Daniel Matsunaga’s alleged elevator CCTV scandal: cheating caught on cam or viral marketing gimmick?


CCTV footage of someone said to be Brazilian-Japanese model and actor Daniel Matsunaga kissing a girl in an elevator has been making the Internet rounds since it was posted on Youtube yesterday.

Dated January 8, 2011, the video shows a man who looks like Matsunaga in an elevator appearing to bend down to pick up something before standing up to kiss a girl. The pair seemingly locks lips for a few seconds, and before they get off the elevator, he looks up at the camera.

Cecile Van Straten a.k.a. blogger Chuvaness wrote that a certain person sent her the Youtube link with an email saying there was a go-see in their office. Matsunaga was said to have flirted with a model he just met there. One of the workers at the office supposedly obtained the footage that is now on Youtube.  

Some netizens have wondered how Matsunaga’s girlfriend, actress Heart Evangelista, would react to the rumor, but a few readers of Chuvaness suspect it is a viral marketing gimmick. Asked about the video through Twitter, Evangelista merely said, "relax:):)" A few hours before that tweet, she wrote without identifying the video, "dont worry guys...if you saw it..somethings cooking:)" Her latest tweet reads: "Friends don’t stress me out:)read my direct messages."

For more on this story, log on to Chuvaness and Heart Evangelista’s Twitter.

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