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Pre-nup shoot at Libingan ng Mga Bayani draws flak
Published on: Jul 7, 2011 - 7:26am

( Photos of a couple who had their pre-nup shoot at the Libingan ng mga Bayani has circulated on the Internet, drawing criticism from the online community,” reports ABS-CBN News. Online users described the gesture as “tasteless” and “disrespectful.”


The couple, “Jun” and “April,” explained that the concept supposedly evoked the idea of “till death do us part.” Critics, including wedding photographer John Mateos Ong, said there was no logic behind the shoot. “Masyado siyang ironic. The place is for mourning pero kasiyahan ang nakikita mo doon (It’s too ironic. The place is for mourning),” Ong said. The photographs also featured the couple doing “wacky” poses.


Netizens, meanwhile, took to Facebook and Twitter to express their dismay at the pictorial. Fritzie Sy-Rojas on Facebook wrote: “Maganda tingnan sa larawan pero binabastos naman nila ang mga magigiting nating bayani na nahihimlay dun (The photos looked good but they disrespected the brave heroes burie there).” Twitter user @phermendoza described the shoot as “tasteless” and “disrespectful.”


The studio responsible for the shoot has since taken the photos down. According to Antoni Magana of East Digital Studio, they overlooked the sanctity of the location. Jun also texted a message of apology to ABS-CBN News: “The pictorial was never intended in any way to offend or disrespect the buried soldiers and their families. If we have offended anyone from those images, I would like to express my deepest apology. In behalf of my wife, we are really sorry,” he said.

For more on this story, log on to ABS-CBN News.

Screen cap from GMA News online.

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  • jabroni
    secondary topic here is why did the church allows the girl to marry a monkey?
    Jul 23 2011 @ 12:15pm     Reply  
  • chaz
    No sense arguing with insensible trying hard pa-deep pa-artistic fools.rnrnThe issue is simple: The Libingan ng mga Bayani is sacred place. The comical pre-nup disrupted the solemnity and reverence of that place. If they did that in their own family's gravesite, then there would be no argument here. rnrnAnd, FYI, I am not a Catholic, so the hell I care about what the Catholic church has to say about this. I am just a concerned citizen who clearly understands wrong when I see one.rnrnGot it? TROLL TROLL TROLLS :))
    Jul 14 2011 @ 01:20am     Reply  
  • christo
    Whoa! It is clear that I am for artistic freedom just like the rest. It just seems extremely hypocritical that we get riled up on MORALITY when the real issue is even more BASIC. This is no different from the uproar on the Volcano ads etc. We’re missing the whole point again. If I could wrap the historical and glorious Reichstag, what will stop me from erecting 1000 colorful umbrellas all over the Libingan to shield the dead from Chaz' ultra-violet rays? LOL LOL LOL
    Jul 12 2011 @ 01:57am     Reply  
  • bono
    @ chaz, now you know. I am not surprised, I expected it. No worries, picking your brains is the last thing in my agenda. I am glad you are losing hope. There is really no cure to your malady. Not even stem-cell research will provide a veneer of hope as your Mitsubishops' morals and ethics are as shallow as yours.
    Jul 11 2011 @ 10:55pm     Reply  
  • chaz
    bano: you are funny, really. hahaharnrnI am not surprised that you think my opinion is mediocre (if there is such a thing). My, with a brain like yours, it would be really hard to comprehend what I was trying to say. Anyway, have fun with your relatives. And oh, why don't you call those involved in this photoshoot and tell them where your family grave is, so they can do the same thing they have done in Libingan ng mga Bayani "in the spirit of artistry"? Surely, you wouldn't mind, eh? It just shows how people's morals and ethics have gone down the drain nowadays. rnrnWith people like you Mr., Bano, I am losing hope for humanity. I hope you will never be able to propagate. I just dread to think what your children will be like. :D
    Jul 11 2011 @ 10:38pm     Reply  
  • bono
    chaz should be sent to the gulag to redeem her lost senses. With that kind of mediocre opinion, this country is in serious trouble.
    Jul 10 2011 @ 05:26pm     Reply  
  • chaz
    mr. bano: Ah, so you've been all over the Philippines? Wow, look what the Internet has done to you. tsk tsk tskrnrnI have never been to those far-flung cemeteries in the Batangas or anywhere in Luzon outside Metro Manila, but in our province, that never happens. rnrnAnd following your argument, do you mean to say that just because some people do that, it means we everone can do that in a place a sacred as the Libingan ng mga Bayani? i am not in denial, just responsible. People like you who can't behave properly try to justify their actions by pointing at other people's wrongdoings. GROW UP and start being responsible and sensible. I have this feeling you and christo are either the same person or acquiantances. Are you from the studio who published these photos or relatives of the people involved? Either way, you're disgusting. Wrong is wrong, whatever reason you have for doing it.rnrnreina sentenciada: the authorities are not actually planning to file any lawsuit against the couple. They are investigating the guards in Libingan ng mga Bayani for not doing their job properly. Please read the news first before coming to your own (mis)conclusions.
    Jul 10 2011 @ 01:36pm     Reply  
  • reina sentenciada
    Si Chavit Singson namutol ng titii hindi nila makasuhan. Si Ben Abalos nagbalak mangumisyon sa China hindi nila makasuhan. Si Alfredo Lim pumalpak sa Luneta hindi nila makasuhan. Ngayon naman itong dalawang bagong kasal na nagkuhanan lang ng letrato sa libingan ng mga bayani, pinaplanong kakasuhan! ng ano? dancing on tombstones, romancing tombstones??? Ano kaya ang sinasabi ng mga bayaning nakalibing diyan.
    Jul 10 2011 @ 08:41am     Reply  
  • mr. bono
    @ chaz, maybe that only public cemeteries that you know are the North and South Manila Cemeteries if ever you set foot on them. Go to Tanauan Cemetery in Batangas. Families after families do it inside their gated mausoleums. Nobody cares. It's theirs. Go to far-flung cemeteries in the Visayas. For the sake of your beloved forefathers, wake up denial queen! If you think that browsing the internet is elementary, go read your hard-copy tabloids. Strict inspections? Yeah right, "strict" in the Philippine setting is a misnomer. Not if you have the correct family name especially in the provinces.
    Jul 10 2011 @ 05:27am     Reply  
  • chaz
    mr. bono: give me at least one cemetery here that allows gambling and playing loud music inside their premises, even not on November 1...rnrnBefore, I admit, that used to be the scenario. But now, that's strictly prohibited. That's why the inspection are so strict in those places during Nov. 1.rnrnYOU should go out of your house and stop browsing the Internet the whole day. NOT everything you read on the net is true. That's soooo elementary.
    Jul 10 2011 @ 03:53am     Reply  
  • mr. bono
    chaz, you said "Your idea of the Philippines, clearly, is so ancient. Come here on November 1, and let's see if you can find a cemetery like that anymore." Either you are blind, never went out of a crematorium, or plain dumb. Nov. 1 in the Philippines is fiesta and you know what fiesta means to most Filipinos.rn
    Jul 09 2011 @ 10:14pm     Reply  
  • christo
    @ chaz, yeah right, like you have a monopoly of taste spiced with some melodramatic nationalistic concoctions. Voila, a third-world second-rate artistic review has suddenly sprang like a mushroom. Leave them alone and let them enjoy what they see as art. Your selective judgment and skewed presentation of facts just sink you in a manhole ten times deeper than the bones of your freedom-loving forefathers.
    Jul 09 2011 @ 10:38am     Reply  
  • chaz
    christo: For you it may be hypocrisy, but honestly, I feel sad for you coz you clearly haven't felt how good it is to show love and respect for your country. Everything I said was just plain truth. When something is clearly wrong, then it is wrong. I am not a trying-hard preacher here nor a pretentious saint. I know art when I see art, and that one, has gone beyond my understanding of that word.rnrnEnjoy the Internet all day christo, and believe everything you read on it.
    Jul 08 2011 @ 11:34pm     Reply  
  • christo
    @ chaz, the hypocrisy is clearly evident! The people who complain about desecration are the same people who eat, drink, play mahjong, and sometimes have sex in the cemetery on Nov. 1. I don't have to go to the Philippines to see that. Browse all the blogs on Nov. 2.
    Jul 08 2011 @ 11:28pm     Reply  
  • chaz
    this will be my last response to you christo.rnrnYour idea of the Philippines, clearly, is so ancient. Come here on November 1, and let's see if you can find a cemetery like that anymore. rnrnI don't agree with the removal of those billboards in EDSA, but THAT is NOT the topic here. We're talking about a national cemetery for heroes here, used in a comical way for a prenup photoshoot. Still don't get it? Well, I am not surprised. rnrnFreedom has limitations. Freedom comes with responsibility. Exercising your freedom without respect for others is nothing but pure INSENSITIVITY. We have freedom, but we should be responsible enough when exercising it.
    Jul 08 2011 @ 11:15pm     Reply  
  • christo
    @ chaz, well thank you for wasting my time too but I will never stop speaking my mind. Whether in your country or another country, freedom is what your forefathers stood for. No amount of nitpicking will erase that. What's next? Tear down all the ads at EDSA that show bodies of women? Common, you know better than that. I find it more disrespectful when people eat and play loud music inside your "sacred" memorial parks on Nov. 1.
    Jul 08 2011 @ 11:05pm     Reply  
  • chaz
    christo: it is useless to try to talk to you coz your head is clearly clouded with your "artistic" ideas.rnrnRespect is given to those who deserve it. Since you're not living here in my country, you have no idea then about the historical and sentimental significance of that cemetery, so you, of all people here, have the LEAST, if not none, right to say anything about this issue. Unless of course you're one of the people behind that photoshoot, pretending to be "from another country".rnrnThe desecration is imaginary? Because there were no names written on the tombstones? Wow, congratulations for revealing to me your IQ sub-level. I will no longer waste my precious time on you.rnrn"Never try to talk sense to a fool. He won't appreciate it."rnrnrn
    Jul 08 2011 @ 10:56pm     Reply  
  • christo
    @ chaz, oh such drama! If you really want to continue what your forefathers espoused, you could have shown that through actions and not thorough blabbermouths. While your point about respect is well taken, you are pushing the envelope too far. Over and above respect is the freedom that we cherish. Respect my artistic freedom and I will respect your taste. In the first place, I did not see any name shown on the tombstone. The desecration is imaginary thought on your part. Your forefathers will be prouder of you if you don't vote for bad politicians instead of perorating on a simple pictorial. Get my drift?
    Jul 08 2011 @ 10:48pm     Reply  
  • chaz
    christo: WIDER context is sooo different from your cluttered thoughts. Do you mean to say that since some people here in my country pee on the streets, it means we don't have the right to ask for respect for our heroes? I am also disgusted with those people who pee on the streets, but i don't even dare to make an argument about that here since that is not the topic here.rnrnRespect may be universal, but only in the general sense. Respect varies from country to country. Your point of view is so narrow that you only see things from where you're coming from. Try to mingle with people from different countries and you'll understand what i mean.rnrnConratulations on your showing respect for your pets, but apparently, you can't even show respect for other nation's beliefs.rnrnIf you want to express your "artistry", then go paint the gravestone of your forefathers pink for all I care, but never ever dare do that on my forefathers'.
    Jul 08 2011 @ 10:43pm     Reply  
  • chaz
    christo: WIDER context is far different from CLUTTERED thoughts. Do you even know that I, too, am disgusted with those people who pee on the streets? But since THAT is not the issue here, I am not trying to make an argument regarding that. rnrnRespect is a RELATIVE term. Respect may look similar in general sense, but it varies from country to country. rnrnRegarding your respect for your pets, then congratulations! Clearly, you know how to respect a dog, but not people. rnrnMy opinion and thoughts are not b*llsh*t, but your attitude is. So go express your "artistic side" and paint your forefathers' tombs with graffiti for all I care, but don't you EVER dare to do that to MY FOREFATHERS' tombs.
    Jul 08 2011 @ 10:37pm     Reply  
  • christo
    @ chaz, you have to look at things in a wider context. Respect is universal. Whether it is in your country or in Timbuktu. Last time I checked, we have more respect for our pets than your pepole to your fellow countrymen. So stop that BS.
    Jul 08 2011 @ 10:24pm     Reply  
  • chaz
    christo: you said it yourself: you don't live here in my country, that's why you have no idea about our respect for the people who sacrificed their lives for our country. Yeah, people pee on the streets, but that's not the topic here. You're totally putting this whole thing out of context.rnrnJust stay in your country and never come here in the Philippines. I will never allow dignity to be trashed in the name of "art".
    Jul 08 2011 @ 10:19pm     Reply  
  • christo
    @ chaz, yeah right. I will never express my artistic freedom in your country. Even Reichstag, with all its glory, glory, and splendor, did not receive much hoolabaloo compared to the nitpicking Filipinos. I am not surprised anymore. You find more respect on the sensibilities of others when you pee on the streets!
    Jul 08 2011 @ 10:14pm     Reply  
  • chaz
    kennethcole: Your line of reasoning is so disgusting. Ano'ng sabi mo? Konti lang ang may aesthetic sense sa bansang 3rd world? So, you think you're above everyone else coz you think this photoshoot is art? Just because we have dissenting belief about what is tasteful and what is not doesn't mean we can't appreciate art. You're just a trying hard pa-deep, pa-high society and disgusting human trash.
    Jul 08 2011 @ 10:14pm     Reply  
  • chaz
    Funny how some people here try to drag different topics about respect. The issue is very clear: the place is a cemetery for people who died for this country, that's why they are given the highest honors of being buried there. I don't see any "artistic expression" in those photos, just plain insensitivity.rnrnTo the defenders of the "artistic freedom" daw: even the people behind this photoshoot have already issued an apology, which means that they, themselves, have seen the wrongness of this. So please stop rationalizing a clearly wrong action.
    Jul 08 2011 @ 10:07pm     Reply  
  • ever
    artistic? For a pre-nup pics dat u wil treasure as long as u luv each other.. I dont think dat artistic "something" in these pre-nup pics is propper.. Even if u jst wnt to tel 2 ol ur msge of being hubby & wifey til death.. Wel, til death do us part s such a sweet2x promise to each other.. But ur prenup pics r horrible to take a look at if both of u wnt some reminscing from ur b4 & aftr wedding pics isn't it? SUCH A BAD ARTISTIC TASTE!
    Jul 08 2011 @ 10:27am     Reply  
  • jetjet
    kung ninuno ko nkalibing dun sa inaapakan nila, cla isusunod kong ibabaon dun!!
    Jul 08 2011 @ 09:55am     Reply  
  • sa totoo lang
    Ganyan talaga ang mga Pinoy. Mga hypocrites! They impose their moral standards and taste on other people. Welcome to Taliban country. Yung ads nga ng Volacanoes sa Mandaluyong ay pinatanggal ni Mayor Abalos dahil malaswa daw. Eh sa totoo lang di ba mas malaswa ang ginawa ng tatay niya nang Comelec chairman siya? Eh di ba mas malaswa ang NBN-ZTN deal ni Ben?
    Jul 08 2011 @ 08:57am     Reply  
  • kenneth cole
    @ artistic freedom, united colors of benetton, and batoush, kakaunti lang talaga ang may aesthetic sense sa bansang Third World. Art appreciation is for everybody daw? I don't think so. Hahaluan nila ng respeto at dignidad sa mga patay para may melodrama ang kritisismo nila. Mabuti na lang hindi superpower ang bansang ito. Kung hindi, gyera patani pag nakita nila ang ads ng United Colors of Benetton at ads ko. Art for them is like directing Nena to wear Maria Clara and belo when attending the regular Sunday Mass. Magagalit ang mga Bishops.
    Jul 08 2011 @ 08:34am     Reply  
  • kororo
    'Di man labag sa batas, mali pa rin yung ginawa nila. Hindi lang dahil sa lugar, lalo na sa konsepto ng mga larawan. May dahilan kung bakit libingan ng mga bayani ang tawag dyan.
    Jul 08 2011 @ 07:49am     Reply  
  • batoush
    I love the simile! Comparing the love they have for each other to that of the love of the soldiers to the motherland. VERY CREATIVE.rn
    Jul 08 2011 @ 04:31am     Reply  
  • atribi
    if they wan2 use the concept of "jay contreras/sarah abad" they should've done it in an ordinary cemetery. you can see the differnce betwn the two concpt.rnrnlibingan ng mga bayani = respect. and in general, all cemeteries should be. since dead ppl - ordinary or bayani man, should entail may some respect and "peaceful abode"...rnrnalso, the admin of libingan ng mga bayani should not allow such tngs... oh well... money talks lng yan cgru... napaka pathetic --both admin and the couple!rnrnsori, but this one definetly was done in such a bad taste.... they dont " got it"... waaaanngggggrn
    Jul 08 2011 @ 04:31am     Reply  
  • reclamador
    guys the idea itself the first time palang.. is not in good shape na.. libingan ng mga bayani or heroes sa english is ibig sabihin we give them high respect right? to emphasize the saying 'till death do us apart' is a different context... puede naman sa ibang cemetery ... ang also pano pala sila napayagan makapasok duon at mag picture? or unless d alam ng admin? can we check on this one first?rnrn
    Jul 08 2011 @ 02:19am     Reply  
  • respeto daw
    @ ***, ikaw ay may respeto siguro sa patay pero wala kang respeto sa buhay. Kung di ka sang-ayon sa artistic taste ng iba, huwag sana silang bastusin.
    Jul 08 2011 @ 01:46am     Reply  
  • makapal na bulbol
    @united colors of benetton rnrnISA KANG U-LOL rnkung anu ano sinasabi mong hinayu-pak ka!!!
    Jul 07 2011 @ 11:51pm     Reply  
  • gwapo ako
    @edwardrnrna big F-UCK you to your!!rndont ever question my comments you stu-pid pencil pushing c-ocksu-cker, ur probably an *gly *ss BISAYA yourself hahaha rnna hurt ka!hahaha
    Jul 07 2011 @ 11:42pm     Reply  
  • edward
    @gwapo akornbe sensitive to our bisaya fellowmen naman. you make it sound like being bisaya means you get second rate looks and has no right to get rich.rnrn
    Jul 07 2011 @ 10:48pm     Reply  
  • united colors of benetton
    Artistic Freedom! Wala akong makitang pambababoy o di pag respeto sa eksenang ito. Respeto ba kamo? Sa kapaligiran natin may hindi pag respeto sa mga may kapansanan, sa mga kasambahay, sa mga batang ginagawang sex object, sa mga PWD, sa mga LGBT, sa mga trabahador sa construction, sa mga hayop, at sa kalikasan. Nasaan kayo habang binababoy sila?
    Jul 07 2011 @ 10:46pm     Reply  
  • gwapo ako
    !@#$% ang panget nung lalaki ang laki ng ilong,MUKHANG BISAYA na biglang yumaman kaya siguro pinatulan nung magandang babae,BASTOS ka na BOY BISAYA,ANG SWANGET MO pa hahahaharndapat ikaw ang ilibing dyan haharnrn
    Jul 07 2011 @ 10:24pm     Reply  
  • tana
    anung trip yan? diko makuha ang gusto nilang iparating?? hindi mganda ang pinalano nil AT ALL.....!!!rnrnAS IN HINDI NAKAKTUWA!!!!! ang daming trip nila.. ang daming pwedeng papiktorialan bakit jan ba.. dapat ginagalang lang lugar na yan LIBINGAN NGA NG MGA BAYANI diba??rnrntsk... maiinis ka lang eh.... HINDI MAGANDA AS IN hindi talaga.....
    Jul 07 2011 @ 07:33pm     Reply  
  • lint
    I see this as something na "nagpapaka"...rnrnNagpapaka-artistic pero sablay. Nagpapaka-rocker yun couple, hindi rin naman bagay. Obvious na gusto nila manggaya ng concept, pati na rin yun treatment/post-processing ng photos. At ang mas masama pa sa tasteless & poor photographs ay nambabastos sila. Kung gusto nila magshoot sa ganyang lugar sana di na nila ginambala yun mga krus dyan.
    Jul 07 2011 @ 06:26pm     Reply  
  • ako
    re: artistic freedomrnrnbe artistic with your own stuff/properties, not with things other people hold sacred. respeto lang po. please lang, respeto.
    Jul 07 2011 @ 04:05pm     Reply  
  • coleen_makulit21
    i saw the prenup mentioned and that of jay contreras and sarah jane abad. yes both photoshoot was done in cemetery pero yung over all concept din kasi mismo. compare nyo na lang yung dalawa.rnyung kina jay they just sit on the tombstones, smoked and lay on the ground. yun naman sa isa, they had alcohol as if nakikipagtagayan sa patay, & the guy hugged the cross na parang, basta. hindi kaaya-aya tignan. check nyo na lang yung link, ok.rnrn
    Jul 07 2011 @ 03:46pm     Reply  
  • liberal
    Filipinos complain for all the wrong reasons. I agree with artistic freedom!
    Jul 07 2011 @ 03:33pm     Reply  
  • bart
    siguro ang wedding march nila e nakahiga sila sa kabaong at tinutulak papunta sa pari.
    Jul 07 2011 @ 02:23pm     Reply  
  • danncomsci
    "mga walang hiya. malalaswa. sana may umapak at babuyin din ang libingan niyo pag namatay na kayong dalawa. "rnrn- I wouldn't mind. PATAY na nga ko eh. Duh.rnrnI agree with artistic freedom. rnrnBakit di nyo awayin ang admin ng libingan? rnrnrn
    Jul 07 2011 @ 02:04pm     Reply  
  • dork
    parang creepy lang. is it something na gusto mong ipa-frame at idisplay sa living room or bedroom nyo?rnrni saw the photos. i think they were done in bad taste.
    Jul 07 2011 @ 01:56pm     Reply  
  • duh
    me nakita na akong ganitong prenup photos of jay contreras & wife, but it was not shot at the libingan ng mga bayani, but it was also in a cemetery, pag ganun ba ok lang?
    Jul 07 2011 @ 12:33pm     Reply  
  • artistic freedom
    Nothing wrong. I am more offended when Filipinos pee on public streets or on those pink MMDA urinals.
    Jul 07 2011 @ 12:27pm     Reply  
  • ben boga
    was expecting to see at least a shot of that pre-nup here. come on spot!
    Jul 07 2011 @ 11:38am     Reply  
  • xxx
    mga walang hiya. malalaswa. sana may umapak at babuyin din ang libingan niyo pag namatay na kayong dalawa.
    Jul 07 2011 @ 09:29am     Reply  
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