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Winners & Losers of the Week: Anne Curtis, Seth MacFarlane + others
Who had the last laugh and who wept
Published on: Mar 1, 2013 - 8:15am

( We list the personalities who experienced highs and lows this week. Admittedly, not all the winners may be ecstatic and not all the losers may be devastated. Life is complicated, folks. Remember: Don't take everything literally and make sure to read between the lines...if you can find them.

WINNER: Puerto Princesa City mayor and Senate aspirant Edward Hagedorn, for admitting that he owns Jollibee franchises and that his family also leases land to McDonald's. (Because you have to love a guy who swings both ways.)

WINNERS: Channing Tatum and Charlize Theron for dancing to "The Way You Look Tonight" in the opening number of the 85th Oscars. (It was probably one of the highest points of Seth MacFarlane's hosting stint.)

WINNER: U.S. football star Tim Tebow, for opting not to attend a planned speaking engagement at church in Dallas, Texas after he learned that its preacher has spread hate speech against both Jews and gays. (We love guys who can back religion with balls.)

WINNER: Daniel Daw Lewis, for a most delightful Best Actor acceptance speech at the 85th Oscars. (In fact, we're so impressed by his speech that we could watch it over and over again in lieu of watching Lincoln.)

WINNER: Anne Curtis, for inciting the passions of a whole nation (or that segment of the population whose minds are on holier-than-thou-and-ignorant mode) just because of her outfit in her "Diamonds" number on ASAP 18. (What can we say? She's hot stuff.)

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  • SexyQueen
    Anne Curtis, winner? She was nothing but an attention-seeker, thanks to her pretty face and banging body, she has a career to be thankful for.
    Mar 01 2013 @ 03:24pm     Reply   Hide replies
    • Jesuswasablackman
      Then again, if Anne doesn't have her Caucasian genes to back it up, she'd be just another trying hard starlet reduced to farting off candles in some third-rate talent show. Isn't there justice in the Philippines anymore?
      Mar 01 2013 @ 04:14pm     Reply  
    • Anne-oying
      Can't wait for her 15 minutes of fame to be over. So sick of her face.
      Mar 01 2013 @ 05:41pm     Reply  
  • IPunkPrincess
    Oh please. Seth MacFarlane was hilarious. Not at all painful.
    Mar 01 2013 @ 09:17am     Reply  
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