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Sex and Pinoy Politicians: 10 Scandals That Shocked the Nation lists 10 salacious scandals involving Pinoy politicians.

Published on: Oct 27, 2010 - 10:00am

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10 Sex Scandals Involving Pinoy Politician


Sex and politics make a volatile combo. Sex itself is already a risky topic--and it becomes more so when politicians are involved. lists 10 political sex scandals: some are unfounded-but-persistent rumors, some are also "open secrets" nobody has dared confirm, and others: brutal acts that had the public gasping in disbelief.


The young Charito Solis (in black skirt and white blouse) was action king Fernando Poe Jr.’s co-star in 1961’s Sandata at Pangako. A year after the film came out, Solis had to deal with sordid rumors linking her to Manila mayor Arsenio Lacson.

A Manila mayor’s X-rated cause of death

According to the article published in the FAMAS awards microsite discussed an issue that had hounded actress Charito Solis: "In 1962, what could be considered as the biggest unfounded rumor of her career struck: she was having an affair with Manila mayor Arsenio Lacson. On April 15, 1962, Lacson died [of a heart attack] in his hotel suite. Rumor mills churned out that he was with Charito Solis and actually had the heart attack while in the heat of lovemaking." The story was never verified--but the rumor has some staying power. Lacson--who served as Manila mayor from 1952 until the year he died--had a street in Sampaloc, Manila named after him and two statues of his likeness placed in Santa Cruz and Roxas Boulevard.


President Ferdinand E. Marcos’ vocal prowess was reportedly showcased for the benefit of actress Dovie Beams.

The singing president betrayed by his American inamorata

Maharlika, a movie about the war exploits of President Ferdinand Marcos, began shooting in the Philippines in 1969. American actress Dovie Beams was tapped to play the hero’s love interest. The movie came out in 1971. According to Charles C. McDougald, author of The Marcos Files, Beams went to the press and divulged that she had recorded her so-called encounters with Marcos. He allegedly sang the Ilocano folk song "Pamulinawen" to her during one of their sessions. The story might have been true. Then again, Marcos supporters pointed out that Beams was probably just desperate for attention.

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