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Korean actress Lee Da Hae denies insulting Pinoys' English accent, apologizes
Published on: Nov 4, 2010 - 7:23am

Following a viral video of her supposedly insulting Filipinos' English accent, Korean actress Lee Da Hae apologized on Twitter "for inadvertently hurting anyone's feelings." According to, Lee acted out the way American, British and Filipino teachers spoke English in an episode of a talk show of the Korean Broadcasting System. The My Girl star repeated these lines: "Excuse me. I'm a little bit thirsty. Can I have a glass of water please?"

Lee, 26, Tweeted on November 3 that she "did not mention anything about the Philippines or the Filipino accent whilst on the TV show." She claimed to be unaware of the video's subtitles, which indicated the countries she was mimicking. The subtitles were supplemented with images of the countries' flags.

Lee Da Hae's controversial TV appearance

"As an individual who used to take English classes over the phone with a Filipino instructor, I give you my word that even the mere thought of mocking Filipinos would never cross my mind," Lee Tweeted. "I cannot tell you how much Filipino fans mean to me. I would in no way hurt or upset them."

"The TV show, where the footage was taken from, was designed to amuse its audience. My sole purpose was to entertain the viewers by coming up with lighthearted stories." She added, "I came up with a few lines where I simply tried to compare different English accents: the somewhat rigid British accent and beginners in Southeast Asia whose English tends to be a little hard-edged. No pun or ridicule was intended."

Lee stars in the currently showing GMA-7 koreanovela, East of Eden. She was part of Green Rose, which is now being adapted by ABS-CBN, according to

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  • Human

    You see the thing is, if you watch the damn video you can tell with the accents she does for every one of the "type" of people, it sounds a bit satirical...YET she does not say it to make fun of anyone you idiots you want to grasp onto that...The playfulness she displays is so obvious so the seriousness you guys display towards it is ridiculous. She apologized to something she didn't need to...either way you guys need to learn what HUMOUR or PARODY is. Look it up in the time you spend on hating someone. She's known for her open and fun personality so to those who are taking there time to hate her need to STFU and GTFO
    9 months ago     Reply  
  • ms lee
    robert,its not even a pilipino accent!!!!! get ur hearing aid. lol. well i think in this video koreans are making fun of us filipinos!!!!!!!!.... y not ask about korean accent instead of ours?lol this is so funny, that lady didnt even think that her fellow koreans are worst.... and she apologized tru tweeter, not niceeee, very insincere!!!!!!!!! i google her.... well im relief!!! because she is so so sooo *gly before embarking plastic surgery. hahah without plastic surgery koreans are unknown............
    May 07 2013 @ 10:46pm     Reply  
  • robert
    Camille Reyes this is just my opinion on the matter, i think we filipinos are being a little bit hypocrite on this. when our own actors/actresses esp. comedians, mocks other foreign language, we laugh with them. let's admit it, she is kinda correct on THE ACCENT matter. i'm not saying that all of Filipinos have that kind of accent, but majority of us do. Yes, we do speak English fluently, and the fact that we're being considered as the best English speaking country attest to that fact. But let's all narrow it down to the content of the video, was the purpose of the act really to insult and make fun of how we speak English? maybe. but i believe they're just trying to IMITATE the accent, not trying to insult or do harm on us. on the side note, she actually apologized after the video went viral. so let's all do us a favor, ignore it and forget about this since we all know that it's not true that we can't speak english well. We are one of the best race out there who can converse to any foreigners with the language mentioned
    Apr 23 2013 @ 04:14pm     Reply  
  • gun
    I hope your happy lee da Hae for what you did pero sana lang wag mo ulitin yan sa pag ''mimic'' ng aming accent sa masamang paraan kung ikaw kaya ang insulto namin?! sasama ba loob mo?! sana oo
    Apr 04 2013 @ 07:05pm     Reply  
  • kelvz
    st*p*d korean, despite of her lack of knowledge of how to enunciate and differentiate english-english and american-english, can depict a nation which even a primary student can play better the tongues of both accent. I think our chambermaid can even speak better english than this woman. we are number 1 in english business because we are more neutral, so excuse my dust b*tch.
    Dec 06 2012 @ 08:38am     Reply  
  • jeysan
    this is a wake up call.... alam naman nating lahat na mas astig tau kahit anung linguahe payann... hahahah kaya lng kac... maxado taung maka k pop feeling tuloy nila... superior cla..
    Dec 03 2012 @ 01:18pm     Reply  
  • pinaypie
    koreans dont know how to shave! LOL!!!! kapal buhok sa kilikili at PUUUUUUU
    Nov 28 2012 @ 06:32pm     Reply  
  • Filipina
    @hello krissy, well recently lang ang apology... kundi pa kumalat ngayon lang...
    Nov 26 2012 @ 11:21pm     Reply   Hide replies
    • luke skywalker
      @filipina ako. korek ka jan. isa pa, kapag ang biro parating ginagawa, nagiging impression. sa mga nagsasabing sobrang senstive mga pinoy, sana naisip ninyo kapag ang impression na sa english natin di maganda, damay ang ating call center, distance learning and more.
      Nov 27 2012 @ 05:47am     Reply  
  • Filipina
    Narinig ko kaya yung host nagsabi ng Philippines... Sinungaling pa pala tong korean actress na to eh...
    Nov 26 2012 @ 11:20pm     Reply   Hide replies
    • luke skywalker
      @filipina ako. oo nga. tawanan nga lahat ng tao doon, pati iyong host at audience.
      Nov 27 2012 @ 05:49am     Reply  
  • anti lee dae hee
    im so dissapointed to korean actresses that they cannot control their mouth B I T C H plz
    Nov 26 2012 @ 06:34pm     Reply   Hide replies
    • hellokrissy
      Why is your anger so "fresh"? This happened in 2010. Ngayon mo lang nalaman?
      Nov 26 2012 @ 07:46pm     Reply  
  • shaina magbanua
    you dont get the accent you know? dont you know that the americans are the one who teach us how to speak english how about korea youre just envy because almost all of you doesnt know the accent when you speak their accent you look like the crazy people that dont know what is speaking. You just knw the sentence "oh im thirsty can i have a water please" youre f*cking bad thats so easy how about saying other sentence??????
    Nov 26 2012 @ 05:23pm     Reply  
  • onceyourfan
    who do you think you are Lee Da Hae? Yes, you are entitled to your own opinion but please don't make a scene by insulting people on country once admired you on your acting capabilities. Please, read some article, we are one of the best English speaking country in the world. and for your information many of your countrymen study English here. I am so disappointed on you.
    Nov 26 2012 @ 03:58pm     Reply  
    I think, "your a little bit b*tchy, can you please get me a glass of water so that i can trow it straight to your face"
    Nov 26 2012 @ 03:42pm     Reply  
  • Ish
    Well, FYI Lee Da Hae Filipinos is one of the best English speaking country in the world. Shame on you, and even your countrymen study english here in Philippines.. So who do you think you are?!
    Nov 26 2012 @ 11:05am     Reply  
  • sairo
    Nov 26 2012 @ 10:30am     Reply  
  • sairo
    Nov 26 2012 @ 10:30am     Reply  
  • sairo
    Nov 26 2012 @ 10:29am     Reply  
  • sairo
    Nov 26 2012 @ 10:28am     Reply  
  • sairo
    Nov 26 2012 @ 10:27am     Reply  
  • sairo
    Nov 26 2012 @ 10:24am     Reply  
  • aa
    I don't really speak Korean but I do understand some phrases. The hosts clearly said to imitate Filipino English. She's lying.
    Nov 25 2012 @ 08:39am     Reply  
  • oding
    Nov 24 2012 @ 10:57am     Reply  
  • franz
    B I T C H P L E A S E
    Oct 02 2012 @ 12:14pm     Reply  
  • BadBoy
    Better Late than Never : Hmmm! How dare you!...I wonder if they have (English) call center jobs in korea? Oooops! I thought so wahaha!...
    Aug 28 2012 @ 09:59pm     Reply  
  • Jay Flores
    One more thing.. Why didn't we react so violently on this one? ===>
    Aug 25 2012 @ 02:40pm     Reply  
  • Jay Flores
    Here's what I think.. We Filipinos are offended because we are so particular with our accent that the we should speak english that should sound like an american or english person. Damn!! to cut it short we are ashamed to admit that our accent in speaking english is really funny. Now my question is.. How come the arabs, chinese, indian (which I think is alot funnier than our accent), etc. don't mind at all if they sound funny? As long they know the words and they speak the appropriate english, it's just another ordinary day..
    Aug 25 2012 @ 02:30pm     Reply  
  • Janice

    Dude, you're commenting on an article that was published two years ago. Your rage is belated. This incident has been there and done that...well, as it turns out, except you.

    Aug 20 2012 @ 09:22am     Reply  
  • Lee Fuck He
    Aug 20 2012 @ 08:22am     Reply  
  • Jayne
    Apology accepted...hindi nman lhat ng tao perfect di ba'...kaya, why not...she seems sincere in her apology,,I really ,really love her movie Green Rose, very touching story..I'm your #1 fan Ms. Lee Da Hae...
    Mar 28 2012 @ 02:55pm     Reply  
  • b
    Mar 28 2012 @ 02:51pm     Reply  
  • loncy
    Well, I still like her....she really have a very pretty face.......
    Mar 28 2012 @ 02:50pm     Reply  
  • totallosers
    wow im filipino and i thought that video was funny, you guys are pretty close minded about the filipino accent she tried to do, and saying that shes racist, filipino cmedians make fun of other races but its all in light heart, ive been reading these comments and you start to bring up racism and how we helped them during war, lighten up!!!, it almost sounds sad, you guys just wanted a reason to hate on the koreans, pathetic much!!!! wonder why filipinos are seen as over sensitive...
    Oct 05 2011 @ 03:40pm     Reply  
  • pathetic
    LOL..rnPhilippines is part of the South East Asian country.. LOLrnit doesn't make any sense that she was talking about SEA country and not the Philippines.. rnwhile Philippines is a SEA(South East Asian) as well.. lame excuse..!!rnSEA Games, right?? effing idiots!
    Jul 12 2011 @ 02:25pm     Reply  
  • glenn
    This girl thinks she is better than anybody else particularly in speaking English. She cannot even speak fluently the English language and she got the nerves on making a mockery to Filipino teachers. She really thinks that she is cute in doing it infront of the camera. What is more, according to the report, she did not mention FILIPINOS in that show. Yes, she didn't but the st*p*d host did and I know for sure she did understand the cue of the host. She is indeed playing dumb and trying to be cool in denying this malign and intentional insult to Filipinos who are far more superior than "they"(Koreans) are as far as the English language is concerned. In fact, many Koreans come to the Philippines to STUDY English here! They should be ashamed of themselves for this hideous act...
    Nov 11 2010 @ 10:59pm     Reply  
  • pinoy @ algeria
    Unfortumately, what is done is done, we are working with a korean company and we are sure about the is an insult with our fellow kababayan especially our teachers...Kakalungkot na sa pinas p sila nagaaral ng English tutorial na sana e gratitude ang nakukuha ng ating mga pasensyosong guro kundi panghahamak.. rnrnTo others: Tama kau just for fun but try to think broader hindi magrereact ang mga tunay na Pinoy kung hindi sila nasaktan....rnPinoy sila sa puso at isipan...rnrnanong silbi ng sorry if the damage is done....rnrnTaas MO! Filipino ang lahi ko!rn
    Nov 11 2010 @ 07:49pm     Reply  
  • eric david
    sana na wag na nating panuorin ang koren novela..iPAG BAWALA NA SA MGA TV STATION SA PILIPINAS..
    Nov 11 2010 @ 07:15pm     Reply  
  • emptynest
    grabe yan koreana na yan nakapgaral lang ngkonti english ang angasna!!! kapal ng muka !!!! yun lang naman alam nya salita if i know hahaha
    Nov 11 2010 @ 11:29am     Reply  
  • kssone
    It would have been better if she apologized instead of denying it.
    Nov 11 2010 @ 10:33am     Reply  
  • angel
    very well explain naman! pero like us Filipino mga commediannes as well.. nanggagaya rin ng mga dialects etc.. i guess it was intended for fun... na highlight lang.. as we all know naman na sabi nga nya eh natututo sya ng english thru Filipino diba.. guess black campaign for her..
    Nov 10 2010 @ 10:52pm     Reply  
  • callcenterfreak
    yeah. i agree with Anonymous. That st*p*d male host (without glass) clearly mentioned "Philippine accent" and she was delighted to mimic it. she should be responsible enough to be aware of how insulting this can be. rnrn@sibuyasrnthis is no longer a matter of forgiving her or not. but of being honest and admitting the fact that she knew it was the filipino accent she was trying to mimic. lastly, it might be ok to insult or joke about a person but not a nation!
    Nov 10 2010 @ 10:02pm     Reply  
  • deo tan
    so upset very disappointed. sabagay ang pinay walang buhok sa kilikili hehehehe
    Nov 10 2010 @ 07:43pm     Reply  
  • nagtatanung lang
    i haven't watched the video yet, but since i heard that the host mentioned Filipino teachers in particular, thats irritating to hear her denying that it was actually South East Asians she is talking about. its like trying to escape from a dead-end road. Ms. Lee-whoever, you know whats more insulting, when you are trying to make us believe that it was not us, when is clearly said that it was really us-Filipinos. Are we that dumb to believe you?!
    Nov 10 2010 @ 07:40pm     Reply  
  • diday
    i idolize her before because of My girl koreanovela. now, i have reasons to HATE HER :( rnrn
    Nov 10 2010 @ 07:08pm     Reply  
  • iamvbv
    wag na nating pagaksayahan ng oras ang mga bagay na hindi nman totoo..rnrnwell for me, its nothing..rni mean no big deal at all..rnrnthere are things that we must not think of..rnmas kailangan natin ukulan ng pansin ang pagpapaunlad ng ating bansa..rnrnpara naman hindi na tau paglaro-an ng ibang bansa..rnlet us prove that they are wrong!rntama?!..rnta-maaaaaaaaaa! :D
    Nov 10 2010 @ 01:00pm     Reply  
  • mx
    Mahilig kasi tayong mga Pinoy sa "Inaapi Mentality." Iyan ang napapala sa kakapanood ng mga telenovela sa T.V. Teka... subaybayan nyo na lang kaya yung "Koreana" ni Kris Bernal haha!
    Nov 10 2010 @ 02:38am     Reply  
  • fil-amstarlover
    i don't consider this as racist or anything... i actually think she did very well trying to do a filipino accent... kasi tayong pinoy, we don't notice how we speak kaya feeling natin, inaapi tayo... pero if we listen to older filipinos, you'll notice filipino's have that(almost exact) accent... :) the important thing is, we understand each other no matter how crooked the pronunciation of english language may be... rnrnif she meant to laugh AT filipinos, then let's just be nice to her, and prove to ourselves that we are smarter and much nicer than what she did...we don't have to say bad stuff about others' race... lawakan nlng natin pang unawa ntin...rnrnif she didnt mean to do that, let's just laugh WITH her... coz its just for fun... no hurt feelings pa... :) kahit ako natawa nung nagawa nya ung pinoy accent which isa true nmn... :)
    Nov 10 2010 @ 02:14am     Reply  
  • dudeski
    4rnrnWe filipinos are being very close-minded about the Korean Actress Insulting Filipino Accent thing... We Filipinos made names such as Kano, Bumbay, Beho and we get insulted by merely a remark about how we speak and not as a race, Don't we make fun of how Germans, Chinese etc. speak English too? Such Hypocrites, No wonder this country can't climb up to success...rnrn*note to everyone...Stop being OVER SENSITIVE and INSENSITIVE at the same time
    Nov 10 2010 @ 01:53am     Reply  
  • pinoypride1386
    as if koreans speak english well. rnfilipinos are not as dumb as you.rni hope this korean girl gets a persona non grata status here. we wud not like to welcome people like her in our mother land. these people su***.
    Nov 10 2010 @ 01:14am     Reply  
  • jm
    been working with koreans for 3 yrs now..they have never insulted the way i speak english because for one, they cant speak good englisheeeeeeeeeee at all. and yes, they have difficulty in pronouncing R, 'ch' and my officemate would also mimic the korean way of speaking!diff is, we dont, of course, put them on air.
    Nov 09 2010 @ 11:09pm     Reply  
  • aggoloshath
    Lee Da Hae is right..we should do better in speaking English..she is so smart and very good..rnrnwell, maybe this (click link below) is where Lee Da Hae learned how to speak English..she's question..rnrn
    Nov 09 2010 @ 06:00pm     Reply  
  • anonymous
    Ms. Lee seemed to have forgotten if it weren't for countries like the Philippines, South Korea would never have existed at all since the Philippines sent troops to aid the South Koreans...And FYI, Korean troops helped invade and occupy the Philippines during WWII and KOREANS as well as Japanese troops have committed a LOT of brutal and barbaric acts in the country....And another fact is that when most Koreans try to speak in English, they SWALLOW their words...I'd rather have the accent anytime rather than that! XD rnAnd another thing...if we Filipinos speak terrible English then why is it that a LOT of Koreans go to the Philippines to study English!?!
    Nov 09 2010 @ 04:24pm     Reply  
  • koreansucks
    Koreans are really arrogant. I'd been in a Korean institution for 6 years, and I can say about them, They are arrogant. They don't know how to recognized their flaws. Stupid race and Arrogant people.
    Nov 09 2010 @ 06:36am     Reply  
  • bobongpinoy
    mga tatanga nyo! Pinagtatanggol nyo pa mga nang-aalispusta sa atin... Mga bobo. kaya tayo di ginagalang eh, kasi inapakan na tayo, parang tayo ang malio. Mga bobo.
    Nov 09 2010 @ 06:32am     Reply  
  • ic3guy
    st*p*d actress... She should learn from me.
    Nov 09 2010 @ 06:29am     Reply  
  • bayus
    oh eh ano naman kung nainsulto tayo (oh baka nga hinde naman talaga intensyon)? ano mamamatay na ba tayo? baket ba naten kelangan pakealaman yan? pinapalabas lang naten na sensitibo tayong mga pinoy. tinatawanan natin mga prublema natin (na tingin ko ay dapat sinusolusyonan)samantalang sa joke pa na ganito tayo nagiging seryoso at pinagtutuunan ng pansin. bakit ba ganun?
    Nov 09 2010 @ 04:36am     Reply  
  • mika
    Hope she will learn her lesson on this or else she will go down the drain...used to be her fan but now, now way...threw her picture on the toilet bowl when it belong.
    Nov 08 2010 @ 10:41pm     Reply  
  • jacqui
    lol rndapat tnry nya gayahin ung accent ng mga koreano na di maintindihan mgenglish lol
    Nov 08 2010 @ 06:43pm     Reply  
  • kian
    hayzrni was so disappointed with that actress....rnlook at your people first before you say something negative and funny with other far as i know Filipinos can speak English compare with your people...rnrnrn
    Nov 08 2010 @ 01:17pm     Reply  
  • v
    Chill people...and chirp along with that song from Avenue Q...Everyone's a little bit racist sometimes.rnDoesn't mean we go around doing hate crimes. Relak lang po, talo ang pikon!rn
    Nov 08 2010 @ 08:09am     Reply  
  • indrimatix
    yan na nga lang maipagmamalaki natin pinapabayaan pa ng mga fans na ipagpatuloy niya. iyan problema sa ibang pinoy eh, basta ibang lahi napakabait nila, pero pag sa kapwa nilang pinoy ayus na ayus lang sa kanilang laitin.
    Nov 08 2010 @ 07:50am     Reply  
  • babes
    sana pumunta c lee sa pinas noh....para ulanin siya ng tamatis
    Nov 08 2010 @ 12:20am     Reply  
  • balut
    korek po nagpapatawa lang yng tao di naman nang iinsulto patawad na lang at maki tawa !!
    Nov 07 2010 @ 06:42pm     Reply  
  • sago
    Why are you affected? Meron naman talaga tayong accent. I can recognize another Filipino anywhere in the world by his/her fluent English and Filipino accent. Is that insulting? rnrnThe Americans are not insulted that they dont have have a British accent. So do australians, indians, malaysians or any other country...rnrnI am not insulted. I am proud to be Filipino. I am proud to be speaking in English with my Filipino accent.
    Nov 06 2010 @ 11:17pm     Reply  
  • hayy
    to those of you guys who don't understand how we feel, try being an english teacher (ESL) and then watch that video ... so ironic... they couldn't even speak sh*t
    Nov 06 2010 @ 09:45am     Reply  
  • ~_~
    i'm just soo... disappointed... go eat a cow xD
    Nov 06 2010 @ 09:42am     Reply  
  • karelin
    Filipinos are not dumb in English. In fact, Filipinos' English accent is the clearest accent of all kinds of English languages. I'm from Guam and we Guamanians are more dumb in English than the Filipinos, even we compare to the Tagalogs. WE understands Filipino English and American English accents. Aside from those two English accent, we cannot understands all English accents, especially the Singaporean accent. Lee Dah Hae's mimmicking English accent is actually not a Filipino accent. That Lee Da Hae English mimmicking Filipinos English is an accent of Carmen Soo's English language or maybe Singaporean. Because I analyze and investigate it. So, before you judge Lee Da Hae, investigate and analyze what is her act, clearly, not to bash her immediately without proper proof.
    Nov 06 2010 @ 09:24am     Reply  
  • joe
    She then takes back her apology after watching Kris Bernal in "Koreana" later demands apology from Filipinos.
    Nov 06 2010 @ 09:19am     Reply  
  • rachel
    @carla: nakakaloka ang Ingles mo, te! Mag-Tagalog ka na nga lang!
    Nov 06 2010 @ 08:54am     Reply  
  • tsong
    I say, let's declare war with the gooks!
    Nov 06 2010 @ 06:45am     Reply  
  • gracey
    Miss Lee Dae Hee-Listen up you fool! You're nothing but a second rate. Trying hard. Copy cat!
    Nov 06 2010 @ 03:57am     Reply  
  • daquiri
    ...some of us hate the way Lee Da Hae acted as a Filipino teacher speaking English with an accent ...but some us laugh the way Ryan Bang speaks English and Tagalog in Korean accent...
    Nov 05 2010 @ 07:58pm     Reply  
  • lj
    tagal nga nila matuto, hirap turuan. ang titigas ng dila.
    Nov 05 2010 @ 07:31pm     Reply  
  • collegegirl
    Gosh! I can't believe she just said that.. Before, she is one of the korean actresses that i really admire because she act sooo cute in "My Girl" but after this incident I don't like her anymore. I'm studying in one of the schools in manila and i can say that many koreans are studying here in the Philippines. So if she's saying that Filipino teachers are not that good why are her fellow koreans keep on studying here.. and I bet she can't speak in english that good so how dare her say that things. :|
    Nov 05 2010 @ 06:21pm     Reply  
  • fyme
    Nov 05 2010 @ 03:38pm     Reply  
  • cheena
    @rachelrnrnNot American Accent! We have a Neutral Filipino English accent, without any hint of regional accent.rnrnIt's sounds good my dear. Listen when Mel Tiangco speaks English or Yung mga nasa News on Q anchors.rnYung ang dapat tularan!
    Nov 05 2010 @ 02:05pm     Reply  
  • hehehe
    hay naku . get over it .
    Nov 05 2010 @ 01:59pm     Reply  
  • purple
    We Pinoys are quite racist ourselves. We mock accents left and right. Our slang terms for other nationalities often have derogatory connotations. We should not be overreacting to this. It's as if we constantly have a chip on the shoulder.rnrnTo be fair, a lot of school-taught English speakers in our country have the tell-tale "Pinoy English" accent. (This is not bad. So, you have an accent. Weh, ano ngayon?!) We also have a lot of English speakers in the country who have very heavy accents. Listen to the older members of our Congress and Senate. Heck, listen to Manny Pacquiao! How about Lyn from "Las Vegas Models" (do a youtube search)?! :PrnrnReally, we shouldn't be wasting our time hating Lee Da Hae. Despite regional accents we're still an English speaking nation. That's something to be proud of (plus, it's so damn convenient!).
    Nov 05 2010 @ 01:16pm     Reply  
  • kapengmabula
    @carla, ako nga, dumugo utak sa English mo eh, mga Koreano pa kaya?
    Nov 05 2010 @ 12:55pm     Reply  
  • carla
    Im stay in korea 4 years now and i can't handle to their brains,it's very hard to handle to their attitude,my all collegue call the koreans brenda,they acting like and innocent but they are really devil,they are horrible people and disgusting,it's very hard to them to understand english and even can't speak english.
    Nov 05 2010 @ 11:59am     Reply  
  • ces
    she didn't know the video subs? DUH! the host mention that she's going to mimic Filipino English and she continued!rn rnLIAR.rn
    Nov 05 2010 @ 07:16am     Reply  
  • mapanggulo
    OMG!!! You are so right mx! @panggulo: ang swangit ng name mo! Siguro grade five student ka lang na nangtitrip dito! Tawag ka na ni Kuya Brix. Bili ka daw suka.
    Nov 05 2010 @ 04:44am     Reply  
  • mx
    Sa mga gag shows, talk shows, at variety shows dito sa atin, madalas napapanood ko kung papaano din gaguhin ng mga Pinoy yung ibang lahi. Eto yung mga naaalala ko na eksena sa telebisyon:rnrn- Napanood ko dati si Joey De Leon na binibiro yung isang bagong artista (Japanese girl) sa pamamagitan ng pag-imitate ng Japanese accent nito w/ matching ridicule. Tawanan lang yung mga Pinoy na audience (as usual). Ok lang dun sa girl. Di siya nagalit. Trivia: Naulit pa eto--si Edu Manzano naman ang salarin--at same girl pa yung ginago!rnrn- Sa Bubble Gang, may segment doon na nakabihis Arabo (o kaya "Bumbay," kung gusto mo silang insultuhin) si Michael V na kung saan sigaw siya ng sigaw ng "5-6!" at "Dibidi-Dibidi!" w/ matching accent na may halong ridicule. Tapos pinapakita pa minsan na may putok ang mga Arabo. Tawanan na naman tayong mga Pinoy na nanonood (as usual). Di nagreklamo mga Arabo.rnrnKung ginawa yan ni Lee Da Hae sa isang talk show sa bansa nila, I think na wala din yan pinagkaiba sa pinaggagawa ng ilan nating kapwa Pinoy sa mga foreigners dito sa bansa natin. Ang pinagkaiba lang eh mas pikon ang mga Pinoy kesa sa kanila.
    Nov 05 2010 @ 12:49am     Reply  
  • manika
    sus! Anu bang bago? kaya lang din naman tayo naiinsulto ng taga ibang bansa dahil din sa pinag gagawa natin .. bakit? tayo din naman? kung makapanglait din sa ibang lahi kala mo mga perpekto.. masyado nating pinupuna yung mga masasamang bagay na nasasabi ng ibang lahi sa atin, pero tayo? hindi ba natin naiisip na kapag tayo nang iinsulto sa ibang lahi? hindi ba sila nasasaktan? kaya hindi umaangat ang bansa ntin eh! yan din napapala nating mga pilipino sa kagagaya. maging open minded naman sana tayo.
    Nov 04 2010 @ 11:54pm     Reply  
  • rachel
    @cheena, wait a minute. do you mean that in the name of "improvement", we are going to teach our children to speak in a British/Kano accent? Our accent is fine as it is! It what sets us apart from other nationalities. What we should improve on is how Math and Science is taught in our schools. All we are doing right now is teaching our kids to be call centre agents with faux Midwestern accents. What we need are more scientists, inventors, engineers! rnO sya, good night na.
    Nov 04 2010 @ 11:53pm     Reply  
  • panggulo
    bwahahah..gusto lang tlaga natin ng away ehhh,,anu beehhhh
    Nov 04 2010 @ 11:45pm     Reply  
  • barok
    oh! hate it.. i am not against to those Koreans out there. but for the record. I agree with sorok.
    Nov 04 2010 @ 11:39pm     Reply  
  • cheena
    We should see this as a challenge for us to make ourselves better.rnrnInstead of wasting our energy being angry to this incident, we should just spend our time on how to make the quality of the English education in the Philippines like that of that past.rnrnRemember, maganda talaga ang dila ng Pinoy. Tayo lang ata ang magaling manggaya ng accent sa Asia dahil halos lahat ng "prominent" languages, naimpluwensiyahan ang ating wika.rn
    Nov 04 2010 @ 10:41pm     Reply  
  • xjordix
    People in the Philippines are making such a big deal over such a trifle and petty incident. So she chose to make fun of Filipino ESL instructors or the Filipino accent whilst speaking what! Big deal. A person's accent has always been a staple of a comedian's trade. The Chinese Indians, Scotts, Irish, German, Swedes Spaniards, Mexicans or even Americans themselves from the southern part of that country don't react adversely whenever people poke fun of how they speak! The problem with Filipinos, we love to ridicule other nationalities when they speak English, but when the joke hits a little to close to home we feel so severely wounded. Let's all grow up and take this incident witrh a grain of salt and put it to rest.
    Nov 04 2010 @ 10:33pm     Reply  
  • joe
    f*& u lee da haernit's Philippines! not Pilipin rnit's F and not P, u idiot!!rnarrogant!!
    Nov 04 2010 @ 10:30pm     Reply  
  • race east
    Big deal ba 'to? E pinagtatawanan din naman natin ang English accent ng ibang nationalities e. Pati kapwa natin Pilipino na galing sa probinsiya. Hehe
    Nov 04 2010 @ 09:25pm     Reply  
  • pen pen de sarapen
    At least she did not learn our english accents with a visayan accent and ilocano accent hahaha. c'mo guys look at the bright side of it. At least we're known to the world that we have good english and that we can teach it.
    Nov 04 2010 @ 08:58pm     Reply  
  • chopsuey
    Bakit? Wala ba sa Southeast Asia ang Pilipinas? Ano ba! Sinabi nga ng host na Filipino teachers bago niya ginawa.
    Nov 04 2010 @ 08:05pm     Reply  
  • rkn
    I think di niya naman intended na Filipinos talaga ang patamaan. Southeast Asia naman ang sinabi. Ang dapat sisihin ay ang naglagay ng Filipino flag sa subtitle!
    Nov 04 2010 @ 08:02pm     Reply  
  • chopsuey
    Hindi naman talaga niya sinasadyang manakit ng kapwa. Gusto niya lang magpatawa. 'Di nga lang nakakatawa sa maraming Pinoy na nakabalandra dun 'yung bandila natin habang ginagawa nya yun.Kaya lang, di niya rin inamin. Sinabi ng host na Filipino teachers. Why deny? Maramdamin nga ang mga Pilipino pero marunong din tayong magpatawad at higit sa lahat, makakalimutin.
    Nov 04 2010 @ 07:30pm     Reply  
  • kit
    at least mas madaling intindihin ang "accent" ng pinoy kaysa sa mga koreans.
    Nov 04 2010 @ 07:25pm     Reply  
  • jose
    chill people. filipinos have a distinct accent, nothing wrong with pointing it out. it is rather funny.
    Nov 04 2010 @ 07:15pm     Reply  
  • acceptance
    Aminin muna natin na may "Pinoy accent" naman talaga. At anong masama doon? rnrnEwan ko ba kung bakit galit na galit ang iba dito... ano ba ang accent ninyo kapag nagsasalita kayo ng English? rnrnDaming "in denial" dito... tama si James Fallows, "damaged culture" nga talaga ang kultura natin. rn
    Nov 04 2010 @ 05:45pm     Reply  
  • hazel
    @sibuyas d aman sa pikon tau..lam mo ba na nkkaapekto ung gnwa nia dahil cnbi ng host Filipino sonsangneum ibig sabihin Filipino teachers..bilang isang teacher nkaapekto un samin naging mababa ung tingin samin mga teachers..
    Nov 04 2010 @ 05:38pm     Reply  
  • mr panda
    i agree with you miss panda, LOVE EACH;)
    Nov 04 2010 @ 05:13pm     Reply  
  • red
    thousands and thousands of Koreans flock to the Philippines and sweat their spicy butts off for years only to get the "funny Filipino accemt"? Is this what she meant? I think this part of the show clearly made fun of the Filipinos (the teachers in particular, as what the host mentioned). This is racial mockery. Her explanation made it even worse by generalizing Southeast Asians! This apology is a sorry excuse for a showbiz crap. rnTsk tsk... next time, just keep your starlet mouth shut when you have nothing better to say.
    Nov 04 2010 @ 05:12pm     Reply  
  • miss panda
    love each all..:)
    Nov 04 2010 @ 05:10pm     Reply  
  • 95tf
    gosh... are we this shallow? i mean.. EVERYONE has an accent while speaking in english. americans, british, japanese, indians, filipinos, koreans, chinese.... the most important thing is correct grammar, and we are easily understood by other people.
    Nov 04 2010 @ 04:36pm     Reply  
  • silver spoon
    Quits lang. Kasi yung mismong pang-ga-gaya ng karamihan ng mga Pinoy sa "Korean Pop Culture" eh isang malaking insulto daw sa kanilang mga Koreans. LOL.rnrnPero sa tingin ko dito, lagot etong si Lee Da Hae kay Senator (!) Bong Revilla kung sakaling bumisita siya dito. Alam na kung bakit... (Alec Baldwin incident?) rnrn
    Nov 04 2010 @ 04:35pm     Reply  
  • peter fun
    Well, the 4th Great Ninja War begins...
    Nov 04 2010 @ 03:29pm     Reply  
  • lol
    lol mga h*ndut ang aarte niyo!
    Nov 04 2010 @ 03:14pm     Reply  
  • mr. galit
    What a terrible insult to us Filipinos who actually adored her. Imagine our Flag displayed as that two faced vile creature and her company of clapping and laughing hosts belittle our ability to speak the English language. She has issued a lame apology by denying and pointing her finger at others for her foolish actions on live TV. She has shown her true self and we must never support her by watching her fake acting anymore.
    Nov 04 2010 @ 01:54pm     Reply  
  • sibuyas
    @kalurkee & konpiks:rnSang-ayon ako sa sinabi ninyo.rnrnMasyadong pikon at balat-sibuyas tayong mga Filipino. Ginawa niya yun isa isang comedy variety show - halata naman na ginawa niya yun para magpatawa hindi para tayo'y alipustahin. rnrnOo, maaring nakakainis (para sa iba) ang ginawa niya. Pero ang mga Filipino ay hindi naman mga santo para di natin siya patawarin o kaya'y hayaan na lang ang insidenteng ito... Kahit naman tayong mga pinoy, madalas nating gayahin/magbiro sa mga kulay, punto, ugali at kilos ng mga taga-ibang bansa - mapa-radyo o telebisyon. Pero di naman sila nagagalit sa ginagawa natin; sana marunong muna tayong tumingin sa ating mga sarili bago tayo manghusga ng ibang tao.rnrnHindi naman niya ginawa yan para tayo'y alipustahin, yan lamang ay isang pilyong pagbibiro - matuto na lang sana tayong makitawa, at huwag bigyang malisya ang kanyang ginawa.rn
    Nov 04 2010 @ 01:50pm     Reply  
  • kapengmabula
    if not for most Filipinos, Koreans won't even learn English. so she better be careful.
    Nov 04 2010 @ 01:30pm     Reply  
  • silver spoon
    Galit daw ang mga "Vietnamese" sa mga "Filipinos" dahil sa ginawa ni Mai Mislang. Tapos eto naman ngayon--galit naman ang mga "Filipinos" sa mga "Koreans" dahil sa ginawa ni Lee Da Hae. What's next?
    Nov 04 2010 @ 01:23pm     Reply  
  • anonymous
    It's not about the way we take insults, rather, it's about the truth. Nobody deserves to be insulted. Forgive, we should. Insult, we shouldn't. Hindi lahat ng Pinoy tulad ng sinasabi mo. Pinoy din ako.
    Nov 04 2010 @ 11:45am     Reply  
  • anonymous
    The male host clearly mentioned Philippines; no one needs to be a Korean to understand. Now she denies insulting Filipinos, and admits to insulting the South East Asians instead? Really vague, huh? She was obviously shocked that it was being aired. Very guilty, really. Frankly, why would people make up about this? She cannot be a liar; people must be liars then?rnrnShe should admit to it - what she really did - and apologize. It will make an honest person out of her, and perhaps, she will have more fans. No, she chose to deny, so she can keep her Filipino fans. After all, fans would readily deny the truth to show their undying loyalty. Then again, of course, we may never understand what great loss she will experience if she did admit it outright, compared to whatever sham she is going through right now.
    Nov 04 2010 @ 11:34am     Reply  
  • konpiks
    @kalurkee,rnrnTama ka. If we can dish out, dapat ready rin tayo sa receiving end di va? That would be fair.rnAng hirap palagi lang tayong nang-aasar, pag tayo ang inasar, we go ballistics....NOT FAIR!
    Nov 04 2010 @ 11:21am     Reply  
  • kalurkee
    As usual, pikon talaga tayong mga Pinoy. Kung mang-asar nga tayo ng accent ng Indians, Japanese/Chinese, tapos tayo bawal asarin?
    Nov 04 2010 @ 11:13am     Reply  
  • bob
    Maganda lang yon isa, wala naman sinabi mga p------ ang mga pinoy, hehehehe
    Nov 04 2010 @ 11:11am     Reply  
  • cherry
    Mai Mislang of the Philippines and Lee Da Hae of Korea have the same trait (bastos) bad mouth.
    Nov 04 2010 @ 11:06am     Reply  
  • hrhrhr
    guys, you missed the part where the mc said, South East Asia. so she wasnt really particulary insulting about the filipinos. she wasn't even the one who edited the philippines/flag there. and cmon, chillax. as if we don't make fun of other's accents.
    Nov 04 2010 @ 10:58am     Reply  
  • miss understood
    filipinos can't even take a joke. at least she was ACTUALLY joking. here in the philippines, people joke about dark skinned people, saying that it's so nice to be white. how racist isn't that? filipinos are worse than what this actress said, they are flat out rude
    Nov 04 2010 @ 10:46am     Reply  
  • jorge!/jorgedelosantosrnkorean accent is much worse.its impossible to understand .they cant even say the word "art". they PRONOUNCE IT "A-TEU".* s*cked 이대해
    Nov 04 2010 @ 10:41am     Reply  
  • rachel
    No big deal. Take a chill pill, people. The racist things we say and do are much, much worse. Exhibit A: Mai Mislang.
    Nov 04 2010 @ 10:39am     Reply  
  • jorge
    korean accent is much worse... its impossible to understand unless they write it down....they cant even say the word "art"....... they PRONOUNCE IT "A-TEU"rnthat is more like a fu@#%^ng retard u st*p*d korean girl. * s*cked 이 대 해!!!!! rn(i know this bcoz Im working in korea)
    Nov 04 2010 @ 10:36am     Reply  
  • speaking of engrrish
    How dare she?
    Nov 04 2010 @ 10:32am     Reply  
  • baby
    MS. LEE DA HAE, your not forgiven, you are a BIG LIAR.......................................
    Nov 04 2010 @ 10:31am     Reply  
  • nca
    Yes, I agree with you guys. She was very rude!rnShe can't even speak English well. How dare her!
    Nov 04 2010 @ 10:12am     Reply  
  • gelli
    Hello, the host of the show said to her "Philippines!" before she did the barok accent.
    Nov 04 2010 @ 10:10am     Reply  
  • mka
    @sorok, 100% agree with you!
    Nov 04 2010 @ 10:08am     Reply  
  • sorok
    filipinos are not dumb. we can read between the lines. it is ironical though that koreans say badly about filipinos when they have swarmed the different parts of the country to learn english. they are everywhere in the philippines. they even study in some universities here. if they find the manner of speaking english by filipinos repulsive,then,why don't they go home and learn english from a fellow korean.
    Nov 04 2010 @ 10:03am     Reply  
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