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Top 10 Cutest Chefs in Manila
Who takes the cake as the cutest chefs in town? We list our Top 10.

Published on: Sep 15, 2010 - 12:05pm

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When it comes to picking out guys who stand out from the pack, those who know their way around the kitchen get major points. Thus, some may say that cute chefs have an unfair advantage. lists 10 men who heat up the kitchen in more ways than one. (Spotted other cute chefs? Please let us know! Manila can never have enough of them!)

10. Chef Rolando Laudico

Culinary bio: Educated at the Culinary Institute of America, he worked in France and Australia before setting up a catering business and eventually opened Bistro Filipino in 2006.

Where to spot him: Working his magic on the dishes at Chef Laudico Bistro Filipino.

Chef Laudico does not have a clue whom he appeals to the most, but says, "A lot of little kids seem to like me a lot, which is cool. I love kids." The long-haired chef who walks around with a "rocker dude" vibe is responsible for Bistro Filipino’s much-talked about Pinoy food. He thinks though that, "being a chef is not about looks. You can just get any handsome guy and dress him up with a chef jacket and call him a chef [but] you have to earn the title through years of hard work and dedication."

Much like how he runs his restaurant, Chef Laudico does not do things half-way. On his first date with wife Chef Jaqueline, he took her to Farmer’s Market, brought a lot of ingredients and prepared a feast with over 5 dishes from scratch. "I still love cooking for her up to this day," he shares. Now, that is a keeper.

9. Chef Sau del Rosario

Culinary Bio: Trained at the Culinary Institute of America, Chef Sau has helped open hotel restaurants in Singapore, Shanghai and France; Chef Sau is also a former chef at the EDSA Shangri-la Hotel, New World Hotel, and the Manila Peninsula; The former chef of Museum Café and Chelsea, Chef Sau now creates the dishes at Le Bistro Vert in Makati.

Where to spot him: Cooking up dishes at Le Bistro Vert in Makati.

One of the most popular chefs in Manila, Chef Sau has gone beyond the kitchen and made local television his playground: he was an endorser for the Selecta Gold Series and is currently a judge on QTV 11’s "Kitchen Battles" hosted by Issa Litton. The superbly toned Chef Sau, described to have glints of mischief in his eyes, feels that his appeal knows no age nor gender. "I think I appeal mostly to younger women and matronas, and men! Just look at my Facebook friends," he says.

For Chef Sau, "a healthy lifestyle, exercise, organic food, sex, and a lot of ice cream" keep him fit. But it seems that cooking for loved ones make him most happy. Says Chef Sau, "I [once] cooked for my ex and we shared a meal on the rooftop of our building in Paris. I served. I also washed the dishes!"

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