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Nonito Donaire lashes out at sportswriters on Twitter and Facebook, blames media for two-year family rift
Published on: Mar 7, 2011 - 10:27am

A day after ending a two-year rift with his father, boxing champ Nonito Donaire Jr. hit sportscaster Chino Trinidad, boxing analyst Manny Piñol, online writer Granville Ampong and the media on Twitter and Facebook, reports The Filipino Flash wrote yesterday, "Shut up n Leave my family alone... Keep talking n ull feel what Montiel felt. U won't see it, ull just feel it. Sonic Boom!!"

According to, Donaire, his wife Rachel and his father Nonito Sr. blamed the media for blowing up the dispute among the Donaires over alleged financial squabbles. In a statement, Rachel denied that Nonito Sr. supposedly stole money from them. "It was all a misunderstanding, and it didn't help that the media twisted and edited our words to... make us fight more."

She added, "To Chino Trinidad, Recah Trinidad, to Anthony Andales, and to Granville Ampong, you're not gonna destroy the Donaire family. And you better go find another tsismis to go, actually, bring any more hits to your site. Because what you did was unprofessional, it's digusting, and it's unlike a Filipino."

Shortly after Donaire lashed out on Twitter and Facebook, Trinidad Tweeted, "Funny how Mr and Mrs Donaire are so afraid of the ghost they created.If they aint stupid enough, maybe they would know that I dont even have a byline. Maybe they can blame facebook and twitter.Nonito Jr I am nt gonna fight you atop the ring. But one thing I know I will never runaway from a good fight..."

After firing verbal barbs on Twitter, Trinidad said yesterday that he is opting not to speak about the issue anymore and leave their dispute up to God.

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  • si
    Stay out of Donaire's life. Give him credit for his accomplishments in boxing. The sportswriters did not realize that they are crossing the boundaries of showbiz tabloid press. You local people are prying to much in a private life of a person. Leave him alone.
    Mar 21 2011 @ 03:29am     Reply  
  • inday
    Donaire must take account to all his actions and stop pointing fingers to other people. And the writers as well. If Donaire jr wasn't greedy enough in the first place this isn't happening now. The thing is, it is very obvious that Donaire jr is having an attitude and it is loathsome. He is acting goody-goody and boastful just because of his recent win. He thinks he can now be comparable to Pacquiao when clearly he isn't. to Donaire: ILA-ILA SA MOG HUMILITY HA? TRYING HARD RA KAAYO KA. KANA IMONG ASAWA, PAG TAGO DAGHAN KWARTA KAY IF MAPILDI GANE KA, ASA NA LANG KAHA KA PUNITON? BISAD MAGPUSTA PA TA, IBILIN RA GHAPON KA ANA PAG WALA NA KAY TANAN. PERO IMONG PAMILYA? DONG, BISAD UNSAON KA SA IMONG KINABUHI, HIGUGMAON GHAPON KA NILA. PAG-HUNA HUNA OG TARONG HA? UNDANGI NA NANG IMONG PAGKAHAMBOGERO.
    Mar 21 2011 @ 02:37am     Reply  
  • jean
    It is so pathetic that supposed sportswriters write about something that is not related to sports. And it is even more st*p*dly pathetic that these so-called writers would defend their sad excuse of a write-up by posting the same message under different names in this thread. How would you like it if your personal family troubles are dredged up for public fodder? How would you take it if nobody asks your permission regarding your private affairs? No family is perfect and there is bound to be a dirty family issue behind the Trinidads. Karma karma lang yan. Why put a stab an athlete in the back when all the athlete ever did was win a battle? Crab mentality never benefits anyone.
    Mar 12 2011 @ 03:55am     Reply  
  • mukhamo
    nonito= yabangis excellencis + rachel=nevermind = disaster. hehe. me smells abs-cbn is behind this brouhaha, in their dire attempt to make or drum up support for yabangaire. don't you get it? diane castillejo? id have the trinidads anytime of the day. are they the sid and nancy of boxing? haha
    Mar 09 2011 @ 05:14pm     Reply  
  • mukhamo
    nonito= yabangis excellencis + rachel=nevermind = disaster. hehe. me smells abs-cbn is behind this brouhaha, in their dire attempt to make or drum up support for yabangaire. don't you get it? diane castillejo? id have the trinidads anytime of the day. are they the sid and nancy of boxing? haha
    Mar 09 2011 @ 05:14pm     Reply  
  • wagmayabang
    nabub*l*l na tuloy yong tao! kakagigil na kasi to sila (nonito & rachel)! hehehe. ingat kau mga kapatid! sanay mahalin nyo pa si donaire!
    Mar 08 2011 @ 02:20pm     Reply  
  • wagmayabang
    kawawa ka naman nonito. before, u'r countrymen would like to see win in every fight or yours.. but now? i dont know if they'd be happy seeing at the top of the ring?rnrnsana inisip nyo muna sasabihin nyo "nonito & rachel" bago kau umataki.. at sana rin rachel eh suportahan mo nalang yang kabiyak mo.. nakikisawsaw pa kac.rnrnhope all of these might be a lesson to both of you "nonito & rachel". kinaiinisan na kayo ngayon. good luck to your carrier "nonito"!
    Mar 08 2011 @ 02:16pm     Reply  
  • angelbyday
    i find this couple's statements almost ridiculous, bordering on insane.rnrnrncommon sense. Just how much can one "twist the words" to create a the risk of his reputation as a credible writer. rnrnIt seems unthinkable that anyone like Recah Trinidad would create "twists" deliberately, just to publicize a story.rnrnEh bata pa lang ako, recah trinidad na yan. rnrnrnManny had been badly hurt as well, i assume, with all the tsismis and hype during the peak of the Krista thingy. But he never hit back on the media, who, did make a very big circus out of it.rnrnrnDonaire, if only for this, i'd like to see you lose a fight.
    Mar 08 2011 @ 06:19am     Reply  
  • dienonitojrdie
    Aerocephalic dumb st*p*d idiot. Nonito and rachel. Such a great pair. Match made in hell. Blaming and challenging the media? Then his pr team when issues backfired? WOW! Nice move.
    Mar 07 2011 @ 09:17pm     Reply  
  • ettol
    Donaire JrrnrnTandaan mo, once you disrespect your parents, that's the end of you. Mamalasin ka! rnrnDi na nila kailangan humingi sa iyo ng pera. Kung talagang mabuti kang anak, gayahin mo si Pacquiao, buhay donya ina. Pati mga kapatid nya tinutulungan. Pati yung tatay nya na nangaliwa, binati na niya at pinagawaan ng bahay. Pati mga kapatid niya sa ama, binibiyayaan. Kaya tignan mo si Pacman, sobra sobra tagumpay at pera.rnrnIkaw, paratangan mo ba naman ang tatay mong magnanakaw??? Assuming lang ha na talagang may kinuha tatay mong pera, look, kung di dahil sa kanya, NABUHAY KA BA?rnrnMasyado kang under jan sa asawa mong mahadera at napakasama ng ugali! Ngayun, sinisisi mo media? Gosh, sinusulat lang nila kung ano yung sinasabi mo! Abnormal itong mag-asawang ito!rnrnSomeone probably told them it is bad publicity kung inaaway nila parents, ayan, bigla kambyo. Too late a hero. Galit na sa iyo tao. Matalo ka sana!rnrn
    Mar 07 2011 @ 09:01pm     Reply  
  • saksakan ng yabang
    Mrs. Donaire initiated the truce. With cameras! Iba ka, teh! Sobrang obvious! Plastic ng mukha mo.rnrnThis couple are obviously publicity hungry. They're like vultures on a hunt for prey.rnrnNonito Jr. may have gained a title in the ring but he surely lost majority of the Filipinos' respect.
    Mar 07 2011 @ 04:36pm     Reply  
  • tsinoy
    Never blame it on the media, you two faced pr*ck!rnrnThe truth is that, the reason why you made peace with your family, is because of the negative impacts it's causing you!rnrnand that no matter how many championships you'll garner, your countrymen will never-ever accept you the way they have accpeted Pacman...rnrnPinoys would have respected you, if you had manned enough to take all the blame and truly ask for forgiveness from your parents and the rest of your family...rnrnShame on you, and now you're making it look like it was the fault of the media! That's crazy as sh*t! rnrnWe know, that all of this are just for show!rnrnFor sure, KARMA will knock you out cold without even touching you, like SONIC BOOM!!!
    Mar 07 2011 @ 03:55pm     Reply  
  • wagmayabang
    wala pa si donaire eh ang mag-amang trinidad already exist as sports writer. ni wala ngang nagreklamo noon.. dahil sa pinakitang ugali ni donaire eh tyak, babagsak sya.. dahil na rin sa asawa nyang nakikilaam!
    Mar 07 2011 @ 02:59pm     Reply  
  • arsenalily
    wooooooow yabang mo meyn!!! nalunod agad sa isang basong tubig!
    Mar 07 2011 @ 02:21pm     Reply  
  • camilo duller
    @camilo dullerrnrnano sinasabi mo na di nabalatuhan? di na kelangan ng articles para makilala kung anong klaseng tao si donaire. kung pano na lang nya tratuhin at pagsalitaan ang magulang nya malalaman mo na kung gano sha kayabang at ka-walang kwentang anak.rnrnkahit ano pa sama ng magulang mo, MAGULANG MO YUN! mas mabuti pa na wag ka na lang magsalita at worse, sa media ka pa mag dakdak!rnrnwalang isusulat ang media kung di sila nagpapa-media! at lalong walang isusulat ang media, kung di sila nagsasalita!
    Mar 07 2011 @ 01:23pm     Reply  
  • pinoy pride
    Every body, dont throw rubbish against our champion. Alam naman natin ang malaking negosyo dyan sa media!rnPlease leave Nonito and his family alone..personal nila yan at good thing they patch up everything!..It is also unfair to compare Nonito to Pacman..basta let us cheer for both of our champions at wag pansinin lahat ng mga nega! Keep focus lang champ and all the Filipinos will still look up at you. Continue your journey until you reach for you goal!!..We are proud of you!!!
    Mar 07 2011 @ 01:05pm     Reply  
  • pinsan
    magpakatotoo ka naman, wala kang papuntahan hanggang dyan ka na lang,pa reconcile ka pa, ginawa lang ng papa mo dahil mahal ka nya pero kaw plastic mo......tingnan natin kung serious ka kunin mo nga uli ang ama mo na trainer at i let go mo yung nasa kabila? dare u.........
    Mar 07 2011 @ 12:51pm     Reply  
  • camilo duller
    Haya-an na natin ang private life ng ating champion, isulat nyo nalang ang mga karangalan na binigay nya sa atin at sa bayan. tingnan nyo nalang ang sarili nyo kung wala ba kayong nata-tagong hinde maganda. puro kayo puna, paano tayo mag-pursige sa bagong pilipinas kung tayo-tayo ang nag hila-an pababa. siguro hinde kayo nabigyan o nabala-tuhan man lang kaya ganyan kayo mag-labas ng mga articles laban kay donaire. Go Champ! dito rin kami susuporta sayo. (Camilo Duller)
    Mar 07 2011 @ 12:44pm     Reply  
  • jonas
    oh boofreaking hoo, Donaire! may pa-sonic boom ka pang nalalaman, adik sa siguro sa Street Fighter bago ka nagboxing. Kung nasira si Marcos dahil kay Imelda, garantisadong si Rachel din sisira sa yo, like you haven't been doing a good job humiliating yourself. BURN! Kahit may pagkapalikero si Pacquiao, at least he's man enough to admit he's wrong - di gaya mong nagdedeklarang gusto mo maging kasing sikat niya.
    Mar 07 2011 @ 12:39pm     Reply  
  • putanginamononitodonairejr.
    Nonito Donaire Jr. you won't reach what pacman has done because he is far different from you. You are just starting and the character that you are showing is really st*p*d, do you think you'll become famous by doing that? What a shame!! You are just one asthmatic and malnourished child. go home with your wife and eat some shell.
    Mar 07 2011 @ 11:47am     Reply  
  • chai
    Yeah. Donaire Jr is pathetic. Blaming a 2 year old family feud because of the media, well, it is plain st*p*dity. Such a waste. Sayang, magaling pa naman sana sya. Si Pacman babaero pero mabait sa pamilya. Si Donaire Jr, mukha namang under pa nga sa asawa pero salbahe naman sa magulang. A lot of people admire Manny because we Filipinos value our families and utang na loob above all else. How could you admire someone like Donaire who was not only publicly rude to his parents but does not seem to have the balls to admit his mistakes? Such a sissy for a fighter.
    Mar 07 2011 @ 11:22am     Reply  
  • peeping tomas
    ...masyadong trying hard tong si Nonito at yung asawa niya to get publicity. Atata na atat maabot ang status ni totoo lang ang layu layu nila kay ugali palang at pakikitungo sa tao.
    Mar 07 2011 @ 11:06am     Reply  
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