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This DIY Rizal Monument is your next crafting project

You can download the template for free!

Top 10 Public Swimming Pools in Manila

Take a dip. You know you want to.

Body of 4-year-old boy found decapitated and disemboweled reports that on Thursday, March 4, "the headless, disemboweled remains of a 4-year-old boy identified as Mark Escarmosa were near his home in Barangay Malaya, Pililla, Rizal."

Plays to Watch this Month

Musicals, operas, a circus, and more! Here are the shows you shouldn’t miss this August.

Team Manila’s Rizal the Traveller Collection

Team Manila unveils their Rizal the Traveller Collection

Ang Mundo (at Katakawan) ni Padre Damaso

Sa talaan ng mga putahe ng Noli Me Tangere: Salsa de las monjas, tinolang manok, afritadang atay ng manok, at siyempre, ang Chocolate Eh at Chocolate Ah.


Our blogger dissects what he called "Packaged Patriotism" and asks: "Does it really inspire a genuine sense of nationalism?"

Si Sisa, ang Foodie at ang Ensaladang Pak?

Lingid sa kaalaman ng lahat, si Sisa, na isa sa mga pangunahing tauhan sa Noli Me Tangere, ay isang foodie na may organic lifestyle.


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