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Which hugot Pinoy movie line do you identify with?

Paano na Kaya! 'Syinota mo ako eh. Syinota mo ang best friend mo!'
(1.11%, 1 votes)
One More Chance! 'She loved me at my worst. You had me at my best, but binalewala mo lang ang lahat.'
(38.89%, 35 votes)
Minsan Minahal Kita 'You made me believe we had a chance.'
(27.78%, 25 votes)
One More Chance pa rin! 'Sana ako pa rin.'
(32.22%, 29 votes)

Total Voters: 90

Which childhood hangout do you miss most?

Quad Nova Fontana and Hard Rock Cafe!
(16.43%, 23 votes)
COD in Cubao Those lights were a staple for my Christmas season.
(19.29%, 27 votes)
Fiesta Carnival My favorite part was the horror train.
(22.86%, 32 votes)
Tower Records I still remember all those CDs I bought.
(10.71%, 15 votes)
Glico's And that signature fizzy drink!
(30.71%, 43 votes)

Total Voters: 140

What is your biggest dating deal breaker in Manila?

You live in the south. He or she lives in the north.
(21.33%, 32 votes)
He takes selfies everywhere you go. Then posts them everywhere.
(13.33%, 20 votes)
Hygiene issues. It's a tropical country, ano ba?
(46.67%, 70 votes)
Vegetarian siya. And I like bacon too much.
(4.67%, 7 votes)
I'm wearing flats... and he's still shorter than I am.
(14%, 21 votes)

Total Voters: 150

Should P-Noy have been at the arrival honors of the Fallen 44?

Yes Definitely. He's the Commander-in-Chief, who is he kidding?
(73.75%, 191 votes)
Sure, but... He was scheduled at the necrological services, anyway.
(6.56%, 17 votes)
Of course But there are much bigger issues here, like finding out who gave the order.
(19.69%, 51 votes)

Total Voters: 259

Which weird food would you dare to try?

Garlic creme brulee It's worth a shot.
(22.99%, 20 votes)
Arobung Kamaru Field crickets sound delicious.
(26.44%, 23 votes)
Ox brain Maybe.
(16.09%, 14 votes)
Bibingkang Abnoy Unfertilized duck eggs? Sounds good to me.
(17.24%, 15 votes)
Never Never ever. Nope. Not in a million years.
(17.24%, 15 votes)

Total Voters: 87

Which office desk do you identify with?

The Photo Album I love capturing all my memories!
(5.17%, 3 votes)
Mananakawan Hey, I haven't been stolen from...yet.
(13.79%, 8 votes)
The Fan Desk I just have a lot of interests, okay?
(18.97%, 11 votes)
Ita-desk-imasu Lagi akong gutom, eh.
(32.76%, 19 votes)
The Night of the Living Desk I have forgotten how the surface of my table actually looks.
(29.31%, 17 votes)

Total Voters: 58

Are you going to try and see the Pope when he visits?

Yes! My itinerary is prepared and I'm ready to go.
(16.22%, 18 votes)
Sort of... Maybe just a glimpse...if I can.
(24.32%, 27 votes)
No. Crowds aren't really for me.
(57.66%, 64 votes)

Total Voters: 111

The MRT and LRT fare hike just took effect. What do you think about the increase?

It's unreasonable. The increase is just too high!
(21.64%, 29 votes)
It's fair as long as... The funds go to improving trains and their service.
(66.42%, 89 votes)
Meh. There are other ways to go around the city.
(2.24%, 3 votes)
It's okay, but... They should have done a gradual increase in fare prices.
(9.7%, 13 votes)

Total Voters: 134

Have you listed your resolutions for the New Year yet?

Of course! And I'm going to follow through this time...I hope.
(2.86%, 1 votes)
Yes, but... I plan on making it a little more realistic this time around.
(37.14%, 13 votes)
Not this year. I never see them through, anyway.
(25.71%, 9 votes)
What resolutions? I don't need a new year to pledge on improving myself.
(34.29%, 12 votes)

Total Voters: 35

You are inside the New Bilibid Prison facility. What would you do first?

Sing karaoke That stage is perfect for my performance.
(5.75%, 5 votes)
Use the hot tub And the WiFi at the same time!
(49.43%, 43 votes)
Check out the PlayStation 4 Duh.
(12.64%, 11 votes)
Film my own music video If Herbert Colangco can do it, so can I!
(11.49%, 10 votes)
Have a movie marathon Just look at that sound system.
(20.69%, 18 votes)

Total Voters: 87

What do you think about the helmet fiasco involving DILG Secretary Mar Roxas?

It's irrelevant! Why are people even arguing about this?
(59.02%, 36 votes)
It's funny! The memes are hilarious.
(9.84%, 6 votes)
No excuses. No one is above the law. Period.
(13.11%, 8 votes)
'Boy Semplang' It has a nice ring to it.
(18.03%, 11 votes)

Total Voters: 61

What do you think is the most ridiculous bill or law for 2014?

The Anti-Selfie Bill It. Just. Doesn't. Make Sense.
(45.22%, 52 votes)
The No-Helmet Bill Wait, what? But...helmets are supposed to protect you...
(14.78%, 17 votes)
Yes to Hospital Arrest Bill Senator Nancy Binay raised a lot of eyebrows with that one, including mine.
(29.57%, 34 votes)
No Relation, No Back Ride Policy And how exactly does this decrease 'riding in tandem' crimes again?
(10.43%, 12 votes)

Total Voters: 115