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PNoy spotted having merienda with stockbroker Len Lopez in Rockwell
Published on: Nov 30, 2010 - 8:31pm

Hot on the heels of the news about President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III allegedly being dumped by his stylist Liz Uy comes reports saying he was seen having merienda with Deutsche Bank stockbroker Len Lopez at Myron's at the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell yesterday around 5:30 p.m.

Witnesses say it was just the two of them occupying a table at the rear of the restaurant while Presidential Security staff were positioned all over the place. The President ordered the popular angus burger with onion rings.

Passersby supposedly swarmed all over the place upon seeing the two. A friend of Lopez's said they might just be old friends who bumped into each other. The two reportedly did not leave together. Lopez is said to be the best friend of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's daughter Luli Arroyo-Bernas.

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  • misty
    In away he's just human who needs this and that... but being out in the office at 5:30, having date or something beyond his duty is such an annoying thing to be done by a president who asked for his job... just that he can do his own personal thing after work! we are paying such a big tax to pay for his job! Please be the person we are looking for, look at the posibilities to solve the country's problem, but then if you can't just find someone capable to have that post for you... our country is in the midst of crisis, just that those who belongs to the rich community weren't able to notice...OUR COUNTRY SI NOW DYING!!!
    Feb 23 2011 @ 03:36pm     Reply  
  • mid life crisis ni abnoy
    Since may Porsche na si PNoy, what he needs next is a hair transplant. If not, will PNoy lovers help by sending him roadkill? The more hair or fur on the roadkill, the better. :D
    Feb 23 2011 @ 11:32am     Reply  
  • xmen
    Pnoy manoon ka na lang ng Devede
    Feb 23 2011 @ 11:19am     Reply  
  • optimist
    i think haters should look at themselves first before saying anything about others. if you were in his shoes what would you do? he is human and everybody, and i mean EVERYBODY needs a break. rnrnwould you want your employer to work you to the bone? 24/7? forbid you to go on dates? no holidays? i did not think so.
    Jan 02 2011 @ 03:20am     Reply  
  • ruth76
    i suggest he choose someone appropriate for his age, masyado bata mga choices nya para na tuloy DOM ang dating
    Dec 29 2010 @ 05:10pm     Reply  
  • magbago na kayo, pinoy
    Yan ang dahilan kung bakit di umuunlad ang Pilipinas...rnrnHindi dahil sa mga naging presidente natin. Dahil sa ugali ng mga pinoy na ang galing manisi, ang galing maghanap ng pagkakamali... rnrnPero kapag tinanong mo anong ginawa nila para mabago ang Pilipinas ... Wala.rnrnChange always begins with you.
    Dec 23 2010 @ 10:57am     Reply  
  • lover boy
    Mga tsong, para naman hinde kayo nagdaan sa pangliligaw.rnrnLahat na lang ng kilos ni NOyP binabatikos.rnrnLast trip na nga siya. Pag edad niya ng 70rneh college or high school palang ang mga anak niya.
    Dec 23 2010 @ 10:42am     Reply  
  • tita cory
    Liz Uy kasi was just stringing him along (syempre presidente) hanggang makahanap sya ng gwapo at mayaman.
    Dec 22 2010 @ 08:20pm     Reply  
  • playboy palaboy
    certified DOM si Abnoy. magtrabaho na sya para hindi masayang yung pera nang taxpayer.
    Dec 21 2010 @ 11:30am     Reply  
  • kat
    Ang nenegative nyo naman. I bet kayo din mey mga d magandang habits. Nagsnack lng with someone DOM n. Ska you couldn't expect a real person to work 24/7.
    Dec 21 2010 @ 11:20am     Reply  
  • rommel
    To "Chick"rnrnI definitely agree. Respect is earned, not asked. Kaya P-noy, magtrabaho ka! Puro palpak naririnig at nababalita ko sa administrasyon MO. Ayusin mo trabaho mo. Hindi puro "finding faults on previous administration"!rnrnLeche!
    Dec 20 2010 @ 10:46pm     Reply  
  • babes
    why kayo wala ga date.... he cant work 24/7 how can he think well for our country. give him a break.... sobra naman kayo. he deserves a balance life.
    Dec 09 2010 @ 11:27am     Reply  
  • fu
    To all PNoy Apologists. Thank you for supporting this DOM to the presidency. Now we brace ourselves, for we are in with the worst president of all time.
    Dec 06 2010 @ 12:27pm     Reply  
  • barbie
    ang lulupet ng mga comments. hindi naman tayo bumoto ng robot na 24/7 pagtatrabahuhin. even US presidents are scheduled to take breaks at camp david. tsaka ok na rin yan. kesa naman yung dati na pumuslit at nakipag-date sa mga opisyal ng zte sa china para kumuha ng kickback.
    Dec 05 2010 @ 02:20pm     Reply  
  • jaslene
    Hey Guys... Look what is happening today.. Too many crimes out here. Pnoy doesn't bother to do anything... Puro nalang pangako.. It's about time
    Dec 05 2010 @ 01:09pm     Reply  
  • jaslene
    Anong tsimis.. may photo na nga eh.. buti nalng chicks date niya.. wawa naman mga chicks nakipag date sa kanya.. hihihi.
    Dec 05 2010 @ 01:06pm     Reply  
  • jaslene
    oh my gosh!... Pnoy dating again, poor Philippines.. Much better with PGMA around...
    Dec 05 2010 @ 01:03pm     Reply  
  • tommy c
    What about photos?? There must be a photo out there somewhere. No paparazzis??
    Dec 04 2010 @ 11:45pm     Reply  
  • texan
    yung mga fault finder..tingnan muna nyo ang sarili nyo. akala mo kung mag criticize e kagagaling, kaya di tayo umasenso eh, dyan lang tayo magaling,sa pagpuna..e uriratin nga nyo ang sarili nyo ano nagawa nyo sa ikauunlad ng bayan.
    Dec 04 2010 @ 03:02am     Reply  
  • aj


    Dec 03 2010 @ 07:21pm     Reply  
  • mhay
    holiday nga yun and already 5:30pm so ano problema dun? masyado lang kayo makatira siguro mga alipores kayo ni ex-pgma kaya kayo ganyan. wala naman masama kung lumabas sya sandali, ano naman ang malay nyo baka naman after that date eh bumalik ulit sya sa work nya!!! yun mga nagsasabi DOM sya masyado naman kayo makapanghusga komo ba may edad na sya DOM na? alam nyo ba ibig sabihin ng DOM para magsalita kayo ng ganyan sa kapwa nyo? di ako maka-PNOY kc si villar binoto ko pero wag naman kayo magsalita ng masakit sa kapwa no lalo na kung wala naman ginagawa sa inyo masama...
    Dec 03 2010 @ 02:05pm     Reply  
  • jean
    Seriously, give the guy a break.
    Dec 03 2010 @ 12:32pm     Reply  
  • jay
    Pwede ba? Mataas ang ICK factor ni Noynoy. Liz Uy knew it.
    Dec 03 2010 @ 11:52am     Reply  
  • muse66
    He can do better! Someone who's more down to earth!
    Dec 03 2010 @ 11:18am     Reply  
  • naive ba kayo?
    Hello, who's on the front page of the Inquirer? Pnoy and Len Lopez. If the top national newspaper reports on such things, what makes you think Spot won't report that just to "help the president's rep"? It's a business after all. Siyempre sa lahat ng media unahan lang yan.
    Dec 03 2010 @ 10:59am     Reply  
  • luke
    It's great that our President is dating women in public, pagbigyan natin si Pnoy, he deserves to date and enjoy being normal. sobrang normal na nga, he even gets dumped by liz uy, in fairness naman kay ms. Lopez, she looks prettier than Liz Uy. BUT, Shalani pa rin!
    Dec 03 2010 @ 07:32am     Reply  
  • erin
    @ mami_noodlesrnhave you ever ran a business? or managed a department or team? having that kind of responsibility means giving your all. when the hostage crisis is happening, where was Pnoy? in a spa? ok lang naman syang magpahinga, kung may ginagawa sana sya. pero wala eh!! all the good things happening with our economy are still results of the PGMA administration (i really hate her, but we have to give credit to GMA on our good economic status right now). rnwhen he went to the US, may nakuha ba syang investment? kumain lang sya ng hotdog. rneveryweek na lang, nakikipag date sya. ano na ba nagawa nya? WALA!
    Dec 02 2010 @ 05:03pm     Reply  
  • deedee why are you stooping so low? pati yung bryan boy-chuvaness gulo pinatulan nyo.rnrnmore scandal/gossip = more hits = more ad revenue
    Dec 02 2010 @ 04:59pm     Reply  
  • miss kate
    I totally agree with chick. Holiday or otherwise, he's the president. he ran for the toughest job in the country. ang dami daming problema ng bayan maghoholiday pa sya. he's not running a private company. he's running a country. if he can find time to set meetings and dates with women sa dami ng issues ng bayan, you can't help but think seryoso ba sya sa trabaho nya?
    Dec 02 2010 @ 03:45pm     Reply  
  • mami_noodles
    @erinrnrnIf that's your definition of a President, then make a robot run for President next time. People are entitled to rest and relaxation, otherwise they'll burnout.
    Dec 02 2010 @ 02:00pm     Reply  
  • goddess
    i agree with some people here.. please SPOT.PH articles like this has got to stop. nakakasuya na. you're not helping the president's rep. it's not that good of a rep so don't make it worse. jeez
    Dec 02 2010 @ 08:39am     Reply  
  • erin
    being a president means having no breaks and holidays. the job is 24/7. looks like pnoy spends more time on dating than running the country....
    Dec 01 2010 @ 06:07pm     Reply  
  • daquiri
    Dec 01 2010 @ 04:03pm     Reply  
  • morpheus
    @lilith von chasternrnthat was indeed crazy!
    Dec 01 2010 @ 02:59pm     Reply  
  • lilith von chaste
    What here is nothing compared to the jackass idiocy of what Tim Yap did in this article.rnrn
    Dec 01 2010 @ 01:45pm     Reply  
  • kookay
    bakit kelangan pag aksayahan ng panahon ang mga bagay na to? wala namang kwenta to ehhh...Wake up spot! Why focus yourselves stalking a bald D-O-M in the making man with his shenanigans? susme!
    Dec 01 2010 @ 01:07pm     Reply  
  • la pacita
    The right thing to do: Let us respect Pres. Aquino's privacy. And refrain from making write-ups about his what and if we care!
    Dec 01 2010 @ 12:42pm     Reply  
  • wonderwise01
    Alm nyo mga tsong ok lang yan. kahit half day lang si pnoy. di naman yung presence nya sa malacanang ang binabayaran sa kanya ng Govt. Yung utak. utak mga tsong. Kaya mas malaki ang sweldo ng manager nyo kesa sa inyo dahil utak ang binabayaran sa kanya. Ok.rnMukang itong girl na ito ang tumpaka para sa kanya BFF pala ni luli aroyo ito. Mahilig sa matatanda yung mag kabarkada na yun. hahaha ops below the belt. hehehe
    Dec 01 2010 @ 12:32pm     Reply  
  • liz
    Ang bilis naman nya maka-recover sakin. Hmmp. (chos!)
    Dec 01 2010 @ 12:29pm     Reply  
  • george bush
    Leave him alone! All of you get an effing life!
    Dec 01 2010 @ 11:43am     Reply  
  • emj
    hay ambot wla tlaga mkitang maayos na president phil.
    Dec 01 2010 @ 11:24am     Reply  
  • hays
    just thinking out loudrnrnbeing dumped, is one of the hardest things to rnaccept, but if you're used to it already, it becomes more easier to embrace and look for another potential mate, and eventually the cycle repeats it self again and again and again.rnrnsounds natural right?rnrnwhat's sad though if after his term, our country will still be the same or far more worser than now.rnrni'm definitely not against with him courting girls.rnrnwhat's annoying is that, he hasn't really done so much for the country yet, and he has shown some poor judgements already in less than a year (like the luneta stand-off) but he can still find some time to relax and court girls that are obviously way out of his league already.rnrnhoping for a much better decision making from the president really.rnrnmay God help us all.
    Dec 01 2010 @ 10:55am     Reply  
  • marj
    rieya said "please spot. stop these feeds - promotion of a paparazzi-culture reflects how we want our society to be - a gossip-loving pretend elite." AGREE. I can't believe that spot has gone this low - a claim to fame of tabloid trash like the National Enquirer and UK Sun.rn
    Dec 01 2010 @ 10:46am     Reply  
  • mishi
    takot mabakante si president.. tsk tsk
    Dec 01 2010 @ 10:35am     Reply  
  • dom
    whatta DOM...grabe
    Dec 01 2010 @ 10:30am     Reply  
  • chick
    Eh 'di ba nga, tayo ang boss nya?rnrnLook, since assuming office he hasn't done a single thing that makes us, his employers, proud. He's been bungling since day one. And this is the third time he's been spotted dating. Spotted pa lang ha, baka tip of the iceberg pa lang yan, for all we know he's been dating every afternoon with chicks in secluded places.rnrnHe doesn't deserve a break because he hasn't earned it. Holiday or otherwise.
    Dec 01 2010 @ 09:56am     Reply  
  • blah!
    he should lead as an example.rnrnand by God, he is an excellent example for those DOM's out there!rnrngo back to work!rnrnnot just for the president but for the rest of us! :)
    Dec 01 2010 @ 09:56am     Reply  
  • rieya
    please spot. stop these feeds - promotion of a paparazzi-culture reflects how we want our society to be - a gossip-loving pretend elite.
    Dec 01 2010 @ 09:53am     Reply  
  • kadaffy
    @avyrnrnhe's not an ordinary person. he's the president. he asked for this job. he could have spent the time solving problems for the country (and firing bertie lim). despite her faults PGMA is one workhorse. pnoy seems to be on vacation while 90 million people are suffering for his indecisiveness and his cabinet's ineptitude.
    Dec 01 2010 @ 09:51am     Reply  
  • avy
    People are too quick to find fault, so what if he was at Rockwell at 5:30? Even if its 7:00 who cares, yesterday was a holiday! Mind your own business, the he's also human. He's allowed to dine and go to the mall.rnrn
    Dec 01 2010 @ 09:11am     Reply  
  • angelbyday
    him dating this and that -- getting to be a bore rnrnbalita nyo na lang pag may gf na LOL.
    Dec 01 2010 @ 07:46am     Reply  
  • give him a break
    Oo nga naman holiday naman kayo talaga o!
    Dec 01 2010 @ 07:07am     Reply  
  • dan
    wait..... the article did not mention the gender of Len Lopez. Lol.
    Dec 01 2010 @ 05:15am     Reply  
  • edward
    pa date date lang. sarap ng buhay. leche
    Dec 01 2010 @ 12:48am     Reply  
  • common
    If you guys were my boss (those who wanted PNoy to work 24/7 and pry on his "private" time), I'd quit.
    Dec 01 2010 @ 12:37am     Reply  
  • happy_70
    hmm 530 in rockwell...he still should be working...i heard he doesn't accept any meetings after 5 pm...rnif liz did dump him..go are definitely a smart onern
    Nov 30 2010 @ 11:52pm     Reply  
  • happy_70
    hmm 530 in rockwell...he still should be working...i heard he doesn't accept any meetings after 5 pm...rnif liz did dump him..go are definitely a smart onern
    Nov 30 2010 @ 11:52pm     Reply  
  • marj
    No news here. What's next? He's on GRINDR?
    Nov 30 2010 @ 10:49pm     Reply  
  • angel
    guys remember he's the president yet he's also human
    Nov 30 2010 @ 10:38pm     Reply  
  • pidro
    O nga naman, mga tsong.
    Nov 30 2010 @ 10:35pm     Reply  
  • monocle naman kahapon!
    Nov 30 2010 @ 10:31pm     Reply  
  • petro
    mas maganda kung magbibigay ng ulat ang nmalacanang sa time-in and time-out ni p-noy. hehehehehehe
    Nov 30 2010 @ 09:41pm     Reply  
  • ed bernas
    anak ng teteng?! 5:30 nsa rockwell ka na? early out un ah....sana bawasan yung daily salary mo. trabaho!
    Nov 30 2010 @ 09:16pm     Reply  
  • petra
    Aba aba aba, lagi yata sa mall naiispot si PNoy...
    Nov 30 2010 @ 09:10pm     Reply  
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