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What Lovi Poe has to say about the Ronald Singson issue
Published on: Aug 4, 2010 - 9:38pm

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Actress Lovi Poe, 21, finally agreed to be interviewed about the drug trafficking charges against her rumored boyfriend, Ilocos Sur Rep. Ronald Singson, 41, who is currently detained in Hong Kong after being caught with illegal drugs at the Chek Lap Kok International Airport on July 11, reports 24 Oras. Asked how she was doing, the Cinemalaya Best Actress said, "Emotions? Ah, lutang (laughs)."

Poe, who has been avoiding interviews with press people, explained why she has been maintaing a low profile. "Masyadong maselan na topic ito  I don't want to say anything about it first." She confirmed reports that she was seen crying in the dressing room during the taping of Party Pilipinas on August 1. "I was just really exhausted. You can't bring what you have onstage  I wasn't expecting people would see me crying." She added, "I'm just happy that I get to work during these times. Keeping yourself busy is the best thing to do."

Poe told Pilipino Star Ngayon that if her father, the late action star and presidential candidate Fernando Poe, Jr., was still alive, he would probably not get mad about her name being dragged into Singson's controversy.

Singson's father, Ilocos Sur Gov. Chavit Singson previously told that the younger Singson and Poe broke up on the night of Usher's concert in Manila on July 9. He added that his son went abroad because of the breakup and to see Usher perform in Macau. Though she was often seen with Singson at showbiz functions, and in the video above looking like they were travelling together, Poe denied speculations that Singson is or was her boyfriend, reports

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  • ja24
    st*p*d girl. what the hell did she saw in this addict. What a waste. why can't she choose someone without any glitch. Why did people even vote for a shameful congressman. how depressing.
    Nov 28 2010 @ 06:09pm     Reply  
  • ilikeher
    i like lovi. she seems so nice. actually so nice that she doesnt even say anything against people who try to pull her down. she earned my respect for that. and to think that she can use this issue to make her even more famous than she already is, but no. good job lovi poe. im a fan of your dad and now im your fan.
    Aug 07 2010 @ 01:09pm     Reply  
  • yeah

    This comment has been deleted in violation of's terms and conditions.

    Aug 06 2010 @ 03:22pm     Reply  
  • ako_ito
    lovi who?
    Aug 05 2010 @ 09:09pm     Reply  
  • i_m_anonymous
    Lovi is like a "dumb-blonde". tsk tsk tsk! gold digger!
    Aug 05 2010 @ 12:55pm     Reply  
  • Marj
    What Lovi has to say? Nothing...He is useless now. Keep all the expensive gifts. She lived by mooching off her bf's. Next bf please.
    Aug 05 2010 @ 08:41am     Reply  
  • chick
    "Kebs" daw.
    Aug 05 2010 @ 08:28am     Reply  
  • Controversy
    so, what has she got to say? what did she say? say what?
    Aug 05 2010 @ 03:27am     Reply  
  • Venus ano pala yung sinabi niya?
    Aug 04 2010 @ 11:14pm     Reply  
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