10 Pinoy Authors in the International Publishing Scene

From local heroes to global game-changers, these wordsmiths have done us proud.

These Pinoy writers have become our ambassadors to the rest of the world-not that they assumed the role, of course. Through their bestselling novels, whether about surviving the modern day urban landscape,  searching for a homeland from the other side of the Pacific, or documenting the misadventures of a barkada of nannies in the Hamptons, these storytellers have bridged the gap between Filipinos and the rest of the world.

We tip our hats off to the wordsmiths on this list who have so admirably made their literary dreams a reality here and abroad-some planned, some by accident. Their success is ours too.


Writers who "wow" us. Click for more.




Photos from Random House, Salon.com, hawaii.edu and from the authors official websites

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