End of an Era: Here's What'll Happen to Josephine Restaurant in Tagaytay

A new restaurant is set to take its place.
by Leana Vibal
January 17, 2023
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(SPOT.ph) The Tagaytay mainstay Josephine has closed its doors. News broke at the start of 2023 that the decades-old restaurant has said goodbye, but as the saying goes, when one door closes, a window is bound to open. And yup, Tagaytay will not be missing a Filipino restaurant from its belt after all, as the Vikings Group of Restaurants has announced that they will be opening a new restaurant called ROSARIO in the space once held by the Tagaytay institution along General E. Aguinaldo Highway.

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Here's the latest update about Josephine's closure:

On January 17, the Vikings group posted on their social media page about ROSARIO, a new Filipino concept from the group that's set to take the place of the beloved restaurant. According to the post,  "ROSARIO will excite food enthusiasts and Tagaytay city's tourists and locals as it journeys to become one of the best homes for Filipino cuisines and traditional Filipino comfort food from different regions in the country."


Speaking to a representative from the Vikings Group, SPOT.ph received word that the new restaurant is targeted to open on April 1— just in time for Holy Week. The new dining spot will feature a new look, with renovations underway as we speak. ROSARIO is set to highlight and enhance the feel of Tagaytay's dining scene, said the Viking's Group. Heirloom Filipino recipes will be in the spotlight at the new spot, and so will celebrations and gatherings "the Vikings way".  And no Spotters, this new concept will not be a buffet.  ROSARIO will be more of a sit-down à la carte fare. Still, we are to expect favorites such as the Fried TawilisBulalo, and other Filipino favorites to grace the menu as executed by the group's homegrown chefs.

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Vikings Group is famously known for their buffet-style concepts, Vikings, and NIU by Vikings. Apart from serving up unlimited portions, they also have à la carte dining concepts such as the Fujian-Singaporean Michelin-starred franchise of Putien, and European dining, Bom Gosto.

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