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Behind the Scenes at Lovi Poe's FHM shoot
Lovi Poe heats up the cold -ber months with this hot FHM cover.
Published on: Sep 1, 2011 - 1:13pm

What a way to start September. Click for more.


( With a body that both men and women dream about, it was only a matter of time before this uber-hot cover girl invaded the pages of FHM. Lovi Poe finally lends her sensuality to the men's magazine as she graces the cover of its big September double-issue.

Lovi's bodacious bod comes as no mystery, and there's nothing like a simple black two-piece, an elephant, and that gorgeous Ayutthaya, Thailand backdrop to highlight those jaw-dropping curves. To make matters more special, Lovi's much-anticipated FHM debut also marks the magazine's first ever overseas photoshoot.

Her latest film, My Neighbor's Wife, opens on September 15. She is also featured on the cover of Women's Health magazine this month.


For more on this story, log on to, or grab a copy of FHM Magazine's September 2011 issue out on newsstands now. Photos from

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  • evil brew
    Skinny is not the body type that generates body heat during intense love making. Cristine Reyes' perfect softness is the body type that will send your blood oozing from your brains down to your steel hard pipes.
    Sep 03 2011 @ 10:54am     Reply  
  • jayc
    Lovi poe would now be a sought after actress/model after this shoot. The location shoot was not only perfect but also good timing as well. It gives a feeling of an exotic woman. GRRR. Nakakagigil!rn
    Sep 03 2011 @ 10:29am     Reply  
  • tim
    Lovi Poe's hot, but I was surprised with her stylist Pam Quinones. Wow! She's hotter for me.
    Sep 03 2011 @ 07:17am     Reply  
  • classicrockfan
    I think she looks amazing!!! Plastic surgery or not, that's her business. Most people can do lipo all over their bodies and will still never look like that. And besides, this is for a magazine that celebrates t*ts and bj's... Who cares if she's dumb as a rock?! SHE's HOT and that's what matters. Tama na mga haters dyan...
    Sep 02 2011 @ 10:29am     Reply  
  • vince
    She's sizzzling hottttttttttt! This is the best FHM cover yet! For once hindi chubby at sexy talaga.
    Sep 02 2011 @ 08:20am     Reply  
  • jeremiah
    @dumalo - SO she used to be as big as that elephant behind her? bwahahaha!rnrnBut seriously, she's the perfect example of her dad. Absolutely rich with no talent nor a brain. Sooner or later, she will run for President!
    Sep 01 2011 @ 10:44pm     Reply  
  • dumlao
    I support Lovi Poe's fight for plastic surgery! Without Liposuction, this world would be a fatter place. You go Lovi Poe!
    Sep 01 2011 @ 10:43pm     Reply  
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