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10 Pinoy Words You Need to Be Careful About Using
Napintasan ka ba? Pasalamat ka!

Published on: Aug 6, 2014 - 10:00am

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( There’s a Bisayan joke that goes, "Ang langgam namin lumilipad na, sa inyo gumapagapang pa." In Visayan languages, the word langgam means bird. If there’s a reason for you to stop saying dialect and start referring to non-Tagalog languages as languages, it’s this. (So we can get in on the jokes.)


Kuyog ta-get together, not swarm on someone-and celebrate more than Tagalog/Filipino this Language Month!


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"Uy, bayag mo."

1. Bayag

In Ilocano: Slow | In Tagalog: Testicles

They don’t want you to look down at your crotch. They need you to go faster.

"Mga lalake talaga. Puro titi inaatupag."

2. Titi

In Ilonggo: Breast | In Tagalog: Penis

Hey, look. That sentence makes sense however you read it! This one’s easy to remember. Sounds similar to the English slang dangling lady parts. So classy. We suppose it’s never easy to say this word out loud anywhere.


"Sarap naman ng utong niyo!"

3. Utong

In Ilocano: String beans (sitaw) | In Tagalog: Nipples

Don’t be offended. They’re just praising your cooking. Adobong utong is delicious.



"Baka malibog ka."

4. Libog

In Ilonggo: Confused | In Tagalog: Lust/Libido (hence malibog, horny)

Pwede kang malibugan habang nalilibugan. (You don’t need to tell anyone though.)



"Napintasan kayo? Good!"

5. Pintas

In Ilocano: Beauty | In Tagalog: Insult

Take it as a compliment. Always. (Ang kapintasan ko ay napintas ako. Yii!)


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