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Pinay drummer wins third place in international drumming tilt, Hit It Like a Girl reports that Pinay drummer Karmi Santiago won third place in the international drumming competition for women, Hit Like A Girl 2012.
Published on: May 9, 2012 - 1:04pm

Karmi Santiago's Hit It Like a Girl 2012 entry. reports that Pinay drummer Karmi Santiago won third place in the international drumming competition for women, Hit Like A Girl 2012. According to the report, "The contest received hundreds of video entries from female drummers as young as eight and as old as 55, based in 30 countries."


The report quoted Santiago's message on her Facebook page: "Thanks for your love and support. Thanks HLAG (Hit Like A Girl) for giving us an opportunity to share our talent to the world. Kudos to all HLAG contestants." noted that "as third placer, Santiago will receive $1,500 worth of drumming gear from TRX, Vater, Evans, SKB, and Alfred." It was also revealed that "Santiago has been playing the drums for 10 years and has covered almost all music genres." nothed that Santiago—along with grand prize winner D'Arcus "dbaby" Curry from the U.S. and second place winner Angieszka "AgaDrummer" Matusczak from Poland"will [also] be featured in DRUM! and Tom Tom magazines, as well as on and Enter Music Network affiliates,,,, and"


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  • kota all stars
    pucha ate paturo naman hehehe
    May 14 2012 @ 10:28pm     Reply  
  • Mark
    Refreshing! She did good. Pinay can really do it.
    May 11 2012 @ 01:09pm     Reply  
  • karmi32
    Salamat po sa! Hugs!
    May 10 2012 @ 04:20pm     Reply  
  • tambay sa kanto
    Eto ang pinay! hahaha! hindi yung isang nasa ibang feed, pinainit ang ulo ng tambay na ito. Matuto nga tayong kilalanin ang lahi natin. Kaya ang mga kababayan natin sa ibang bansa madaling nawawalan ng loyalty sa bansa natin kasi madali tayong maniwala sa mga sabi sabi, hindi tayo sanay mag isip critically.
    May 10 2012 @ 12:59pm     Reply   Hide replies
    • filipina ako
      nice one tambay sa kanto. thinking critically, for a tambay. I am amazed
      May 11 2012 @ 11:53am     Reply  
  • Pilipino
    This is unlike Jessica Sanchez, this is PINAY. No offense meant to those who are idolizing and thinking uncritically about the AI 11. This is a pinay with talent and she gets my admiration.
    May 10 2012 @ 11:09am     Reply   Hide replies
  • Genuine
    She drummed to a piece that was like a softer Miles Davis tune (to my untrained ear, anyway), meaning it wasn't shabby.She's very good.
    May 10 2012 @ 02:41am     Reply  
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