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Instant rejuvenation that’s just a phone call away.
By: Compiled by Kate Alvarez  |   Published on: Jul 27, 2010 - 10:00am

With home massage services mushrooming all over Metro Manila, everyone's need to be kneaded is just a phone call away. asked beauty editors, writers, and massage regulars which ones they have on speed dial and narrowed down the choices to the 10 most talked-about services in the city. For this test, we chose to try the standard Swedish massage. Check out this list when you want a quick session to get the kinks out of your tired bodies (listed in no particular order):

1. Spaholics
Phone Numbers: 633-5880, (0917) 531-3531
Areas serviced: Most parts of Alabang, Quezon City, San Juan, and Makati (1 p.m. to 12 midnight daily)
Price: P500/hour

The lowdown: According to the information on their website, the "Spaholics Massage" combines Swedish massage techniques with "the traditional Filipino remedy called hilot, renowned for its healing benefits." They are also known for their Hotstone Massage (P650/hour), a big favorite among Spaholics regulars, according to the receptionist.

Spaholics' bookings are done efficiently: the receptionist calls if the inquiry is sent through an SMS message, asks for the home address and confirms the appointment. The therapists, who come in Oriental-inspired mint green uniforms with their hair pulled back into neat buns or headbands, aren't chatty. They bring their own custom-built massage beds, which only takes them less than ten minutes to set up. The therapists also ask if the pressure is too much or too little. Their massage oils also come in two scents: lavender and eucalyptus.

Thumbs up for: Spaholics' extras turn the normal home massage routine into a serene experience. They bring their own CD player for mood music, pack fresh towels with them and offer ginger tea after the treatment. They even bring their own hot water in Thermoses placed inside uniform black bags.

2. Orange Home Spa
Phone Numbers: Makati, Madaluyong or Pasay: 517-5564 or (0919) 624-1181; Pasig, Quezon City or San Juan: 996-2615 or (0919) 624-1181; BF Homes, Paranaque and Alabang: 996-6257 or (0923) 930-3522.
Areas covered: Makati, Mandaluyong, Pasay, Pasig, Quezon City, San Juan, BF Homes Paranaque, and Alabang (Monday to Saturday: 2 p.m. to 12 midnight, Sunday: 1 p.m. to 12 midnight)
Price: P300/hour or P500 for 2 hours

The lowdown: The therapists, wearing outfits that make them look like nurses in scrubs, are transported to different parts of town using scooters. They also inform you, sans textspeak, if they are running a bit late. Orange Spa's therapists exert serious force and showed above average massage techniques. But be sure to choose a comfy bed, they do not bring massage beds nor towels.

Thumbs-up for: The impressive calf and back technique of Orange Spa's therapists makes up for their 15-minute tardiness during our massage test.

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  • gia
    Islands Massage Mobile& Day spa therapist are very good and efficient!! highly recommended. call them 4037008 , they are open 24/7 u can walk in and home service.
    1 month ago     Reply  
  • islands massage
    To all our Valued Clients.
    Please be advised that telephone number 377-4717 is no longer in use .While Landline number 403-7008 is currently being repaired by PLDT.For the meantime please call 509-6704 for your home service massage needs.

    Apologies for the inconvenience.
    8 months ago     Reply  
  • sid
    omg, too obvious that the other massage owners are the one commenting.Good vibes lng walang siraan.
    8 months ago     Reply  
  • mikaicute
    AL ORIENTAL Massage home service 199.00 per hour

    Thai massage
    Combination of two
    Twin massage
    Body scrub

    Get two hours massage to avail 30 minutes absulotely free!

    Call us now: 025052833 / 09158947903 / 09109340824 / 09176224920

    Makati / pasay / malate / mandaluyong
    9 months ago     Reply  
  • Jan
    Island Massage is the WORST. I tried them 3 times to give them a chance. Pinky was good. But the other 2 times? ABSOLUTELY THE WORST MASSAGE EVER. I rented a massage bed only to find out that it creaks and they didn't even bring sheets for it. The "therapist" didn't even tie her hair. So it was grazing my back the whole time. Third time, the therapist smelled like wet rags. THE WORST. I wrote a complain and didn't even get a response.
    11 months ago     Reply  
  • mariz_keh
    I feel you, Tina. Ganyan din nagyari sa akin months back…pumayag na nga ako na mag 2 hours minimum akala ko, they’ll prioritize me na, ayun they were more than an hour late sa scheduled appointment namin. When I called up para mag follow-up, nakaalis na daw. So syempre wala na ako nagawa but to patiently wait pa din..after, 30 mins, the masseuse came looking so tired. Mukhang galing pa sa service din. Kesa magalit ako, naawa na lang ako. Buti na lang, I came across this article kaya I tried this Doze Off Home Spa 09478136723, so far so good naman, Rachel is very nice..well-experienced, and hinde nila minamadali ang pag masahe unlike yung iba na parang may hinahabol. Credit to the author for creating this site.
    Aug 30 2013 @ 03:05pm     Reply  
  • Margarita
    I've tried majority of the home spas mentioned here but the one recommended by Alex really gave me the best value for my money. I've tried their signature, relaxing indeed.
    Jul 09 2013 @ 02:10am     Reply  
  • Massageholics
    Everyone has different bad experienced from a different massage companies but it doesn't mean that the fault of one staff would be the fault of everyone. Do you agree? I've heard so many stories about massage companies. As of today, they are like mushrooms that pops up everywhere in metro manila but who is the legitimate massage? who gives unique products to clients? just in case there is something happened to you or to your things who do you think has the records of their staff? come on guys for as low as Php300 what do you expect? But let me tell you something. I've been tried so many massage companies in metro manila - but the only massage that i always visit is ASIAN MASSAGE but of course with their history as the first massage home service. I remember their green onion paper with this white uniform and logo of asian massage - this concept made them changed the whole massage industry. Dont you think we need to support this company? I salute Asian Massage the way the management handled many people with good quality products. I can say that because I've been checking them from the time they started wayback 2005. Recently, when they started indian ear candle everyone follows them even their cars with stickers. All those unique ideas are coming fromt this companies. So, I SUGGEST ASIAN MASSAGE for everyone. I love checking their facebook you might want to check what are their promos there. Oh, One more thing, I saw some bad comments but after that you will some message that they are introducing their massage companies. Think! Think! Think!
    Apr 12 2013 @ 02:28pm     Reply   Hide replies
    • Massageholics
      Oh one more thing - you might be wondering why I said that their products is quality evenf or Php300 massage. Because I saw that ASIAN MASSAGE is sister company of YUMEI MISE - - supplies all kinds of spa products, cosmetics, skincare etc. - there you go.
      Apr 12 2013 @ 02:40pm     Reply  
  • Stefhanie
    try this 5052833 massage home service magagaling din sila ( marilou and jean)
    Feb 23 2013 @ 07:06pm     Reply  
  • simone
    itry nio ang AL-Oriental home service massage... i am client for a year at hindi ako nakaranas ng di maganda sa service nila... magagaling ang therapist at on time pag nag pabook ka... nag papabook ako 2 hours bago ang service... this is there number 505-28-33 09158947903-09157029635
    Feb 23 2013 @ 07:04pm     Reply  
  • Mister T
    You've been warned: Asian Massage has no business being in this business. I called at 8.10 pm, Saturday to book for a 9 pm session. The receptionist got my name, address and mobile number. 9 pm came and went, so I made a follow-up call at 9.10 pm. This time, the receptionist who picked up was clueless, asked for my address, what time I called, what time was my booking, etc... Appalling, a total waste of time!
    Jan 26 2013 @ 09:22pm     Reply   Hide replies
  • formerSuki AsianM
    Ok we just called up Phone-A-Massage mentioned by Francesca below. We tried the Pasig/Mandaluyong hotline and phone wouldnt ring. We tried the San Juan hotline (which according to the website also covers Mandaluyong) and the girl who answered said they only offer two types of massage nalang (swedish and shiatsu) and all others wala na. She told us to Makati branch also caters to Mandaluyong customers and that the branch offers reflexology and other types. So we did, but the girl who answered Makati hotline was (1) rude (2) said they dont cover Mandaluyong (despite their website saying they do and the San Juan branch saying they do) and (3) changed her response and said in a super rude manner that 2 hours minimum daw sila kung Mandaluyong. LOL. Sorry to disturb you ma'am! Kami nalang ang magsasabi ng ma'am and sorry kasi wala sa vocabulary ninyo! OK bye wag nalang :).
    Nov 12 2012 @ 04:34pm     Reply  
  • formerSuki AsianMassage
    Sad to say their service has deteriorated. The therapists regularly use their phone to text DURING the massage. This is not only bad form but not good for the customer since only one hand is being used for the massage (one side of the back or the neck or whichever body part is being kneaded when the therapist is texting), its also NOT hygeinic. We all know how dirty cellphone keypads can get, and there are tons of articles on Yahoo about how bacteria accumulate on the keypad after months and years of use, and how some can get rashes and zits on their cheeks after using their phones without cleaning the keypad/screen. Also, the person answering the text messages over the phone/hotline seems to have been changed. They used to be polite and professional, now they're unprofessional and rude. No use of ma'am, no thank you, no good afternoon, no professional courtesy of apologizing when they do something wrong. Hay sayang kayo, we still use them but ONLY when fully booked yung home service we switched to.
    Nov 12 2012 @ 03:34pm     Reply  
  • Betchay
    that's the risk with group buying promos kasi it's more of a money making scheme. You can never get elite nor quality service with the amount you paid for. Sabi nga nila..nakamura ka nga, mapapamura ka naman. That's why I'm not really keen on getting those dirt cheap promos kasi mas lamang ang sakit ng ulo.
    Nov 12 2012 @ 04:30am     Reply  
  • Blanche
    LEISURE TIME HOME SERVICE MASSAGE IS A VERY BAD MASSAGE BUSINESS! They neglect their customers, they don't give priority to their customer's reservation and they even forgot about it! Imagine, I was booking my reservation for a month and during that entire period they just keep on forgetting about it to the point that I was becoming hysterical already. I was so stressed out. The operators are avoiding me on my second call to remind them of my booking. One operator was even hanging up the phone on me! Nagkamali lang ako when I paid them in advance for 7 TWO-HR SESSIONS. They are so inefficient and all they do is to say sorry countless times. The reason why we all get a home service massage is to feel relaxed BUT IN LEISURE TIME MASSAGE, YOU WILL GET STRESSED OUT. Trust me on this, I just want to let you all know that instead of booking for this Leisure Time, try ALL OTHERS!
    Oct 08 2012 @ 09:40pm     Reply  
  • Tina
    Asian Massage sucks. Very unprofessional. They made us wait for almost 2 hours without even apologizing for their delay. Kept making excuses. They didnt even have the decency to inform us that their therapists were going to be late. We were the ones who had to call them and follow up our appointment when instead they should have taken the initiative to call us as soon as they realized they didnt have available therapists. Terrible service.
    Jul 29 2012 @ 12:45am     Reply   Hide replies
  • pepper2876
    I used to call in Sweetwater Home Spa to service me back in Antipolo, Marikina and now in QC. Of course their rates increased as my location moved further away from them which is okay. Now living in QC, they charge P400 for 2 hrs., min. of 2 hrs for home service. I take the time to schedule my home massages and always look forward to one so you can just imagine my frustration when they send over a therapist whose hands were not at it's healthiest. Meaning she couldn't apply much pressure at all when needed. But for those who do not require heavy massages then they are worth a try. They are you're basic massage service, who just brings massage oils and a sarong.

    Just a note, ask all the questions you need to ask. The receptionist isn't that articulate and get ready for exact amount, the therapists do not have any spare money to give you change if needed. Here's their mobile # 09175994398.
    Mar 11 2012 @ 09:53am     Reply  
  • Alex
    I just moved in my new crib at McKinley, Taguig and I got to try Doze Off Home Spa, found them through Facebook. The whole session itself was awesome and when the masseuse massaged my feet, I was in Heaven! They tend to get fully booked during peak hours though, so the therapist advised me to reserve early (before 10pm).
    Mar 11 2012 @ 01:54am     Reply  
  • tessa
    I’ve tried this home massage service when I slept over at my friend’s place in Fort Bonifacio. Oh boy…the girl therapist patriently kneaded every strand of my muscles as I’ve got lots of those ‘lamig’ or what they call muscle knots. Unfortunately, they only service Bonifacio Global city and adjacent areas. Kung hinde lang dyahe sa friend ko, I want to go back to her place just so I can have a rub once a I’m not so sure with the name but my friend gave me the home spa’s contact #: 77-55-909.
    Jan 23 2012 @ 01:53pm     Reply  
  • angela
    spa works pdf link not's showing a 404 error
    Aug 15 2011 @ 12:48pm     Reply  
  • gheng
    Island Spa is nice..Unfortunately, twice already that I called them and booked for a certain time and they came around 2 hours late each time. And they don't even do the courtesy of calling you to say that they will be late so instead of being relax I actually get frustrated.
    Jun 27 2011 @ 07:51pm     Reply  
  • kitten
    Don't go with Spaholics - they require minimum of 2 hours if you're in Makati but it doesn't say that in their website. Unfair!
    May 16 2011 @ 08:00pm     Reply  
  • francesca
    I think you forgot to mention the pioneer of all home service massage companies, namely, Phone-A-Massage. Ive been getting a massage from them since 6-7 years ago and i must say - their quality of service is quite impeccable. =)
    Mar 27 2011 @ 11:47am     Reply  
  • pacoy
    Safe ba parking sa Islands Massage Mobile and Day Spa? Taas kasi ng carnapping crime rate nowadays. Thanks!
    Jan 26 2011 @ 02:46pm     Reply  
  • pat
    Spaholics were late, their setup was horrible. They could not even setup the tent. We had to literally help them with the poles and tarpaulin. Their cd was even broken. They use petroleum jelly and not oil for their massages. Definitely not a serene or relaxing experience. Should have hired the other massage suppliers on this list. What a disappointment.
    Jan 18 2011 @ 04:35pm     Reply  
  • leo
    dami ng home massage services now meron Spakol! its sad coz it shouldn't be like that....
    Jan 17 2011 @ 12:12pm     Reply  
  • rhea
    thank you for the list of popular home massage services, i used to go to The Spa and Neo spa in fort weekly but thanks to all the home massage services now i don't have to drive... i tried a lot of home massage services but for the past 3yrs ive been loyal to spaholics... from my experience i never had a problem with bookings coz even if i just text them and i get confirmation right away... they may say its more expensive than the others but you get what you pay for... spa beds, relaxing music, fresh linens, room scents, hot tea after, best's all worth it! rnevery time i refer them to friends i get a txt saying thanks for recommending spaholics...
    Jan 17 2011 @ 12:09pm     Reply  
  • rhea
    thank you for the list of popular home massage services, i used to go to The Spa and Neo spa in fort weekly but thanks to all the home massage services now i don't have to drive... i tried a lot of home massage services but for the past 3yrs ive been loyal to spaholics... from my experience i never had a problem with bookings coz even if i just text them and i get confirmation right away... they may say its more expensive than the others but you get what you pay for... spa beds, relaxing music, fresh linens, room scents, hot tea after, best's all worth it! rnevery time i refer them to friends i get a txt saying thanks for recommending spaholics...
    Jan 17 2011 @ 12:07pm     Reply  
  • tiffani
    so far my experience from SPAHOLICS massage was great! most of our barkada enjoys their services, i think i attended more than 5 sparties of spaholics like bridal showers, kiddie spa party for the kids of my friends as well and when we are asked to answer the comment sheet after everyone was satistfied... Therapists are well trained and malambing pa and i remember choosing from their lavander or eucalyptus massage oil... Aside from spa parties, my parents are super addicted to spaholics hotstone massage that they come to the house almost 2x a week, even the amigas of my mom top choice is spaholics...
    Jan 14 2011 @ 06:50pm     Reply  
  • peter
    Spaholics were late, their setup was horrible. They could not even setup the tent. We had to literally help them with the poles and tarpaulin. Their cd was even broken. They use petroleum jelly and not oil for their massages. Definitely not a serene or relaxing experience. Should have hired the other massage suppliers on this list. What a disappointment.
    Dec 20 2010 @ 09:37am     Reply  
  • jio
    un mga bulag sa guadalupe magagaling din..25php lang 15 mins..san ka pa
    Nov 10 2010 @ 05:01pm     Reply  
  • ayj-thermal massager
    we can relax ourself not only in spa, but also can use a massage machine.
    Nov 09 2010 @ 11:34am     Reply  
  • janice
    Hi All,rnrnPlease be advised that Islands Massage will be retiring our old number 583-0075, and we will be replacing this number with 403-7008.thank you!!
    Oct 13 2010 @ 06:32pm     Reply  
  • maria
    UPDATE:rnSerenity 24/7 Home Service Massage & Spa...rnContact Nos. 897-2763, 890-2033, 0916-391-1035 and 0920-904-4660... portable massage beds and relaxing music cds are available upon request :) and
    Oct 08 2010 @ 02:45pm     Reply  
  • AiAi
    no matter what you guys say Islands Massage has the best sequence and therapist!
    Sep 16 2010 @ 04:14pm     Reply  
  • Tim
    I tried Islands Massage and it was not such a good experience as their therapists were overworked. They were half asleep when they were massaging us.
    Sep 13 2010 @ 11:17am     Reply  
  • josephine p. jacquez
    I like spa massage too! its good for the healthier body too! its supper natural medicine when comes to our muscle pain and no chemical reactant to our body.
    Aug 11 2010 @ 06:45pm     Reply  
  • massagaholic
    Thai Standard Home Service Massage and Spa in Quezon City for only P250!

    Swedish Massage
    Shiatsu Massage
    Combination Massage
    Thai Massage
    Foot Scrub
    Foot SPA
    Foot reflex

    First time callers get extra 15 minutes massage for free!!


    For other promos pls visit up at

    Areas Covered:
    QC, Greenhills, Ortigas, Katipunan, Libis, Cubao, Whiteplains, Tandang Sora, Tomas Morato, Timog, San Juan, Pasig, Eastwood, Mandaluyong
    Location: Quezon City
    Aug 11 2010 @ 04:12am     Reply  
  • Janice
    Islands Massage Mobile & Day Spa is located at 1766 N.Garcia St. Makati beside Dog City. You may also call at 09178866115 for inquiries.thank you
    Aug 10 2010 @ 05:29pm     Reply  
  • rayasapphira
    san banda sa makati ang island massage spa?
    Aug 10 2010 @ 03:36pm     Reply  
  • Eric
    Massage is a very subjective service. Its difficult to judge a massage provdier with just 1 try. I believe all massage service providers have very good and average therapists. My advice is shop around for 2 providers. Try 3 from each and choose your top 3. Good therapists are always in demand and may not be there when you want them. We understand that massage is an emergency. Not a medical one but a body and soul emergency. So have your choices to ensure you get what you want when you want,

    Thank you for the article. Orange home spa is taking note of everything posted and will make sure our clients get the massage and service they deserve. If you are not happy text me or email me anytime. 09209021381 or

    Have a great week everyone!
    Aug 05 2010 @ 10:38am     Reply  
  • Semi
    The writer is just rewriting descriptions. Not very helpful. They all seem alike to me, from reading this article.
    Aug 05 2010 @ 10:20am     Reply  
  • alvin
    im a regular walk in client of Islands,just want to say na they have the best rooms,malaki ung rooms nila compared to other spa na dikit dikit, kya imposibleng walng divider.laki nga ng room eh,baka they gave u the couple's room.Kung mag walk in k ng araw natural maliwanag kc ung place maaliwalas,d katulad ng ibang spa halos malaglag k n s hagdan sa dilim.
    Aug 04 2010 @ 10:29am     Reply  
  • rose
    already tried the walk-in service islands spa (lapit lang kasi sa bahay) and the massage was great. the only thing that bothered me was masyadong maliwanag, unlike other spas na super dim talaga at relaxing ang ambience. Plus walang divider yun mga massage beds nila... tsk tsk
    Aug 04 2010 @ 01:59am     Reply  
  • sassy
    Tried orange but unfortunately the one they gave me fell short of my expectations.So good luck saying they are good.
    Aug 03 2010 @ 05:14pm     Reply  
  • Christine
    I like Orange. Their therapists are well-mannered and they look very clean. That's very important! Their therapists are also trained to massage pregnant women, those who have just come from operations, even hypertensives. Hard core -- not all home spas can do that!
    Aug 03 2010 @ 03:48pm     Reply  
  • paching
    Thanks so much love this! will check out the sites and try one!
    Aug 01 2010 @ 08:59am     Reply  
  • abby
    my dear home service ang pinaguusapan not walk in spa..
    Jul 31 2010 @ 10:24am     Reply  
  • Jiggy Madrigal
    for me HAPPY FAMILY in annapolis greenhills is the best! located at the ground floor of a condo.. lahat ng therapists ok. hindi pasmado. etc.. get the ultimate back massage. ;p
    Jul 30 2010 @ 01:57pm     Reply  
  • Jamby en Pokey
    Talo lahat yan sa iSpaKOL! Happy ending!
    Jul 30 2010 @ 11:19am     Reply  
  • rizza
    it is true that not all posted in the top ten list have good therapist.i tried spaholics walang kwenta ung massage, if not lng for the buzz that they bring their own beds and etc.i dont think people will mind calling them.Massage by Us is not good as well.Dial a Massage abit ok and ung isa that's not included in the list.Islands Massage naman magaling din ung therapist nila.
    Jul 29 2010 @ 02:15am     Reply  
  • princess_t
    my favorite before was spaholic...but I stopped using them because] they are always late,they are the most expensive amongst the others pa and late pa.
    I don't Serenity i tried a few times maybe only 1 out 5 were good. I din't find them malinis. Once she was chewing gum the whole time, same w asian. I only choose 2 people. some forget their socks and their socks and feet dirty na.
    I like hand on massage, always early, they are clean and have the best masahistas!
    Jul 29 2010 @ 01:23am     Reply  
  • Roy-Ann
    Islands Massage and Mobile Day Spa is a complete one-stop, full-service massage day spa.It also has 24 Hour Home Massage Service .It's located at 1766 Nicanor Garcia St.
    Jul 28 2010 @ 06:07pm     Reply  
  • jamby en Pokey
    Sa iSpa sa metrowalk. spakol!
    Jul 28 2010 @ 02:31pm     Reply  
  • james
    if you really like to experience pampering, go to Islands Spa! Very experience professional therapist. Worth your hard earned penny!
    Jul 28 2010 @ 09:43am     Reply  
  • Irene
    Serenity Spa in Marikina works for me :)
    Jul 27 2010 @ 11:59pm     Reply  
  • Janice
    Hi Kate, thanks for the review,i would just like to correct that our business name is Islands Massage Mobile & Day Spa.
    Jul 27 2010 @ 09:04pm     Reply  
    Hi, Rina! Thanks, we updated the listed mobile number for Islands Massage.

    Hi, Maan! These were based on an actual massage session and they didn't offer towels, a massage bed or scented oils.
    Jul 27 2010 @ 07:48pm     Reply  
  • Ken
    ok din ung asian at times,paiba iba technique ng massage..
    Jul 27 2010 @ 06:57pm     Reply  
  • Ken
    I really like the uniform of Islands Massage therapist.they are unique parang nakapang yoga.
    Jul 27 2010 @ 06:38pm     Reply  
  • Maan
    I beg to disagree that Islands Massage doesn't have scented oils,i have been getting their services for almost a year now and marami sila scented oils and u can even request towels and massage bed and they would bring.Mga therapist nila ay magagaling especially joy ,jean and jen3 ata yun.
    Jul 27 2010 @ 06:29pm     Reply  
  • Marie
    Islands Massage also has a walk in spa at Reposo St.beside Dog City..
    Jul 27 2010 @ 05:54pm     Reply  
  • Rina
    Islands Massage correct cell number is 09081376565.I have been their customer for quite sometime!!!The owner is very nice!!!
    Jul 27 2010 @ 03:53pm     Reply  
  • Hannah
    Spa works is the best. They have never disappointed me. Very professional.
    Jul 27 2010 @ 03:47pm     Reply  
  • Edmon
    Island's Massage (top 3) is the best in it's class! Tried other massage and no one comes close to the service offered at Island's Massage. Once they say 1 hour massage, they do not shortcut unlike other massage spas (cough Montalbo!), they guarantee that you will spend an hour relaxed and rejuvenated.
    Jul 27 2010 @ 03:46pm     Reply  
  • GIjane
    Thumbs up for coming up with this list... some home service massage kasi are "not legit"... May extra service kung baga.
    Jul 27 2010 @ 12:26pm     Reply  
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