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Flight attendants' union calls Cebu Pacific's "safety dance" gimmick "sexist," Gabriela says it's "exploita
Published on: Oct 5, 2010 - 7:07am

Cebu Pacific's "safety dance," demonstrated by its flight attendants in a viral video, has come under fire for supposedly being "sexist" and "exploitative." A union called the Flight Attendants and Stewards Association of the Philippines (FASAP) said in a statement posted on ANC's Facebook account that the "stereotyping of flight attendants as entertainers will surely have a negative and sexist impact in the minds of the public."

"This gender-insensitive packaging is a throwback to the unenlightened past during the 50s and 60s when 'stewardesses' were made to wear hot pants and mini skirts to appeal to the dominantly male business travelers. To make (flight attendants) dance in front of passengers takes this mindset to a new low," FASAP said. " Flight attendants are not entertainers; they are safety professionals. To require them to dance in front of passengers is demeaning and undignified." FASAP hopes Cebu Pacific will reconsider their dancing gimmick "for the sake of gender sensitivity and professionalism."

This viral video has over six million hits on Youtube as of October 5, 8 a.m.

Meanwhile, Gabriela Rep. Luz Ilagan told that making Cebu Pacific's flight attendants dance is "exploitative." She said, "If the flight attendants feel uncomfortable and if they feel that it's beyond their duties, it's a kind of exploitation." She said Gabriela will help them stop the practice, should they request for assistance.

Cebu Pacific told that the flight attendants "gladly took part in the dance routine," as seen in the viral video. Candice Iyog, the airline's vice president for marketing, said, "Ito ay kusang-loob at masaya nilang ginawa para makapagbigay ng impormasyon sa mga pasahero. (They willingly and gladly performed the routine to inform our passengers.)"

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  • mitch
    i agree. gabriella blows things out of proportion and is in it for the media exposure.

    if they care about exploited women why don't they go to Angeles and malate and all the massage and casa, take the girls out, give them free room and board while they also give them job training?

    i loved it when Gabriella was there to support the prostitute Nichole against her american serviceman D. Smith. they went all out to condemn americans. TAPOS, what did nichole do? make a deal to GO TO AMERICA. and what did Gabriella say about the one they were trying to protect?
    Mar 20 2012 @ 09:16pm     Reply  
  • chuva
    @the grinch ng o.a. mo! yuk
    Oct 09 2010 @ 12:02pm     Reply  
  • The Grinch
    I fly CebuPac all the time. I just find the dancing tasteless along with the uniforms. I would be embarrassed for everyone in the airplane to be subjected to watching it. I pay for air transport not to be forced to watch wowowee. Really yuk.
    Oct 07 2010 @ 12:24am     Reply  
  • Hay...
    Sige na, sige na. Lahat na lang EXPLOITATIVE para sa Gabriela. I've worked with them before, pero I just had to leave. Di ko na sasabihin reasons.
    Oct 06 2010 @ 08:35pm     Reply  
  • Matiisin
    Neneng, where art thou?
    Oct 06 2010 @ 08:16pm     Reply  
  • igeramos
    @batoush, baka ma-ban ako sa spot, kung itutuloy ko ang mga kabalahuraang ito.rnrn@Satan rntama, it's no big deal. it's a creative PR. and good for the business. at least the Cebu Pacific cabin crew seems happier compared to their colleagues at PAL.rnrn@F. Bastiat, hindi ba mga atheist ang mga kaliwa? anong ibig mong sabihin sa "as if they just came from a meeting with God"?
    Oct 06 2010 @ 08:14pm     Reply  
  • Satan
    It's no big deal. rnrnThese attendants are professionals and they know their rights so I think there is no exploitation here unless one is complaining.rnrnMaluluma din yan! rnrn
    Oct 06 2010 @ 07:57pm     Reply  
  • F. Bastiat
    As with all socialist/leftist organizations who view everything from the lens of oppression, class war and exploitation, comments such as these are not surprising. I wonder the motivation behind shedding attention on extremist cranks such as this loony group who purport to represent the totality of the feminist experience and make statements as if they just came from a meeting with God.rnrnBest,rnF.Bastiat
    Oct 06 2010 @ 05:12pm     Reply  
  • Bugoy
    @joernrnReally? Wow,good for them for being stunning. Their collective decision making skills leave a lot to be desired for, though. In fact, I take it back: Yun matandang dalagang librarian namin mas progresibo pa mag isip sa mga stunning prends mo=)
    Oct 06 2010 @ 03:42pm     Reply  
  • batoush
    bat wala nang away ni boo rat and igeramos? di na tuloy masaya. hoy kayong dalawa ituloy ninyo na, ano to duran lang?
    Oct 06 2010 @ 03:32pm     Reply  
  • Urduja
    @ joe, ask your Gabriela friends where were they when Chavit physically abused her gf? That to me is a bigger issue than this.
    Oct 06 2010 @ 01:20pm     Reply  
  • joe
    @bugoy, most Gabriela members I know are stunning, not at all the masungit librarian stereotype you're describing.rnI may sound like and old fart but I agree with Gabriela, the sexy dancing gimmick was cute but it's objectifying FAs. I don't find it amusing. There are children in that flight too. I sure hope Cebu Pacific will invest in something better like improving their system (booking, delayed flights, etc.)and not silly promo stunts that will land them on the net.
    Oct 06 2010 @ 01:14pm     Reply  
  • monocle
    Gabriela, choose your battles po. This is not exploitation at all. This is fun--plain and simple. May cheesy factor ang dance steps but fun nonetheless.
    Oct 06 2010 @ 12:40pm     Reply  
  • Proud to be Pinoy
    Gabriela made it clear that the routine becomes exploitative ONLY if the FAs are practicing this uncomfortably or if the FAs feel this is beyond their duties, in other words, PINILIT. Gabriela is just doing its job as an organization that sworn to protect the women, and as a member of the law-making body of the government.rnrnto GABRIELA: Please continue fighting for what you think is right, no matter how popular or unpopular your position will be. Maraming salamat.
    Oct 06 2010 @ 11:45am     Reply  
  • Proud to be Pinoy
    Reading between the lines, it appears that FASAP is actually sending another message that has been staying in them for the longest time, and this is one good oppportunity for them to get the attention of the public. The message is as follows, "WE ARE NOT GLORIFIED YAYAs".rnrnTo FASAP members: If this is true, we apologize if some of us failed to display the respect you deserve. Most of us know it is not easy to qualify as an FA because the position requires not only beauty, but brain as well. The public in general respects and admires FAs.rnrnAbout the dancing, I find this entertaining at the moment but I do not see this being appreciated for a very long time. I am almost certain that Cebu Pacific and the other airlines will continually create more and more routines that will allow its passengers enjoy their flights better.
    Oct 06 2010 @ 11:22am     Reply  
  • M A Fan
    "Blown way out of proportion!" That's what I have to say about this. Cebu Pacific prides itself of being a fun, low-cost carrier. Sure the routine was a tad bit over the top, but it was no where close to being distasteful, nor was it "exploitative". Cebu took something that was so ordinary and boring, and made it more entertaining...why?...because they wanted you to notice and listen to the safety demonstration. Others would say that the passengers were not listening but were simply my opinion a lot more passengers absorbed the demonstration amid the entertainment as oppose to the ordinary boring demo.rnrnAnd from what I hear, this demo was done twice in the flight...the ordinary one was done during pre-departure, and the second more entertaining demo was done in "cruise flight". Besides, to the riding public, there is a safety card in the seat in front of you. READ IT AND UNDERSTAND IT!!! That's what it is there for.rnrnTo FASAP, well mind you're own business. You guys have problems of your own. Besides, who made you guys the Cabin Crew authorities of the country. PAL is OLD SCHOOL. Let me tell you one thing...Lucio Tan has no problems shutting down PAL because of financial losses especially if you morons will go on strike. Once he does that, someone will then takeover and start the airline from scratch (lower starting wages etc etc etc). So forget about Cebu Pacific and worry about your airline.rnrnAs for Gabriella, you all are wierd. You guys don't care about women in general, you guys just want to fight for women's rights that hog the spotlight. Idiots.
    Oct 06 2010 @ 09:51am     Reply  
  • Irene
    My take is as long as the FA's willingly agreed to dance and do not in any way feel offended by it then go and make passengers happy. It is definitely something different and a great marketing come on. I'm sure passengers will look forward to it on every flight.rnrnI think Gabriella is over reacting at the same time trying to protect that the Women are not disrespected. rnrnI think a bigger issue is how the MTRCB allows gyrating and scantilly clad Women on National TV during a noon time slot and thinks this is appropriate - should be given more attention. rnrnrnrnrnrn
    Oct 06 2010 @ 02:01am     Reply  
  • MP
    Boo Rat, please don't be crass. Just because you can't afford to fly CP and can't get anyone to like you (regardless of gender or sexual preference) doesn't mean you have a license to be obnoxious.
    Oct 06 2010 @ 01:50am     Reply  
  • MP
    I am so glad I distanced myself from Gabriela. They spend way too much time on non-issues and only focus on news that garners international attention. Gabriela is giving her namesake a bad rep. Gabriela Silang must be turning in her grave.
    Oct 06 2010 @ 01:46am     Reply  
  • panggulo
    I agree with the last comment.. @ matiisin: hndi po aqo stalker..taga comment lang. Si neneng na hinahanap mo eh naka day off ata..nakipag date kay dodong or totoy..hahahah
    Oct 06 2010 @ 01:32am     Reply  
  • Gloria Steneim
    There's nothing offensive in the dance routine, but I don't think it's appropriate in an aircraft. We are suppose to be all business here and suddenly it becomes showbiz.You haven't had enough?
    Oct 05 2010 @ 11:44pm     Reply  
  • Matiisin
    Kusang loob naman pala eh.Huwag niyong ikahon ang pamamaraan nila ng pagbibigay kaalaman. Teka... Bakit walang Neneng na nagmamaasim dito? Kakamiss na siya ah. Baka umuwi ng probinsya. Wala rin tuloy yung stalker niya na si panggulo. Ang lungkot na.
    Oct 05 2010 @ 11:29pm     Reply  
  • Mara
    Where was Gabriela when Chavit's gf was physically abused?
    Oct 05 2010 @ 10:48pm     Reply  
  • Half-half
    To a lot of foreigners not exposed to daily doses of 'Wowowee' or 'Sex Bomb' girls gyrating sexily on Philippine noon time shows, the choreography of these girls (which may look cute and funny for the 'desensitized' locals) may seem harmless. However, in the eyes of an average number of 'Western' men who probably have seen these kinds of dance steps in the clubs of PatPong or strip clubs elsewhere, then these girls may come across as objects-of-desire and may elicit lust. It's all about context. Different people see them in different ways and there is no correct perception. It's all relative. Perhaps if these FAs danced in ballroom or ballet, it would have not been a big deal? Perhaps Cebu Pacific should invest in getting artistic directors of performing arts companies in the Philippines to elevate it to a 'higher form' of dance. LOL.
    Oct 05 2010 @ 10:18pm     Reply  
  • ron
    Personally, I don't find the dance sexist nor exploitative. But judging from the comments on YouTube, it seems that the routine gave a lot of people lascivious thoughts (to my surprise). So, I guess tama rin ang FASAP.
    Oct 05 2010 @ 09:36pm     Reply  
  • talaganaman
    It's just dancing, a lot of people do it too. How can it be demeaning and undignified? To satisfy these Gabriela members, maybe Cebu Pacific should let the other crew members, dance too. I'm not against Gabriela, but this is too much, does dancing take away professionalism? NO. Flight attendants are not entertainers? Maybe you're the ones who look at the FAs like that, and you should not generalize what the passengers feel as if you're their representative, that's pathetic. Nakakainis lang kasi batikos ng batikos hindi muna MAGISIP, puro negatibo lahat ng nakikita, kaya hindi umaasenso ang bayan.
    Oct 05 2010 @ 09:19pm     Reply  
  • Bugoy
    Susmaryosep naman tong Gabriela na to. Ang hilig pumapel pero yun rape victim sa Bataa na na-feature sa Bitag iniwan sa ere. Ala na nga nagawa, daig pa librarian naming masungit na matandang dalaga kung makapaglitanya. Malamang yun mga flight attendant pa nag suggest nung sayaw na yun sa management e. Wag nyo idamay ibang tao sa kalungkutan ng buhay nyo.
    Oct 05 2010 @ 05:27pm     Reply  
  • igeramos
    Boo Rat, e kung subuan kaya kita? buwaaaaaaaahhhahahahahaha
    Oct 05 2010 @ 05:14pm     Reply  
  • igeramos
    Boorat. FYI. Kung sa subo lang, busog na busog na ako, at in fairness, hindi ko kailangang magbayad, di tulad mo. walang papatol sa iyo unless magbayad ka ng pokpok. hahahahahahaha!
    Oct 05 2010 @ 05:05pm     Reply  
  • angelbyday
    hay em.....hate sure the male passengers are having a blast LOL.
    Oct 05 2010 @ 04:49pm     Reply  
  • Boo Rat!
    Sorry igeramos, hindi ko pinangarap mag serve ng mani at magbenta ng mga mineral water at softdrinks sa eroplano! rnrnKung gusto mo talaga matikman ang Bruno ko, sige pagbibigyan na kita, nakakaawa ka naman eh, alam ko kung bakit ka nagkakaganyan, kulang ka lang sa subo eh.rnrnWAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!
    Oct 05 2010 @ 04:44pm     Reply  
  • igeramos
    hindi ako galit. siguro Cebu Pacific reject ka, kaya inggit na inggit ka sa mga baklang FA. ikaw ang merong issue sa mga bakla, hindi ako. kaya tigilan mo na ang pambabastos mo sa mga bakla. and besides, hindi ako pumapatol sa mga jutay na katulad mo. Boo Rat. Pwe. dapat pangalan mo KOO PAL!. mas bagay sa yo. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Oct 05 2010 @ 04:02pm     Reply  
  • Boo Rat!
    igeramos, bakit galit na galit ka? Mangarap ka na lang na masubo mo ko, libre lang naman pagpantasyahan mo ko eh. WAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAH!
    Oct 05 2010 @ 03:55pm     Reply  
  • igeramos
    OO Boorat, Bakla ako. AT IKAW, ASAWA KA NG BAKLA. Kung walang mga bakla, hindi ka makakakain ng tatlong beses sa isang araw. HAHAHAHAHAHA.
    Oct 05 2010 @ 03:46pm     Reply  
  • Boo Rat!
    @igeramos and TitaAida --> ang mga bakla ang alam lang gawin nyan ay sumubo ng .... (read my name)rnrnBakit masyado kayo affected? Siguro mga bakla kayo no? WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!
    Oct 05 2010 @ 03:30pm     Reply  
  • Daquiri
    ...FASAP has no business to interfere with Cebu Pacific flight attendants...if PAL closes down due to FASAP's impending strike, their members will not have a chance to fly with Cebu Pacific...
    Oct 05 2010 @ 03:20pm     Reply  
  • Tita Aida
    @ Boo Rat, you said "mga bakla nga LANG (capitalization was mine)! hahahaha!". What made you think that you are more superior than others? This is 2010. The members of the LGBT community won't accept being a laughing stock. Don't mock them.
    Oct 05 2010 @ 03:09pm     Reply  
  • igeramos
    @Boo Rat! I find you're comment offensive. So what's wrong with being baklang FA? In cases of emergency, these baklang FA s will save your life. And in most cases they are trained first aid providers, life-savers and swimmers. You're not funny.
    Oct 05 2010 @ 03:01pm     Reply  
  • kapengmabula
    anong sexist dun? hinaluan lang naman ng sayaw ang pagde-demonstrate ng safety precautions ah. kundi hinaluan yan ng sayaw, tingin mo ba makikinig ang mga pasahero? at di nila kasalanan kung maganda sila
    Oct 05 2010 @ 01:52pm     Reply  
  • Boo Rat!
    Merong mga FA na lalaki ang Cebu Pacific, mga bakla nga lang! hahahaha!
    Oct 05 2010 @ 11:32am     Reply  
  • igeramos
    Gabriela get a life. It's just a simple dance routine. No one was harmed while they're doing it and I think they weren't coerced by the management to perform. They look like they are actually enjoying it. At least Cebu Pacific's FAs look fit and healthy compared to other airlines, their hips are so fat that they hit my shoulder every time when they pass through the aisle. rnrnMarj, when I went to Singapore on CebuPac, there were 2 male FAs. They were maasikaso, efficient, and concerned with your personal safety.
    Oct 05 2010 @ 11:28am     Reply  
  • Marj
    @ RSA, good to know. I flew Cebu Pacific for domestic travels and I didn't see any male FA's.
    Oct 05 2010 @ 11:09am     Reply  
  • RSA
    cebu pacific has male FAs. Saw 1 when we were headed back here from SG. kamukha pa nga ni champ e. hehe!
    Oct 05 2010 @ 10:57am     Reply  
  • Bev
    Bakit kaya ba nila yon? Di nga sila magkasya sa mga aisle mas malapad pa sila sa food carts!
    Oct 05 2010 @ 10:52am     Reply  
  • Marj
    Personally, I don't consider the dance routine as sexist. What I consider sexist is the absence of male FA's at Cebu Pacific. If and when Cebu Pacific enters the U.S. territory, I am 100% sure that things will change with regard to no male FA's. Cebu Pacific doesn't have a choice. A class action lawsuit in the States will be in swift if they don't comply with U.S. laws.
    Oct 05 2010 @ 09:08am     Reply  
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