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Published on: Mar 7, 2012 - 6:00am

( In a country that's been tagged by some people as matriarchal, grandmothers play a very special role. Apart from their obvious biological contributions, grandmothers are great for giving you the last cookie long after mom said no, for always offering a generous slice of time-tested wisdom—romantic or otherwise, or for those rambling tales of how they did it in “her time.”


For Women’s Month, we’re honoring grandmothers by counting down 10 of TV’s best lolas who remind us fondly of our own mamangs, mamitas, and grandmamas.


10. Rosa Rosal as Dońa Consuelo (Esperanza)
“The Alta Lola”

Some grandmas are meant to be called mamang, others nana, but only this mestiza deserves the title "grandmama" (yes, accents are in order). Elegant and graceful, Dońa Consuelo may be mistaken as the classic kontrabida lola who belittles everyone below her status, but that’s just a misnomer. Sophisticated as she may seem, this is one grandma who’ll fight for her grandchildren to the death—and unfortunately, that’s literally what happened.

Upon learning that her grandkids were alive and being thwarted by the evil Sandra (Elizabeth Oropesa), the thin and frail Dońa Consuela (who was then living as Sandra’s servant) told her off in a discussion that ended in an intense physical confrontation. Suffice to say, the fragile, more senior lady was pushed off the stairs. At least she died a hero.

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