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Younghusband brothers decline Indonesian football club offer
Published on: Jan 14, 2011 - 8:58am

The Younghusband brothers talk about their decision to decline an Indonesian club's offer in an interview with Rick Olivares on January 13.


Filipino-British players James and Phil Younghusband of the Azkals declined to join the Jakarta Football Club that reportedly offered them an $8,000 monthly salary, a $24,000 signing bonus and more incentives. The brothers arrived at the decision after "a week of soul searching," Rick Olivares, the Philippine football team's media officer and a Business Mirror columnist, reported yesterday.

"Was it difficult? Just a bit. But our priority is the Philippine national team and our football academy," Olivares quoted James as saying. Phil added, "We had to make sure that our family, friends and business partners were on board on this. There were complications that did not make it perfect... This doesn't mean we're closing the door on future offers... It just has to be perfect."

Not sanctioned by FIFA, the Jakarta Football Club is "a member of the breakaway National Football Indonesia Reform Movement," wrote Olivares. Jakarta Globe reported on January 11 that the Younghusband siblings "are likely to sign a deal this week" with the Indonesian club.

For more on this story, log on to Business Mirror.

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  • salmer
    kung ako lang masunod tangapin ko offer ngonesia pero baguhin ang kontrata instead 8000 dollars ang sahod sa isang buwan gawin nalang 8000 dollars per week......wag muna kayo magaway dito alamin nyo muna ang estorya ng pinas sa football sino ng sabi walang roots ang pinas? eh bakit sa world football legend meron flag ang pinas dun.....research nyo muna ito PAULINO ALCANTARA
    Mar 09 2011 @ 07:48am     Reply  
  • iris
    the brothers just didn't get a much better offer, wanna bet if the offer was more enticing they would have pack and left.. and correct about the fact that it doesn't get any government help that's why growth is slow, there is still growth but its at a snail pace..rn
    Jan 17 2011 @ 05:48pm     Reply  
  • jonas
    *Neil Etheridge pala. my bad.
    Jan 17 2011 @ 09:09am     Reply  
  • jonas
    @allan, rnrnKahit na malaking pera, kung hindi naman sanctioned ng national body yung club, anong magagawa ng magkapatid kung may sabit pala? Better to be with a legitimately recognized outfit and be safe than to be with an unaccredited lot and be sorry. Gaya ni kapwa Azkal Nick Etheridge, ngayon nasa first team na siya ng Fulham.
    Jan 17 2011 @ 09:08am     Reply  
  • allan
    They should join the club sayang yung offer remember there is no future in football for the Philippines alam nyo naman corrupt pati PFF president we dont have a pro league only basketball that's why maganda future ng mga younghusbands they should start habang bata pa
    Jan 17 2011 @ 08:48am     Reply  
  • filipina ako
    @coy,rnrnplease answer the questions thrown at you. i do have the same question (as proud to be pinoy's)in mind. you are so sure about what you have written about the Younghusband brothers as if you know their intentions. not to mention you are so sure of Jakarta FC's intentions as well.rnplease educate us.
    Jan 16 2011 @ 06:07pm     Reply  
  • proud to be pinoy
    @coy, rnrn1. how well do you know the brothers for you to be qualified to place judgment upon them? thank you.rnrn2. how knowledgeable are you in the business of football to say, "it's not about their skill, it's about their looks"?rnrnregards,rn
    Jan 16 2011 @ 02:05pm     Reply  
  • jonas
    yung sa isang nagsasabi diyan that we don't know about football, as if you do know lots more by any chance? I cover the beautiful game everyday in my job and I know a lot, kaya wag kang mapagmataas, idiot. May sinasabi yan na walang tactics and strategies ang magkapatid, try taking them and god forbid they don't run circles around you.
    Jan 16 2011 @ 11:46am     Reply  
  • coy
    Pera Pera lang yan!rn"It wasn't perfect" coz they didnt get what they initially wanted! I know these boys! They will pack up and go where fame and money is! rnJakarta FC want them to make the illegal Indonesian League's not about their skill, it's about their looks!rnCelebrity ang dating nila....hindi football players
    Jan 15 2011 @ 10:16pm     Reply  
  • carlo
    Among sa Asean football team Indonesia at Thailand ang mga magagaling, susunod na lang ang Singapore , Vietnam, myanmar, then meron pang iba bago ang Philippines... swerte natin at naka pag draw tayo sa Singapore dahil sa ganda ng depensa ng AZkals... I hope na ma improve ang football sa Pilipinas at makapasok sa ASEAN football league final..
    Jan 15 2011 @ 06:33pm     Reply  
  • renz
    I think what true fottbal fan mean is that 'walang growth' kasi walang masyadong games dito sa Pilipinas. Unlike sa Indonesia, maraming Football leagues (FIFA recognized man o hindi) all-year round. Kaya yung mga Indos mahahasa talaga yung skills nila. What the Philippines need are local football leagues. At kapag maraming football leagues, marami tayong madidiscover na local players... Ganun lang yung ibig sabihin ni true fottball fan. :)
    Jan 15 2011 @ 03:14pm     Reply  
  • phil
    oo nga true football fan why not migrate to indonesia since mas proud ka sa bansa na yun. if di sil na threaten sa AZKALS bakit nila kukunin yung magkapatid. i guess kasi alam nila na magaling ang AZKALS. men, nag uumpisa pa lang tayo and we have a long way to go. instead of saying bad things just shup up ok.
    Jan 15 2011 @ 02:36pm     Reply  
  • proud to be pinoy
    why don't we give TRUE FOTTBALL FAN a chance to let us know his basis for saying "sa pinas walang growth"?
    Jan 15 2011 @ 01:01am     Reply  
  • maria
    ahh... the accent could literally make me come.
    Jan 15 2011 @ 12:20am     Reply  
  • whatthe!?
    "sa pinas walang growth" should be "sa pinas walang support (ng gobyerno)." kahit papaano kasi eh may growth pa rin... imposible yung wala.
    Jan 15 2011 @ 12:07am     Reply  
  • filipina ako
    good thinking and nice filipino attitude displayed by the Younghusband brothers. Even if they are half Filipinos, they think and act like full blooded Filipinos should. I am proud of you guys :-)rnrn@true fottbal fanrnwhat do you mean by "sa pinas walang growth"? are you talking about football? what made you say that and are you sure about it? are you not proud that they declined the offer and they are prepared to play for the Philippines?
    Jan 14 2011 @ 09:19pm     Reply  
  • true azkals
    I don't care what are saying for. I know in coming days and years the Philippine football is growing and going much better than the Indonesia matatalo rin kayo ng Philippines. Kung suportahan mo and Indonesian pumunta ka dun at maging Indonesian ka na rin.
    Jan 14 2011 @ 07:56pm     Reply  
  • phil
    good thing they will still play for the azkals.
    Jan 14 2011 @ 06:41pm     Reply  
  • true fottbal fan
    Sa lahat ng nag comment sa taas.. you dont know about football. Indonesia is a football mad country the Younghusbands are nothing in there and in the region they are football Academy dropouts. what tactics and strategies are you talking about. they dont have it compared to Indo players and other Asean team. actually its better for them to play in such big leagues kesasa pinas na walang growth. indonesia is a hotbed of football talents
    Jan 14 2011 @ 05:38pm     Reply  
  • jonas
    Hindi nasulot dahil sa big greenback. And hindi pa kilala ng FIFA ang Jakarta FC. Bitter lang ang mga Indonesians because the brothers gave them a tough fight and they want to learn their tricks. At yung nagsulat sa Jakarta Globe about them signing up, assuming kayo ha!
    Jan 14 2011 @ 11:31am     Reply  
  • edward marron
    No to Indonesia, they just want to learn some tactics and strategies to the Younghusband as while as the Azkals. They are back fighter.
    Jan 14 2011 @ 10:57am     Reply  
  • soccer fan
    Proud pinoys, these kids are. ^_^
    Jan 14 2011 @ 09:49am     Reply  
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