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Badafinitions: The Hottest Words in Gay Lingo (Part 2) lists the hottest new words in gay lingo.

Published on: Aug 11, 2010 - 6:00pm

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New Hottest Words in Gay Language

When it comes to reinventing a language, jejemons are mere mortals. The real queens of reinvented language are the gays. While Jejenese (the language of jejemons) involves the frenzied decoration of words to the point of confusion, Baklese (the language of gays) involves a more sophisticated formula for creating new words. To begin with, it requires a vast knowledge of pop culture. Last year, published the first part of "Badafinitions: The Hottest Words in Gay Lingo." This year, we’ve listed the hottest new words in gay lingo once again.


Aura. To be a scene stealer. (Usage: "Umaura ka sa na sa Greenbelt para maka-booking!")


Backstreet Boy or Backstreet Boys. Good-looking guy or guys located behind you. (Usage: "Backstreet Boys alert!")


Badet. Kadeteng bakla or gay cadet, in the "not a girl and not yet a woman" stage . (Usage: "Si Maximo Oliveros ay isang badet.")


Balaj. Shameless, from the Tagalog term "balahura." (Usage: "Ang balaj naman ng neighborhood mez. Nag-iingay eh late at night na. Imbey!")


Becky. Gay. (Usage: "Ang becky becky naman ng pink scarf mo!")


Bekimon. Short for baklang jejemon, can also be used to refer to the gay language. (Usage: "Bekimon expert ka na ba?")


Betchicola. To like. (Usage: "Betchicola kes ang bagong MTV ni Lady Gaga. Winner!")


Booking. A one-night stand. (Usage: "Gumorabels na aketch ditey. Gumorabels na rin ako doon-chi. Waley naman makuhang booking. Imbey!")


Crayola. To cry. (Usage: "Crayola ka naman ng crayola, becky. Feeling dramatic actress ka!")


Egyptian Airlines. Jeep. (Usage: "OMG! Yung girl na naka-Prada nag-Egyptian Airlines!")


Ferosha. Fierce. (Usage: "Ang ferosha naman ni Lola Coco Rocha sa billboard niya.")


Francia. Crazy, a derivative of the word "praning," which, in turn, means "paranoid." (Usage: "Mapa-francia na ako sa mga pasabog mo!")


Getchicola. To understand. (Usage: "Hindi ko naman ma-getchicola ang blind item mo.")


Gorabels. To go. (Usage: "Gorabels ka na sa iskulembang, teh. Lagot ka na naman sa teacheraka mez.")


Haggardo Versoza. Haggard- or tired-looking. (Usage: "Ano buzz, becky? Haggardo versoza na ang beauty mo. Mag-retouch ka na!")

Have na have. Adjective used for a really good-looking person. (Usage: "Have na have talaga si Coco Martin.")


Imbey. Annoyed, derived from another gay lingo word, "imbyerna." (Usage: "Nakaka-imbey naman ang girlfriend niyang bet mo. Feeling starla.")


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