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SPOT SCOOP: Statement from BenCab on the National Artist Brouhaha spoke to a sad and alarmed 2006 National Artist for Visual Arts BenCab over the phone this morning.
Published on: Jul 31, 2009 - 11:38am spoke to a sad and alarmed 2006 National Artist for Visual Arts Ben Cabrera (or BenCab) over the phone this morning. Here's what he said:

2006 National Artist for Visual Arts BenCab. Photo by Erwin Obcemea
2006 National Artist for Visual Arts BenCab. Photo by Erwin Obcemea

"I feel bad. It's a mockery of the system. They might as well just appoint [their own choices] and not go through the whole process. I will boycott the awards. I will not march. I will not mention any names but we heard that there was one very influential person who helped manipulate the results.

Sabi nga ng mga artists, it won't be a "parangal" kundi "pagdadalamhati." It's sad. The awards have been debased. One can just lobby for anyone. Hindi na 'yung peers ang nag-de-decide. Our opinion doesn't mean anything.

There used to be prestige. Well since the presidency of Ramos there has been an understanding that the President can add one choice… there was Carlos Quirino (historical literature) , Alejandro '' Anding ' Roces (literature) , Abdulmari Asia Imao (visual arts) But this time GMA added four!

About these four, they didn't go through the deliberation, there was no presentation. There are 22 of us National Artists. We were bypassed. It was a sudden announcement just before the President left for the US. The results were supposed to be announced before June 12. We were asking. 'Why the delay?'

My message to my fellow artists: We should make a statement, particularly the writers who are more articulate. Why should it be like this?

Now everybody can be a National Artist. They keep adding categories: Landscape Art, Fashion Design, what's next, hairdressers? They should stick to the seven arts: Music, Dance, Theater, Visual Arts, Literature, Film and Broadcast Arts, and Architecture and Allied Arts.

Carlo J. Caparas won the award for visual arts because he draws comics daw. They wanted to put him in Literature because he writes scripts daw.

(According to a comment on SPOT by 'Gerry Alanguilan', comic book writer, licensed architect and illsutrator for a variety of comics including Wolverine, X-men and own creations Timawa and Humanis Rex!: "The puzzling thing is, CJC is NOT an illustrator. He has never drawn any of this comic book stories, least of all his most popular creations. Panday and Pieta were drawn by Steve Gan. Bakekang was drawn by Mar Santana. How can someone who is NOT a visual artist get the National Artist title for Visual Arts?

It is illogical, it is ridiculous, and it is insulting to every visual artist out there, including those who deserve it so much more, like Francisco V. Coching and Larry Alcala, who should have been awarded this title long ago."–Ed.)

***BenCab , Arturo Luz and Napoleon Abueva have decided to boycott the awards ceremony on (according to NCCA Public Affairs, no date has been announced yet.) They will continue their dialogue tonight at the farewell dinner for CCP president Nes Jardin.

Keep logged on to for continuing developments on this story.

To read about the National Artist "Dagdag Bawas" Brouhaha click here. wants to know: What do you think?

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  • eliijah
    ano bayan puro bastos ang nakalagay diyan
    Mar 07 2011 @ 07:24am     Reply  
  • artistahin
    You know, CJC really does not deserve to receive an NA... niether does BenCab. In the art circle I am into, When BenCab got his NA, most visual artist I have encountered disapprove of BenCab as a NA but his collectors pushed and pushed in order to place their collections of BenCab\'s work in a higher price. I must admit he\'s very good as printmaking and he is a very kind man, but there\'s where I stop my admiration. Seeing his new works (in drawing, painting or sculpture) reflects only how over rated it is as a matter of fact. They\'re not even worth publishing. Look at the picture above, his drawing of the nude model in full opening, especially with her orchid over blooming in your face... Its utterly tasteless. It\'s not art, its more like a \"pa-conceptual\" pornography using women as object of desire than object of admiration. Well, because we let his award pass last NA awarding 2008, CJC and CGA was the result of that PERIOD.
    Apr 25 2010 @ 11:01pm     Reply  
  • romantic genius
    Parang dami ngang nilampasan ni Caparas wala pa sya sa kalahati ng ibang mga artist na talagang malaki ang kontribusyon sa kultura at sining ng Pilipinas and I'm singleing out Francisco V. Coching and see some of his accomplishments in this link:
    Oct 09 2009 @ 02:41pm     Reply  
  • The Snyde One
    Ah yes the petition before the supreme court ...

    woefully lacking in legal citation and very very very repetitive.

    Too bad. I was hoping for a better one.
    Aug 28 2009 @ 12:02pm     Reply  
  • walang magawa.
    @bonifacio hindi naman po elitistang burges ang mga nat'l artists ngayon. hindi rin naman po kasi yun yun issue, i think. the issue was he was turned down TWICE already tapos he still gets the award. tapos APAT pa yung inadd instead of the regular one choice, then may tinanggal pa. and they were not informed of it. so parang, insulting naman sa kanila yun since they were national artists and they had proofs that they were worthy to be nat'l artists. i'm not saying that he's not worthy po, it's just that he was turned down, tapos ma-aawardan s'ya.

    peepz, okay lang naman na may nat'l artists na modern. kahit pa ilagay d'yan ang hairdressers, hindi naman po siguro mababawasan yung karangalan ng titulo for so long as they have proved themselves worthy enough, hindi yung manipulated ang results.
    Aug 26 2009 @ 08:05pm     Reply  
  • e_coli
    the case is now in the SUpreme Court ...
    Aug 26 2009 @ 09:55am     Reply  
  • Brouhaha
    Matuto kang magbasa, magtanong bago magsalita at magbintang.

    1) Maganda ang nangyayari ito na maraming nagkokoment tungkol sa issue. Ibig sabihin nito, nagsasalita ang taong bayan, at NAG-IISIP ANG TAONG BAYAN, hindi yung naniniwala na lang sa kung anu-anong sinasabi ng mga tao sa telebisyon.

    2) Hindi ito tungkol sa kung may na-contibute ba kami sa bayan na singlaki ng nagawa ng mga national artist, dahil hindi lahat ng pilipino ay may pagkakataong gumawa ng pelikula, o gumawa ng libro. Ika nga, ang “art” ng isang artist ay hindi kumpleto kapag wala ang audience. Tayo yan. At kaya naman, ang kontribusyon namin bilang taong bayan ay itong nag-uusap kami at naghahaiin ng opinyon ng binbase sa kongkretong ebidensya, at base sa guidelines mismo ng NCCA. May karapatan tayong makialam, dahil ang pera ng taong bayan ang ibibigay bilang premyo sa mga national artist na ito. Tama lang na mangialam tayo at siguraduhing mapupunta ito sa karapatdapat na mga tao.

    3) Hindi rin ito tungkol sa pagiging mahirap dahil kung yan an g pag-uusapan, eh si F. Sionil Jose ay nanggaling na dyan, pero dahil tunay siyang may kakayahan at may talino at may naibigay at nai-contribute sa kulturang pilipino, karapat dapat siya, at ang iba pang artist na tulad niya. More importantly, they helped shaped our thinking and the direction of art. yan ang importante, hindi yung nagpapasaya lang ng tao.

    3) Ang issue dito ay ang hindi pag respeto sa tamang proseso ng pagpili ng national artist. ganito yan, kung kunwari ikaw ay isang karpintero at sinabi ng kapwa mong mga karpintero na hindi maganda ang gawa mo, pero pinarangalan kang “pinakamagaling na karpintero” ng barangay kapitan ninyo, hindi ka kaya mahihiya? Kanino ang mas importanteng opinyon, sa barangay captain na walang alam sa trabaho mo, o yung may alam kung paano ang maging isang karpintero? Parang ganito ang nangyari sa National Artists Awards ngayong taong ito. Naiintindihan mo ba?


    5) Alvarez! Caparas! Butangi! hahahahahha
    Aug 11 2009 @ 07:36pm     Reply  
  • The Snyde One

    LOL. Now he gives me points for answering questions “correctly.”

    I really cannot walk you through life, e_coli. I suggest you take the extra effort to educate yourself on your own. That’s what Google is for.

    Again, do not interpret provisions of law as independent of other provisions.


    “...the National Commission for Culture and the Arts and the Cultural Center of the Philippines shall advise the President on the conferment of the Order of National Artists..."

    Unless you interpret “shall advise” as full and exclusive jurisdiction over all advisory functions, and the role of the President as simply ministerial in nature vis a vis this function, then your case falls in shambles.

    Then again, you might want to research jurisprudence on this issue. You might just find it enlightening if not intellectually strenuous.

    I suggest you pursue a "what is legal is not necessarily moral" line. The subjectivity of morality affords you more flexibility. The objectivity of the law shall afford you neither glory nor victory.

    Like I told another poster, don't quit your day job.
    Aug 10 2009 @ 10:18am     Reply  
  • Karl Marx

    ..."but I believe art is an elitist activity." Siguro, dahil ang elite at to a certain extent ang middle-class, ang may resources at utak capable magmuni-muni ng HUMAN CONDITION. Ang masa , ay wala, dahil parating gutom,at affected ang pag-iisip. Ang pre-occupation eh kung saan kukunin ang next meal. It sounds too callous, but iyan ang reflection of reality.

    Contrary to what most people believe, leaders of social change/revolutions, ay hindi galing sa masa. It's for the same reason above. Tingnan mo sa history . Hindi mga masa ang leaders. Cannon fodder lang sila.
    Aug 09 2009 @ 11:53pm     Reply  
  • MaryOfTheRose
    @ bonifacio:

    Isipin mo ang sinulat ni Bob Ong sa "Bakit Baliktad Magbasa ng Libro ang mga Pilipio?"--na para kumita, kailangan gumawa ang mga filmmaker ng basura, at kung bakit basura ang kumikita ay hindi alam. Sasabihin ko sa iyo: kabilang si CJC sa mga gumagawa ng basura, at wala akong alam na akda niya na hindi basura.

    Hindi ko inaangalan ang success story ni CJC; it's even laudable, if it's true. Pero... punyeta talaga, hindi ko kayang tanggapin na ang isang taong wala namag significant na kontribusyon sa sining ng bansang ito para matawag siyang National Artist. Mula sa mga tulad ni Amado Hernando, Jose Garcia Villa, etc, isasama mo si CJC? Baka naman bigla na lang bumangon si Villa kapag may bumulong sa puntod niya na ganito na ang nangyayari sa sining ng lintik na bansang ito. (Kung hindi mo alam: si Villa ay isa sa mga pinakamagagaling na manunulat ng Pilipinas, at kilalang isang napakayabang na tao.)

    And I really hate to say this... but I believe art is an elitist activity. Sometimes a truly great artist can temporarily fill the gap between high and low art, but it's almost never the case.
    Aug 09 2009 @ 10:58pm     Reply  
  • Karl Marx
    @Gabriela Silang,

    Van Gogh & Picasso in the same breath as Caparaz ? susmariyausep, mangilabot tayo ! mga geniuses yun, si Caparaz ba eh genius ? at saka magagaling magdrowing ang mga iyun, bago pa sila naging mga Modern Masters. Nakita ko yung drowing ni Caparaz doon sa Intramuros noong 2007, no way, maging National Artist sa Visual Arts. Films kamo ? mas magaling pa ba siya ki Lino, Bernal, Celso Kid, at Mike de Leon ? Literature ba kamo ? eh eto, Mars Ravelo, FV Coching, Clodualdo del Mundo, Pablo S Gomez, di ba mas worthy at qualified ang mga ito ?

    Masa ? Kumita na iyan, napanood na natin iyan. Pag walang mai-sagot na matino, very convenient excuse iyang pa MASA-MASA EFFECT....
    Aug 09 2009 @ 02:29pm     Reply  
  • nightvisiongoggles
    Sa tingin ko, sarado na ang issue tungkol sa qualification ni Caparas para sa NA for Visual Arts. Hindi talaga siya qualified, at kahit idisplay pa niya ang mga ‘drowing’ niya sa Luneta, walang papansin niyan. Kumbaga, wala talagang artistic merit kung gagawing basehan ang mga ‘drowing’ niya. Drowing talaga.

    Mayroon kasi tayong innate, o likas na sense ng kung ano ang maganda/masining at ano ang hindi. Minsan, kahit anong elaborate ng likha mo, kung wala talagang sining, kahit grade 1 hindi iyan magugustuhan. Kumbaga sa kotse, kahit sinong makakita ng Ferrari, matutulala dahil maganda at masining ang pagkakagawa, kumpara sa isang Toyota Corolla na tinadtad ng stickers.

    At dahil nga sang-ayon naman tayong lahat na hindi talaga maituturing na Pambansang Alagad ng Sining iyang si Caparas base sa kwalipikasyon, siguro ang tanging resort na lang natin ay ibase ito sa asal niya nitong mga nakaraang araw.

    Wala akong kilalang TUNAY na alagad ng Sining na kapit-tuko sa kahit anong gawad. Kaya nga alagad ng Sining, dahil ang Sining ang pinagsisilbihan mo, hindi ang sarili mo. Minsan pa nga, ayaw nilang tumanggap ng award dahil sa paniniwalang hindi sila karapat-dapat.

    Wala akong kilalang TUNAY na alagad ng Sining na kailangang ipagmayabang ang mga likha niya. Lahat ng magagaling na artista sa Pilipinas, kapag pinupuri, sinasabing ginagawa lamang nila ang kanilang kakayahan, kundi man magpasalamat ng may hiya pa.

    At higit sa lahat:
    Wala akong kilalang TUNAY na alagad ng Sining na mapagmataas.

    Di bale nang hindi siya kasama sa orihinal na huling listahan ng pagpipilian, di bale nang hindi siya ang gumuhit sa likha niya, di bale nang mali ang kategorya na ibinilang siya. Lahat ng iyan, walang kapantay sa inasal niya.

    Hindi niya sana ginawang palusot ang antas sa buhay, dahil maraming National Artist ang nagsimulang dukha. Hindi rin niya sana ginawang dahilan ang panig niya sa pulitika, dahil higit lalong nakita kung saan nagmula ang kasamaang ito.

    Kung mayroon mang isang bahid ng kwalipikasyon na maari siyang maging National Artist, nabura ito sa kagaspangan ng kanyang ugali at kasakiman sa titulo na aangkinin niya kahit may bahid ng pagdududa.

    Wala sa karakter niya ang pagiging isang TUNAY na Alagad ng Sining ng Republika ng Pilipinas. Isa siyang malaking kahihiyan sa Inang Sining.
    Aug 09 2009 @ 10:56am     Reply  
  • RSE
    About being a "visual artist": I must admit that his comic characters like Panday, etc. have been part of our pop culture but from what I've been reading, he didn't draw them. It's not that he can't draw but drawing is not part of his body of work. So I guess he's won in the wrong category. About the second title, "Film", there is no contest he hasn't made any commendable movies.
    Aug 09 2009 @ 01:06am     Reply  
  • rebelprincess
    @tagabundok tama ka sa mga punto mo. Naniniwala rin ako na hindi lubos na nauunawaan ni Caparas ang kahulugan (literal man o abstrak) ng National Artist at ang konteksto ng pagiging NA.

    Tama na ang pagtingin lamang niya dito at ng mga tagasuporta ay isa na namang parangal na maaari niyang ipagmalaki bilang dagdag pogi points.

    Pero hindi niya/nila nauunawaan ang depth ng NA. At hindi rin niya lubusang nauunawaan ang kanyang kapasidad at sarili.

    Ang mga nagpoprotesta at umaalma ay siyang malay sa kahulugan ng NA at sa isyu na kinasasangkutan ni Caparas.

    Marahil hanggang ngayon ay sinisisi pa rin niya ang lahat ng nagpo-protesta na siya ay inaapi dahil mahirap lang siya. at lalabanan daw niya kahit saan ang mga burgis at elitista.

    Nakakaawa man siya ngunit anong magagawa natin kung ito ang kamalayang bumabalot sa kanyang pagkatao?

    @Bonifacio parehas yata kayo ng punto ni Caparas ah. iyon pa rin ba ang pinagsisintir ng kalooban ninyo? na naaapi ang mahirap porket mahirap lang?
    Aug 08 2009 @ 11:02pm     Reply  
    I am not comfortable for such great painters like Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso to be mentioned in line with Caparas.

    Van Gogh's paintings were not appreciated during his time because he introduced a different kind of technique, thick brush strokes, vibrant colors and swirls. Coming from post-impressionism which was somewhat oppossed some of impressionism ideas and styles. The mainstream perceives it as odd, unconventional and non-traditional. He was bold enough to create something different even though he knew that he would face criticism. But still he painted his art that nobody understand.

    Van Gogh's art/painting has contributed a new leap in the field of arts. Together with other impressionist painters like Claude Monet etc.

    The same thing goes with Pablo Picasso who co-introduced a new technique which was called CUBISM. Both Impressionism and Cubism are known to be art movements.

    Ang mga taong ito ay nakilala dahil sa kanilang kahanga-hangang galing, talento, iskil, at tapang na maghain ng kabaguhan sa larangan ng sining. Kung kaya't sila'y nakilalang mahuhusay na alagad ng sining sa kasaysayan ng buong mundo.

    Ngayon, Ano ba ang naging kontribusyon ni Carlo sa "Visual Arts?" gayung hindi naman siya gumuhit o nagpinta? Bago pa man siya dumating ay marami nang mahuhusay na visual artist sa kanya. Sa larangan naman ng Film, di hamak naman na mas karapat-dapat sina Celso Ad Castillo etc. na hindi matatawaran ang kalidad ng mga na-idirek na pelikula. Mga klasikong pelikulang maituturing sa kasaysayan at sining ng pelikula, kung ikukumpara sa mga "massacre films." ni Caparas.

    Teka, correct me if I'm wrong, Kasi baka naman siya ang proponent ng massacre films sa kasaysayan ng Pelikulang Filipino? Hindi kaya?

    Handa naman akong ihanay siya sa itaas tulad nito:

    Si Carlo J. Caparas ang kanyang kontribusyon ay ang nagpakilala ng Massacre Films sa kasaysayan ng Pelikulang Filipino. Siya ay nakilala bilang HARI NG MASSACRE? in line with his constant claim to be HARI NG KOMIKS.

    @Bonifacio, utang na loob wag ihanay sina Van Gogh at Picasso kay Caparas. Kilalanin muna ang bawat indibidwal bago mag name drop. I suggest kumuha ka muna ng AS 101.
    Aug 08 2009 @ 10:38pm     Reply  
  • teresita
    Nakakalungot na binabatikos ang parangal kay Pitoy Moreno. As a baby boomer, I remember reading about and seeing his creations,how he modernized the terno and the maria clara,and made jusi,pina popular, something to be proud of and made all this internationally well known. As a teenager growing up I wished that I could wear and own one of his creations and I was just one of the "masa". Now is the time to honor him not when he is dead.
    Aug 08 2009 @ 10:37pm     Reply  
  • concernedcitizen
    beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

    Yes, that is one way to start it. We have different opinions on something. Like what bonifacio stated earlier, Van Gogh / Picasso's painting weren't appreciated at that time. The problem is, DID CJC PAINT? DID HE DRAW HIS COMICS? NO. The award given to him was NA in Visual Arts. Yet he can't even paint! I honestly don't have anything against him, I even like his comics but the problem here is about the PREJUDICED WAY of choosing a National Artist. It's something that the laureate should be proud of. Every artist are dying for that award, and I am positive that someone is more commendable/ suitable for that award!

    It's a shame that even the National awards have been tainted with political prejudice!
    Aug 08 2009 @ 03:08pm     Reply  
  • tagabundok
    sa palagay ko lang ay hindi rin alam ni Caparas ang kahulugan ng maging National Artist. Alam lang niya at mga supporters niya na isang titulo na naman ito para ibandera sa susunod na mga pelikula. walang sense of responsibility to the honor. Sa lugar ko ay wala silang pakialam sa sining...dahil hindi ito ang priority ng buhay. mahalaga ang pera para makabili ng pagkain o alak o pampiyesta. Yan ang entertainment. Yan ang sining ni Caparas. Swak.
    Aug 08 2009 @ 09:16am     Reply  
  • akoangbatas
    sa tingin ko ang fashion at comics ay arts pa rin. pano na ang mga gawa ni patis tesoro atbp na nakadisplay sa iba't-ibang museo ng bansa na ito? bawat taon nakakadiskubre tayo ng iba't-ibang klase ng sining, kung ang anggono artists ay may iilang artist na espesyal sa perfromance at sound art, hindi ba ito maicoconsider sa pananaw ni bencab na 7 arts? hindi ba ito ART? sabagay, ano nga ba ang ART?

    kung sa usapang elitista vs. masa nalang, ang sining naman talaga ay elitista. sa buong history nito ang nakakakita at nakakafford ng isang "work of art" ay ang mayayaman, kaya nung unang panahon sandamakmak ang mga commissioned artists sa europa. noong 60's nagbago ito lahat at sinusubukang mailapit sa masa. ngunit ang ideya na mga museo at "patronship" sa mga museo na ito ay elitista pa rin.

    ngayon, kung nagkataon na si larry alcala ang isingit ni GMA, may aangal ba? siya ring experto sa paggawa ng komiks ngunit di gaya nang sa kanila mars ravelo at carlo caparas.

    kung titingnan niyo rin, sapat rin namang mapanalunan ni caparas ang titulo ngunit sa maling kategorya. kung sa komiks niya lang naman ang paguusapan, hindi nararapat na manalo siya sa titulong visual arts dahil hindi siya ang gumuhit nito, ngunit may chansa na manalo siya sa pagsulat ng sa kanyang kilalang komiks.

    pero bakit, sa mga salita ni carlo caparas, hindi siyang papayag na ilipat ang kategorya niyang napanalunan sa literatura dahil lang sa sinabi ni nick joaquin na hindi literatura ang komiks?
    Aug 08 2009 @ 01:23am     Reply  
  • akoangbatas

    masasabi kong si ben cab ay may mga maling komento gaya nang kanyang buwelta sa mga hairdressers. sa tingin ko pwede rin maging arts ang fashion.

    para sa akin si caparas ay may oras para maging national artist. paniwala ko sa literatura ay posibleng pumasa siya dahil sa mga gawang panday, pieta, atbp., hindi sa pagguhit nito. kung wala ang komiks na panday, di rin maiboboto si fernando poe jr. para maging national artist sa film dahil sa tingin ko doon siya naaalala ng mamamayang pilipino.

    pero hindi ito ang isyu. hindi ang katauhan ni caparas at hindi ang usapang pang-masa o pang-elitista. ang usapan rito ay ang due process ng pagboto sa kung sinuman ang magiging national artist. may mga spesipikong batas upang makamit mo ang titulo nito gaya nang pagkamit ng award sa NCCA o CCP bago pa man maging national artist (kung sinuman ang inaawardan nila at kung ang proseso na ito ay masasabing 'elitista', di natin malalaman. pwede rin nating sabihing posible).

    binigyan ang malacanang at ang presidente ng opsyon na magdagdag ng ISA para maideklara ang national artist, respeto na lang na sumunod sila sa batas. ang pagdedeklara ng na sosobra dito ay masasabi nga namang pangaabuso sa kanyang kapangyarihan. nandito na rin ang kaalaman kung sino natanggal sa proseso ng pagpili. ang natanggal sa unang screening ay di na maaaring maideklara bilang national artist. kailangan magsimula sila muli - ang manominate sa sumunod na taon.

    napoprotesta ang mga tao sa hindi pagsunod sa batas. ang simpleng pangyayari na ito makikita ang tunay na kulay ng bawat tao.

    ano nga ba ang batas kung ang malalaki sa sambayanan ay kayang tapakan ito?

    kawawa nga naman si caparas dahil siya ang naiipit sa isyu na ito, ngunit kung titingnan mo sa kanyang mga pinagsasabi sa ANC, mukhang hindi siya mulat gaano sa tunay na isyu na nagyayari.
    Aug 08 2009 @ 01:05am     Reply  
  • Mike
    ang yabang mo BenCab.
    Porke't bang pang-masa ang mga nagawa ni CJC ?
    For all those trying to put down CJC, I dare you to name one comics or one movie made by CJC without researching it. What's wrong with being pang-masa ?
    Porke't hindi elitista si CJC hindi na kailangan isali ?
    Yung nagsasabi na biny-pass ang yung proseso. Bakit si GMA na naman ang tinira nyo? Lahat na lang ng aspeto na hindi nyo magustuhan si GMA ang personal na nagkasala ? Dyos ko, kaya kayo martsa ng martsa sa kalye at walang resulta dahil wala kayong imagination. Wala na bang iba kayong masisi ? You project your weakness towards others. Tigil nyo na yan! Hindi nakakatulong kahit kanino yan. lalo ka na BenCab. Stop your arrogant elitist and intellectual snobbery. You're a fake!
    Aug 07 2009 @ 08:21pm     Reply  
  • rico san diego
    huwag na tayong magkunwari. aminin nang hindi katanggap-tanggap ang mga gawa ni CJC sa karamihan ng mga artista at manunulat. as in basura ang mga ito para sa iba. pero para sa mga nagbabasa ng komics at mahilig sa massacre movies, bentang-benta ang mga gawa ni CJC!

    so, nasaan o sino ang problema?

    Hindi si CJC. Maaaring ang prosesong sinasabi ninyo, pero aminin na rin nating talagang nakikialam ang presidente sa prosesong ito para iluklok ang kung sino mang gusto niyang iluklok. hindi na kayo nasanay. sa mga barangay at tahanan ninyo, nangyayari ang ganyang palakasan—araw-araw.

    so saan na ulit ang problema?

    Tanungin kaya natin: bakit lumaganap ang mga massacre movies? bakit kasi bentang-benta ang komics sa masa?

    Bakit hindi kilala ng marami si ben cab at ang kanyang mga likha? bakit ang mga taga-UP lang ang nakakakilala kay bien lumbera?

    gets nyo? Hindi naman alam ng mga masa na pangit ang gawa ni CJC at “art” ang gawa ni Bencab. Ang alam nila, inaantok sila sa gawa ni Mike de Leon pero gising na gising at nakakarelate sila sa gawa ni CJC. Kaya nga hanggang ngayon, bentang-benta pa rin iyan sa mga television network. Pero noong nagproduce ng mga akdang pampanitikan para gawing drama sa tv—ilang buwan ba ito nagtagal?

    Kung pangit at kulang man sa kasiningan ang gawa ni CJC, hindi na niya kasalanang tinatangkilik siya ng masa. Ngayon, kasalanan ba nina Bien at Bencab at ng iba pang kahanay nila kung hindi maarok ng ordinaryong mamamayan ang kanilang mga gawa?

    So, nasaan ang pagkakamali? Nasaan ang pagkukulang/

    Unfortunately, hindi applicable ang mga katanungang ito sa kaso ni CGA.
    Aug 07 2009 @ 02:55pm     Reply  
  • e_coli
    So get a sheet of pad paper and answer these:

    Based on point 1, what power does the Committee really have with regards to selection? (10 pts)

    Can they add names not on the list? If yes, defend your answer with reference to law. If no, comment on what just happened for this year's selection. (20 pts)
    Aug 07 2009 @ 09:08am     Reply  
  • e_Coli
    you said: "Section 7 confirms that the National Artist Award is a PRESIDENTIAL AWARD. Therefore, to say that the President should not “interfere” in the process is a flawed interpretation."

    Even if it is a PRESIDENTIAL AWARD, it doesn't mean it all boils to prerogative ... that's why there are guidelines especially for the HONORS ...

    If she wants to honor someone who doesn't fit to the guidelines, she can create other awards as stated by section 7... Dun, walang guidelines, pwedeng pure prerogative ...
    Aug 07 2009 @ 08:51am     Reply  
  • e_coli
    TheSnydeOne, you are missing my points altogether.
    Maybe you're really just tired...

    Read back on my post especially on these:

    1) Define "EVALUATE Nomination" since this is their only power with regards to handling the selection.

    The committee, yes, assists in this. To evaluate doesn't meant to create nominees, but "to determine the significance, worth, or condition of usually by careful appraisal and study" the list provided by the NCCA-CCP ...

    They can form critical opinion if a nominee is acceptable or not ... but their task ends there ... they cannot even recommend others not in the list because recommendation is solely done by NCCA-CCP... see ff point:

    2) "upon recommendation" - yes, a recommendation can be accepted or declined... but it is a necessary factor to be in a roster for acceptance or decline.

    By this argument, this means the President can strike off names from the recommendation but she cannot add to the list as the addition was not recommended in the first place.

    3) I said the chancellery has no business here because they don't deal with the nominations, selections, etc... they just make sure the EO is implemented.

    4) On Dolphy: if a CCP-NCCA deemed him unworthy, I can accept it ... that's the process, they make the list.

    So there ... it's not just the NCCA-CCP guideline that's violated, but an EO!

    My objective argument here is all based on the process: how it is, and how it should have been carried out.
    Aug 07 2009 @ 08:44am     Reply  
    Bonifacio, This is not an issue of social class to where you belong. Regardless of your status in life and in the society it doesn't matter as long as you are rightful for the title of NATIONAL ARTIST.

    This isn't merely some so-so award. This is the highest and most reputable award giving body that a nation can give to "artists" as a recognition of their outstanding work and their contribution to the Philippine World of Creative Art.

    It is a disgrace, and loss of credibility that we recognize a National Artist that didn't qualify and didn't even belong to the shortlist.

    Why don't GMA and her staff who's responsible for this NA final result be the one to sit as the committee. So that they can fully manipulate the result without questions ask. They can also provide their manipulative rules and regulations according to their standard, if ever there is. Or they can just declare that they just hand-picked the following National Artist because that is what they feel like.

    Don't make such deciding committee or governing body to make a study and analyze the criteria and qualification of artists when they don't even matter to the final result.

    So, GMA and her staff, kayo nalang ang umupo sa lahat ng ahensiya at grupo na maaari kayong maging head o chair ng anumang komite na meron sa Pilipinas. In that way we wouldn't think of that award giving body as prestigious and reputable because you were the ones whose given them.

    Para kay Bonifacio, stop whining about social classes. Hindi porke't mahirap o mayaman ang tao wala na siyang alam sa realidad ng buhay. Ang "magaling at intelektuwal" na sinasabi mo it doesn't apply to the upper class only. You can be "magaling", "mahusay", "makata" and "intelektuwal" in your own ways kahit mahirap ka lang. Maraming mahuhusay at makatang tao na nagmula naman sa hirap. And that makes them "kahanga-hanga." Because despite their status in life they proved themselves to be worth it, and deserving. And not some wanna be National Artist.

    Aug 07 2009 @ 07:17am     Reply  
  • The Tired Snyde One

    Tired. Sorry. I’ll go straight to the point.

    “Assist the President in evaluating nominations.”

    ASSIST: to aid; to be subordinate to a superior who has primary jurisdiction

    “May authorize...”

    MAY: a possibility to be exercised with due consideration to a multiplicity of reasons or factors

    AUTHORIZE: to grant authority through delegation; to deputize (the parameters behind which, especially in cases of disagreement or dispute is determined by him who authorizes)

    “upon the recommendation...”

    By definition, when one recommends, the recommendation may either be accepted or declined. Ganun kasimple.

    Regarding interpretation, provisions are not independent of each other and should be interpreted as a whole. No, the recommendation is NOT a necessity if you consider the intent behind the “authorization” which is “to assist.” It is a tool, not the end in itself. The role of the President is not merely ministerial.

    The Chancellery is relevant if only to stress that the Honors Committee is equipped to undertake its mandate.

    Section 7 confirms that the National Artist Award is a PRESIDENTIAL AWARD. Therefore, to say that the President should not “interfere” in the process is a flawed interpretation.

    Regarding Dolphy: He was stricken off the list of nominees. Perhaps my language is inexact, THE NCCA-CCP COMMITTEE DEEMED DOLPHY UNWORTHY OF THE AWARD. Obviously, the rest of the Filipino nation, including myself, think him worthy of it.

    "On sneaky lawyers," one doesn't have to be sneaky to bulldoze through flimsy argumentation.

    My case is this:

    1. It is wrong to say that the process was violated, or subverted, or whatnot. Guess what, they know that too. That’s why they’re marching instead of filing the suit. Guess again, regardless of how the courts decide (assuming protesters ever grow the balls to march into court), there will still be protests and claims of “undue influence.”

    2. Yes, there are flaws in the ENTIRE process. That is the more precise and intelligent conclusion. The “divide” between the masses and intellectual elite springs from these flaws. This is why, the “Dolphy question” has never been addressed. Speak up committee! Or would you rather be quoted verbatim? LOL.

    3. It is not the integrity of the process that these zealots defend, but their perceived turfs. Aminin.
    Aug 07 2009 @ 04:33am     Reply  
  • Jun Cristobal
    Tama si an2netluv.

    Hindi naman tungkol sa indibidwal na kagalingan ng isang artist ang National Artist Award. Ang NATIONAL ARTIST (marapat lang) ay isang award na ibinibigay sa mga taong tinitingala ng nakararami lalo na ng kanyang kapwa artist. KAYA nga may PEER REVIEW eh at may Presentation.

    Kaya para kay Cecile Guidote at Caparas, pakinggan ninyo ang pagbatikos sa inyo ng mga kapwa mga alagad ng sining. Aanhin ninyo ang titulo ng parangal kung wala namang totoong 'parangal'.

    Sa tingin ko,nasa LISTAHAN NG MGA DAPAT NABIGYAN NG AWARD sa: (kahit alinman dito)

    Eddie Garcia
    Nora Aunor (pero baka magalit ang mga Vilmanians)
    Leopoldo Salcedo

    Leah Salonga

    Jun Cruz Reyes
    Cirilo Bautista
    Bienvenido Santos
    Rene Villanueva

    Visual Arts
    Roberto Chabet

    at kung sasamantalahin:
    Renato Constantino
    Teodoro Agoncillo

    Actually marami pa..
    PRESIDENT GLORIA, pinakita mo lang kung gaano ka ka-jologs.
    Aug 06 2009 @ 11:11pm     Reply  
  • e_coli
    For everyone's sake especially those who want to read more on the EO but is too lazy to hit on google, here's a link:
    Aug 06 2009 @ 11:04pm     Reply  
  • e_coli
    My case is exactly on the process ... without the controversy about it, I wouldn't really mind who was chosen ... I would just comment "he/she didn't deserve it" if I think so.
    Aug 06 2009 @ 10:59pm     Reply  
  • e_coli
    Referring to Dolphy, you said "But why was his name stricken off the list? Not by the President, or Alvarez, BUT BY THE JOINT COMMITTEE."

    I don't get this... The joint committee creates the list right? It's not like somebody gives them a list, and they strike somebody off of it...
    Aug 06 2009 @ 10:56pm     Reply  
  • e_coli
    Thank you TheSnydeOne for bringing me to that EO... Your use of the EO for argument is out of context, at least to my interpretation. Check out my interpretation and see if it’s valid. Do point out what’s not:

    1) On section 9, we have the Committe who “shall assist the President in EVALUATING NOMINATIONS”.
    Further, the committee “may authorize relevant departments or government agencies to maintain Honors and/or Awards Committees to process nominations” ...

    It boils down to interpretation of the phrase “evaluating nominations.” My interpretation is that they can only EVALUATE NOMINATIONS (an existing list of nominees). The PROCESSING OF NOMINATIONS is handled by government agencies/departments.

    ... The Chancellery has no business here ...

    2) Now section 5, “Order of National Artists”
    “...the Order of National Artists is the highest national recognition conferred upon Filipinos who have made distinct contributions to arts and letters, upon the recommendation of the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA).”

    To my interpretation, the recommendation is a NECESSITY for conferment. Sneaky lawyers may interpret it otherwise, I guess.

    3) Section 7 only states that the President can create other awards but these awards cannot have the same level as the “Honors” as referred in Section 2.
    Aug 06 2009 @ 10:50pm     Reply  
  • Richard Ramos
    Wow, after seeing all the different sides...

    I think the proper saying is: "There ought to be a law..."

    The law seems to clearly allow most of what happened - be it immoral and/or unethical, it is still legal. I guess what has to be done is to have amendments or new laws to cover this situation.

    However, in the case of a comic book writer winning for the visual arts... I am still picking my jaw off the floor.
    Aug 06 2009 @ 09:47pm     Reply  
  • Candor
    "Kung napanuod ninyo ang sagot ni Caparas na iyan tungkol sa isyu laban sa kanya duon mamumulat ang iyong mata na si Carlo J. Caparas sa ugali, pananalita at acto ay isang asal KANTO BOY, BASTOS, AT HIGIT SA LAHAT WALANG GALANG TULAD SA MGA PUMILI SA KANYA."
    Yes, I saw this in TV. I was expecting him to say next, "O ano? laban ka? Basta akin na ito maningas ka dyan!"

    Hindi naiiba sa pagkukutya ni Gloria sa taong bayan kapag may ginagawa siyang hindi katanggap tanggap.
    Aug 06 2009 @ 05:51pm     Reply  
  • The Snyde One
    Everyone's got something to say about the law. Here's the PERTINENT law:

    September 19, 2003


    Section 9 cites the functions of an Honors Committee:

    "The Committee shall assist the President in evaluating nominations for recipients of Honors hereunder, as well as of Presidential Awards. For this purpose, the Committee may authorize relevant departments or government agencies to maintain Honors and/or Awards Committees to process nominations for Honors and/or Presidential Awards.


    The Chancellery shall provide the necessary technical and administrative support to the Committee."

    If you should ask what the Chancellery is, it's in the preceding Section (8):

    "There is hereby created the Chancellery of Philippine Orders and State Decorations (hereinafter referred to as the "Chancellery") in the Office of Presidential Protocol. In coordination with the Office of Protocol and State Visits, DFA, the Chancellery shall be responsible for the implementation of this Executive Order, as well as for all technical and protocular matters relating to the Honors Code to ensure compliance with qualitative standards and international norms and practice."

    Now, before you get your panties in a bunch and ask if this is applicable to the National Artist Award, read Section 3:

    "Order of Precedence. Civilian Honors that have been and will be conferred by the Republic of the Philippines are hereby officially ranked by Order of Precedence, to emphasize the relative value, importance and seniority, as well as to enhance the prestige, of such Honors. The Order of Precedence in the Honors Code shall be as follows in descending order:

    Quezon Service Cross
    II Order of Lakandula
    Order of Sikatuna
    Philippine Legion of Honor
    III Order of Gabriela Silang
    IV Order of National Artists
    Order of National Scientists
    Order of National Social Scientists
    Gawad sa Manlilikha ng Bayan
    V Gawad Mabini
    VI Order of the Golden Heart
    VII Presidential Medal of Merit"

    Is the National Artist a PRESIDENTIAL AWARD? Read Section 7 (pertaining to Section 3 which cites the "Order of National Artists"):

    "Other Presidential Awards. The President may confer Presidential Awards not otherwise included in the Order of Precedence of the Honors Code, as set out in Section 3 of this Executive Order. For the avoidance of doubt, Presidential Awards not otherwise enumerated in Section 3 of this Executive Order are not considered Honors, as defined herein."

    There. So much for the "process argument." Can we now proceed to the more substantive aspects of your case, assuming you do?
    Aug 06 2009 @ 05:36pm     Reply  
  • Crispin
    Para Kay Bonifacio.. mula kay Crispin

    Ito na naman tayo...
    Puro pang masa masa at marami pang masa.
    Bakit kailangan na lahat ng bagay sa Pilipinas kailan magustuhan lang ng masa. Para sa Masa,


    Ang pinaguusapan dito ay ang lapastanganin ang proceso ng pagpipili ng batas para sa pagpili ng NATIONAL ARTIST. Pero ito na naman. Ginagawang isyu tungkol sa laban ng mayaman (burgis) at mahihirap.

    Kung napanuod ninyo ang sagot ni Caparas na iyan tungkol sa isyu laban sa kanya duon mamumulat ang iyong mata na si Carlo J. Caparas sa ugali, pananalita at acto ay isang asal KANTO BOY, BASTOS, AT HIGIT SA LAHAT WALANG GALANG TULAD SA MGA PUMILI SA KANYA.


    At isa pa sana huwag mo ng gamitin ang pangalang Bonifacio para ipahiwatig na ikaw ay maka masa at tagapagsalita ng alitutunin ng mga masa.

    Aug 06 2009 @ 04:53pm     Reply  
  • The Snyde One

    No need for dares. We're not in the school yard, and neither are you in pigtails, or are you? LOL.

    It doesn't matter if you're a lawyer or not. Interpretation of the law is not exclusive to lawyers, otherwise the Constitution, the highest law of the land should have been written only by them.

    "Why the need to violate the guideline? If the guideline is violated, what is it for?"

    The above e_coli are complex (if not trick)questions, you made assumptions and expect me to accept these. Guidelines are violated only if these apply. These do not. (See previous explanation).

    We're beating on a dead horse. I heard a suit is going to be filed. I will respect the decision of the courts. Will you? Can you?

    CCP and NCCA have evaded the Dolphy issue all this time. There are questions on Caparas et al., none on Dolphy. But why was his name stricken off the list? Not by the President, or Alvarez, BUT BY THE JOINT COMMITTEE.

    We all fear the issue to turn into a debate between social classes, between those who have and those who have not, between those who are educated and those who aren't. But things are headed there fast, and for good reason.

    Should this simply be an issue on the "misuse" of powers? Or do we need to remedy other issues as well? For whom do we name National Artists?

    If you can answer the above, your halfway to being more objective than your colleagues.

    It's easier to see when your brow does not nearly intersect with your hairline.
    Aug 06 2009 @ 10:12am     Reply  
  • taga Visayas (from where Caparas supposedly came)

    MAY ALL PROFESSIONS BE LIKE THIS.. not in the context of condemning the substandards, but in the context of good "idealism" and right "light" and "love", which should be the propelling factors in achieving what we believe we are destined to achieve in this world, created by God and therefore, should be showered only with Godly deeds and intentions!....Godness, added with one more "o" is simply Goodness, after all...
    Aug 06 2009 @ 09:40am     Reply  
  • taga Visayas (from where Caparas supposedly came)

    "unlike Caparas who taped the poor population but at the same time, corrupted their minds, hearts and even spirits."



    Pres. GMA - your background, so far, is clean unlike Caparas. You implemented ideas and projects which served the Filipinos good and well (regardless of questions from the opposition). You should not tow down to the level of Caparas... unlike Pacquiao. Pacquiao's project for Caparas is only a movie... your AWARD is a national award! This has a very big impact to Philippine history. You cannot possibly include a substandard artist (as his co-artists say of him) in this National Award, just because he is a Visayan (from Bohol? and his wife, a former first class protitute from Cebu?) and he is tapped by Pacquiao as his personal movie director! God fearing rules and delikadeza simply says you cannot do so, even if he probably "donated" to your coffers there in Malacanang. Did he? If he gets angry in case you take him out of the awardees list.. you can always return his donation after all... My goodness, you are already wealthy even before Caparas became wealthy...You cannot possibly level with their ways!...

    You cannot compare Caparas to Mary Magdalene, whose way to "sainthood stardom" was not deliberately started with prostitution to gain fortune and fame...Magdalene rejected all her former ways when she embraced Jesus Christ and His principles in her life. She did not fight for honor. She was made a saint (but did not fight for it) by RC, as a model that even the worst sinner can be totally changed by Christ!(but only up to this point). If Caparas is truly a born-again Christian, then he should have the sensibility not to accept and even fight for this award, as he truly does not deserve this, amidst furor among his co-artists and many sensible Filipinos!

    Unlike some medical doctors who cater to "mafianism" in their hunger to be recognized (identifying and defending a co-doctor, who was/is politically-anomalously recognized in Cebu), I hope you will let professionalism prevail....especially in this controversy where the contested artist(s) are truly questionable....
    and undeserving...
    Aug 06 2009 @ 09:29am     Reply  
  • Fernando Sacdalan
    Bakit kailanggang payaggang magsali ang Pangulo ng Pilipinas sa mga nominado. Ano ba ang alam niya sa mga ibat-ibang ARTs at ang mga Pilipinong alagad nito. Sayang, lagi ko pa namang iniintay kung sino na sa mga alagad ng mga sining ang mapipili ng kanyang mga kasamahan.
    Aug 06 2009 @ 09:13am     Reply  
  • taga Visayas (from Caparas supposedly came)
    Pres. GMA should not be biased in favor of a Visayan (Caparas comes from Bohol I think?).

    She should not be biased just because Caparas was taken as Director by Pacquiao. For Pacquiao's having a clean,great image and perfection in his craft... yet choosing a substandard Director, is such a very sad and sorry story.

    She should respect the process of CCP and the National Artists with it.

    She should know that Caparas started with komiks with bold horror and XXX sex stories/pictures, sold at sidewalks before at very cheap prices... making it overly accessible to young and old ordinary Filipinos alike... contributing to the immorality and corruption of some Filipinos' minds. You know how Marcos tolerated sexual immorality among Filipinos durig his time, what with the proliferation of bold actors/actresses and bold R rated or XXX movies, which was rode on by Caparas, allowing him to gain some fortune...

    Does Caparas' deserve this honor? NOT AT ALL.

    Many artists cater to NUDE arts, not because they want to make lots of money out of it, but out of natural gusto... yet they are mostly discrete in showing such works...displaying them only in expensive or exclusive art exhibits, expensive magazines... unlike Caparas who taped the poor population but at the same time, corrupted their minds, hearts and even spirits.

    This is Caparas? Yes, and YES again, he does not deserve the National Artist honor at all.

    Aug 05 2009 @ 10:27pm     Reply  
  • Richad Ramos
    Carlos Gaspar: I'm not one for the traditionalist extreme either. I agree with your post in general.
    Aug 05 2009 @ 02:41am     Reply  



    Aug 04 2009 @ 11:56pm     Reply  
  • Zirutzu

    That's quite a revelation regarding Bencab's winning the award, and his subsequent business ventures. Seems you have an inside dope on the workings at CCP-NCCA ?

    How about the comment of Nestor Torre on his column in a broadsheet that ABOUT A THIRD of those national artists shouldn't be there/not deserving ? care to comment on that ?
    Aug 04 2009 @ 11:33pm     Reply  
  • carlos gaspar
    Share your opinion, Richard. CJC producing art that best represents the Filipino is questionable. However let us take care not to head for the opposite extreme.

    It is the spirit of the Filipino that should be reflected in one's art, but not necessarily does that translate into art that is literally Filipino in its approach. As much as I protest CJC's commendation, I would also hate to see the award given to someone who only depicts typical Filipino content.

    The same goes for the commendation of Pitoy Moreno. He has built a career producing Filipino fashion that is tired and repetitive. It does not reflect the progressive mind and spirit of the Filipino people. It does not reflect originality. Imagine if painters who depicted only cock fights and rice plantations in their work could be named National Artists? In Japan and globally, Issey Miyake is unanimously regarded their most respected designer. But you do not see the Japanese kimono over and over again in his fashion. Instead, his designs reflect the spirit of the Japanese as it has evolved over time.

    So let us be careful not to confine ourselves in our definition of Filipino art. There is a fine line between expressing Filipino tradition and the Filipino spirit. The latter has more depth and dimension, and will ultimately say more about us as a race, and give us more intellectual credence.
    Aug 04 2009 @ 10:22pm     Reply  
  • Richard Ramos
    After reading all the comments, I'll leave the argumentation about what was violated, what was not followed, and what was subverted to everyone else who thinks they have the right idea of those things in their minds, and are willing to die for their views.

    I'm not even close to being a National Artist, but I'd expect that the body of work of a National Artist should be representative of the Nation, embodying in itself some portion of the Spirit of the Filipino. If someone who is not Filipino asks: "What are the artistic achievements of your country?", then we should be able to show the works of our National Artists with pride.

    I don't know about any of you, but I don't think I would be proud to show massacre movies and comic books whose credit for illustration are in doubt. Pop culture? yes, surely. But Art that represents the Filipino? Questionable. Unless you don't mind showing massacre movies in the same breadth as Himala.

    But, if we wish to say that CJC represents the National Artist as a possible function of patronage in light of the current President, then by golly, it is perfect. And let's admit, he wouldn't be the only one, considering all our other recent Presidents.

    I say, let him have it. The real challenge of having such a position and given recognition is if people will believe and respect it. Even more important, it will be who can carry the title of National Artist through the years.
    Aug 04 2009 @ 09:09pm     Reply  
  • susana
    unang isyu - nasunod ba ang mga batayan ng pagpili ng awardees?

    pangalang isyu - ano ba ang tunay na kahulugan ng "sining," at karugtong nito, anu-anong larangan ang maaring ihanay sa visual arts at film?

    pangatlong isyu - sino ang sumusukat sa antas ng sining ng mga nominado? sila ba'y alagad din ng sining, o marunong man lang tumingin nito?

    pang-apat -- sa uk, kung saan ginaya ni madame noon ang paggawad ng national honors, mayroong iba-ibang antas: OBE, MBE, CBE. gumaya na rin lang tayo, lubos-lubusin na para walang nalilito

    pang-lima -- dahil na rin sa uri ng mga larangang biswal ngayong panahon, maaring idagdag ang kategoriya ng "design" -- na isang broad spectrum na maaring saklawin ang fashion, furniture, computer graphics, atbp.

    hindi porke mayaman o edukado marunong tumingin ng sining. at hindi rin porke mahirap hindi na maaring maging alagad ng sining. puhunan ng karamihan sa mga artista ay ang biyayang talino at kaluluwa. ang dami ng nagawa at popularidad ay hindi sukatan ng galing. ang tawag dito - komersyalismo. hindi sining
    Aug 04 2009 @ 02:08pm     Reply  
  • mackoyv
    i worked on many a carlo j. caparas movie projects... no comment... i'm still picking up my jaw from the floor...
    Aug 04 2009 @ 11:46am     Reply  
  • ijer
    Hay naku, mga pinoy, magtrabaho na lang tayong lahat para umangat sa buhay kaysa magsiraan nang magsiraan! hey, everyone is entitled sa kani-kanyang opinion so don't hit on each other! if bencab has his own opinion, so do all the other posters here! let's just respect each other...tsaka SSSSHHHHH...huwag maingay...bawal magbangayan...kapapayapa lang po ng isang NATIONAL HERO!
    Aug 04 2009 @ 10:36am     Reply  
  • e_coli

    I'm no lawyer. Granted, I do not have proof of Alvarez's direct participation.
    I hold on to my conclusion based on logical analysis of the facts available: a guideline is violated to accommodate her...

    Of course you can argue again that it was the presidential committee (read "GMA")who did this and that they don't necessarily have to bind by the guidelines ... With this, you actually find the culprit in the committee (read "GMA").

    Don't worry, I don't intend to win you over...

    I dare you to win me over...

    Why the need to violate the guideline?
    If the guideline is violated, what is it for?
    Aug 03 2009 @ 11:08pm     Reply  
  • amused
    Very amusing (if not embarassing) article about Jose "Pitoy" Moreno in today's Inquirer newspaper. Reporter asked him how he felt about being awarded and he said he was scared! Don't worry about The Czar, he has thick skin so he'll be fine. It has not failed him all these years. It is a great asset!
    Aug 03 2009 @ 11:06pm     Reply  
  • MaynMan
    ANg sa akin lang ganito. Kung nasa Museum tayo ng mga National Artists, ano ang ipapakita natin na produkto nya? Hindi naman sya nag drawing, never naman nanalo ng awards ang pelikula nya...

    Yung bata na magtutour dun magtatanong "May ginawa ba talaga tong si Direk Carlo? Parang wala e...Uwi na tayo!"
    Aug 03 2009 @ 07:08pm     Reply  
  • theWalruz
    i dont have any qualms if cjc was inducted as a national artist, BUT the glaring fact is a LOT of artist that really deserves the recognition was,by and again,bypassed by the so-called just body. These artist(conching, alcala,dolphy etc) should be recognized first before anyone else. They should be given the top priority. We should not praise them only after they longed died(look at conde). This is a sad fact the still plaguing our national artist appointment process.

    But in hind sight cjc really dished a lot of crappy movies;(i think all of his filmography are crap) and i vehemently oppose that he was recognized in film arts.
    Aug 03 2009 @ 06:56pm     Reply  
  • concernedtao09
    According to NOMINATION PROCEDURE of NCCA national Artist

    • Members of the Special Research Group, as well as agencies attached to the NCCA and CCP shall not submit nominations.
    • NCCA and CCP Board members and consultants and NCCA and CCP officers and staff are automatically disqualified from being nominated.

    How come Cecile Guidote Alvarez, Commissioner (Executive Director, National Commission for Culture and the Arts) was bestowed as National Artist for Theater eh diba automatically disqualified nga kapag NCCA and CCP Board Members, consultant, officers and staff? Hindi naman pala sya kasali sa shortlist of nominees that was submitted to President Arroyo last May.
    Halata namang dagdag bawas ang ginawa ni arroyo dito. Grabe ka naman Alvarez, nahiya ka na lang sana tanggapin ang award na yan alam mo naman ang rules and regulation (sabhin na nating deserving ka kasi malaki rin naman daw ang naitulong mo still mali pa rin kasi nga ATTACHED KA SA NCCA so dapat hindi ka NATIONAL ARTIST).

    SABAGAY, kung malaking PERA AT FAME ang paguusapan PAKAPALAN na lang talaga ng mukha diba??? Dapat may category na rin kayo na include jan NATIONAL ARTIST for PAKAPALAN ng MUKHA at doon ka bagay ALVAREZ.
    Aug 03 2009 @ 03:35pm     Reply  
  • The Snyde One

    The sarcasm notwithstanding, you've exhibited humility, hence a straight and hopefully unscathing response:

    Conflict of interest is not simply alleged, it is proven. Surely if you consider one a part of your community, surely if you acknowledge what others have accomplished for that community and the public at large regarless of how minute these are in your eyes, surely simply for being Filipinos if not human beings, you can afford people that as a basic right, can you?

    The entire time, I have played the role of an *ss if only to demonstrate that those who dish 'em out should be ready to take 'em too. That's all. So far, I've gotten nothing but innuendos. The most intelligent post I've read so far is one that says "while we acknowledge art to be alive and dynamic, why do we confine it to its traditional 7 forms, despite a perpetually involving technology and worldview?"

    Proof, e_coli. Remember? Two ingredients? - direct participation and direct benefit.

    Prove that and you will have won me over.
    Aug 03 2009 @ 01:16pm     Reply  
  • The Snyde One
    Opinions are like *ssh*l*s, everybody has one.

    Don't dare utter the word "democracy," when you are not ready to accept its principles. You believe it perfectly normal to lambast others and then turn onion-skinned and all mushy when the criticisms land close to home.

    For the sake of e_coli who prefers to "keep his statements short," I shall address your points, point by point with brevity, edd aragon. (Crossing my fingers I don't get lost in the labyrinth of your verbiage)

    "privilege is a “private law” relating to a specific individual, president or not. a misuse of privilege by that individual shall invite
    flak...unless i’m just playing bloody naive."

    True, the abuse of any privilege, discretion, and even right will always invite flak. That is a tautology rather than an argument. To say however that any President's exercise of executive powers is but a privilege is just plain fallacious. Hit the books and come back when you are better informed / educated. For now, I don't think your playing bloody naive, I seriously believe you simply are.

    "e.g. hello, garci? /yis ma’m? /ayos na ba? /ayus na ma’m. /ah..umm..balita ko mahusay kang magdrowing? /ay hindi pu ma’m. /it doesn’t matter, gusto mong maging national?/ay ayuku pu ma’m, di ako mahilig sa libro!"

    LOL. This one is marginally funny, and falls well within your next comment: " appreciate your struggle to keep the forum away from losing the plot."

    "i like to think that name-calling comments written by faceless, anonymous people don’t count. why would senseless, childish barbs count when they’re not even bold enough
    to reveal their real names and faces?"

    An argument that stands to reason stands to reason regardless of who says it. I see it is easier for you to attack the messenger than address the message. Putting your name does not necessarily add credence to your statements, you are living proof of that, edd. You simply cannot conjure paragraph upon paragraph of emotional blabber and hope for the public to gobble it up like indubitable truth.

    "to criticize bencab or any artist whose name was exposed for every faceless anarchist to smear is not fair."

    I didn't, somebody else did. I agreed and left it to the reader to investigate, weigh, and decide. Surely you do not think your opinion to be inherently closer to fact than those of others? Or do you, edd? Why? Because you wrote your name after it? LOL. You are way funnier when you don't consciously try to be.

    "artists are not crustaceans. we don’t want to put down our colleagues; we don’t want to pit ourselves against each other;"

    Here here. I agree, except for that it's not "don't" but "shouldn't." Now won't you get down from the pulpit and practice what you preach.

    "whether we are a slumdog or a forbes cats; nobody cares what barangay we came from; ... we don’t give a hoot about the president’s opinion, only the money grant:); and if ever we’re nominated, we should have the option to decline without the threat of execution;)

    There's wit and candor there, and that's appreciated, sincerely so. Riddle me these though: (1) why wasn't Dolphy ever named NA? Is it because he doesn't satisfy the "committee’s proper filtration and process of selection based on its watertight set of rules and criteria" Wasn't that my point all along? That yes, the ENTIRE process is flawed and one could not simply magnify faults in one aspect of it and (hypocritically) turn a blind eye on another?; (2) if one should have the option to decline "without the threat of execution" would you agree to the pressure put on those whom you think "unworthy" from accepting their award lest they be excommunicated from your dogmatic holy community of artists?

    "there really isn’t any serious quarrel or jealousy existing among free-thinking artists for one is not possible. it is only an illusion, or just pink noise created by non-artists."

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Scan the web, read the papers, then come back when you are better informed and educated.

    "if there’s hate in your heart against a colleague. if you can’t dismiss it, then be a lawyer."

    Yet again I concur. A piece of advice, don't quit your day job.

    "why not form a separate Presidential Artist of the Year Awards instead?"

    Why not? In fact, while we're at it, why not take away the nomination process from the NCCA and CCP and remove "presidential interference" entirely from the process? Why not let living National Artists exclusively decide who should join their ranks. These are all within the realm of possibilities, because honestly, I believe the Committee is just as unworthy as the President it criticizes, except for that the President (ideally) is elected by the people, the members of the committee are NOT!

    "my 2c, peace to you"

    I knew there was something amiss when they said inflation is at its lowest in 20 years.

    LOL. Just humor, edd. Don't take it to heart.

    Aug 03 2009 @ 01:01pm     Reply  
  • r. lacson

    F. Sionil Jose, Arturo Luz, Bienvenido Lumbera, Virgilio Almario, BenCab, Salvador Bernal
    will lead artists and the community in a Necrological Service & Funeral March
    For the National Artist Awards.

    FRIDAY Aug 7 @ 2PM
    at the CCP front ramp.

    Aug 03 2009 @ 11:51am     Reply  
  • e_coli
    And who so has the power to do this ... the presidential committee (because they are not bound by the NCCA guidelines ...

    So yeah TheSnydeOne, there's the mockery and the conflict of interest.

    I'm not good with flowering my statements so I keep them short.
    Aug 03 2009 @ 10:14am     Reply  
  • e_coli
    That is why this whole thing is ridiculous. If the presidential committee can't at least follow the basic guidelines of NCCA, they could have as well made Ramon Santos a National Artist for Film!

    You've stated the logic behind the prohibition in Art V Sec 5: exactly so there is no conflict of interest. I say this was violated, because there is! The violation is proof.
    Aug 03 2009 @ 09:54am     Reply  
  • edd aragon
    you've explained the process better than manolo quezon:) i intend to copy and paste this comment in that bencab forum site.
    i agree. people who could should push to do away with the presidential factor for the benefit of all.
    (afterall a president should just be personally concerned of the interior design of presidential office; e.g. rugs,
    suites, etc.) and that's all. personal should remain as such and must not spill over or influence
    mainstream and academe. a president having the privilege to chose who's going to be national is already misuse of privilege.
    come to think of it. why should presidents have by virtue of position,the right to dictate (or whim or to romanticize the word, bestow) upon who
    should be national artist? that presidential privilege is where the rot is; for the national artist committee's proper filtration and process of selection based on
    its watertight set of rules and criteria was rudely put aside. (in other words, binastos. so ano resulta? bastusan all the way).
    this reminded me that one of the objectives of the french revolution was the abolition of privileges (so much abused) by the french bourgeoise. so off with the
    king's head!
    privilege is a "private law" relating to a specific individual, president or not. a misuse of privilege by that individual shall invite
    flak. likewise the use of that privilege outside the parameters of personal shall also invite trouble. much like having the privilege to own a gun
    so as to protect oneself. the privilege is for personal safety. therefore if there's no life-threathening incident to cause one to point a gun at another (perhaps to influence the other guy's
    decision), then it's terribly wrong. so we should get rid of that presidential privilege anomaly. we're not supposed to be under a dictatorship by privileges; unless i'm just playing bloody naive.
    politicians at best should just support the propagation of the arts, that' all. hey pollies! show us the money so we could better
    ourselves with our chosen art and buy more art books and art supplies; and to pursue our personal and national dreams)! so let a committee choose us if we're deserving. and don't st*p*dly ring up the committee; e.g. hello, garci? /yis ma'm? /ayos na ba? /ayus na ma'm. /ah..umm..balita ko mahusay kang magdrowing? /ay hindi pu ma'm. /it doesn't matter, gusto mong maging national?/ay ayuku pu ma'm, di ako mahilig sa libro!
    but seriously marne, i appreciate your struggle to keep the forum away from losing the plot, and not to have them bark at the wrong tree.
    i like to think that name-calling comments written by faceless, anonymous people don't count. why would senseless, childish barbs count when they're not even bold enough
    to reveal their real names and faces? anyway what are they afraid of? well bencab was brave enough to give us a piece of his mind. it's a free country and we're free to reveal our faces if we want to join the opinion fray.
    to criticize bencab or any artist whose name was exposed for every faceless anarchist to smear is not fair. that's spam. those are the likes of
    annoying youtube-random-browser-hatemongers. they call artists names, mayabang, panget, baduy, bading, etc.
    hey watch your pointing hand people. you have one cowardly pointing finger to a defenceless guy with a name while three other fingers, all siblings of your accusing finger, are bent and pointing at yourself! dapat lang "mayabang", kaya nga ipinagyayabang ng bayan ang national artist, sino ngayon ang mayabang? yung artist o ang bayan?
    the philippines is part of a democratic international community. that's where we are now, no other option. we are not a rogue state, thus we don't have rogue artists. we are a decent
    nation (albeit economically poor and swimming in foreign debts) that respects humanity, human rights and all democratic principles. it's a free country
    that let artists run free to achieve the peak of their best, be masterful of their preferred way of expression (and don't get jealous of them; it's not easy for a ballerina to mutilate
    her toes practising for hours nor for pacman to train hard for a big fight! it takes discipline us ordinary people couldn't imagine; so don't mock pacman unless you can beat him
    in your weight division). if you cannot then you have no privilege to do so. gulpe ka lang bata.
    artists are not crustaceans. we don't want to put down our colleagues; we don't want to pit ourselves against each other; instead we take care of our kind, form lifedrawing groups,
    art groups, schools, workshops and help each other so we're of one strength to promote our brand of art. in doing so we shall make our arts dominate the foreign. if we become fragmented and out of line, there's nothing to be proud of.
    naturally the government shall have an inventory of its quality citizens who may possibly represent the nation for the world to delight on; artists who could be emissaries to promote
    our arts & culture in the international stage (also to attract trade and tourists. Tourism means dollars, money that could help develop our learning institutions and produce more artists
    with "national" calibre; so as to show the world we're a civilized society proud of its own arts & culture and not of its weaknesses. but then that depends on the government of the day.
    if we were all sensible artists, then there'd be an unwritten mutual respect among us. nobody cares whether we are a slumdog or a forbes cats; nobody cares what barangay we came from; nobody cares if we're black or white, wheelchair-bound or not; old or young, dead or alive. we're just happy to receive the freaking doorstop if we deserve it for what we've done in earnest; we don't give a hoot about the president's opinion, only the money grant:); and if ever we're nominated, we should have the option to decline without the threat of execution;) otherwise just give it to our nearest relatives posthumously for we couldn't complain anymore;)
    popularity involves the media. without the media nobody's going to be popular. popular means loved by the people that was moulded, influenced or exposed to the media's standards, and if government finds out it will be happy to acknowldege the artist by commissioning him to do a legacy thing to grace the government's brick-and-mortar institutions to last for time immemorial; (like botong's mural on the walls of phil. general hospital).
    popularity is not the artist's fault. one only becomes popular because of the people's avid support, but we don't blame the people (or risk becoming unpopular or beaten up by the mob). we move on, we don't blame people even if they bought and treasured our paintings, bought our concert tickets, our fashionista gear, our novels, etc. thus a popular artist can be a pambansa or pambatya (ni gloria:)
    likewise a popular song may not become a classic but it could sell a lot or records (for sometime) then fade away.
    there really isn't any serious quarrel or jealousy existing among free-thinking artists for one is not possible. it is only an illusion, or just pink noise created by non-artists. don't ever consider yourself a an artist if there's hate in your heart against a colleague. if you can't dismiss it, then be a lawyer.
    and so democratic presidents must get their dirty fingers off the national artist pie and let the committee representing the populace choose who gets the title (national artist is a title, not an award)
    here's for a little analogy..megamall owners should not mess up with the script and choice of actors in movies being played out in their theatres;
    has this proposal been offered before? why not form a separate Presidential Artist of the Year Awards instead? perhaps one that truly doesn't have any connection to the National Artist titles? - my 2c, peace to you marne & others.
    Aug 03 2009 @ 06:32am     Reply  
  • The Snyde One
    Oh I know about Art V Sec 5, e_coli. I was hoping to spare the rest of the readers from the boring legalese but because you budding lawyers brought it up, I’ll humor you. That specific provision disqualifies NCCA and CCP employees and officials from inclusion on the list to be deliberated upon by their colleagues. The logic is simple: (1) to prevent any conflict of interest (there’s that word again) should a member of the committee be himself/herself nominated; (2) so as not to afford one with undue advantage over others should the nominee be “friends” with the committee members; (3) or disadvantage if “enemies” with the committee members (# 3 being a very likely possibility given the competition and jealousy in the field of arts).

    The prohibition does make sense but applies only to the process as undertaken by the NCCA and CCP. What the lot of you do not know is that the Office of the President may (and in fact did) undertake its own nomination and selection process. So, is it merely an exercise of presidential prerogative or a case of “insertion” that the President deviated from the list? The answer is NO.

    Why then does the law allow for this “separate” selection process? Precisely because the NCCA-CCP committee is not infallible and just as prone as any body to afford a nominee with undue advantage or inflict undue disadvantage on another depending on the circumstances; Because the powers of the committee is simply recommendatory in nature, and the President is (theoretically) endowed with the mandate to not only accept or reject names from the NCCA-CCP list but also to operationalize a system independent from the NCCA-CCP system. The committee aids the President; it does not command her.

    Was there “conflict of interest” in the case of Alvarez? Conflict of interest arises when one is given the opportunity to decide (or participate actively and directly) over a matter which directly impacts on oneself. Alvarez was nominated by at least two other National Artists not for the consideration of the NCCA-CCP joint panel but to the presidential selection committee. And if Vilma Labrador is to be believed, Alvarez did not know she was nominated. You are free to do your own research of course.

    And yes, Alvarez DID support Dolphy for the award. But as I said previously, while the rest of us may believe he is deserving of that recognition, his movies did not make the international film festival list, neither was he a graduate of a prestigious arts school, and his humor is just too “masa” for the discriminating tastes of our more cerebral jurors.

    Ask BenCab. Didn’t Dolphy play hairdresser in Facifica Falayfay?
    Aug 03 2009 @ 03:40am     Reply  
  • The Snyde One
    “Everyone thinks the same way, nobody’s doing much thinking.”

    My posts have been intended to flush out the pretenders amongst us. As I expected they would rather bulk-send their text messages, issue press statements, and key in one-liners than engage anyone in a meaningful and genuine clash of ideas. Those that initially rode out like warriors for the arts now cower where the sun doesn’t shine, the intellectual albinos that they are.

    As I have said before, it is not the integrity of the process they protect but their own turf. The boards now know who among them pretend to defend the illusory sanctity of the NCCA-CCP process if only to mask their own insecurities.

    By all means, question the “subjectivity” of the President. But do so if you have not benefitted from the “subjectivity” of your own peers patrons. To do otherwise would simply be a display of the lack of those frequently cited words delicadeza and conflict of interest.

    Who let the stinky cat out of the bag?! Did somebody just mention Ben Cabrera and Ambeth Ocampo? I didn’t but I know somebody did.

    Ben Cabrera is no Amorsolo just as Rio Almario is no Nick Joaquin, but they are National Artists. Do your research on who nominated and deliberated on these two and a host of others and you’d get my point. (*wink). Are they NA-material? Oh maybe. Are there others more deserving? There’s the rub.

    The law is far from perfect. But if you benefitted from its imperfection, spare us the moralizing and just let the general public cast the first stones.
    Aug 03 2009 @ 02:38am     Reply  
  • gabriel
    The Fashion industry is not so much the problem, but Mr. Moreno is not a shining example of what that industry has to offer. No one will dispute that he has staying power plus he has done more overseas shows than any other local designer.

    Promoting Filipino fashion, however, does not make an artist. I know many designers and there is much more real talent in the industry. Mr. Moreno is the czar of PR. His selection does not reflect well on the industry nor on the credibility of the awards.
    Aug 02 2009 @ 07:28pm     Reply  
  • punkskaprincess
    I beg everyone's pardon for belittling the Fashion Design Industry in any ways. It should be considered as an ART form as well. We also endure the same discipline and the amount of creative process like any other ever much harder considering the techniques and the 3-dimensional aspect of our pieces.

    With all due respect to Pitoy Moreno, he has been in the industry for a long time, I believe just for that he deserves to be respected and not to be mocked. It's not an easy job to call oneself a fashion designer and to be made known for decades already... Please credit that to him.

    But, isn't it so obvious how shallow this thread has come to... Pitoy Moreno is not the only Filipino Designer. Talk about knowing one's heritage, nationalism and all the hoopla's... all you know is to bash and belittle each other... Very Pinoy... CRAB MENTALITY!

    I believe it should be the same with hairdressing and landscape architectures... these are considerably valid art forms it predicts and goes with the current zeitgeist of the era, it expresses the culture and tradition of any society at any given time.
    Aug 02 2009 @ 05:53pm     Reply  
  • e_coli
    To SnydeOne:

    Naunahan ako ni Candor ... For TheSnydeOne, check out NCCA's guidelines on NA nomination (Article 5, Section 5) ... That answers your point 1 and 3. For point 2, subjective pa yan...
    Aug 02 2009 @ 05:48pm     Reply  
  • aki
    kahit saan naman, me palakasan. kahit saan me politics; kahit pa sa mismong art industry. ang problema kase dito, hindi maiiwasan na magkaron ng politicking dahil ang NCCA at CCP, by themselves eh government bodies. Pakikialamanan at pakikialamanan ng gobyerno ang lahat ng gagawin nila dahil under pa din sila ng Pangulo.

    also, IMO, BenCab's comment on 'peers' decision' was not meant to be a haughty remark. it's just the way it is. oo, hindi talaga sha magandang pakinggan. tama, ang yabang ng dating dahil parang napaka-elitista.

    pero consider the definition of PIONEER: isang taong nanguna, nagsimula ng bagong pamamaraan sa industriya.

    nakadepende ang pagiging 'pioneer' sa kung ano ang nakalipas na; ang tradisyon. sino ang nakakaalam ng tradisyon? i'm going out on a limb here, pero i'd bet na hindi si GMA yun.

    by 'peers', BenCab meant the people who knew the tradition, and thus, people who would know just how much progress/contribution a nominee/awardee has made to the industry.

    kase, diba, yun naman yung point ng National Artist Award? parangalan ang pioneer, ang nakagawa ng malaking kontribusyon sa larangan ng sining?

    masasabi ba talaga natin na ang mga taong pinarangalan kamakailan lang eh mga pioneer nga sa kani-kanilang industriya?
    Aug 02 2009 @ 05:25pm     Reply  
  • Candor
    the comments here about the fashion czar of asia kuno seem unanimous. nakakatawa ang title nayan. first there is no czar in asia, ever. second ang gayagaya, pitoy is known for copying his peers, ay ginaya din ng gayagayang gloria. so gloria arroyo has also attached czar to her name. is that the drug czar something? pitoy is neither an artist nor a real designer. he is a shrewd businessman masquerading as a fashion designer este dressmaker. he is the longest lasting sipsip of and in malacanang making him the richest dress maker in the philippines that ever lived. but his wealth is all hidden.
    Aug 02 2009 @ 03:36pm     Reply  
  • anneb
    this is precisely why GMA suffers from credibility, she does not give a damn about what other people think- scary! her thinking is- gusto ko eh, i'm the president, ako ang masusunod- i don't care what everybody else thinks!
    Aug 02 2009 @ 03:12pm     Reply  
  • Candor
    To the uninformed and those lazy to do research in the internet, the following is what is published in the NCCA website with regards to the nomination of National Artist. Of course, this is just kuno kuno because as we know it is the palakasan system that rules the day. Here it is:

    National Artists of the Philippines Guidelines:
    Article 5: Nomination Procedures
    Section 5: National Commission for Culture and Arts (NCCA) and Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) board members, consultants, officers and staff are automatically disqualified from being nominated.

    Cecile Guidote Alvarez is the Exec. Director and Board Member of NCCA. It is clear Alvarez violated the very guidelines of NCCA in her nomination and award of a title.

    Ang kapal talaga nitong si Alvarez maliwanag na maliwanag ang nakasaad sa guidelines. Bakit hindi niya binago ito bago niya binigyan ng award ang sarili niya? Ibig sabihin nito wala siya talagang pakialam maski ano ang sabihin ng taong bayan. Hindi siya naiiba kay Gloria.
    Aug 02 2009 @ 02:40pm     Reply  
  • Candor
    WOW Bencab! You speak as if you don't know how things are done in our country. The nominating committee is only pro-forma just to show that there is a process in nomination for awards but the truth is, it is NOT WHAT YOU KNOW BUT WHOM YOU KNOW.

    In your case, you were awarded the National Artist title because of your padrino, Ambeth Ocampo. Ocampo headed the NCCA when you got that title. You are a VERY close friend of Ocampo, you cannot deny that, and Ocampo happens to be not only the head of NCCA then but also a favorite travelling companion of the Arroyo family when they go for overseas excursions, of course at taxpayers account. Ocampo they say is a relative of GMA that is why he is very close to her and if there is anyone whom GMA would listen to in as far as culture and arts is concerned it is Ambeth Ocampo. He is extremely influential because he has the academic credentials but unfortunately, like GMA who also has the academic credentials, he too has no delicadeza and spend thrift when it comes to using public funds.

    Bencab after receiving his title has gone to producing a lot of commercial paintings that the rich but ignorant society matrons are buying like hot cakes to decorate their homes. He has gone for the big kill producing mediocre works in large scale canvasses make more money. He even went a step further by building his own museum and expanding his property in Baguio. That is self-aggrandizement! It is like erecting his own monument! My goodness is there delicadeza in that? No self-respecting TRUE artist will do that.

    Bencab's output (yes output not artistic work because his works now are like factory made),
    before the paint is completely dry, are flown to HK to be peddeled at Christies auction house. That is how commercial he has become. He has used the National Artist title as a franchise to print money and there are enough gullible people who would buy his paintings not knowing that someday, when all is said and done, those
    works will be subjected to closer scrutiny and re-evaluation and their true value will be reassesed. If Bencab has fallen into greed, perhaps he cannot be blamed entirely. He is only acting on the demand by greedy buyers who think that they are investing on something. Bencab use to be a painter/artist but has now become a brand,
    an expensive commercial brand.

    If for this and only this, the title of National Artists particularly to visual arts should be given posthumously so there will be little controversy and the artist concerned will not use the title for commerce.

    With the Bencab Museum the former artist now turned businessman will certainly impress a lot of people who knows nothing about the business of art. Bencab's career as an artist is sadly now over because of that premature title. That title has killed the true spirit of art. Bencab is now concerned about the tangibles rather than the intangibles; the business of art, more than art itself.

    Of course Bencab will not admit this but he cannot fool everyone with his personal charm.
    Aug 02 2009 @ 02:25pm     Reply  
  • batang_kalye

    AGREE ako kay an2netluv, di kasi dumaan sa tamang proseso ang pag award kay CJC.

    at isa pa, si bencab ay nanggaling sa baba, naranasan nya rin ang magsimula sa maliliit na trabaho bago sya naging tanyag na artist. mukha lang siyang anak mayaman pero laking tondo yan.
    Aug 02 2009 @ 09:19am     Reply  
  • punkskaprincess
    "Now everybody can be a National Artist. They keep adding categories: Landscape Art, Fashion Design, what’s next, hairdressers? They should stick to the seven arts: Music, Dance, Theater, Visual Arts, Literature, Film and Broadcast Arts, and Architecture and Allied Arts."

    wala namang masama ituring ang ibang medium bilang sining dahil ito rin naman ay may disiplina at pinag-uukulan ng karampatang malikhain na pag-iisip. lumalakawak ang mga materyales at teknolohiya... bakit kailangan ikahon habangbuhay sa pito lamang?
    Aug 02 2009 @ 05:14am     Reply  
  • jann
    I know na hindi ko po talaga naabutan ang mga nagawa ni Carlo J. noon but I used to be with the Philippines legendary artists or the "veterans" nga kung tawagin and I learned so much not-so-good things about him (Carlo J.). I know hindi po yun ang basehan but qualification wise sana ang pinasok nila na qualified are people like Coching, Alfredo Alcala or Redondo kung comics lang naman ang pag-uusapan. Nothing personal, just sharing my sentiments. God bless.
    Aug 01 2009 @ 07:19pm     Reply  
  • Marne Kilates
    There is a law creating the national artist. It's called Proclamation No. 1001, dated April 27, 1972, by Marcos. There is a process of nominating the national artist, formulated by the NCCA to implement the national artist law (only recently and after the fact). Go to the NCCA site. But because of this law, there will always be a president who will name a national artist without that artist undergoing the nomination process. That is easy to understand. Change the law, guys, work for it.
    Aug 01 2009 @ 02:50pm     Reply  
  • usagi
    CJC! .............huh???!!!
    Aug 01 2009 @ 02:21pm     Reply  
  • The Snyde One
    I meant "degenerates."

    Aug 01 2009 @ 01:01pm     Reply  
  • The Snyde One
    And yes, before this generates into a debate on personalities, you'd like that won't you?

    I reiterate my points to those who claim they have all the answers:

    1. How did the mockery of the process happen? Who recommends and who approves?

    2. Prove (from the criteria) who among those named are undeserving of the title.

    3. How is there "conflict of interest" in the case of Alvarez? Define conflict of interest.

    If you hate me for my arrogance, you should loathe yourself for your inanity.
    Aug 01 2009 @ 12:03pm     Reply  
  • The Snyde One
    "I grant you there is one valid issue you’ve touched upon: should these artists be awarded because they are popular and recognizable, or because of their artistic achievements? Perhaps that is something the NCCA should make clear - both among themselves and with the administration."

    You acknowledged a point and missed it too. There should NOT be a dichotomy between "popularity" and "artistic achievements."

    Ask yourself this: for whom do you create? For whom do you sing, dance, paint, act? Do you do it for the acknowledgement of your peers? For international renown? For standards much too foreign, high-brow, and yes, nebulus, they are beyond the appreciation of your own countrymen?

    Who owns art, culture? Please do tell for I have not the answer either. I only know that if an individual, group, or any committee should claim they have a monopoly of the choice for National Artist, they are just as you say, as "arrogant" as I am, at the minimum, for they too are LIARS.
    Aug 01 2009 @ 11:55am     Reply  
  • The Snyde One
    The Snyde Two:

    How does it feel to be at the receiving end of another's arrogance? Or so you say.

    Ironically, those that claim there was a mockery of the system, do not even have the faintest idea what the system is to begin with. I suggest you lobby in Congress for the enactment of a law on the selection process and hope that the next President does not veto it. That, or run for an elective post and institute changes yourselves. Otherwise, stop invoking a system, the theories, rationale, and logic behind which is sooo alien to your feeble mind/s.

    The theory is simple that it should not be beyond the comprehension of those with MAs and PhDs in the NCCA and the CCP (LOL): the power and as the constitution would agree, the wisdom to name artists that represent the collective consciousness of a nation rests upon the ELECTED leader/s of that nation. He/she accepts recommendations but that process is simply the means and never the end of it. Neither is the "selection among peers" the totality of the process in itself.

    Like I said, unless it is your belief that either or both the NCCA and CCP is/are infallible, your criticisms are nothing more than empty howls that annoy rather than awaken.

    I never claimed I represented the general populace, I said simply that YOU DO NOT either.

    If you should complain, better back it up with facts and arguments, otherwise those that know better will simply see your powerlust to grab something you neither own or deserve.

    Can you spell h-y-p-o-c-r-i-s-y?
    Aug 01 2009 @ 11:41am     Reply  
  • Marne Kilates
    What all artists need is to work for the amendment of the national artist law which says somewhere that since it's a presidential award the president has a prerogative to have his or own choices (not nominees!). This is the basic unfairness of the law. The demanding process of nomination & selection through organizations and peer groups has only been recently instituted by NCCA. As long as the law is not amended, the presidential prerogative will always be abused. Estrada, Ramos, each had his own DNA (Dagdag National Artist), usually upon the lobbying of families and interest groups. Amending the National Artist law is the only way. And let all nominees undergo the stringent nomination and selection process, no more Dagdag National Artist, kahit isa.
    Aug 01 2009 @ 11:32am     Reply  
  • Arlegui x
    Hoy! Nakakhiya kang artist...wala kanabang galang sa mga babae. Ang kapal mo! Nasaan ang atin kulturang Pinoy na decente tayo at maragal, parang naman manyakis ang dating ng Pinoy. Nasaan yun dignidad natin. Why no make alot of pating ni Jose Rizal o mga bayani. Whats wrong with you BenCab. Who are you to destroy our identity!? Bahala ka sa Dyos!
    Aug 01 2009 @ 03:51am     Reply  
  • gobyernong pumuputik
    I agree 100%. Si Dolphy dapat kasama. Si Larry Alcala, si Malang!!!

    Pati ba naman ito, ginagawang putik ng gobyerno!
    Aug 01 2009 @ 01:45am     Reply  
  • The Snyde Two
    OMG! I just had a thought: The Snyde One, are you the sister of Pitoy Moreno???? The one who wrote that really arrogant article defending him, because you used such high sounding words?
    Aug 01 2009 @ 12:57am     Reply  
  • pennysan
    Buti pa yung komiks industry may members katulad ni JTC, may voice sila. Nasaan na ang fashion industry? Nasaan na kayo? Type ba ninyo na NAA si Pitoy Moreno? Pleeeezzz! If we don't speak up now, we have to forever hold our tongues!

    Is this the person you think should represent Philippine fashion? Hey, com on, at least Valera was more of an artist! Ano ba ang ginawa ni Pitoy Moreno, apart from promoting himself? May mga libro sya, kunyari historian sya sa mga terno. BUT WHAT DID HE CREATE THAT WAS ORIGINAL, TO MERIT A TITLE AS ARTIST????
    Aug 01 2009 @ 12:34am     Reply  
  • The Snyde Two
    Hey, Snyde One, congratulations, you deserve an award for arrogance. Your comments reek of elitist pretentiousness. No wonder everyone else seems to be ignoring them. For someone who professes to champion the masses and general public, you are obviously ill-equipped to hear what they have to say.

    I grant you there is one valid issue you've touched upon: should these artists be awarded because they are popular and recognizable, or because of their artistic achievements? Perhaps that is something the NCCA should make clear - both among themselves and with the administration.
    Jul 31 2009 @ 11:59pm     Reply  
  • tulume
    Nagulat pa kayo, eh PGMA lickbooters yan.

    and what about Tita Manoling Morato?

    Culprit yan....
    Jul 31 2009 @ 11:57pm     Reply  
  • tip
    Oo nga...hahaha. Pero seriously, yng mga cultural institutions sa london at ny, recognized na ang fashion as one of the arts. sa singapore din, madalas mag exhibit ng fashion sa mga museo nila. tayo lang ang medyo late sa trend na yan. kaya lang, dapat fashion is taken seriously. kung kasali yan sa national artist, dapat serious ang deliberation. si pitoy, famous lang. pero may ibang candidato na mas magaling sa kanya, hindi lang kasing ingay nya.
    Jul 31 2009 @ 11:49pm     Reply  
  • Alonday
    Ang National Artist Awards ay isang ginagalang na tradisyon at hindi isang sabungan. Nakakahiya'ng matunghayan ang lantara'ng pagsalaula nito ng mga nagnanais lamang na magtayo ng kani-kanilang monumento. Hindi ang pagtanggap ng award ang isyu, kundi ang sinasagisag ng pagbibigay parangal sa mahalagang kontribusyon ng mga alagad ng sining na magiging gabay sa paglikha ng isang matibay na pundasyon ng sining kung saan ang susunod na salinlahi ay maaaring magpatuloy at mapaunlad ang pagkamalikhain.
    Jul 31 2009 @ 11:48pm     Reply  
  • igeramos
    Kaya nga may HACAP at Philippine Fashion Week para hindi na kayo maki sali sa mga gurami! hahahahahaha.
    Jul 31 2009 @ 11:28pm     Reply  
  • gabriel
    Isn't Pitoy Moreno the guy who proudly refers to himself as the "fashion czar of asia"? Gosh, there you go...that says a lot about the "artist".
    Jul 31 2009 @ 10:57pm     Reply  
  • former pinoy
    LOL! to the banana republic.. magsama sama kayo mga lok-bu! LOL!
    Jul 31 2009 @ 10:52pm     Reply  
  • Jim Paredes
    Can you imagine watching a massacre movie entitled

    'The Carlo J. Caparas National Artist Story--GOD Save Us All!?

    Can anyone verify if he is Kapampangan? Could that be why he was made a NA? With Mikey's help perhaps? Just a thought...
    Jul 31 2009 @ 10:42pm     Reply  
  • jet lam
    Actually, it's not just Carlo Caparas. None of the "additional" names have achieved those things either. It's a disgrace. Sure, Alvarez has some achievements. Sure, so does Moreno. But they are not National Artists. In fact, I'm not even sure they can be considered artists. There are others in their fields who are far more distinguished and respected.
    Jul 31 2009 @ 10:02pm     Reply  
  • Gilda Santillan
    Carlo Caparas is no National Artist. Pray, tell. What did he do to merit this award? Illustrator? Director?

    The criteria for NA is as follows:

    Artists who have helped build a Filipino sense of nationhood through the content and form of their works;

    Artists who have distinguished themselves by pioneering in a mode of creative expression or style, making an impact on succeeding generations of artists;

    Artists who have created a significant body of works and/or have consistently displayed excellence in the practice of their art form, enriching artistic expression or style; and
    Artists who enjoy broad acceptance through prestigious national and/or international recognition, awards in prestigious national and/or international events, critical acclaim and/or reviews of their works, and/or respect and esteem from peers within an artistic discipline

    Sonamagan....I don\'t think he is any of the above.
    Is there someone, anyone who can tell me HOW THE F*#% HE WON THIS AWARD.

    GMA - Talaga naman...history will not be kind to you. Mark my word!
    Jul 31 2009 @ 09:33pm     Reply  
  • JTC
    When I said "we", I meant the local komiks industry is disappointed with CJC's award. And no, he's no savior of the komiks industry.
    Jul 31 2009 @ 08:18pm     Reply  
  • sandrice
    Para walang away tanggalin na lang yang parangal na yan. Pare pareho kayo mawalan, isa pa, kahit anong parangal pa ibigay sa tao, pag namatay yan, di naman nya magagamit na credential yan papuntang langit.
    Jul 31 2009 @ 08:14pm     Reply  
  • pennysan
    yabang naman ni ben cab, hindi ba nya alam na lahat na sikat na museo sa mundo any nagpapalabas ng mga fashion at costume exhibition?

    dapat kasama ang fashion design. pero tama sya, dapat hindi isingit yung mga hindi deserving. dapat serious ang committee, at sundan yng decision nila. si pitoy moreno, hindi yan artist. hindi yan designer. magaling lang yan mag pr.
    Jul 31 2009 @ 08:08pm     Reply  
  • JTC
    We are saddened by this...Lalo na after meeting the core people behind the local komiks industry 2 years ago...

    The public know little about what's going on in the comic industry, and CJC's participation in the field.

    And we are very disappointed. Walang kinalaman ang pagiging masa o burgis sa isyung ito, dahil pantay dapat ang pagkilala sa mga dapat parangalan. Ilang ulit nang pinalagpas ang ilang dibuhistang mas karapat dapat sa parangal na iyon, pero pinalagpas dahil sa kapit ng ibang tao sa mga may kapangyarihan.

    Paano magkakaroon ngayon ng kredibilidad ang institusyon kung may bypass na nangyari? Pwede pala lakarin lahat, kahit wala masyadong nagawa para sa field kung saan siya nakilala.

    We know how empty his claims are, at marami rin siyang natapakang tao para makuha ang popularity na nakamit niya ngayon.
    Jul 31 2009 @ 07:18pm     Reply  
  • bonifacio
    ...and nobody cares! I'm sure, real artists don't care what other people think of their work. Real artists express what they feel no matter how simple, or how vulgar, or how complex the result of their moods are.

    there are only a few who are really so full of themselves who want to separate themselves, their "kind" from the rest of the normal people. They thought just because they have special skills, special talents, people should treat them differently.

    Van Gogh did not care if people called him nuts when he painted those weird painting which now cost millions. Picasso kept on porkin' women and painting even though a lot of people call him an ass.

    real artists just keep on producing works of art based on what they feel...they do it good, they do it hard, and they don't pussyfoot.

    and don't say bad words in public...

    wtf am i talking about..?
    Jul 31 2009 @ 06:32pm     Reply  
  • angel
    yes anybody can be a national artist. why put label on people and raise them from their pedestal. do you need an award to show the world you are greater than great.look how it divides people. shouldnt a hair dresser be an artist too with the likes of vidal sassoon ... a fashion designer with the likes of pitoy moreno ... anyway, the whole system sucks including the people themselves ...
    Jul 31 2009 @ 05:36pm     Reply  
  • The Snyde One
    ... the silence ...

    Throwing criticisms isn't as easy as you thought it would be huh?

    Why go ahead, call your writers. And while you're at it, you might want to come up with a stronger thesis on why you think this "sacred process" was subverted.

    In fact, if the question is procedural, why not bring it up before a court of law?

    If the issue is substantive, why not present your case why each of the four named "outside of the process" aren't deserving.

    If the case is "delicadeza," why not present proof that undue influence was actually exerted to affect the President's choice/s?

    Don't just throw around motherhood statements and expect to win public opinion. If argumentation were art, you just stumbled upon the lowest form there is.

    Jul 31 2009 @ 05:05pm     Reply  
  • The Snyde One
    Who’s complaining anyway? The intelligentsia? They who wish to preserve the so-called integrity of this process so that their ranks may not be shamefully tainted with the names of the unworthy?

    Funny, but those that scream “dictatorship” and “undue interference” acknowledge that theirs is simply the power to recommend. So who’s usurping whose powers anyway when the body constituted simply to recommend now lust to dictate upon the authority that constituted it?

    National Artist - Artists for the Nation; Not simply for one’s peers. Go around. Ask the ordinary pedestrian if he is even familiar with the names that the joint NCCA-CCP Committee (exclusively) came up with over the years.

    Arrogance is when two offices believe that they have a patent, nay, a monopoly over who should be named “the country’s finest.” Hypocrisy is believing they have a grasp of the sentiments of the Filipino, when they obviously reek of contempt for the tastes and sensibilities of the masses.


    Oh the process!

    Not to defend Gloria, but the Office of the President. Anyone elected by the people (like I said, not Gloria but the Office hahaha), serves with the mandate of the people, the nation.

    Let the artists "judge" or "choose" from their peers. Ultimately, the choice rests upon her / him who represents the nation.

    The committee recommends, the President chooses (from within or outside of the list). And unless it is anyone's claim that either or both the NCCA and the CCP is infallible, the process was clearly adhered to ... people's sore sphincters notwithstanding.
    Jul 31 2009 @ 04:39pm     Reply  
  • bonifacio

    Hindi ba kasama na sa kulturang Pilipino ang popular at pang-masang paglilibang na pagbasa ng komiks? Hinasa nito ang kakayahang magbasa ng mga mahihirap na mga komiks lang ang kayang bilhin at hindi ang mga mamamahaling libro na may malalalim at kumplikadong istorya.

    Isa rin ito sa mga paraan ng mga araw-araw na kumakayod na masa ng pagpapalipas ng oras at pagpulot ng mga piraso ng impormasyon (bukod sa paglilibang) na puwede nilang gamitin sa pang-araw-araw nilang pamumuhay.

    Malinaw na hindi mo inabutan ang mga panahong simple lang ang mga pangangailangan ng mga Pilipino at di pa masyadong kinakain ng mga makabagong teknolohiya.

    at anong mentalidad ang binabanggit mo? meron ba akong ininsultong tao? meron ba akong hinila pababa? basahin mong mabuti ang post ko.

    salamat na rin sa iyong pagpansin.
    Jul 31 2009 @ 04:28pm     Reply  
  • marcus
    wala na... binaboy na ng pulitika ang national artist award. nakakasuka!
    Jul 31 2009 @ 04:04pm     Reply  
  • bonifacio

    Kung gayon, iwasang mang-insulto o kumuwestiyon ng kakayahan ng kung sinumang isinali sa listahan ng mga dapat na gawing "national artist".

    Mas bigyan ng diin ang maling ginawa ng pangulo at hindi ang pagkukuwestiyon sa kakayahan ni Caparas sa pamamagitan ng paglalagay ng mga pangungusap na "Carlo J. Caparas won the award for visual arts because he draws comics daw. They wanted to put him in Literature because he writes scripts daw."

    Kuwestiyunin ang pagdedesisyon ni Gloria at di ang kakayahan ng isang tao, lalo na ng isang alagad ng sining, gaano man ito kababa para sa ibang tao o di lapat sa pamantayan ng mga sinasabing "kulturado" at "mas nakakaalam".
    Jul 31 2009 @ 04:01pm     Reply  
  • Rachelle
    They should have nominated Mars Ravelo; his creations are pop culture icons. Or Nonoy Marcelo, since his strips always had a socio-realist touch.

    I actually don't mind Cecile Guidote since she did form two theater groups, but the fact that she is one of the advisers makes it look bad.

    National Artist Awards has become a farce.
    Jul 31 2009 @ 03:49pm     Reply  
  • Rizalino
    nakow, pareng Bonifacio! semplang ka yata dyan. ang alam kong punto ng National Artist awards ay para maparangalan kung sino man ang may kontribusyon sa sining at kulturang Pinoy na nagpaunlad ng estado ng mga ito. hindi naman namimili kung elitistang burgis man o dating sekyu na ilustrador. ang mga "katha" ba ni CJC sa komiks at pelikula, kung marapatin mo, may ganoong kaledad?

    sa pagkaalam ko, mga pampalipas oras lang naman ng taong bayan yang mga gawa nya, at walang nagagawa para iangat ang karanasan ng Pilipino. parang panunuod lang ng wowowee o kaya'y pagtotong-its. anong dangal meron dun?

    tsaka pre, yang mentalidad na yan tigilan na. kaya di tayo umuunlad eh, palagi tayong api.
    Jul 31 2009 @ 03:46pm     Reply  
  • ignotia

    "Sa larangan naman ng pelikula, totoong hindi niya ito gamay at mas mabuting nagkokomiks na lang siya. Pero ilan ba sa mga dating security guard na naging kartunista, na naging nobelista, ang naging direktor at producer ng pelikula?"

    - Sinasabi mo bang dapat bigyan siya ng parangal dahil "Rags to Riches" ang kwento ng buhay niya? Hindi ito "Pity Award," "Rags-to Riches Award," o kung ano pa man, ito ay parangal sa Sining! Kahit isa pa siyang tambay sa Tondo dati OK lang, pero dapat naman may ipinakikitang tunay na galing sa mga gawa niya. Pero wala. Irrelevant ang sinabi mo. E kung ganoon, dapat marami nang National Artists sa Pilipinas!

    "Sa mga masyadong matataas na hindi naranasang maglunoy sa putik at makihalo sa mga latak ng lipunang nagtatrabaho, kumakayod, nagkukumahog at animo tandang na kumakahig sa lupa para lang mabuhay, hindi ninyo kailanman, matatanggap ang isang katulad ni Caparas na galing sa hirap."

    - E si Carlos V. Francisco? Hindi ba galing sa hirap at nag-pursiging mag-aral at kumuha ng scholarship? Tapos nung kelangan niyang kumita, umalis sa unibersidad at nagtrabaho bilang commercial artist at production designer? Si Dolphy, paano siya nagsimula? Si Nora Aunor? Milyonaryo ba si Lino Brocka nung nagsimula siya? Hindi ba sila "tandang kumakahid sa lupa, kumakayod?" Pero hindi naman ikakailang ang ganda ng mga obra nila!

    Tanggapin na natin ang katotohanan: malapit lang siya kay GMA, at siya ang may pakana nito. Binay-pass pa talaga yung kumite para makasama lang.
    Jul 31 2009 @ 03:35pm     Reply  
  • an2netluv

    Ang isyu dito ay hindi kung magaling o malaki ang kontribusyon ng isang tao sa popular na kultura ng bansa kundi ang paraan ng pagkakasama niya sa kalipunan ng mga alagad ng sining.

    Maliwanag na binaypass ni GMA ang proseso at ang komite na siyang inatasang magnomina ng mga hihiranging Pambansang Alagad ng Sining.

    Lahat ng bagay ay may kaukulang proseso at tamang paraan ng paggawa. Ang isyu dito ay ang hindi paggalang ni GMA sa prosesong ito.
    Jul 31 2009 @ 03:16pm     Reply  
  • taong_grasa
    na-bypass na naman ang hari ng komedya. kelan ba natin sya bibigyan ng parangal? pag patay na ang tao?

    dapat sa mga jurado na yan, balatan ng buhay at buhusan ng asin!
    Jul 31 2009 @ 03:12pm     Reply  
  • bonifacio
    Hindi kailanman maiintindihan ng mga elitistang burgis na kinabibilangan nina BenCab at iba pang mga "national artists" ang katulad ni Carlo J. Caparas at mismong ang industriyang pinagyamanan niya na ang pangmasang komiks.

    Totoong nagdodrowing si Caparas. Matapos na maging isang sikyu sa isang publishing house, nag-aral para maging kartunista at ilustrador si Caparas. Kaya lang nang makita niya ang ganda ng paglalahad ng istorya kaysa pagguhit ng mga nobela't maiikling kuwento sa komiks, nagpasya siyang maging manunulat na lang sa komiks.

    Naiintindihan ni Caparas kung ano ang gusto ng mga mambabasang masa ng komiks, kung ano ang mga kiliti nila. Kaya nga gumawa siya ng mga istoryang simple lang, di kumplikadong kailangang mag-isip pa ng todo ang mambabasa at tinatapos niya ang bawat nobela na laging nagwawagi ang mga mahihina, inaapi at mababait na kinasimpatiyahan ng mga mambabasa.

    Sa larangan naman ng pelikula, totoong hindi niya ito gamay at mas mabuting nagkokomiks na lang siya. Pero ilan ba sa mga dating security guard na naging kartunista, na naging nobelista, ang naging direktor at producer ng pelikula?

    Sa mga masyadong matataas na hindi naranasang maglunoy sa putik at makihalo sa mga latak ng lipunang nagtatrabaho, kumakayod, nagkukumahog at animo tandang na kumakahig sa lupa para lang mabuhay, hindi ninyo kailanman, matatanggap ang isang katulad ni Caparas na galing sa hirap.

    Nasa inyo ang lahat ng "luxury", karangyaan at paraan para makihalo sa mga taong puwedeng tawagin kayong mga "magagaling" at "intelektuwal". Mga taong katulad nyo ring kailangang kamutin ang likod nyo para may mapakinabangan sa inyo.

    Kaya kung ayaw nyong tanggapin si Caparas, sa tingin ko, oks lang sa kanya yun. Mahirap pakisamahan ang mga taong katulad nyong lipos ng kaplastikan, pagkukunwari at pagmamayabang.

    At angsenador, Francisco V. Coching po, hindi Conching. Marami pang iba bukod sa kanya at kay Larry Alcala na mga dibuhista na dapat parangalan tulad nina Nestor Redondo, Alfredo Alcala at Alex Nino.
    Jul 31 2009 @ 02:25pm     Reply  
  • Huwat!!!
    CJC as a National Artist? WTF?!
    Jul 31 2009 @ 02:06pm     Reply  
  • xoxo
    I am not an artist... so my judgment might be impaired, but for some reasons, I am appalled by CJC's inclusion in the roster of National Artists. Why? What did he do to deserve such?
    Jul 31 2009 @ 01:58pm     Reply  
  • Fashion Designers Philippines
    what about us? wala ba kaming karapatan na masama sa linya ng national artist para sau bencab! It's time that we should be added to the list!
    Jul 31 2009 @ 01:44pm     Reply  
  • Nilo
    CJC?!? I won't even question his cultural relevance, but c'mon. Who's next Rey PJ Abellana? Amay Bisaya?
    Jul 31 2009 @ 01:42pm     Reply  
  • Hairdressers Pilipinas
    I (we) too have sentiments sa mga napili this year,but BUT! BenCab kapal mo! baket me problema ka sa mga Hairdressers! shame on you! kung gusto mong mag compare wag yung me natatapakan. Hag!
    Jul 31 2009 @ 01:40pm     Reply  
  • kalokohan
    Kalokohan! pati ba naman to me bahid pulitaka! shame on them, sa mga loosers naman tanggapin na, me susunod pa naman siguro pag patay na kayo. Hindi nyo lang matanggap na di kayo nasama.
    Jul 31 2009 @ 01:34pm     Reply  
  • angsenador
    kalokohan talaga ng isama si Carlo J. Caparas sa listahan ng mga National Artist...visual arts pa.

    kahit nga yung mga gawa nya sa films puro basura eh...(massacre films, anyone?!)

    tapos yung mga kartunista/ilustrador na mas mabigat naman kontribusyon ng mga likha ini-snob...paano naman sila Nonoy Marcelo at Larry Alcala...Francisco V. Conching.

    andami din nating mahuhusay na mga pintor! ...utang loob! (ehem...Mauro Malang, nakalimutan nyo na ba sya?)
    Jul 31 2009 @ 12:29pm     Reply  
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