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Published on: May 4, 2009 - 8:16am

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They say that New York is the city that never sleeps, Paris the city of lights. If you had to describe Manila in one sentence, what would you say?


To me, Manila is more than just the traffic or the jeepneys, more than the malls on every corner or the condos popping up left and right. It’s a city where you can take refuge in the familiar, challenge yourself to experience something you’ve never tried before, or maybe even go on a gastronomical adventure around the world, all in the space of 24 hours.


So at, we’ve made it our mission to guide readers through the constantly changing landscape of Manila life—whether it means pointing you in the direction of new restaurants to try, secret eating places to check out, adventurous ways to spend your weekends in the city, or a great place to get a good haircut.


I hope that the site helps you discover new favorites that you never expected, because if there’s one thing that we’re sure Manila is, it’s that: a city that’s always full of surprises.


Joanna Manalastas



The Editorial Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Joanna C. Manalastas,

Art Director: Warren Espejo,

Managing Editor: Loren Evangelista,

Eat+Drink Section Editor: Sasha Lim Uy,

Staff Writer: Aimee Dacanay,

Editorial Assistant: Jamie Sanchez,


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Associate Publisher Owen Maddela,

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