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On the Spot: Tricia Gosingtian
The web sensation spills the juicy details about being sent by Tumblr to cover New York Fashion Week, her signature kawaii poses, and more.

Published on: Mar 4, 2011 - 6:56pm

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She’s the Internet Sensation in’s Top 10 It Girls. Click for more photos from her Tumblr.


The label "Internet celebrity" makes her cringe but there’s no doubt that Tricia Gosingtian, 22, is a sensation online and otherwise. This photographer, stylist, model and fashion blogger has made it to list after list:’s Top 10 It Girls,’s Top 10 Fashion Inspirations, Preview’s Creative It List, The Philippine Star’s 22 Achievers Under 22, YStyle’s The Fashionable 25, Go Negosyo Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs, and more.

Her biggest and most recent fashion coup was to be among the bloggers that Tumblr sent to cover the recent New York Fashion Week. Of the chosen 24, the Filipino-Chinese artist was the only blogger from Asia. There, she met fashion stalwart Oscar de la Renta and toured his studio, had brunch with Marie Claire Fashion Director Nina Garcia, and spotted the Anna Wintour. (She also had a brush with intrigue because of a certain interview; read about it on her Twitter.)

The Chictopia style icon chats with about her NY Fashion Week adventure, the perks and snags of being a famous fashion blogger, and why she’s never cosplayed-contrary to popular opinion.


Behind-the-scenes at a fashion shoot last year featuring Tricia Gosingtian. Styling and video editing by Gosingtian.


What is it about "Asian aesthetics and Japanese fashion, beauty and culture" you love?

I’ve always loved that dolled-up look they always have, as well as that knack for mixing and matching pieces together resulting in genius ensembles I can never replicate. They have so many fashion subcultures and it’s amazing how they even have magazines that cater to each one. I’m an avid collector of Japanese magazines and I follow a lot of their helpful hair and makeup tutorials.

Your photos have been published in a lot of local publications and some foreign ones too. Which magazine do you aspire to get published in?

Nylon, totally. And ViVi (Japan) even if it’s such a dream.

Which foreign model do you dream of working with? Why?

Karlie Kloss has been my favorite international model for a while now, and it was such a pleasure to be able to take her photos on the runway when I went to New York for Fashion Week. I’d love to work with her. But I’m glad I have a close friend who’s like a Karlie clone; that’s probably the closest I can get to my dream.

How would you style and photograph the Filipino models currently making waves abroad like Danica Magpantay, Charo Ronquillo and Chat Almarvez?

Off-duty models, street-style.


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