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Philip Phillips wins American Idol, Jessica Sanchez fans deal with upset
The 11th season of American Idol ended with 20-year-old Phillip Phillips taking home the title. He beat 16-year-old Filipino-Mexican-American contestant Jessica Sanchez.
Published on: May 24, 2012 - 10:48am

The 11th season of American Idol ended with 20-year-old Phillip Phillips taking home the title. He beat 16-year-old Filipino-Mexican-American contestant Jessica Sanchez. The show's finale was held at the at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California on Wednesday evening, May 23 (Thursday morning, May 24, Philippine time). Phillips' win continues the men's winning streak in the talent show. The last time a female contestant won was in the show's sixth season, when Jordin Sparks took home the title.


An report noted: "Many TV critics believe Phillips sealed his victory after his performance of his first single, 'Home,' which earned the only standing ovation from judges Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, during the final performance show on Tuesday, May 22."


The report also pointed out: "However, some (TV critics) thought this was unfair for Sanchez, who was saddled with a mediocre first single, 'Change Nothing,' a pop ballad that the judges said didn’t suit the musical style of the home-schooled student."


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    Mar 19 2013 @ 06:22pm     Reply  
  • practical
    wangyeoh, original music for AI means never been released previously for buying.
    May 28 2012 @ 12:24am     Reply  
  • practical
    Just buy Jessica's itunes songs to show support to her. She has ZERO in Top 100. This is the first time that a runner-up has ZERO in Top 10. Then in Top 100, she is still ZERO. Talk means nothing. Philip is number 1 and he has 11 songs in Top 100.
    May 28 2012 @ 12:22am     Reply  
  • practical
    Bumili na lang kayo ng songs ni Jessica sa itunes.

    Si Philip sinusuportahan ng mga fans niya BOTH in song and album category.

    Sa song category, ZERO si Jessica sa Top 100.

    Si Philip, hindi lang siya ang Top 1 kundi 11 songs pa ang nasa Top 100.

    Naging history maker tuloy si Jessica na wala sa Top 10 ang songs ang runner-up.

    Tapos ZERO pa rin sa Top 100, mas lalo siyang naging history maker.

    Nakakaawa tuloy na hindi man lang siya suportahan ng mga fans niya na puro daldal lang ang ginagawa.

    Kung ikaw ang producer, maglalakas-loob ka ba na mag-gamble sa kanya kung alam mong malulugi ka na ang mga fans niya ay pang-you tube lang?

    Bumili kayo ng mga songs at album niya para naman may maglakas-loob na producer na ikontrata siya, hindi puro lang daldal.

    The America audience have spoken both in voting and itunes sales.
    May 28 2012 @ 12:20am     Reply  
  • coolahbear
    Jessica was sabotaged and Philip cheated. "Home" was not original. It has been in youtube with more than 9,000 hits when he sang it.
    May 27 2012 @ 02:47pm     Reply  
  • wangyeoh
    wtf! i really thought Philip philips' single "home" was authentic,.. check this out, f*cking american idol cheated,... and i really thought that it was philip philip arranged the song, he just copy and the only difference is the band. shit! i was cheated!.
    May 26 2012 @ 01:32pm     Reply  
  • Pedro
    I'm so happy Phillip wins... I'd listen to his music more that Jessica.. Her style is just ordinary. Unlike Phillip whose a true artist.
    May 26 2012 @ 01:03pm     Reply  
  • Felipe & Felipe mga killjoy dito, huwag na kayong manood ng mga foreign TV, dahil hindi naman tungkol sa mga Pinoy yun. Just stick to ABS-CBN,Channel 5 at GMA, dahil pang Filipino yun okay. Huwag na din kayong manood ng Geographic at History Channel dahil wala naman konekssyon sa Poverty at problema dito, okay ? Sa Tulfo Brothers na lang kayo dahil mas relevant sa atin yun Okay?
    May 25 2012 @ 12:41pm     Reply  
  • tambay sa kanto
    @maliit na pinoy, @philipfan4ever,@spotter
    I agree.
    Tanggapin na ninyo, wala namang impact sa atin ito. Hey nasa Pilipinas tayo at wala sa LA. Hayaan na natin ang mga pinoy dati na pinagpalit ang pagiging pinoy sa pagiging amerikano dun. Buhay nila iyon, hindi naman kayo yayaman dun at hindi mawawala ang kahirapan, heheh! Kung tutuusin, nawalan pa nga kayo kasi kasusunod nyo sa AI na iyan. Naubos ang oras nyo at energy, hehe para saan? wala lang. Mas natalo kayo
    May 25 2012 @ 09:50am     Reply  
  • spotter
    Hindi nyo ba narinig ang sinabi ng judges? Nag improve si Philip from the start til the finals. AT si Jessica, hindi nyo ba narinig ang mga comments sa kanya? To be a total performer which AI is all about pati fashion, choice of songs and personality kasama, hindi lang pang birit birit. Ok na iyon, American din naman sya, so, the winner is an american and the loser is an american too. Wala namang involved na pilipino. Sana nakuha nyo? Marai pang dapat pagtuunan ng pansin sa Pilipinas, for all we know hindi naman tayo kasali sa celebration nila sa america iyon tayo nandito, hahaha! kuha nyo? Huwag na kayo over acting, kasi wala naman tayong makukuha dyan except the loser was someone with little filipino blood, at hindi pinoy. Cheer up people, may China pa na problema tayo at poverty. hahaha
    May 25 2012 @ 09:31am     Reply  
  • Felipe & Felipe
    Check out the trending. For the last five years,all the champions on AI were WHITE MALES WITH GUITARS. AI should just open it to all White males with guitars to compete with each other. The rest should just audition for THE VOICE and X-FACTOR. They are just wasting their time on AI. They don't stand a chance with White Males with guitars.
    May 25 2012 @ 08:53am     Reply  
  • buy her itunes track
    si Philip nga siguro ang choice ng america kasi bentang benta ang songs niya sa itunes, si Jessica, yung THE PRAYER lang ang bumenta. :(
    May 25 2012 @ 07:45am     Reply  
  • Felipe & Felipe
    I guess White Supremacy still rules. Given the same talent a White & a Colored competing for No.1 on AI, It's too Predictable! The Colored wouldn't stand a chance. About those choice of songs? that's all BS! Attention AI Brass: Your Show has become TOO PREDICTABLE, better shape up because THe Voice & X-Factor will bury you, next season!
    May 25 2012 @ 01:19am     Reply  
  • ellegirl01
    I feel votes are rigged. I don't think I can watch the show again. It's been like this the last time I watch and hope for Ramiele season 7 to win but David cook won over David Archuleta. I thin both Davids are good too. But for Season 11, I feel Jessica had an amazing talent. She's unique. I've seen so many white guys with guitar singing. I'm upset and angry about the situation or how didn't win the title. I had read articles predicting Philip Philips winning and that prediction came true. But there was some articles and postings that probably made Jessica fans all hyped up. Sorry I'm not happy as it its on results but I'm happy about performances that Jessica Sanchez. And anyone can audition and join american idol. There's already too many whites, latina, or other people. I was thinkin a filipino american born in the states should win.. Another thing I didn't know that this week was American Idol starting on Tuesday and finale on Weds. I thought it airs on Weds and Thursday. I also think some people didn't know when American idol was on... I just think if I watch another contest show like American Idol again, I'd becareful.. the favorite i chose it's seems as if I keep losing..but I'm proud of Jessica Sanchez...
    May 25 2012 @ 12:05am     Reply  
  • raindrop
    May 24 2012 @ 10:12pm     Reply  
  • Phoenix
    I find it really sad that a talent like Jessica, whose vocal range and control surpass 99% of the singers out there, loses to Philip. Not that he isn't a talent, he's just nowhere near the same level as Jessica. I had a random thought, how would these young teen girls feel if they went out for their first job and the cute guy was chosen for the position over them? I'm not knocking the voters who chose Philip because they truly think he's more talented. It bothers me that the judges are making around $20 million a season to lead the viewers with sympathetic and better coverage on the life of a contestant that they clearly think will bring in 'Idol' the most $$$. The teens have their AT&T phones (unlimited texting) and I question the parents that let them stay up late on school nights, especially when a lot of these teenagers' posts are almost unintelligible with regard to grammar and spelling. Get some sleep and focus on your education! Also, Jessica is an AMERICAN!
    May 24 2012 @ 09:54pm     Reply   Hide replies
    • philipfan4ever
      Jessica hurt herself by limiting herself to one genre, ballads! yes she did great on those, but she is young and talented...everything she did was too old for her and she showed no spirit! Philip stayed true to himself but changed up when he needed too! the right person won. but Jessica will do great too!
      May 25 2012 @ 05:06am     Reply  
  • maliit na pinoy
    Sigurado ako, ang mga pinoy na maka Jessica Sanchez, nagagalit at sinasabi na naman na racist ang iba. Hahaha! Wake up people! kahit sino manalo dyan, America pa rin ang nagwagi pareho kasing Amerikano yan. Para namang natalo si Juan dela Cruz, gumising nga kayo, hindi sa atin iyang contest na iyan, mga tulog. Pati naman mga politiko, makikisawsaw sa isyu na ito. Masyado kayo over acting. It's not as if we lost in the olympics kasi wala naman tayong bet dyan, hehehe! naintindihan nyo ba ako?
    May 24 2012 @ 03:49pm     Reply  
  • mhela
    it so good that philip wins ..

    simula palang sia na bet ko..
    May 24 2012 @ 03:21pm     Reply  
  • ZoeNadineDonesa
    how sad.. Jessica Lost.. :(
    May 24 2012 @ 02:09pm     Reply  
  • Idol predictable
    Too many young girls vote for the "dreamy guy" or who they perceive to be dreamy..mind you this is hard to see in Philip Phillips. As a result, they pay no attention to singing or musical ability and this is why you have this streak of male winners. He will be an also ran in the long run. Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet were both far better singers out of Philips' league. I've lost interest in the show.
    May 24 2012 @ 11:56am     Reply  
  • Pepe at Pilar
    It was ok that you hoped for her to win but people of the Philippines, this is American Idol not Philippine Idol, grow up and be real. If she had won,then it will be America's pure pride. Still, even she lost, it is still America's pride because an American won who goes by the name Phillip Phillips. I am sure a lot of you will be downhearted, but cheer up. She is an american, the issue is unlike that of other pressing matters to us filipinos. Cheer up!
    May 24 2012 @ 11:47am     Reply  
  • Genuine
    What a downer! Thought she'll win..
    May 24 2012 @ 11:32am     Reply  
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