Top 10 Most Eligible Filipino Bachelors

No, not all the good Pinoy guys are married...yet. lists 10 of the most eligible Pinoy bachelors.


No, not all the good Pinoy guys are married...yet.   They're out there   if you know where to find them or if you're lucky enough to run into them.   To welcome the so-called wedding season, lists 10 of the most eligible Pinoy bachelors.



Unique selling point: This "good-looking do-gooder" is a former commercial model. Born with half-Italian features and a smile fit for toothpaste commercials, he now spends most of his time doing philanthropic work. A Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate, the 37-year old hunk is spearheading projects such as Design Against the Elements and Bottle School Run. He does this with the help of the My Shelter Foundation.

Pedigree details: Son of Italian-born art gallery owner Silvana Ancelloti-Diaz and sculptor Ramon Diaz. Illac is also the cousin of former actor and commercial model turned interior designer Robin da Roza, model Georgina Wilson, and model-actress Isabelle Daza. This means, of course, that he's the nephew of 1969 Miss Universe Gloria Diaz. (We just had to point that out.)

Where you might spot him: Head to the nearest public school or underprivileged area where he is sure to be hatching his newest project. You could also hang out at a coffee shop, where he might be meeting with volunteers.



Unique selling point: He's a guy who chose to be writer rather than join politics. This 33-year-old Atenista pursued postgraduate studies at Columbia University and later worked as a copy editor at the Montreal Gazette in Canada. Then, in 2008, his then-unpublished novel, Ilustrado, won the Grand Prize for the Novel in English at the 2008 Palanca Awards. In November of the same year, he won the Man Asian Literary Prize for Ilustrado as well.

Pedigree details: His dad Antonio Syjuco, Jr. used to be head of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority. He was recently proclaimed as the congressman of Iloilo's second district, taking over wife Judy Jalbuena-Syjuco, who occupied the same position for three terms.

Where you might spot him: He's now based in Montreal, Canada with his girlfriend Edith Werbel. He would probably be at book signings and literary events.

bachelor-coco-martin3. COCO MARTIN

Unique selling point: The boyish-looking, fast-rising actor who started out in indie films can proudly say his films made it to international festivals such as Cannes (Kinatay and Serbis). Plus he co-directed and co-produced the the film, Noy.


Pedigree details: A self-made man who dipped his hands into modeling, Coco started out as a member of Star Circle batch 9 who's first real break in acting was for the film, Masahista. What he lacks in blue blood, he makes up for with astounding talent and hard work. Of course, it helps that he looks great.

Where you might spot him: Catch him in between shooting days of his primetime telenovela Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo and his upcoming movie, Sa 'Yo Lamang.



Unique selling point: The debonair thirty-something is a savvy businessman who's involved in running Uno magazine and his family's motel chain, Victoria Court.

Pedigree details: He comes from a family of businessmen who are equally good at raking in profit and reinvention. To break away from the seediness associated with hotels in the past, Victoria Court motels are now packaged as party venues.

Where you might spot him: He's very well connected so he drops in on Metro Manila's hot happenings. Plus, he hangs out with girlfriend Iza Calzado.



Unique selling point: He's articulate and presents himself as a laid-back guy who's game for anything. He's got that "I'm everybody's best friend" vibe.

Pedigree details: Arellano, 30, was born in San Jose, California but his family came back to the Philippines. His father, Atty. Antonio G. Arellano, hosts a popular radio program on DZXL.

Where you might spot him: He's one of the hosts of GMA-7's morning show Unang Hirit, which is aired live from around 5:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m., Monday to Friday. He's also very supportive of his longtime girlfriend, TV host-actress Iya Villania so he'll probably be with her during showbiz events.



Unique selling point: Ping Medina first turned heads in the indie gem, Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros, where he tugged heartstrings as the title character's Kuya Bogs. The Gael Garcia Bernal look-alike continued to thread the indie route (Tulad ng Dati, Imahe Nasyon) but also dabbled in mainstream productions (Etheria, Tayong Dalawa). A "lover of everything gastronomic," he co-owns comfort food heaven, PenPen Restaurant, and studies culinary arts at the SKD Academy.

Pedigree details: A carbon copy of his dad, veteran actor Pen Medina, Ping played the younger version of Pen's Paciano Rizal in Marilou Diaz-Abaya's Jose Rizal. "They needed a younger version of my dad, and they needed not to look further since I'm a chip off the old block," he told The Philippine Star.


Where you might spot him: When he's not shooting scenes or learning the art of cooking, he drops by PenPen Restaurant in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. Stalk him online through his Twitter, Facebook, Live Journal accounts. Then there's his column in The Philippine Star.



Unique selling point: We might as well call him The Best Abs in Philippine Showbiz. Ramsay, 30, is one of the most in-demand leading men around. He's the proverbial tall, dark, and handsome hero with a killer body. He's also been tapped to endorse products such as Century Corned Tuna.

Pedigree details: His father is a British businessman and his mom is Filipina.

Where you might spot him: You'll see him at Ultimate Frisbee games, at the ABS-CBN studios, or anywhere with girlfriend Angelica Panganiban. And, oh, maybe the gym?   Then again, it's been said that the whole world is Ramsay's gym.



Unique selling point: ABS-CBN's Araullo looks as fresh as a baby even when he's reporting the down and dirty. Now recognizable for his sharp profile, strong eyebrows, and boyish charm, he first sent tween hearts aflutter as an adorable kid reporter in '90s show, 5 & Up. He's brains and brawn: he is an Applied Physics graduate of the University of the Philippines, founder of the Laya Football Club, and member of the UP Mountaineers.

Pedigree details: Son of left-wing Bagong Alyansang Makabayan chairperson, Carol Pagaduan Araullo, Atom is an activist involved with organizations such as UP's Student Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic Rights (Stand UP) and the League of Filipino Students.

Where you might spot him: All over the country in pursuit of the latest news. Follow his trail on Twitter or through the blog of his long-time girlfriend and co-host of the defunct show Breakfast, Patty Laurel.



Unique selling point: The Ateneo de Manila University basketball team's golden boy did his Alma Mater proud when he led the team to victory during his last year as a Blue Eagle in 2009. He is now captain of the Smart Gilas-Pilipinas national team. Host of GMA-7 shows Ripley's Believe It or Not and Pinoy Records, he also endorses Smart Communications' Sandbox, as well as Milo, and Greenwich.

Pedigree details: Tiu comes from the family that "owns or control various top corporations such as Discovery Suites in Ortigas Center, Discovery Shores in Boracay [and] Zhangzhou Stronghold Steel Works Ltd. of China," among others, according to a 2008 article by The Philippine Star. A Management Engineering graduate, Tiu seems set to continue his family's legacy-he co-founded food stall Chinky Chickens as a student entrepreneur and plans to focus on business some time after his 20s.


Where you might spot him: He flies all over the world for Smart Gilas-Pilipinas international games but you can catch his local basketball games usually held at the Araneta Coliseum. Find out where he is through his blog or Twitter page.



Unique selling point: His last name says it all. He is most definitely young husband material. A former Chelsea reserve team player, this British-Filipino football star made the billboard rounds in Manila during the mid-2000s, joined Celebrity Duets in 2008, and was a centerfold in Cosmopolitan Philippines in 2009. It's not all roses, though. He's been embroiled in controversies such as the loss of endorsements and an alleged rift with his manager Joyce Ramirez.

Pedigree details: Brother to fellow football player James Younghusband, he admits football leads to favoritism in the family, though their mom Susan denies this. He told, "[My parents] are torn between James and myself. If one is doing better than the other, they don't like that. They want us both going up together. If I'm doing better than James, my mom will slightly favor my brother. If James is doing better than me, I'm favored. It's like the Filipino way."

Where you might spot him: At football events like the Younghusband Football Academy Clinic Series at the Ayala Alabang Country Club.


Art by Warren Espejo.

Image credits: Illac Diaz (Illac Diaz); Coco Martin (; Atom Araullo (ABS-CBN via; Drew Arrellano (;   Miguel Syjuco (Goodbooks Guide), and Ping Medina, Derek Ramsay, Chris Tiu and Phil Younghusband (

ERRATUM: Even in this day and age where everyone shares information online, there are people like musician Franco Reyes who manage to keep their private lives, well, private. As it turns out, he is married. We thank divasoria (as well as Lauren and beetlejuice) for spotting our error. Our sincerest apologies to Franco and, er, Mrs. Reyes, we hope you understand why we were dying to include your gorgeous and talented husband in the list. Peace!

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