to be lesbian (not that there's anything wrong about being one, but you know how tongues furiously waggle about rumors concerning someone's sexual preference), you can say: "Portuguesa daw siya. As in."

Shabu/Baboon. Babu/Babay/Bye-bye. Usage: "Shabu!"

Skuala Lumpur. Squatter's area, slums. Usage: "Afraid ako dyan, skuala lumpur."

Sunshine Dizon. Daybreak. Usage: After clubbing all night until sunrise, say "Uwi na tayo. Sunshine Dizon na!"

Sushmita. Shoes. Usage: "Ay, Johalia Jackson (see definition above) naman nitong Sushmita!"

Taxam. Taxi. Usage: "May taxam pa kaya mamayang gabi?"

Winona Ryder. Wala na/no more, or "will ride na."

Usage: "Winona Ryder na ang career ni Winona Ryder." Or "Go ahead, Winona Ryder with my Papa na lang."


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By Darwin Chiong, Rachelle Medina and Carlo Vergara.

Artwork by Yoni Veloso.








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  • Fashion Police
    Nice blog if you wanna know more you can check this link now sa cheapdito think wisely think hybrid
    Jan 11 2014 @ 02:51pm     Reply  
  • sugpo boy
    "passed on orally to survive" LMFAO !rnGayspeak sucks! Hahahahaha! rnHow about a babyspeak article?
    Sep 21 2011 @ 10:52am     Reply  
  • igeramos
    Hay goes kami sa tafyes kaponhay. Seda seda ang lafiangga! Ronmay chona casten, sitpain, tupoti at andugoeyn, nudomeini, kobuki ladsay, etc. Meanwhile, tom babauta na ang lanak, kasi run run shaw, namatingger-z kasi ang acheng, tinoni cajucom ng likil ang datress. hahaha.

    This is a 70's classic, gaylese.
    Aug 12 2010 @ 12:26am     Reply  
  • leaflens
    i agree with ige but yes, it's good to have an archive. a third of the words featured here and in part 2 are actually kinda passe na (eg. haggardo versosa) or nag-evolve na ulit.

    you guys forgot a new word: "cybora" or those who have some form of "business" via webcam e.g. webcam chats etc. and the basic "bet!" meaning gusto o pasado sa panlasa. :)
    Aug 11 2010 @ 10:29pm     Reply  
  • igeramos
    There's no point in publishing gay lingo in a book, because once it reached the mainstream and straight people start using it, the vaclas drop it like a hot potato. Show me a vacla that still utter the word chuva or chorva? Well it's good na rin to commit gayspeak on paper, at least it is archived. But the best platform for a gay lexicon is really the internet, like a gaywiki wordfinder. I'm still wondering about the correct orthography for gay speak since most vaclas aspirate their consonants especially their B's and P's. i.e. Vhiiiinihvining Fhiilllipinasssss for Binibining Pilipinas. So it is quite hard for orthographers, lexicographers and phonetic experts to nail this things down. Well, for languages to be active and alive, it has to undergo constant evolution. And like most Philippine literary traditions, it is passed on orally for it to survive.
    Aug 11 2010 @ 11:51am     Reply  
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