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Which Senate showdown is your favorite…so far?

Senate President Franklin Drilon vs. Senator Nancy Binay It's entertaining when people lose their cool.
(34.88%, 15 votes)
Senator Alan Peter Cayetano vs. Tony Tiu It gave us the immortal name 'Kim Tiu.'
(23.26%, 10 votes)
The senators vs. Binay spokespersons The gatecrash was so riveting, I couldn't look away.
(23.26%, 10 votes)
Senator Sonny Trillanes vs. Tony Tiu So many quotable quotes. Where do we even begin?
(18.6%, 8 votes)

Total Voters: 43

Which childhood toy did you want to have as a kid?

A tamagotchi. Virtual pets were so cool.
(47.89%, 68 votes)
Polly Pocket. It was an entire house in a palm-sized case!
(30.99%, 44 votes)
Super Soaker. It was perfect for the prankster in me.
(2.11%, 3 votes)
G.I. Joe. They were action figures, not dolls.
(14.08%, 20 votes)
Cabbage Patch Kids. So huggable!
(4.93%, 7 votes)

Total Voters: 142

What is your favorite quotable quote from the Senate hearings, with special guest Tony Tiu?

"Baka pwedeng si Commissioner Kim [Henares] itabi natin kay Mr. Tiu para imbis na uminit ulo natin, 'Kim Tiu' na lang makikita natin sa hearing" - Senator Alan Peter Cayetano
(33.33%, 42 votes)
"'Yan na yun? 'Yan na yung explanation mo? 'Yan na yun?"" - Senator Koko Pimentel
(8.73%, 11 votes)
"Pwede kang sastre. Galing mong mag-tahi ng kuwento." - Senator Sonny Trillanes
(23.02%, 29 votes)
"Teka lang, gusto kong samsamin 'yung kung paano mo malulusutan 'to." - Senator Alan Peter Cayetano
(8.73%, 11 votes)
"Well, uh..." - Antonio Tiu
(25.4%, 32 votes)

Total Voters: 126

You're in the 300-hectare Batangas estate. What's the first thing you'd do?

Check out the piggery. Is it really air-conditioned? Ang init eh.
(25%, 27 votes)
Propose to someone in the gazebo. So romantic.
(1.85%, 2 votes)
Play hide-and-seek in the maze. I can pretend to be in The Shining!
(29.63%, 32 votes)
Look for evidence. The super sleuth in me is dying to know.
(22.22%, 24 votes)
Ride a boat across the lagoon. It's so scenic.
(21.3%, 23 votes)

Total Voters: 108

Have you visited H&M yet?

YES! YES! I am maniacally laughing because yes. I was there. I beat all...well, most of you.
(4.69%, 6 votes)
Do I look like a commoner? I saw it before it was open to the public.
(10.94%, 14 votes)
No way. Ew. Consumerist culture.
(39.84%, 51 votes)
Maybe this week? I was too busy having a life, sorry.
(33.59%, 43 votes)
I'm so broke. The clothes, they took my money! Help!
(10.94%, 14 votes)

Total Voters: 128

Vice President Jejomar Binay refuses to go to the Senate because he says he's been "pre-judged." What would you do in his position?

Stay put. Because I am in position. Get it?
(6.48%, 7 votes)
Prove my innocence. Let the records speak! (Assuming my conscience is clean.)
(57.41%, 62 votes)
Chill. Let the potatoes potate. Whatevs, don't care.
(17.59%, 19 votes)
Do my job and wave to the cameras. Business as usual.
(18.52%, 20 votes)

Total Voters: 108

Gone Girl is in theaters this week! How excited are you?

I am literally dying of excitement. And by literally I mean figuratively.
(38.24%, 13 votes)
The mere mention of it makes me pee my pants a little. That's an exaggeration and I am not ashamed!
(20.59%, 7 votes)
What's with the hype? The book will always be better.
(23.53%, 8 votes)
Not very. Who has time to go the movies...and friends to go with. Le sigh.
(17.65%, 6 votes)

Total Voters: 34

Have you had Twister Fries yet?

Yes. I am now about 20 pounds heavier and very broke.
(51.05%, 122 votes)
Yes. But I am totally jogging it off.
(26.78%, 64 votes)
No. Ew. It's not organic.
(7.95%, 19 votes)
No. Please, I don't eat fast food.
(10.46%, 25 votes)
What's that? Lol, I don't know what that is. I am such a manang
(3.35%, 8 votes)

Total Voters: 239

Is the Makati City Hall Building 2 world-class?

Of course it is! It's made by Pinoys. Pinoys are world-class all the time, you know.
(5.24%, 12 votes)
Sure. From the point of view of, say, ants and other insects, this building is astounding.
(19.21%, 44 votes)
No. Are you guys serious? Because this issue is.
(75.11%, 172 votes)

Total Voters: 229

If public officials would commute at least once a month...pick an MRT buddy!

PNoy. Presidential entourage!
(31.58%, 60 votes)
Sen. Pia Cayetano. Her triathlete skills could come in handy!
(22.11%, 42 votes)
Sen. JV Ejercito. Pro na ata siya, parang student life all over again daw.
(4.21%, 8 votes)
Uh...I'll just walk instead.
(41.58%, 79 votes)

Total Voters: 190

Do you want PNoy to run for a second term?

Yes. Six more years!
(32.58%, 58 votes)
No. 'Wag na. Please.
(67.42%, 120 votes)

Total Voters: 178

What is the craziest thing you have resorted to while bored during a blackout?

Wax-sculpting. The possibilities with candle wax are endless.
(10.2%, 5 votes)
Ghost-hunting. Nothing can possibly go wrong!
(26.53%, 13 votes)
Over-sleeping. It's a real problem, okay.
(51.02%, 25 votes)
Having a conversation. That's not online? How does this work again?
(12.24%, 6 votes)

Total Voters: 49