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Top 10 Scariest Spots in Metro Manila
Looking for a good scare this weekend? Here's where you can go.
Published on: Oct 30, 2009 - 8:00am

No one loves a good scare more than the Pinoy. If the arrival of Typhoon "Santi" won't do the trick this weekend, pack your flashlight and head over the eeriest spots in town:

1. Ozone Disco, Quezon City


Seen and heard: Teenagers working the disco stick 'til the wee hours of the Ozone Disco, where 160 people burned to death and 95 others were injured in March 1996. Most of them were students celebrating their graduation. Every now and then, there are said to be glimpses and sounds of teen ghosts partying at the now unused building. "There were voices in agony when we went inside years ago. At first, we didn't realize what it was but as soon as we did, we ran to the exit," says Olivier Guevara, who used to go ghost hunting.

Approved for occupancy of only 35 people, Ozone Disco was packed with 400 people that fateful night in '96. With the emergency exit blocked by a new building nearby, Ozone Disco was "undoubtedly a deathtrap," Ismael Mathay, Quezon City mayor at that time, said. The Philippine Center on Transnational Crime called the Ozone Disco fire the worst fire in the Philippines.

Ozone Disco now stands in the middle of a restaurant and a moneychanger near the bustling Memorial Rotonda in Quezon City. Old, dirty and quiet, most people don't know it's the site of a tragedy that happened 13 years ago.

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  • jr
    I want to know the truth about this by using my energies given by almighty.
    2 months ago     Reply  
  • duckie0921
    starmall movie houses, when i read this article i didn't know that other people actually experienced this kind of phenomenon besides me...nakakatakot jam packed when the light come on its only me and my gf .... scaryyyy
    6 months ago     Reply  
  • Cyclone
    I actually experienced this one with the same elevator a young boy actually told us that he will be going to the basement because his mom is waiting for him..
    Oct 28 2013 @ 04:59pm     Reply  
  • mileeesy
    Jul 31 2013 @ 08:39pm     Reply  
  • niZel
    Malacanang Palace was one of the top country's haunted place..See this..
    Nov 03 2012 @ 10:33am     Reply  
  • rhez
    hi! CAn AnYonE tELL mE wHerE tO fInd A HUnTed HouSe IN metRO MAniLA? iyOng pWeDE POnG pAsUkIn? GuStO KAsi naMin PunTAhaN nG cOUsiN KO tsKA Ng mGA FRiEnDS NamIN.. kUNg sIno Po mY ALam. SHARE sHARE dIN.. HAHA! thAnk YOu.. :))'
    Sep 23 2012 @ 10:00pm     Reply   Hide replies
  • brco
    Manila City Hall top view... Hugis Kabaong...
    Jul 17 2012 @ 06:13pm     Reply  
  • brco
    why not include Concordia College.., which so many white ladiess..
    Jul 17 2012 @ 06:12pm     Reply  
  • jajanini
    PGH should have been included in this list.
    Jun 09 2012 @ 10:03am     Reply  
  • Vanixx
    Its the spirits being disturbed in their resting place, some are not yet accepted the fact that they are gone and some had unfinished business yet. We should pray for them for God to give them eternal rest. spooky fact on the Manila City hall, Intramuros and the Star Mall Alabang, I myself experienced it.
    Apr 27 2012 @ 10:58am     Reply  
  • chris
    as a pathologist working in cebu city, i sometimes do autopsies at night with a mortician as my assistant. sometimes i worked alone. well, yes i have moments inside the morgue which i cant explain, the felling of somebody watching you and all. its eerie actually.
    Apr 19 2012 @ 10:25am     Reply  
  • girl from the south
    I worked at the Goodyear compound in Las Pinas for 7 years before it was torn down last year. Guards, janitors, my fellow officemates and I have all experienced strange occurrences such as a black lady gliding down the hall, hovering in the corners of the ladies room and a director's office, a little boy opening doors and peeping out, and taking candies from locked drawers, eerie noises early in the morning and a ghost in the front office in the evening, and doppelgangers (spirits who mimic a person's appearance). The factory was built in the 1950's and a psychic friend of mine says there is a portal in the vast fields surrounding the facility.
    Sep 30 2011 @ 12:58pm     Reply  
  • madzzz
    im going to watch a movie there later with my boyfie.. yay! scary.. but let's see..
    Aug 10 2011 @ 04:39pm     Reply  
  • snow
    anybody knows anything about UP Theater ghosts? The Wilfredo Ma. Guerrero Theater to be exact?
    Jan 12 2011 @ 04:26am     Reply   Hide replies
    • peyups
      up theatre is different from wilfrido ma. guerrero theatre (see, it is not even wilfredo). the up theatre is the university theatre. fyi.
      Jan 12 2013 @ 03:50am     Reply  
  • audreygaga
    omg!!! rnrnpang apat yung q.c. ville jan panaman aku nakatirarnrnrnsiguro dati na yan kasi wla naman aku nakikitarnrnpero sana wag ako makakitarnrnsana di totoo yan !!!rnrn^_^
    Jan 03 2011 @ 04:34pm     Reply  
  • sikyuriti
    hay naketch! wala ako nasisight na mumu d2 noh miski si mumay wis! its just ur imahinasyon! if i were sayo borlog kn lng sa clinic! pag dream mo mag meet kyo ni mumay! awooooh! che!
    Dec 19 2010 @ 04:39am     Reply  
  • jin
    hmmmm nice, i didn't know about manila city hall's shape when viewed from above
    Oct 30 2010 @ 09:25pm     Reply  
  • katkat
    Is the Kevin Sandiego who took the pictures for this article (see credits in page 10 of the article) the same Kevin Sandiego mentioned in the Capitol Medical Center write-up? First hand account?
    Oct 30 2010 @ 02:15pm     Reply  
  • ralph
    enjoyed this article very much. i plan to seek ozone and balete drive, i live in qc but i dont know where they are. i was surprised ust was included, im an alumni, haha. intranuros was also included? namamasyal ako plgi dun!
    Oct 30 2010 @ 12:36pm     Reply  
  • gg olivarez gg
    OMG! Your english is freaking me out! :Ornrn-- UP MANILA WOOO! :D BS BIO, so we use the 3rd floor RH rooms a lot (that's where the Laboratories are)
    Oct 23 2010 @ 12:00am     Reply  
  • kevlar
    i am currently studying at Olivarez College. I am always early coming at school, early at 6 30 when i was alone in our classroom 3rd floor room 302 i was reading back then, i heard someone is calling me like "psst.." i looked outside the window and outside the door and no one is there. then i went back to my business, then another happened i heard scratching stands of chairs is like someone is moving the chair, then when i look at it there is now one but only me is in that room.. SPOOKY some how i believed in "TO SEE IS TO BELIEVE" but now? for that experience it freaks me OUT!!!
    Oct 05 2010 @ 08:59am     Reply  
    di naman nakaktakot masyado dito, dito kami work eh... may bata lang nman tumatakbo at nangangalabit sa workplace. hehehe...
    Sep 04 2010 @ 04:31am     Reply  
  • mackydoza
    Jul 20 2010 @ 12:21pm     Reply  
  • Bored Net Surfer
    Interesting list, but it seems limited in scope. Like your tapsilog and alternative film venues lists.
    Jul 15 2010 @ 11:54am     Reply  
  • Totoy Kidlat
    Teka, bakit wala dito yung bagong building built from the ashes of the OLD RUBIE TOWERS CONDO, diyan sa Binondo na marami ang namatay noong 1968 sa gumuhong building dahil sa 8.0 lindol sa richter scale?
    Mar 11 2010 @ 03:10pm     Reply  
  • chervy
    Mar 10 2010 @ 07:57am     Reply  
  • puting_bagwis
    creepy fact on Manila City Hall! woaah!
    Feb 18 2010 @ 01:02am     Reply  
  • MangAsar
    How come Malacañang Palace was not included? Rumor has it that there is a dwarf living there...
    Feb 09 2010 @ 07:28pm     Reply  
  • M

    So ang lola ng asawa si Villar ang nagpatayo? Mahirap nga ang nakaraan ni Villar, nagpakasal ng mayaman.

    Balik sa topic, asan na ang Robinson's Galleria and the Man-snake?
    Feb 04 2010 @ 02:00am     Reply  
  • Princess
    I love this list. I know almost all of the places and the links provided an interesting article to fully explain what happened. Good job! :)
    Jan 30 2010 @ 09:56pm     Reply  
  • wee
    yayy!! e di sa starmall n lng sa shaw enjoy pa sa cuba libre hehehehe..
    Jan 23 2010 @ 03:34pm     Reply  
  • katalina
    The reason why Starmall has that story going on is because it was built on what was formerly the Alabang/Muntinlupa Public Cemetery. The Public Cemetery is know located besides the lot where the former Caltext station was before Alabang Exit. People who grew up from the South, like me, knows there was indeed a cemetery there. That was where the urban legend must have probably sprung from.=) So far I haven't felt that feeling that the mall is "full" of spirits. I must admit it gives me the creeps remembering that it used to be a cemetery.:P
    Jan 20 2010 @ 05:10pm     Reply  
  • ELIE
    @MIL: orderly is the term for man helper in the hospital!!
    Jan 03 2010 @ 09:41am     Reply  
    Dec 27 2009 @ 07:26pm     Reply  
  • ck2010
    about this mall, i think its true...that story about going inside the malls theater?!like you know that its full but when the lights go on, its not?!...a friend of my cousin told the same story.
    'Coz the realtor who built the mall has no respect to the millions of dead people before that place became a mall...a lot of people know that it was a cemetery before a lot of dead bodies have been displaced and others were never given a chance to be transferred, its like the manila film center, they were even more buried....
    Nov 29 2009 @ 02:18am     Reply  
  • ck2010
    why not also put Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas here in the top 10 ghosts stories?...this bldg. has its own story to tell the old main story bldg. and the bathrooms, and the offices there?! will give you a creepy feeling...honest!
    Nov 29 2009 @ 02:13am     Reply  
  • pola
    orderly ay isang staff/empleyado ng ospital like mga attendants.
    Nov 25 2009 @ 09:06am     Reply  
  • frostie
    spot #11 is anywhere beside boy abunda
    Nov 12 2009 @ 01:07am     Reply  
  • frostie
    ang korni nung number 4... dwarves eating?? bka may daga na dumaan sa lalagyan ng silverwares... leaving candy? kahit mawala yun kinain lng ng daga yun...
    Nov 12 2009 @ 12:55am     Reply  
  • Cristhopher C.
    This list is ridiculous.

    First of, people DIE in Hospitals. It's natural for an easily manipulated mind to assume there are ghosts. And the easily bored staff of nurses will spread any rumor just to entertain themselves.

    Second, EVERY school has a 'ghost story'. Throughout my college life, I've heard every kind of BS from batchmates and students who can't even keep their stories straight. And I love how they suddenly cooperate on the details just to assure themselves with whatever delusions they suffered.

    Third, Balete Drive? PLEASE! Our old office used to be at E.Rodriquez and we used Balete Drive all the time, even at extremely late hours. Not once in the 5 years we used that road did I ever encounter a ghost.
    Was the ghost somehow limited to a time slot for hauntings? I doubt.

    Fourth, I've worked at Starmall Alabang. We did Lights & Sound set-ups for in-store events. Meaning we worked THROUGH the night so that the stages could be up by the time the store opened to the public. Not once did I encounter a haunting. My crew even played tricks on each other about ghost just to stay awake.
    Ask any marketing/security/administrative staff if you want: They don't normally let set-ups occur during Mall Hours.

    And Finally, people will believe ANYTHING. Forget the Facts, forget the Truth. When somebody's friend says a friend of a friend's ex-boyfriend saw a ghost, then it MUST be true, right? Just look at your Email Accounts.
    How many Chain-Letters do you forward thinking you'll die if you don't, or that some grand misfortune will occur if you break the chain?
    Nov 11 2009 @ 01:13pm     Reply  
  • kiyapo
    Went to UP Manila too. One of my history professors told us that, in the last days of the war, a group of Japanese soldiers (who used the Rizal Hall as their base) committed suicide in RH's third floor when they saw that they were about to be captured by Filipino and AMerican troops.
    Nov 03 2009 @ 12:40am     Reply  
  • UP student
    UP manila isnt haunted because of a janitor who commited suicide. i studied there for 4 years and didnt hear about it till now.

    butUPM is haunted by spirits from world war 2 where a lot of japanese soldiers died, especially in the 4th flr of Rizal hall where they holed up as the americans came in. up until the early 2000's,some walls were still lined with bullet holes
    Nov 02 2009 @ 05:22pm     Reply  
  • Mhej
    I've studied in UST for 4 years and not once have I felt anything supernatural...I don't know if having these urban legends surrounding the university's reputation is good publicity...Anyway, I am and will always be a very proud Thomasian!!!...:D...
    Nov 02 2009 @ 01:07am     Reply  
  • pam
    i work in capitol and believe me. the story is entirely false!
    our orderly had an accident. he wasn't talking to someone.
    and i didn't know the elevator story of a certain kevin san diego.
    Nov 01 2009 @ 07:47pm     Reply  
  • isawIT
    I just want to add another university which is also kinda spooky. The Philippine Normal University near the Manila City Hall is also somehow haunted. I am studying there and proved it myself. While waiting for our last subject, me and my two close friends/classmates were having fun of one of the classrooms at the third floor of BPS Hall. It was night that moment when I saw someone ran at the back of my classmate(who was that time entered that "classroom") on her way back to us. Quickly, I asked her with my nervous feeling if she walked around the classroom before coming out('coz maybe my eye tricked me). Freaked I was, but she didn't. Some other students there also told me that there are really unwanted beings roaming around the university.
    Nov 01 2009 @ 01:46pm     Reply  
  • Raiin
    aztig ! thats nice.. atLis jan walanG Piracy xD
    Nov 01 2009 @ 08:52am     Reply  
  • Raiin
    haha cool edi evryday party pips mga multo jan ? xD olright !
    Nov 01 2009 @ 08:44am     Reply  
  • tomults
    Teka... Sino yang nasa likod mo?
    Oct 31 2009 @ 06:47pm     Reply  
  • Dr hannah
    to MIL: orderly are the ones pushing the wheelchairs and stretchers in the hospital.. so it is definitely not the elderly..

    Starmall:: I live just a few meters away from it but never watched a single movie there ever.. afraid of being trapped with the souls of those buried there before it became a mall.
    Oct 31 2009 @ 05:12pm     Reply  
  • ohhh____crap
    sorry my last post kinda messed up.

    but that was in 1st floor RH going to GAB where there are stairs on the right going to 2nd floor RH and 3rd floor GAB
    Oct 30 2009 @ 11:57pm     Reply  
  • ohhh____crap
    When I was still studying in UP Manila, I remember seeing this not so tall man wearing white barong. He disappears after showing for a few seconds. I saw him near the entrance of the men's comfort room of rizal hall 1st floor, it's near the hallway going to GAB (gusaling andres bonifacio)'s the map:

    _______________________________ ^
    men's CR Girl's CR | /| T
    ____ |_________| ___________| | O
    * -> this mark's the spot |
    where I saw the man in white. | G
    _____ ______________ _____ B
    I think there are 3 rooms here|
    Oct 30 2009 @ 11:55pm     Reply  
  • dreamer_j
    I'm currently studying in UP Manila, and since I'm a freshman, I have to take my classes in the College of Arts and Sciences. I haven't had any paranormal experiences, but my classmates have claimed to have seen apparitions in some comfort rooms, especially in the 3rd floor of Gusaling Andres Bonifacio.
    Oct 30 2009 @ 11:18pm     Reply  
  • ka_fredo
    why is QI not included... that whole TB sanitarium could host a couple of ghosts.
    Oct 30 2009 @ 11:00pm     Reply  
  • niiro
    studied at ust for 8 years and every year, i got creepy stories to tell...
    some did happen even in the morning and afternoon, not necessarily during the wee hours...
    Oct 30 2009 @ 08:18pm     Reply  
  • mil
    orderly or Elderly!!!
    Oct 30 2009 @ 06:45pm     Reply  
  • ehrm
    Why is there no byline?
    Oct 30 2009 @ 06:38pm     Reply  
  • Rapist McJackmeoff
    This post has been deleted due to violation of's terms and conditions.
    Oct 30 2009 @ 04:07pm     Reply  
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    Social comments and analytics for this post...

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by Looking for a good scare this weekend? Here are 10 scary spots in Metro Manila.
    Oct 30 2009 @ 01:25pm     Reply  
  • nica de G
    i was not suprised when i found out Intramuros was also here in top 10 scariest spots in Metro Manila because it is a dungeon. Lols
    Oct 30 2009 @ 12:54pm     Reply  
  • CAmS De G. ;]
    omg! also starmall is the number 10 spot goodthing we NEVER go to starmall,I can't remember who was the one who pay for that mall.

    =->FROM : CAMS DE G.
    Oct 30 2009 @ 11:56am     Reply  
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