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Charice breaks into US Billboard charts again
Published on: Mar 1, 2010 - 5:18pm

Charice Pempengco's new dance single "Pyramid" has made its way up the US Billboard Top 50 charts, surpassing even Lady Gaga's infectious "Bad Romance." Currently on its third week, the track has since climbed from #46 to #38 on Billboard's Hot Dance Club list, according to the' March 13 issue. This is the second time she has broken into the Billboard Top 50, the first time being with her previous single "Note to God" peaking at #44 in 2009. Her entry into the list was due to several downloads and pre-orders of the track and album on both and iTunes, reports PinoyGigs.

"Pyramid" has four versions: the album version featuring Iyaz and three remixes by DJs Barry Harris, Jonathan Peters, and Dave Aude.

The 17-year-old singing sensation dropped by The Buzz yesterday, February 28, to dispel rumors that have been circling her family over the past few months. PEP reported that Charice's mother, Racquel Pempengco, and her grandmother, Tess Relucio, were fighting over several issues that all eventually boiled down to Mrs. Relucio wanting a share of Charice's money. Host Boy Abunda asked her about the alleged dispute to which she responded with "Wala po talaga akong alam [I really don't know a thing about it]." She explained that, as much as possible, she wanted to stay out of the argument and just wished her grandmother the best.

Charice also cleared rumors that she had been brushing off one of her loyal supporters, falsevoice a.k.a. Dave of Bacoor. "Kahit anong mangyari sa akin, involved si falsevoice," said Charice. Falsevoice, according to The Buzz, was responsible for the many youtube videos of Charice that brought her international acclaim.

At the end of the interview, with tears in her eyes and a bejeweled microphone in hand, Charice sang an emotional rendition of Ted Ito's "Maghintay Ka Lamang" to her mother. The song was said to be the one that she and her mother would sing every time she lost a competition.

"Pyramid," Charice's US debut album will be released on May 10, in time for her 18th birthday. She's set to go back to the US to promote the album. An unofficial music video for the single will be released tomorrow, Tuesday, March 2, 2010.


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  • jhon paul
    you rule Charice.. two thumbs up.. yan ang pinoy.. keep it up
    Jun 10 2010 @ 06:35pm     Reply  
  • romy
    Hay u lady gaga.. your name means st*p*d lady for filipinos haha!! and that signifies your so.#*.so..f#*..nothing but ordinary drag queen talent so get lost u idiot!..
    Apr 27 2010 @ 10:25pm     Reply  
  • Ladygagoka
    Ung lady gagang yan kunwari di siya pilipino. \"Hay...\" Expression ng pilipino yan. Mamatay ka na k*p*l kang mapagpanggap ka. Tan g in a mo. Kahit ako dati di masyadong bilib kay charice pero ngayon na di na lang siya puro birit at nagiging current na ang mga kanta niya nagugustuhan ko na siya.
    Mar 27 2010 @ 07:27pm     Reply  
  • Shamu
    Bravo International Diva Charice (pronounced Sharishh outside the Philippines).

    Nice song!
    Mar 05 2010 @ 10:51pm     Reply  
  • Teng
    I like this song Pyramid by Charice featuring Iyaz. It is quite addicting listening to this song! Excellent!!!
    Mar 05 2010 @ 07:49am     Reply  
  • igeramos
    @LadyGaga, in our country your name means tonta, bobita. (Bwahahahaha, sheeet, pinatulan daw!) Do you know Bobita Rose? She's like you. So gaga.

    @Oprah, you better shape up. Coz, you're so fat, you're visible in Google earth.
    Mar 04 2010 @ 02:13am     Reply  
  • ria
    oo nga. sana dun muna sya sa states kasi pag dito parang wala lang sya. mas sikat naman sya dun at di ba yun naman talaga pangarap nila yung makilala sa amerika.
    Mar 02 2010 @ 07:27pm     Reply  
  • Oprah
    Charice....don't listen to these imposters.
    Mar 02 2010 @ 04:26pm     Reply  
  • LadyGaga
    Hay.....Filipinos are nothing if not melodramatic!
    Mar 02 2010 @ 01:28pm     Reply  
  • Gibbbo
    If you're outside the US you can get an US iTunes Gift Card from and download it from the iTunes Store in the US! The album should be released on iTunes tomorrow!
    Mar 02 2010 @ 10:23am     Reply  
  • Nikki
    I agree with Mr. Foster. Stay here in the US for awhile and go back in the Philippines with a BANG!!!
    Mar 02 2010 @ 10:18am     Reply  
  • Fly N Dance
    I so love this Pyramid! Please support Charice.

    You can vote and request to this sites everyday
    Mar 02 2010 @ 09:16am     Reply  
  • The Sound of Pyramid
    "Pyramid" by Charice (featuring Iyaz) sounds GREAT!!!

    Two things, however:

    1) The song sounds like something Jordin Sparks, Miley Cyrus, Jojo, etc. would sing. It doesn't have anything that hints at a distinct sound that Charice can own. Hopefully her producers can develop a "Charice sound" in the future.

    2) While the chorus is identifiable as the voice of Charice, the verses aren't. It seems like they ran her voice just slightly through autotune to add a touch of the urban sound.

    But again, I'm sooooo excited!!! Can't wait for the album.
    Mar 02 2010 @ 02:47am     Reply  
  • igeramos
    Nicely engineered. She doesn't sound like a birit princess anymore.
    Mar 02 2010 @ 01:29am     Reply  
  • David Foster
    I hope there will be no violence there similar to Jennifer Hudson's family.

    Just a piece of unsolicited advice, live in L.A., experience the international lifestyle even for one year, avoid the local media, and come back when you are already way up there. In so doing, you will talk, think, dress, and behave in a more cosmopolitan celeb way.
    Mar 01 2010 @ 11:33pm     Reply  
  • uberVU - social comments
    Social comments and analytics for this post...

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by Spotdotph: Charice breaks into the US Billboard chart for the 2nd time, dispels rumors surrounding her
    Mar 01 2010 @ 05:53pm     Reply  
  • rodskibkk
    just to add pyramid has been in the billboard chart for 3 weeks now under dance/club play chart.

    #2 break out chart (Feb 27 issue)
    #46 (Mar 6 issue)
    #38 (Mar 13 issue)
    Mar 01 2010 @ 05:34pm     Reply  
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