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PHOTOS: Pinoy Celebrity Tattoos
Inked and proud of it.
Published on: Jul 26, 2012 - 7:00am


Cristine Reyes


This girl wasn’t shy about her tattoos either. A quick search gave us a video of her getting a tattoo in LA of a cross and a rosary, revealing a religious side to this famous personality. Her opposite arm bears a heart with a crucifix as well. Tattoos on the wrist always have maximum visibility, at least for the one bearing it. Why get inked if you won’t get to see it every day?




Jay Contreras and Chito Miranda

Although the lead singer for Kamikazee has several tattoos to his name, we have to say that the one on his back is our favorite. The most prominent of his tattoos, it’s an elaborate tattoo of an angry looking man of leaves, complete with bright eyes and leafy moustache. Jay also owns a tattoo shop on Maginhawa Street called 55 Tinta.

As for his friend (and groomsman at his wedding), Parokya ni Edgar frontman Chito Miranda has a tattoo of his last name on his right arm. It’s an ambigram, meaning if you look at it from either direction it spells out the same thing (as made famous in Dan Brown's Angels and Demons).


Photo by Yumphotography and MangoRed


Vice Ganda and Jon Avila

Some time last year, Vice Ganda revealed his friendship with Jon Avila. Despite tongues wagging on a possible relationship, Jon wasn’t shy about sharing a picture of Vice with a tattoo of a bright red star on his wrist. Jon, in turn, has a tattoo on his right arm. At first we thought it was just random squiggles, but then upon looking at it again, we realize that it’s actually a stylized way of writing his name, Jon.

Photo by Frank Hoefsmit


Manny Pacquiao



In this video from a 24/7 special on Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto, Manny talks about tattoos that he did on himself at the tender age of thirteen. “It hurts…but it not really hurts. It’s like the bite of an insect,” he even laughs at the way his tattoos were done, particularly one on his chest, that of a tiny glove. “Look, it’s a glove, but ugly because I do my own.” Of course, the days of him doing his own tattoos are long gone as he has his own tattoo shop in LA, but there’s a kind of prison tattoo feel to his older tattoos that we think is badass and scary at the same time.

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  • TRampStampWhat??
    Genuine, ignorante ang pinagsasabi mo sa tattoo.
    TRampstamp k diyan.
    Reasearch mo muna pinagmulang history ng tattoo dito sa Pinas bago ka dumakdak.
    At kung malalaman mo, wala siyang kinalaman sa pagiging tramp stamp na pinagsasabi mo.
    Ang pinagmulan ng pagtatato sa Pinas ay simbolo ng katapngan (Pintados of Visayas) kaysa pinagsasabi mo.
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    Those tats that people have at the small of their back? it's what you call a "Tramp stamp." Never say that in front of Tuesday Vargas and Angel Locsin, though. They'll beat you up.
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