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Sen. Lito Lapid is allegedly the subject of Ombudsman's probe, U.S. assets questioned reports that Senator Lito Lapid is currently the subject of the "discreet inquiry by the Office of the Ombudsman." The anti-graft agency’s "curiosity" was allegedly picqued shortly after Lapid’s wife, Marissa was "caught red-handed by U.S. authorities with some $50,000 at the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas on January 15."
Published on: Mar 30, 2012 - 3:00pm reports that Senator Lito Lapid is currently the subject of a "discreet inquiry by the Office of the Ombudsman." The anti-graft agency's "curiosity" was allegedly piqued shortly after Lapid's wife, Marissa, was "caught red-handed by U.S. authorities with some $50,000 at the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas on January 15." The report noted that Marissa is out on bond and is currently staying in a family-owned house at No. 2055 Buffalo Drive in Las Vegas.


InterAksyon also revealed: "Lapid acquired the Buffalo Drive house and another Las Vegas house in Bugler Swan Way, with a combined cost for the two assets of over $1 million; and a P25-million duplex in Baguio City the past six years. All of these are not included in the senator’s statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN) filed in April 2011, according to his close associates." The said associates were not named in the report.


However, pointed out that "neither Lapid nor any of his staff could confirm or deny having received notice of an Ombudsman inquiry, much less talk about it. They all turned down News5’s repeated requests for an interview since early February."


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  • hope
    @Glad to be Pinoy,

    ang discreet mo naman umayon sa mga sinasabi ni FILIPINA AKO. You two seem to have the same wave length in terms of opinions and intelligent suggestion. Parang sila din ni Mark at Pilipino.
    Apr 04 2012 @ 07:47pm     Reply  
  • ***usisero***
    Hay naku! marami talaga sa pilipino nawalan na ng pag asa sa bansa. Kaya marami ang umaalis ng bansa at hindi na nagbabalik, ayan tuloy nasisira ang mga pamilya. Maaari bang mag request? Bigyan nyo pa ng pag asa ang bayan natin at mahalin pa natin ito. Basahin nyo ang sinulat ni MARK, PILIPINO at FILIPINA AKO. Sila ang may positibong pag iisip na sana makatulong sa bansa.
    Apr 03 2012 @ 12:29pm     Reply   Hide replies
    • filipina ako
      This is a good request not only for Filipinos abroad but also for those who are here in the Philippines but very negative about almost everything. Thanks usisero.
      Apr 04 2012 @ 08:07pm     Reply  
  • filipina ako
    Adding to what "Mark" commented, we have to remember that it is not the government that comprise or makes the people, rather it is the people (we Filipinos) who make the government. If we are sick and tired of all these then, like everyone in is saying, we have to be intelligent in choosing who we put in power. Let us all be catalyst of change :-)
    Apr 03 2012 @ 11:36am     Reply  
  • Mark
    This must serve as a lesson for all of us to choose whoever we put in power.

    We have to remember that we are the government. We vote the people in position, so I believe we as Filipinos should think hard when election comes. We must choose intelligently. What is sad about election I admit is that there is this "dayaan" thing. But I still believe that we can choose, we must be free to.
    Apr 02 2012 @ 05:17pm     Reply   Hide replies
    • Glad to be Pinoy
      In addition to what mark, pilipino and filipina ako are saying, i am also glad and proud to be a filipino. while it is true there are corruptions and other disadvantages in the country, from my end the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.
      Apr 03 2012 @ 12:43pm     Reply  
  • Mabuting Pilipinas Ba Kamo?
    Pilipinas? Babangon? Weh...Yung nasasakdal na "may issue" sa kanyang SALN ay dedesisyunan ng isang judge na "may issue" rin sa sariling SALN.
    Apr 01 2012 @ 10:33pm     Reply  
  • dont be surprised
    Lapid will vote "guilty" in the impeachment and this probe will go away.
    Apr 01 2012 @ 05:04pm     Reply  
  • Huseng Hunyango
    Wow, hindi na OUTRAGE si Pilipino! OK lang pala sa kanya ang Corruption at Kamang-mangan at tuloy tuloy na paghihirap ng Pinas! Ibang klase din ito basta Proud Pinoy daw siya...New Breed?
    Apr 01 2012 @ 12:48am     Reply   Hide replies
    • Pilipino
      @ Huse
      kung nabasa mong mabuti ang nasulat ko, hindi ko sinabi na okay sa akin ang corruption.
      Ito ang sinabi ko: corruption is not enough reason for us to hate the country or dislike it. It is not exclusive to the Philippines, no matter where you go, what dimension or time you visit, corruption is a common thing. Iba iba lang ng level at acceptance. True may corruption dito but what I said again, uulitin ko: it is not enough reason for me or any proud Filipino to hate the country. This I did say in respond to the question of one comment, "aren't you glad you are in the PHilippines?", basahin mo nasa ibaba.

      Panagalawa, hindi tin ok sa akin ang tuloy tuloy na paghihirap ng Pilipinas. Who in his right mind will? Ang sinasabi ko I am glad to be here in the Philippines kahit may mga ganito. At kung ang tawag mo dito sa attitude na ito ay New Breed Proud Pinoy, then be it. Mas maraming naniniwala sa kakayahan ng bansa mas maganda. Enough reason to fight whatever negative things mayron sa Pilipinas. I hope you understand now.
      Apr 02 2012 @ 09:02am     Reply  
    • filipina ako
      New Breed Proud Pinoy.... sana marami pang ganito.... optimistic Filipinos, those who still believe. And I just hope it would not stop to being positive, if change is wanted,then do it one step at a time.
      Apr 03 2012 @ 11:42am     Reply  
  • haha
    yep, proud to be pinoy! mabuhay, mabuhay ang korupsyon! mabuhay ang katangahang ng Pinoy voters! (tambling, split, ngiti, ipakita ang pom-poms!)
    Mar 31 2012 @ 01:56pm     Reply  
  • Pilipino
    I am glad I am in the Philippines, and I am glad to be a Pilipino!.
    This, corruption per se, is a common knowledge. Pag nagtanong ka sa mga kababayan natin, alam nila ang ibig sabihin nito. Pero that does not and should no make us hate or even dislike our country.
    Mar 31 2012 @ 01:31pm     Reply  
  • Pedro Penduko
    Why the Outrage Folks ?
    Ito talaga gusto ng Status Quo to perpetuate themselves in Power. A majority of MANG MANG VOTERS, Rigged Media ( Attention Mahar Mangahas!) para tuloy ang Impoverishment ng Pilipinas at tuloy din ang pagyaman ng kokonti! Aren't you glad you are in the Philippines?
    Mar 31 2012 @ 01:20pm     Reply  
  • cynical balikbayan
    this is what happens when you have an uneducated electorate. this guy has been known for dipping his hands on Pampanga's quarrying indutry--but he still got elected to one of the highest posts in the land. there are times when i doubt if democracy has served as any good.
    Mar 31 2012 @ 12:35pm     Reply  
  • Kapampangan
    Grabe, if you've seen his humongous mansion in Pampanga featured by Korinah Sanchez in Rated K, there's no way in hell he could have acquired it by being an honest government official or even with his earnings as former movie actor. The former governor Father Ed Panlilio had already filed corruption cases against Lito and his son.
    Mar 31 2012 @ 06:45am     Reply  
  • Genuine
    Remember this guy was governor of Pampanga, scam-riddled during his term, allegedly dipped their hands in the quarry mess, and where the biggest jueteng operator distributes his largesse.
    Mar 31 2012 @ 01:26am     Reply  
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