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Sen. Chiz Escudero and wife call it quits, says Ricky Lo
Published on: Apr 20, 2011 - 10:36am

( According to Philippine Star columnist Ricky Lo, Sen. Francis "Chiz" Escudero and his wife of ten years, Christine Elizabeth "Tintin" Flores have called it quits.

"They've been living apart for five months now," Lo quoted a Very Deep Penetration Agent (VDPA) in his column "Funfare" yesterday. The VDPA, whom Lo bumped into in a recent trip to Cebu, said, "I don't know (if there is any third party). What I know is that they just drifted apart."

Lo said he asked the couple to comment but neither replied to him. "Close friends of the un-couple are also mum on the matter," he wrote.

In his column today, Lo said Escudero appealed for them to be left alone. He claimed that Escudero's close friend relayed the message to "Funfare" after the Senator received requests for interviews about the supposed breakup. Lo wrote, "Although Chiz and Tintin... neither confirmed nor denied the story, 'Funfare' stands by the 'scoop' as 100 percent true."

Rumors of the couple's marriage being on the rocks started circulating two years ago, after Escudero announced his intention to run for President in 2010, according to Lo. Some thought the rumors came from his possible opponents but the issue persisted even after the May elections, Lo said. He added that he did not believe the subsequent rumors linking Escudero to actress-host Kris Aquino, and his wife to a member of an all-male dancing group.

For more on this story, log on to Philippine Star.

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  • cruze
    Kayang kaya lampasan ni senator chiz yan pinagdadaanan niya ngayon. Senator Chiz for President next election.rn
    Jun 05 2011 @ 03:34pm     Reply  
  • cruze
    Kayang kaya lampasan ni senator chiz yan pinagdadaanan niya ngayon. Senator Chiz for President next election.rn
    Jun 05 2011 @ 03:34pm     Reply  
  • theoloniousfunk
    I'd like to see former Archbishop and self-styled "canon lawyer" Oscar Cruz say his piece regarding Sen. Chiz Escudero, especially in the light of his presidential campaign.rnrn
    Apr 25 2011 @ 08:09am     Reply  
  • ivana
    So who will run the Philippines after PNoy? I am looking for a Donald Trump of the Philippines. It is certainly not Binay.
    Apr 25 2011 @ 06:07am     Reply  
  • brightmind
    So what if they've gone estranged? Why should it matter to any of us, as long as it doesn't affect his performance as a public figure. I never did like Chiz Escudero, pero hindi ko gagamitin ang personal niyang buhay para siraan siya. Neither should you.
    Apr 24 2011 @ 01:24am     Reply  
  • jane
    another despicable senator who fails in their public and personal life.rn'big ears' will just keep on promoting tacky products.rnno style or class.rnhe should have got his priorities right.
    Apr 21 2011 @ 06:46pm     Reply  
  • gg
    bading yan si chiz. narumour na bading siya eh. pag di nakabarong, tignan niyo ang damit niya. ganda pa naman ng asawa niya.
    Apr 21 2011 @ 11:49am     Reply  
  • mike enriquez and noli de castro
    bakit ba pati ito nirereport ni ricky lo? di naman showbiz si chiz and his wife
    Apr 21 2011 @ 07:00am     Reply  
  • ettol
    ehehrnrnhow can you miss kris when she's all over the papers, television shows etc. i mean, am not gonna sacrifice my media exposure just because she's there. am not bashing kris, am stating a fact of how open, hmmm, public... she manages the same concern on separation -- a comparative analysis, if you will with the escuderos. never mind eheh, di mo nagets.. i understand. lol.
    Apr 21 2011 @ 06:39am     Reply  
  • he's all talk no action
    Senate jerk
    Apr 21 2011 @ 04:30am     Reply  
  • good!rn 'never liked this chiz escudero..masyadong pa-swabe..
    Apr 21 2011 @ 12:33am     Reply  
  • ernie
    kahit magkahiwalay si sen chiz and his wife kc, pede pa rin manalo come next election...pero kung si sen kiko pangilinan ang hihiwalay kay sharon, sa KANGKUNGAN na naman pupulutin yan!!!rn
    Apr 20 2011 @ 10:11pm     Reply  
  • bento
    the girl kc is rumored to b having an affair with somebody.. at nahuli ni mister.. talagang magkakahiwalay yan.
    Apr 20 2011 @ 05:36pm     Reply  
  • eheh
    sus, ettol..kunwari ka pa na di ka interesado kay kris aquino eh aware na aware ka naman kung anong kinukuwento nya hahahah! anyway, in the first place, ang article na eto is about the escudero couple so unfair naman to kris that you would take this opportunity to bash her..o sige baka busy ka pa dyan naghahanap ng latest kwento about kris aquino hahahah! :P
    Apr 20 2011 @ 04:27pm     Reply  
  • ettol
    Well, some good things never last. But I admire the both of them, they maintain a decent silence about it, very much unlike Kris Aquino, awayan nilang mag-asawa, pati regla nya kinukuwento. LOL.
    Apr 20 2011 @ 01:03pm     Reply  
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