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On the Spot: Stanley Chi, Author of Pogi Points
From gwapo, este, pogi. Yes, there’s a big difference.

Published on: Dec 3, 2012 - 8:00am

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( Random tips from Stanley Chi’s new book, Pogi Points, available now in bookstores around the nation (whether pogi or otherwise):

1. Being pogi is a choice...kung ayaw mong maging pogi, eh ’di huwag!
2. Ang pagpapanggap ay isang matinding asset kapag ikaw ay magpapa-cute sa chicks...Use it wisely!
3. POGI-Presence of God Inside


Dear God...why have we not put this guy On the Spot yet?


To be fair, Stanley Chi did make it into our 2011 list of Top 10 Ugly-Sexy Hotties-number six, several notches below Ramon Bautista, as he reminded us during the interview. But that was when he was still suplado, dishing out Suplado Tips with aplomb via social networks and, later, two successful books. Now, he’s also pogi, and we pick his brains over some coffee to finally get to the root of his pogi philosophy. (Trust us...he’s thought deep and hard about it.)


Read on to get the inside, pogi-certified score on Daniel Craig, natural-born handsomeness, and how ultramarathoners can actually become ugly.



You first broke into the scene with your Manila Bulletin comic strip, Chopsticks, which pokes fun at the tsinoy community. As a tsinoy yourself, what are the usual stereotypes Pinoys have of Fil-Chinese?


Number one, kuripot. Number two, business-minded. Number three, magaling sa math. Number four, naka-sando palagi. Number five, may hardware [store]. Tapos isa, office sa baba, bahay sa second floor. Tapos ’yung laging tinatanong sa akin, pag Chinese ka, dapat bang Chinese rin ang mapapangasawa mo? Tsaka akala nila, marunong kang mag-karate.


Nung nagwo-work ako, nag-e-MRT ako, nagka-cab ako. ’Yung mga officemates ko, inisip nila mayaman ako. Pinagti-tripan nila ako na "Ah, si Stanley, low profile lang iyan. Nakaparada ’yung Pajero niya sa kabilang kanto para ’di lang ma-kidnap." ’Yun, isa pa iyon! Takot [raw kami] ma-kidnap! Tsaka they always have this notion that the Chinese look down on Pinoys. It’s not true.



Moving on to your latest book, Pogi Points...when did you realize that you were pogi?


Actually, hindi ko naman alam na bina-brand ako as pogi e. ’Yun naman talaga ang style e: kung pogi ka, kunwari ’di mo alam na pogi ka. Mas dagdag pogi points ’yan sa mga tsiks, e. Parang ’pag nanonood ka ng TV, tapos tinatanong ka, "Do you find yourself pogi?" sasabihin ng gwapong artist, "Oh, no, no! ’Di ako pogi. Cute lang ako."

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